Murtaza Khan – Oppression & Fitnah – The Dua Against it

Murtaza Khan
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If we find key themes inside the Quran,

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or staying away from certain actions or certain practices or speaking against him. Amongst those actions inside the Quran we find the avoidance of a volume, which generally many people translate understand as oppression. But as many deeper meanings of the Quran speaks about this oppression, the more intricate or the finer detail in the Quran speaks about is a real concept of volume is oppression upon oneself. When the associate partners with Allah Subhana Allah does look upon Ali Salam inside the 31st Chapter of Quran surah Lokman gives advice to his son. And amongst the first and fourth most advices it gives the son tells the son not to commit Sheikh to associate partners

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with Allah Subhana Allah because indeed in the Shipka lowball Munna, Alvine because you need to associate partners who will last and that is the most greatest oppression that a person can commit on the face of this earth, to associate partners with Allah subhanaw taala. And touch on a need then wahala Parker, what is shipped with ALLAH SubhanA, Allah is to associate a partner with him and he's the one that created us that created you, as I mentioned, so sort of 30 or 51st Chapter of Quran verse 56, when our color projected into elderly Abu Dune, I did not create the jinn and the human being except for the sole purpose to only worship me to worship Allah subhana Dyana that is the most

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extreme level of warmth that we find. And in that which comes below it, which many of us are familiar with, is a concept Tolkien of oppressing people harming people that we find, and even today's application returns back to fill out their own, who is is great oppressor who existed before in no Taha that you oppress the people as subjects of the people around him. And this is something that unfortunately, we see in the world today, that people oppress other individuals, whether it be nations or tribes or people or even oppression amongst our own selves, is common inside our society. Because many of us that we think that this form of oppression is something which is something light,

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and many of us that we may fall short in our practices with Allah Subhana Allah, and Allah will overlook and forgive us, and we hope for that. But when a person harms another individual, you can't seek retribution with or from Allah Subhana Allah, you can't seek to Allah or Allah forgive me for the oppression I committed on this person. I harmed this person, I took their right I took their wealth, I spoke ill of them, I harmed them in some manner. You can't ask Allah to forgive you. It doesn't quite work like that. Because in a day of judgment, you have to seek forgiveness from that person. And that person may decide not to forgive you. And what would happen then, if the person

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decides not to forgive you that day, will never speak about that person is the mufflers is the bankrupt individual,

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that that person's good deeds will be transferred over to that person, and that person has been oppressed, their bad deeds will be transferred over to me, that is a bankrupt individual, who may have carried out so many good deeds inside their life, but on the day of judgment, because of the oppression towards other individuals, that they have this concept inside their mind that it's something easy, there's no harm Allah will forgive me It's got nothing to do with Allah subhanaw taala there's really no speaking about a Sharia, they speak about how kukula rights that belong to Allah Subhana Allah, and rights that belong How could a bad rights that belong to the servant you

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can't conflate the two you can't merge the two together and think that from some default position that Allah will forgive me that I took someone's Well, someone's property someone's life, that Allah should just forgive me. And that's what this is bullying that we find is spread upon the earth. And the other third level of Loomba volume that we find is my RC is disobedience of ALLAH SubhanA wa Bucha as well. That way that when we disobey Allah subhanaw taala it leads to the hardships that we find around us.

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As Allah mentioned us MainStrasse room louder facade will very well have been tested with a DNS. Corruption has appeared upon the land and the oceans, because what man has sent forth with his own hands. We don't seem to read into these, even at the daily signs, the ozone layer, the destruction of the Earth, etc, that you find the rising of the of the oceans, the drought that we find. We don't read in between the lines,

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this whole facade corruption we've sent over to our own hands, that Allah is probably showing us this corruption and the land is due to our sins, the sins that we make. But Allah Allah at the same time highlights that he is the one Allah will you ladina among you, could you mean of Guru Murthy Allah? Allah is the one he is the protector is the friend. He takes his believers out of all these rooms

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khulumani All these forms of oppression, these darknesses would be the darkness of ship belay. Subhan they delivered them brings them out, wherever you oppressing other people that delivers brings people out makes them Repent, turn back, whether it be sins Allah brings them back.

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The Quran is what Allah describes the Quran is what takes people up you may have guru Murthy. The node takes people at the realms of darkness to the light.

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And then we find a third station is a station of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam. Also his task is to bring people at the realms of darkness to the light of Allah subhanaw taala. Whatever form of Voldemort we mentioned our three formats of room that we mentioned, there's a look at the Dr. Yunus and a sudden we made that supplication. Fanad feel Bulu Mert. He called out in the darkness is the darkness of him disobeying Allah is kind of not listening to the commandment of Allah Subhana Allah. Allah then delivered him by that supplication La Ilaha illa Allah Subhana Allah in the consuming of volume in first Egypt now Allahu when a day no Milham waka Danica noon Momineen he implored call

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upon Allah Subhana Allah to rescue me that none has the right to be worshipped except for you. We responded to his call and we delivered him from his hardship that other look at the Quran it doesn't leave that just praises the prophets and speaks about them. It gives us this hope of deliverance Allah mentions what can Danica noon dealing with meaning and like what are you going to rescue the believers? For now, if you do love and whatever you will do tomorrow or whatever your your dark misses are, whatever that is, the volume of Mercy your sins have disappeared is a shift belay. Subhana de anda of oppression. Person who calls to Allah Spandana returns back from Allah brings

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delivers the individual away from that hardship. That's my rule we should be worried by the Hadith could see that we find

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in a hadith Coetzee's, as mentioned by the Prophet alayhi salatu salam Allah mentions in the haram to boom and an FC

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Yogi Bear the enemy haram to boomerang see further Tirana mu. Allah says I've made it forbidden for me to oppress any individual, you know somebody non Muslim to make the statement or if your God is so loving, why is the oppression on the earth? Why is the hardship Why is it difficulty? Why are these calamities what is turmoil at the at the moment in the face of the earth?

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That's the way they tried to get into our mind.

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But we began with this. This is due to our own self, our own actions. Allah Allah doesn't oppress any individual.

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So Allah made it haram to oppress any individual. And then Allah then gave us the advice to ask that when we remain upon this earth fell out of Allah mu Don't oppress another individual don't harm another individual. In a hadith that we find on a haka in Canada lumen OMA lumen.

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Also a haka, a jewel, Prada, internal volume and OMAS lumen, whether he is the oppressor or the oppressed,

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the companion straight away they were very sharp minded individuals, it clicked into their mind, we understand Mecanim of loom and whoever is oppressed, how we can help the individual come to the aid come to the rescue, do something for them. How about volumen? How about the oppressor?

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That who focal your day, oh, come on call NHS, I'm taking above his hand taken by his hand, to prevent him from his oppression. That's something that manifests that we forget that we think that when a person speaks about oppression, or we shouldn't speak about it, we should cover it up.

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So that's why the oppression begins to spread more and more inside society. So just like we aid the oppressed person, we need to update the oppressors. To remind them about the oppression of the committee and its subjects around what will happen to those individuals who carry on oppressing people in the face of this earth that we find. And as you find that today's do add that we find that the least that we could do is make dua to Allah

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make the earth Allah, Allah rescuing us from any form of oppression or harming any individual or a banana Tatiana fit Natalie Bali mean, when a dinner Euro mythical biometric Amina, call me caffeine. This Dora inside Surah Eunice that we find, oh Allah don't make us a fitna for the disbelieving individual and describe what that means. Don't go as trial and tribulation with these individuals. How many of us make that supplication? Just that we've made all this series of speaking about supplication for our own self, helping ourselves helping our family members? What about the wider world at large? Do you think the prophet Elijah would just listen read the supplication read is an

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EI supplication? Who is he praying for? Who does he weep all night for Almighty almighty? Is he is he asking for himself? Is he praying for himself? Or is he praying for his nation for his Alma he's worried about them. And that's how Muslims should be you shouldn't be worried about the subjects around them. Because why if we if we turn a blind eye to all these aspects, whether it be shared, whether it be too young, would it be Murase it has a ripple effect upon all of us.

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that person who is blinded, who thinks that I live as a hermit, I live with a monk. And whatever takes place inside my society, it won't affect me, it will affect you. It will affect every single person that we will become silent and tested, and approval or whatever takes place around it. As long as I know what my faith is what my belief is, as long as I can get to the masjid five times a day, I'm saved.

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That's a concept and many of us that we live in, that I'm a saved individual. That's not the message of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, because he said that as a person who can live in the cave,

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and only take themselves away from society, you only gain one reward. But a person who lives with society and bears the brunt of society will have two rewards for mixing with the people, their homes, and what takes place and bearing with them, be patient with them, takes two rewards. And that's what the Muslims that's what the companions were Where did where did they travel so far? Why Why did he leave their lands? Why did he leave the Arabian Peninsula? There's so many animal studies they mentioned that many of the grades we don't even know where they are. We don't even know where their graves are. Where did they go? Where did it where they traverse where to travel? For what

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reason? Why did they give up their home to family members and learn their culture everything for what purpose?

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For that purpose, as Allah describes inside the Quran, quantum Hydra mutton Oh, he gently nurse tat Marula Wilma roofie within Hone and in monka you're the best people ever raised up. You're the best nation. You owe the good and you forbid the evil that's a Muslim wherever they go, or is this the way they should do this condition there's ways for wherever you go, the Muslim is a beacon of light

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is a beacon of light to help people to walk away from Gulu Matt from these oppressions inside the world that we're facing on a daily basis that we find. And just to help us understand the See of the context of this era, because it's very important

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to look at the context where Allah places that you mentioned certain supplication certain words, is not just placed at somebody within the Quran is a very deep and very deep book that every single half every single letter has a purpose. There's a summary moment, even every single shutdown, America has a purpose and you just change the haircut.

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You change the syntax of the word, it takes the new newer meaning a different meaning. Because this is from Allah subhanaw taala. So this door is placed in such Surah Yunus. The Thames chapter the Quran speaking about throne,

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because we're old and he said, I'll earn Lacan outside the public condominium of city for Yeoman in the Gita be buddy Nikka betta coolamon * fucka you're in the cathedral Minassian area Tina, look off alone. When Allah took misfit around this individual made the statement another Bukom will and I'm your almighty Deity worship me now you see the rivers flowing underneath my palace.

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That the rivers of paradise you speak about it's right here look at me. I'm a powerful individual.

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That's what look at Allah's kind of destroyed this individual when he made that claim. Now you want to believe what God or Satan called Blue before this, you will want to disobey disbelieving Allah Subhana Allah doesn't when a person makes Toba when a soul comes to the top of the throat, there's no Toba for that person.

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There's a frown when he sees the Angel of Death approaching him. That is something to recognize that God began to stuffed the mud inside his mouth. He don't even deserve to say the name of Allah. And even some of the elements of Farsi, they mentioned he didn't say I believe in Allah. He says I believe in the day to ban Israel. Still arrogant. Sin Erica doesn't want to say Allah. He said I believe in a deity that been we say we're worshipping. So he deserved that punch, which is what Allah says, you disbelieve previously. Now you want to try to believe for yo manana jika Botanica Anita coolamon Khalifa today we're going to preserve your body.

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We're going to preserve your body to be assigned for every single nation who comes after you. When the Casita, Mina Nursey and Tina knock off alone, but most of us are heedless.

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You know, people say I need to see some signs of Allah read the book of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Mortgage isn't

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that great, greatest living miracle on the face of the earth at the moment? Is the Quran.

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Their greatest living miracle, you don't need a messenger you don't need a prophet. You don't need an angel.

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You don't need the last day today the Quran is a living miracle. Whoever pondered and read the Quran reflects upon the Quran. A guy as we mentioned began he takes us out of the Zulu man, the darkness is brings us to the light of Allah Subhana Allah, Muhammad Ali Musa Illa the returning call me he? Look at the context there are only a few people from Musa they believe emotionalism and how women fade out and even they believed and they had a fear of your own because it's atrocity will murder him and you're sitting at home and the only people around it because they will

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carrying an oppression upon them so only a few people believe a Musa and they said I'm gonna describe the end of the owner the island fill out beaver Enola middle Musa riffin and around the island, Jabbar Bucha cabin, an arrogant individual, creating corruption upon the land.

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You did what it needs to do sacrifice the sons kill this kill the male children that were born

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create facade upon the earth. It was only to somebody's advise advise you that you carry on slaying, but we say you have no service around you. So yes, we find that one year he would kill them one year let them go. So how Runa Elisa was born in the year that children are allowed to be free in that year. Musa was born in the year they had to be executed

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by Luca Allah protects Musa and a Salam will call a Musa call me In Kuntum I want to believe for ally to Aquila and continuously mean. Musa is the highest level of Tawakkol reliance that we find right from the beginning of his life, whether it be inside the Moses basket that we find still a lack of a title that we use being a baby inside the cradle, being sent out on the river, growing up, killing the individual coming to the edge traveling to Majan in a state of poverty and need coming to the brink of the of the Red Sea. Right in front of me is the Red Sea right behind him is a whole army of fear own for one man.

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One man nice followers. What did the follow say? Edna Allah mudra Khun, we're going to be overcome. There is no escape for us is the Red Sea in front of us. There is the army of your own right behind us.

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In Nairobi, so yeah, Dean, look at Toka Musa alayhis salam, you took me when I was a baby. You returned me back to the breast of my mother and suckled me. No woman was able to feed me. He never took the milk of any woman. Because Allah made that promise in now. Raju Leakey, whether to return Musa back to you Don't worry, mother Musa, your guide is going to come full circle. He's going to come back to his mother and read the works at the facility. She doesn't go to him. Moo says bought every single day to her own house,

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to her own house and she feeds her own son and they don't know. Because that's the promise of Allah. Because Musa be trained to have that to work on and reliance throughout his life.

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He said No, indeed Allah, Allah will protect us we're going to overcome these people. And that's why he advises people to have this to work, trust in Allah Subhana Allah. And that's why even to the end of these ayat, Allah give this a shot to us that when it's oppression taking place upon the face of this earth, what do we do to comply with the Musala by sharing macmini?

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Take your houses or places of prayer and established a prayer whereby she will move on to something people AAA these things oh, I will pray or deliver us. How will it help us?

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Yes, we need to do some positive things in satellite. But if we look at the basic fundamental of the prayer, how many Muslims really pray

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Hamelin really pray five times a day. You can you can see the quantity you can see the ratio you can see the percentage come forward in the morning. And then compare it to your Mudjimba compared to other days, there were only Muslims God now all of a sudden, where are they?

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Because we don't have that conviction. That's why many relevant spoke about that success lies early in the morning.

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When I massage the Fool in the morning thriving, overflowing with people just like yo mudra we're going to come back to the form of success. We don't need to blame external entities about our hardship. We blame our own self, our own conviction, our own relationship with Allah subhanaw taala how far away that we are.

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So we had that belief that moves so hard that he advises people I was advising him establish a prayer make your homes a Qiblah form of prayer and seek assistance with Allah is trying to provide his prayer towards Allah stands for called who and Alito Kalina Robin Allah certainly call me volley me. They responded, call for call and Allah to Wakanda we placed our trust in Allah Subhana Allah, so Musa advises them they respond these believers that we, we believe.

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That's why interseeded, Mahara mentioned in 44 volumes of what they've seen it mentioned

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that a couple of graphs before there

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is a token is to place your trust in and last point, I have that deep conviction, not just many of us would sit there make we make no efforts to change the status quo inside that society. Just think that doing the art will just change everything.

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That's it because he speaks about in Southeast Texas as well. The Allah's kind of Whenever he speaks about making sure our trust in Allah subhanaw taala for in the McAfee mentor what can the ally ALLAH is sufficient wherever places is trust in Allah is crime.

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Anna has that belief and a solo be Kevin Abdo is the Allah subhanaw taala sufficient for His servants, woman yet to work good at Allah He from a hospital, who places trusted a lot harder, not less sufficient for the individual. Allah mentions that three times that he saw Romania tequila whoever face Allah, what will happen to individual? So what is the problem? The problem is that we don't have that fear of Allah, we claim to have that fear. We dream about we have that fear of Allah, Allah because Allah Word is true. Alma yet tequila alumasc Raja, while you're looking at a young woman, you have to look at a light for what is blue? Whoever has that fear of Allah don't

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provide a way out for the individual and give them provision whereby the person cannot even imagine. And then he because he carries on discussing that many times. Allah links the concept to what will it be better for a Buddha? What are what can i lay that carry have worship and have reliance, trust in Allah, Allah Allah have that deep conviction of reliance and call upon Allah subhanahu wa Rahman, and be what led to what conda? Could who are ramen, he's a ramen. Allah had mentioned our ramen, didn't say Allah trying to a concept of Rama.

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That if you believe that Allah will forgive me will pardon will overlook me. You have that conviction hoo hoo hoo Rahman, Amana Viva La Torre Kulda we believe that deep conviction and then we place our trust in Allah subhanaw taala. And as you find this concept of trust that we find these famous Hadith or lemma, question authenticity about divine gender many to remember Hadith like Schabel Arjuna. And check you have a bad habit had mentioned that this hadith is Hasson whereby an individual Arab Bedouin came to the Prophet Isaiah observed the sort of multimedia inside likewise even headband that we find

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and he said that should I tie my camel?

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Should I tie or leave the camera? Just place my trust in Allah subhanaw taala just do that What did the Prophet Elijah advise him? Kill her what to work on? He said tie your Cameron and place your trust in Allah hunter will take the means of protecting yourself. Dude if it why did the prophets and were two sheets of armor? Why do we have two sheets are easy? Not the Messenger of Allah. What is the fair you have to take the means of protecting yourself. So that's what Tawakkol is not to have a freelance understanding was knowing that I realized to work with just not to care about anything to work on is that you take the means the measures that you need to do to protect yourself

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and then you place your trust in Allah subhanaw taala but a banana Tatiana Fitzalan, call me Bali mean, they'll make us to become a fitna for the trial for the disbelieving individuals. Before we enter let's understand the word fitna inside the Quran, trial, tribulation, temptations, hardships, difficulties, obstacles are just some of the money, the some of the meanings of fitna that occur inside the Quran. Amongst them we find in them and we're looking for Allah do confit now, indeed, your wealth and your children is a fitna.

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What does that mean that sometimes that wealth will lead you

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doesn't mean you really want a spiritual leader, the more wealth a person has, the more likely they're going to disobey Allah. Doesn't mean by default everybody as well disobeys Allah, but more likely, that person is going to go to a store here and as we began going to go towards oppression can go to harming another person or harming society. Because these are, these are the stages of the ego of the human being,

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and becoming a more and more powerful individual that they believe and I believe they're demigod in their own right to do what they want to do is that greed for power and wealth that leads men these people read the psyche read the history of many people in the face of this earth, why they are oppressing other people, why they slow it and sacrifice other people, even their own people. Mad individuals they are psychologically wound up inside their lives what they want to achieve what they want to do, and harm other people. So here that we find

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a number you can fit into another patient. I know that you're well for the children's a fitness children for many of us become a fitness. They need the demands what they want, why do many people we can inside their lives, the love and affection they have for the children for the family members. How many people that we were discussing with as Imams, they know that taking a mortgage is haram. They Know It's haram many people know that I'm not here to make people feel bad about it, even though we should rightfully do. But many of them in discussion with them, they admit is the pressures of their home their family, their needs people around them saying we need this, we need to

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live everybody else's living. So that leads him to carry out carrying out these actions inside their lives. So that's what the Quran is hinting to, that you're well from your property and the people around you cannot become a fitna for you. The person is vigilant about the inside of life, what you know about the company about and fit that an artist of your own. And that means that sort of Wakanda towards one another. There's gonna be fitna amongst people don't don't think everybody will face it. This is people of paradise.

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We should we should extract that for our mind that we live

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in a in a comfortable Muslim world that everyone treats you in an honorable manner. The Quran is telling us there's going to be fitna amongst people that's going to exist at us to be rude Are you going to be patient about the tribes in Colombia to take place on the face of the earth? And as I look at the Quran how it speaks about fitna will filter to a shut down middle portal will fit the two upper middle cuttin twice inside sort of bucket I mentioned the content of fitna

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that fitna is far more severe than killing a person. Far more harmful than killing a person. killing a person is bad, but fitna to create turmoil, corruption on the face of the earth is far more severe than that. Creating a hostile environment inside a community a professor would not tolerate at zero tolerance

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to even the Sunnah. Even a slave will not tolerate it more or the devil would pray behind the Prophet alayhi salatu salam

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pray isha behind the prophet Isaiah would go back to his people and lead them in prayer. And then extend the prayer slightly. On one occasion a person broke the prayer went away companion is hypocrite amongst us. Why is he leaving the prayer for right inside the Priscilla Trisha has walked away. For what reason? You know, sometimes we were very jumped in, we jumped to conclusions in our own mind. We have no empathy, sympathy for people understanding. That's what we used to read books of Islam. That's what happens that society is just black and white. Paint this person that is paint that person like that, we don't understand the needs, the ones that nature of people, the

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development of people, the love of people, the fear of people that's what the Prophet was a unique person as a read about his life he Siraj how unique he was, that sooner that we've forgotten inside our lives. That's what you pray to Allah give us that sunnah give us that guidance to be amongst those who know how to deal with people.

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So he gives his reason the reason why I broke the bridge I work all day in the agricultural farms all day I work and I come in I followed or the devil in the prayer he extends the prayer he's already read Salah with you

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he's read the salon it leads us in a long prayer

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so now he described this comes to the Prophet racism and profess I'm listen to both use.

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asked his man Why Why did you do that for and he gives his reason. Look at the response of the Prophet and so somebody said to me, they were given a certain anti Jamar as the devil are you a troublemaker?

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Are you fit in a manga?

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Why are you doing this for when you lead the people in prayer read the middle tourism is ama Allah Allah, Allah Shia al Fajr Allah, think about the people. Even the prophesied when somebody would elongate his prayer, if you had a child crying or people he knew that he would just stop his prayer, break his prayer go down into roku. But when he led in the night prayer,

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literally led the night prayer, you can't even asked about it. That's when the companion stood next to him. When he begins the night prayer starts reading suited Buckeye things but the mere idea for Mark yaka, maybe after 100 verses in code and record title reciting maybe up to 200 go down into the code, maybe endo suited Bacala carried on from Bacara went to Elisa ready 200 on ISO 2013, back to Surah Imran read the 186, or whatever it may be there, some 500 Odd

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more than 44 and a half of more juice.

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That's just one rocker.

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That's one unit of prayer of the Prophet. And I thought that when he was there, he would just elongate it. But when he's with the people, he understood the nature of the people.

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And that's what many of us we don't understand McCarthy show you the intent of the Sharia of Allah subhanaw taala.

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We have to say bluntly, some of us, some of us are we are fitna makers.

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Even in the Muslim world that we find we thrive on picking up mistakes of people causing problems with people. That's why sometimes some machine people will see the back of us. Because as soon as we walk in only thing, this person going to start an argument with this person or with that person, or the way the person is praying or where they put their hand or whether they sit or mean in this way, whether they walk like this, where they've done this, whether they have a straight or not straight. I'm not saying we shouldn't rectify people, but don't be known. That's the only thing you're known for. That's the only thing you're known for every time you walk in the masjid. This is all you're

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known for

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that fitna and that shows a lack of understanding what is the cost of the Sharia? What is the intent of the Islamic law?

00:29:22 --> 00:29:59

The intent of the stomach law is to develop a society is not a break society. The greater goal established society is to preserve the Muslim identity to preserve Muslims is not there. That some of us that we think that I'm doing the right thing. Inside life, it's not there because we don't understand the intent of the stomach law. What is based upon, it looks at a greater intent. That's what the purpose I'm looking at the Greater intent that so many people are praying Danmark words, whichever you've already read the prayer. The great intent is to make people feel comfortable to enjoy the prayer to come to the prayer to make it easy for them. I like many verses

00:30:00 --> 00:30:32

other life that we carry out there's a severe warning and it's in the end so to know that we find for Yazidi Latina you call it food hungry and to sebum fitna to know your Seebohm or that would mean and and so to Nutella mentioned that there be a severe warning to those individuals who go against the commandments of the Prophet isozyme that some calamities of fitna and some were not mentioned his fitness the fitness ship and in the general meaning it applies there comes upon these individuals and so to know if you if you look into a deeply the 24th chapter Quran if the main theme is sort of is dying around spreading fitna

00:30:34 --> 00:31:00

spreading trials and tribulations promiscuity and luminous it's our society that we find that Allah mentions are the surah that those individuals carry in the Latina your hip, bone and tissue and furniture to Villa de Manu llamada wood element for dunya Astra in LA Zenia buena and Toshi and fascia, those who love to spread vice. We're talking about people who may carry advice. We find people who love to spread it.

00:31:01 --> 00:31:40

Once again, if you began with the boom of people say Oh no, don't speak about the nightclubs in Muslim countries don't speak about alcohol in Muslim countries don't speak about prostitution in Muslim countries. Don't speak about this in Muslim countries. What do you mean? It's open boom is open oppression is opened, Mohammed open Haram is credible. It's clear oppression that was taking place around us. Like I began we just turned a blind eye be a soft, passive individual in Africa in the Lydian buena and the shell fascia, those who love to spread lies. Just like inside our society that we find people think I'm a businessman, selling vape is a businessman. Selling drugs business.

00:31:40 --> 00:31:50

selling alcohol is a need is a necessity. Having off license. Selling Haram is a need. It's a necessity for Hussein is a necessity. What is the sensitive meaning the shut er, you're about to die.

00:31:52 --> 00:32:01

That's what we're focused on that you're about to die, you're about to die and then you have to take something out on you take that which is haram to just suffice yourself to survive.

00:32:03 --> 00:32:15

That's what it means in the Sharia. You take that small amount, whether it be like, oh sure, we'll come or even drink a few sips of alcohol to just keep yourself alive. You eat some flesh of the swine just to keep yourself alive.

00:32:16 --> 00:32:17

So what need is this?

00:32:18 --> 00:32:32

That is Wait markets all around us that we find you don't win dominance on drugs, when the kuffaar come and say Oh, this is how wrong this is bad for your home. It has a detrimental effect upon upon the children upon the rest of your lineage. Demonstrate oh yeah, this is wrong.

00:32:33 --> 00:32:56

That's how blinded we are. We can see the effects of all the things around the inside of society. We can see it then. Under the business what do you need? What what do you want? What are you trying to create inside the environment and Shalonda people coming in with music playing we may not dress appropriately with people smoking weed all sorts of things. We're trying to help the Muslim ummah, how you tried to help the Muslim ummah,

00:32:57 --> 00:33:02

how you tried to help the Muslim ummah, just sitting there talking about that having a hookah in your mouth.

00:33:03 --> 00:33:14

You know, I've been to some Muslim countries all night is no exaggeration. I don't want to name and shame and defend all night from Asia all the way till after further people are sitting there smoking this

00:33:15 --> 00:33:19

a Muslim non smoking all night, every single day

00:33:20 --> 00:33:25

that we speak about why are we suffering? Why is there hardship going on inside our lives.

00:33:26 --> 00:34:04

This is a daily practice and we think nothing of it. We think that will sell for some default position that Allah will not carry out some if you use the word linguistic oppression upon us to waken us for the hardship that we're facing in our daily life on a daily basis as you mentioned inside so to know the 24th chapter Quran a lot of is speaking about the spreading of virus and slandering and fit the inside of society. As Allah mentioned in the medina Jaya will be if it was for to Minko that whole main theme was Surah a normally speaking about what they attribute it to Aisha and Mother Rhodiola Anga that these people came with the slander this will going back to fitna

00:34:04 --> 00:34:41

alone oppression that we find that people who slander a chaste woman or chaste man look at the punishment of Quran highlight of you say things about another person about their chastity about the honor and the dignity. So these are all forms of volume inside of society that we find that we need to remove from ourselves. There's a million studies the field mentions about Al fitna the various forms of fitna, wherever the fifth novel Abdullah Volbella, the fitna of that we find trials and tribulations and killing you that we mentioned. Oh the horror of Shrek as we touch upon as well all of this is a form of fitna that the Quran speaks about and sometimes one can become prevailing over

00:34:41 --> 00:34:59

the other the ship can be dominant upon the on the face of this learner becomes a trial and tribulation for us or we find bloodshed that begins to take place. That's one that was definitely mentioned a moment later Munna Albula the movie never hopes when he tried the tribulations. Well, I think yes, but for the person becomes patient

00:35:00 --> 00:35:09

when they begin to face these trials and tribulations inside their life then Allah meant you got to do these individual and Ginebra hermetic amino calm will caffeine and rescue us.

00:35:10 --> 00:35:28

From the this disbelieving individuals, rescue us from the from these individuals that we find. And that's where we find that we're speaking about prior to that those individuals that have been out of touch and fit Natalie Coleman volume in biblical theories or literacy he mentioned, what does it mean that don't make us become fitna for disbelieving individuals.

00:35:30 --> 00:35:38

Luca, unique, unique they expression is they say that it means that the disbelieving individuals become overruling the Muslims.

00:35:39 --> 00:35:42

And then they begin to subjugate the Muslims and then they think they have a right.

00:35:43 --> 00:36:18

They think they have a right to show that we're lowly individuals, and they're powerful over us. That's it because it is to see dimensions that have been allotted to fitness and in common with bodily needs. Don't make the disbelieving individual to subjugate us, to make us feel lonely to rule over us. That's indicative men decided to see that other university as well. Don't give them the opportunity. And then they think they have a right that we're lonely, and despise individuals, they're more intelligent, more clever, not more skillful in their religion, their way of life is better than us. They have a right to subjugate us. That's what he's describing, he studies to see.

00:36:19 --> 00:36:47

And that's what we should be praying to Allah trying to Don't make us come into that state, that these people are over us and subjugating us to trials and tribulations and they feel that they have a right to what we find today, to discipline us listen to their words and what they say. We enter into his land in his environment, to discipline these people, to teach a civilization to teach them a way of life, to liberate them, to give them freedom to give them education, to give them the right to live.

00:36:49 --> 00:37:13

That's the words they use. That's what I do instill upon us in our minds, that they are liberating us. They freeing us from the shackles of the Quran and the Sunnah and the hardships that exist inside our lives, so called hardship that they think are hardships. So because it makes it direct to Allah never make these individuals over Paris come up above us. When a dinner be Ramita communicable carefree Abuja and inside intercede.

00:37:15 --> 00:37:34

He mentioned that these people individuals look at their concern. Their first concern is don't make us become a fitna footed for a disbelieving individuals are these oppressive individuals when a dinner erotica Miracleman carefully when they then come off and then rescue us? So when your person is being oppressed, they derive isn't rescue me first.

00:37:35 --> 00:38:09

That's Abu Hyun Allah. See, he mentioned he, they're not worried about themselves that comes afterwards. They're worried about protect the sanctity of the deed, let the Dean become powerful, let it become dominant. And then afterwards, they asked this application for their own selves that we find. And that's why there's numerous plates. There's numerous, any oppression on the face of whether it be the plights of what's taking place in front of the eyes today, whether it be the earthquakes in Morocco, or the flooding inside Libya that we find these are all different flights, or different forms of oppression. If you go back to whatever the context, whatever the reason may

00:38:09 --> 00:38:18

be, whatever it may be, that they will plights and in a Great Depression, whether it be the oppression inside Kashmir the last 70 odd years, the Uighur Muslims that we find,

00:38:19 --> 00:38:22

and in Syria that we find for the last 12 years,

00:38:23 --> 00:38:43

for the last 12 years, some things we don't want to keep in mind. Please don't talk about that. Don't send these images. Don't remind me about this. I don't want to know about it. For the last 12 years, half the population has been displaced from a population of 21 million have been displaced 350,000 people have been killed.

00:38:44 --> 00:39:13

That's what's taking place there inside that blasted lambda environment. This is all oppression that we find that's taking place there. 12 years since this conflict that we find we'll call a moose or a benign data around woman or zenith and what I'm wearing fit higher dunya look at it do Alpha. You know some people say oh, don't make dua against people. The profits are made against people when there's people reached the upper limit. And here Musa makes up there as well, that these individuals, you've given these individuals around.

00:39:14 --> 00:39:32

You give him around and all of his people around him his elite people, what do you give him this innovative zenith and when Phil hayati Tanya you given these individuals beautification, wealth, property dominance you give it to these individuals inside this dunya but I'm gonna let you deliver and severely

00:39:33 --> 00:39:36

they've been given it for what purpose to guide people to Islam.

00:39:37 --> 00:39:59

They've been getting take this wealth and misguide people away from the path of Allah Subhana Allah. So what is Musa say, Robert miss, calling him blown out their wealth, where stood out to him feel the hearts of these individuals singing their hearts. Going back to the context of Roland was the greatest tyrannical individual in the face of this

00:40:00 --> 00:40:00


00:40:01 --> 00:40:15

blot out his heart never lead him towards guidance and see in the heart of this individual take him away from the path of Allah subhanaw taala that's the conclusion that for what it is to Allah subhanaw taala is to make or to stay away from the greatest one should

00:40:17 --> 00:40:42

ask Allah for Allah keep us away from any form of shit. That's why he didn't steal it as we began of Look man, me son in his children in a ship kind of full moon. We've never ever associate partner that loves Santa Ana. We're not here to question relics and shrines and religious people. May Allah Allah give them what to do to them. And it is a far more than what we can ever imagine. But what we know that anything that needs to ship Are you sure you carry Bula ship for what haram

00:40:43 --> 00:41:17

and even if people begin to take the superficial elements, I think this is somewhere me getting close to Allah, they will come to a shrine when it comes to a grave or come to a religious person, this person would will lift me to come close to Allah. Fadi Budaya to shake. This is the beginning of shake with Allah Subhana Allah Allah takes you away from your token and Allah takes you away from your lions in and upon Allah Subhana Allah Anna, do you find that these intermediaries in these ways? Once again, disclaimer, we're not questioning these people inside the grave or what they've done what they achieved. That's not the discussion here. This discussion what takes place around it

00:41:18 --> 00:41:23

will begin to take place in the mindset of many of us Muslims today that should conform his rump and even today,

00:41:24 --> 00:41:57

as he should ramp it up on the face of the earth that we think nothing of it is why we inside these terrible sheds and secondly, find oppression if we mentioned that on a on a micro level that we oppress other people, how many disputes we deal with persons taking someone's wealth, someone's property who's harmed another individual. The list is endless. And then we find the greatest oppression of killing, as you mentioned, will take place in Bangladesh and other places in Muslim land, how many people being slaughtered, being butchered on a daily basis. That's the fullness oppression on the face of the earth. And then to pray to Allah to protect us from any fitna. No one

00:41:57 --> 00:42:18

should want to get involved in a fitna that removed the street that replaced we never placed me in an element of fitna amongst my own people, my own children on wealth on property, the people around me protect me from any form of fit now being involved inside it or spreading it and included a moose unless somebody makes that mistake. We make that mistake of of killing the Coptic soldier

00:42:19 --> 00:42:48

just by one slap that he gives them his individual strength for Musa alayhis salam. What did you say follow Hakuna Mahira did Moochie mean from now on? Never in my life? Am I going to aid the majority mean? Never again am I going to go down that path. And a strange things are inside the same pseudo pseudo classes. Another include a sort of magical attitude and he read it carefully speaking to the prophet like I'm never a disbelieving individual inside the oppression. So personally, if we can't, the least we can do is stay away from oppression.

00:42:50 --> 00:43:19

Make dua that Allah is going to remove this oppression remove this hardship that we're facing. And that's the progress that we can understand why he addressed this Muslim Omar thing. Also a haka in Canada volumen are Muslim and now you can understand the concept. Why is it eight your belt Brother why they are oppressed or the oppressing individual? May Allah Allah keep us away from any form of oppression. And those individuals are in state of oppression, we have lost control to liberate them and freedom. And it is not to happen inside the face of this earth for these individuals, that is to become the source of enrichment for them, and for them to enter the paradise without any

00:43:19 --> 00:43:52

accountability. All those people who suffered inside the earthquakes is on Maghrib May Allah Subhana Allah illuminate the graves, give them a blessing inside the Astra make this form of hardship to fit in their face to be a source of success inside an Astra like, well, people Libya suffered there because of the of the flooding that took place in the numbers of increasing the daily basis. That's why all of us should be thinking that Allah is part of the split second can change the life of any individual, it may not be such a great calamity like that. But it will be it can be a calamity, in a split second, a person faces some illness, some hardship, some sickness inside their life and it

00:43:52 --> 00:44:26

changes everything about themselves. A person should be grateful and thanking Allah Allah, that he hasn't placed his difficulties hardship upon us inside our lives. We should be rejoicing that I'm thinking inside about any opportunity I have to help these people to rescue these people do some hate, don't get so bogged down with the semantics of whether these people they deserve the punishment or they done this inside their life. They committed this shit. Tolkien please remove that from your life. Remove that from your tongue in your mind. Because we live in a world that people with asking these questions about, well, there must be bad Muslims. That's why they got punished for

00:44:26 --> 00:44:52

them. Let us pray that our own souls when some punishment Allah forbid comes upon us that when we think the same thing that I'm a bad Muslim, that I deserve this punishment. Do I think everybody else around me should think that about me? A lot, even some compassion, some understand this is a way for me to come closer to Allah, the wealth, the strength, the mind, the blessings given us I can now share this to help these people alleviate them is what a suburb, it will a reason for us to come closer to Allah's PandaDoc

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