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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of opening a Sharia compliant bank account and promoting Halal-based investments, as it is the norm for many people. They emphasize the need to learn to stop spending and avoid waste, educating oneself about money and reducing spending, and promoting charity. They also mention a new initiative to teach children about gratitude and gratitude for being able to give. The conversation ends with a brief advertisement for a new initiative.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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the smallness of means the greatness of the aim and stupendous results if these three things are the marks of greatness, then who can compare anyone with Mohammed?

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What are the changes that we need to bring? What will you start doing stop doing and continue to do? Okay, so we've we've, we're recommending to start first and foremost to open a Sharia compliant bank account.

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Alright, that is for stocks

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to also

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specifically promote invest Halal based investments. Alright, so that's in terms of start, stop,

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immediately stop operating all interest bearing accounts.

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Immediately stop investing in non Halal investments Alhamdulillah Very good. Continue

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strengthen our iman Teskey

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specifically, continue to earn halal, right. Continue to remind oneself of the rulings of of Islam, as well as the gravity of the sin.

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Continue to seek knowledge and continue to promote Sharia friendly institutions. Where does humbler wellness?

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Yep, who's next?

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Next group.

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We are starting with seeking knowledge and putting it into practice.

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That is what we the way we are going to earn and the way we are going to spend and spend. So we seek knowledge

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and practice it. Then we are going to stop behaving believing ignore us as an excuse.

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We are going to continue seeking and spreading

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knowledge that we acquired

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and also implementing it

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that's what we have. So

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Inbound says, are you earning and spent in halal,

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okay, the answer here is yes, by trying our best to cleanse the sources of incomes and spending it judiciously. Number two, purify all the sources of income. If you are, if you are operating a savings account, calculate your money and do away with the interest added to you by giving its sadaqa without expecting any reward from Allah.

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Then, as a civil servant, observe your responsibilities, come on time, do your best leave on time. Then the people when I dashi contribution baseline, your crews must be observed the number three by establishing Islamic banks cooperatives and three contribution at actually number four are cementitious spending, lack of budgeting, taking interest for getting it for it destroys wealth.

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Salam aleikum, wa Rahmatullah datalocker. And very nice. Yep.

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Salam aleikum. Wa Alaikum salam, we think we have to start being mindful. We have to start educating ourselves about money, start checking up on our financial dealings, and then talk about it and then stop dealing in rubber. Stop being lacks about interest, stop lying to ourselves about how we deal with money and then stop over indulging our kids talk to them about money. Then continue educating and reminding ourselves about the gravity of the wars Allah subhanaw taala it is not an option we have to continue investing in our akhira and then continue to strive to earn and spend Hello, in short, those are very nice

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Okay, first roots

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starts by making sure that to make sure my earnings are halal, I will get a halal job obey the conditions of service of my employer. Insofar as it doesn't contravene the Sharia, like studying time, closing time, holidays, and so on. I'm going to prioritize spending inculcate the value of any non spending halal and the family. For stop, when to stop being lazy and dishonest. Avoid money making schemes like mmm, and so on. Stop seeking to get rich quick, and avoid extra bargains. For continue, we'll be continue being diligent, effective and honest in discharging responsibilities, treats the organization like it belongs to me treat coworkers right or in the proper manner, and

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make provisions for charity constant.

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Yep, next.

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Assam alaykum.

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We agreed to start learning the Islamic rules that govern our dealings, whatever they may be.

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We agreed that we're going to teach as much as possible, the people around us, our children, the value of money and what it means to earn it. We're going to teach them how to save and how to divide into portions, whatever they get get either as an allowance or what they earn. We're going to teach them the value of giving out in charity. So that the rule that whatever you give is what belongs to you. And what you have, what you use on yourself, is just for yourself. We agree that we're going to stop, we're going to cut down on extravagance, compulsive spending, which is inevitably just hoarding things that you do not need. We're going to stop showing them that earning is quite easy,

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because we realize that that is what most parents do. They do not show that they worked hard enough to earn something. So the children end up thinking that it came easy. We're going to teach them financial planning schemes, like list making before they spend their money. We agree that we're going to continue to do activities that will help alleviate poverty.

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We're going to look for avenues that will help create Halal wealth. We should not give our children the exact money they asked for all the time. It teaches them responsibility. It teaches them that whatever they earned, sometimes you might not try you, you might not get what exactly you planned for. And it teaches you to work with what you have. And so we also agreed that we're going to continue seeking for knowledge to help achieve our goals and to enlighten others to do so as well.

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Very nice Hungary.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu.

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For our group, we said, what we'll start doing is one tap into Halal cooperative opportunities. So if there's an existing one we'll join. If not, we'll see if we can try to set up one. But first, we have to understand what would that require. Secondly, gain knowledge of Islamic finance. So even when dealing with Islamic finance institutions, we know exactly what needs to happen. And we know when a particular process or product is definitely halal. That's why it's the name that's put on it. Thirdly, to reduce the amount of money we carry around in our paths, and also any accounts to which an ATM is attached to reduce the amount of money in there, because psychologically does seem money

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in your past makes you think, I have money. And then the spending instinct kicks in things to stop interest based accounts if we have to find them and shuts them down if we can, as soon as we can insha Allah. Secondly, to stop buying things just because they are pretty or unusual, or because our friends are buying them too. Every other person in the office is buying that as well. That's let our spending not be dictated by trends. Thirdly, to stop seeing shopping as a pastime, or as a form of cardiovascular exercise. Firstly, to spend without to start learn to stop spending without asking critical thinking skills tied to spending, such as do I need this? Do I need it now? And what's the

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benefit of spending this thing beyond just acquiring the item, continue budgeting, continue to track our spending as often as possible. Then also with regard to teaching kids and

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Students, teach them the same critical thinking skills and also to start selling our children. Whenever we the parents have something to say to us. We may give you some of it if you wish. So they don't have that idea that if my parents have money, then I have money so they start learning work for what is yours. Thank you.

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That last one is so important, just very nice.

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Salaam aleikum,

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we've decided to start taking out any interest on our savings accounts.

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We've also decided to consciously start

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savings accounts, like some of us have savings.

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So want to expunge that from money. Okay, what will you actually do? We'll go through our statements. Look at this image interest is put at the end of each financial year. So just remove that and give it out.

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Let's be clear, we'll take out the interest money and give it away and charity. Yes,

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you can, you can use that for your laptop.

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Okay, so we'll also consciously start spending more in charity to cleanse our wealth. And we'll teach children financial responsibility would stop getting involved in investments that are questionable example all these pyramid schemes on all that then would also not engage in personal business within our committed working hours. Then we'll close all other savings accounts and other interest based accounts would continue being conscious of what is halal and haram and consciously live a simple a moderate life and to actively practice gratitude for being for having the ability to give and always pray to Allah to give us the ability to give Alhamdulillah I mean May Allah Allah

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know your way weighing things up, yay me is so beautiful on you.

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And we show

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in all your ways and things you create, some

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king of kings one and supreme, your beauty is more than just but we see designer of the world and beyond.

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Almighty Allah holy and pure

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Moloko monocle Molokhia la si, a Samir canvaschamp Valhalla

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Jelani well Erica

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you saw beautiful

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were great

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You are beautiful

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you agree

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you are beautiful.

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a lie you agree?

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You are

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you agreed and now