Salah is the sign of the believer

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SLR another Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam, right I should be able to say read. Muhammad Rasool Allah is Allah Allah Almighty He write it he will save you send them to Stephen cathedral cathedra Whoa.

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My brother, my brothers and sisters, even myself, I knew that all about that all acts of worship are tools to get us something and that is closeness to Allah subhanaw taala

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all actually by that all acts of worship

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or Ibadat or acts of worship or tools to get us the core number is the closeness with Allah subhanaw taala.

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And the closeness of Allah subhana wa Jalla is achieved through obedience, Ethernet. Ibadah is the ultimate it is the alchemy of

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And that is why

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we are permitted to do it that of others, including Allah's rather the auditors, you will have the nominal or the Allah or dual Rasulillah we're only leveraged income, Allah says, Obey Allah and obey his soul and obey those who are

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who have authority among you, will Lombardy Minko. So it is permissible for us to obey our leaders, our elders, permissible for us to obey and visible and recommended for us to be our parents, permissible for us to obey our scholars and whatever right but not to worship them. A mother is the ultimate form of obedience and that is due only and only to Allah subhana wa that we are not allowed to do either of anywhere other than Allah subhanaw taala

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and that is something which is very important for us to

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So the purpose of ABA is to inculcate and instill obedience among us, obedience in us

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and that obedience is the way in which we please Allah subhanaw taala and we get close to the form of Allah is the result and the reward of being obedient to Allah subhanaw taala there is no mayat of Allah there is no Kolbe orb of Allah for the one who is a fossick for the one who is rebellious for one who disobeyed Allah subhanaw taala. So no matter what anyone tells you, somebody says Oh, no, what you know, I was not working for example, doesn't pray and so on and so forth. But he said no, I am my level I am I am the ASHA Hoffa, no, there is no issue of Allah and there is no hope of Allah for the one who is not obedient to Allah subhanaw taala everything begins with with obedience to

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Allah subhanaw taala. So, let us see now what is the purpose of these things? Some of this I mentioned before

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but in the craton for woven in the vicar and remember is is good for the believer so definitely

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let us not not worry about tripping about repeating it's good to repeat I'm not saying that in order to run code or to do my oh here I lay Camino Kitabi Aki Salah in the Salah that unhandled prosze Will Moncure was equal whereas eco la Aqua Allahu Allah Amato's know Allah said to Mr. Saleh recite or Mohamed Salah Salem what has been revealed to you of the book The Quran and establish a salah, a very Salah events from Al fascia warmonger, great sins of every kind and all kinds of evil deeds and disobedience or what was

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one of the good law and Allah was remembering you. And the remembering and praising of you by Allah, in front of his angels is greater indeed and you're remembering Allah in Salah and so on. So the the

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the thing to understand and remember here is that

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Salah and obedience to Allah is what and Allah knows what you do so, obedience Allah subhanaw taala is the market and when we obey Allah, the reward we get is there are about 30 members allotted for school only affordable. You remember me and I will remember you. So that's why this is a reward salah is a reward, Salah is the tool to get close to Allah subhanaw taala and Salah protects from disobedience CC the salah is a tool to gain obedience. Salah is the symbol of obedience.

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Salah is the greatest symbol obedience and wonder Sal

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Do it protests on disobedience. Then ha Neil Foshay will work. Let's see how beautifully the relationship is. Salah is a tool and a protection and a shield and a weapon against disobedience. And what is the law itself? It is the Acme it is the essence it is the head. It is the peak of obedience. There are those around me that I said yeah, you will as enamels dine with somebody or Salah in Allah or slavery, or you will believe seek help in patience and a Salah truly aligned with the slavery. And most monitors showed us the salah show does that salah is the tool for us to use right here in this life. I want help. What must I do? Rudy, will Allah turn towards Allah subhanaw

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taala How do I do that by salah, make all the effort, that's the definition of silver, make all the effort, do whatever you need to do. And then turn to Allah subhana wa

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Thisara there's also protection against Cuba is protection against

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doing shirk of Allah subhanaw taala including yourself in the armor of Allah. So the the self made bad and the self made one

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which is all.

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Neither logical nor sensible, not true is the result of people becoming disobedient and people not obeying Allah subhanaw taala and therefore the

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they get the they are become the victims of Cuba of the Cabal, where they believe that the results they achieved are purely and only because of their efforts. They said this is not is not even true. And of course it is not just self deception, which arrogance. When a Salah when you pray, this is what you are, this is what it saves you from and Allah put summer before Salah because he put effort before salah, because Allah wants to show you that make your effort because you have been allowed to make the effort Allah has given you the STR has given you the ability, but don't rely on the effort. Make the effort and make wudu to Allah and see Allah without your help. This cannot work. And

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Allah's mother sometimes shows us this right then when our Nia and internally, there's a problem, you find that you make all the effort, but there is no success at the end of that because maybe there was a fault in my knee and maybe there was a fault in the, in what I was thinking or how I was doing. So I must make a video to Allah subhanaw taala and sincerely and ask for his

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for his help in helping enabling me not to fall into the trap of giver and thinking that this is my job. And this is something where I did my success, no, the nor myself. I made the effort but even the effort I made with the the hard data and the and the power and the and the ability and the decision making and all the resources that Allah gave me. And as a result of whatever I gave me, this is from life that is someone else out there. Finally Allah's viatera define the quality of our Salah as a distinguishing feature of ours.

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Who's a Muslim who is a moment Alladhina home visa Latina caught up lol moving on Allah Xena home fee salata him ha shoot, the movie named as successful indeed are they are the believers, they're successful. Those who are they? They are those who pray with all solamente and full submissiveness who pray with Osho and Kudo.

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The definition of of a believer is one who salad like this, ask a lot smarter to help us to

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help us to

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worship Him in a way that he wants us to worship.

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So the purpose of Salah is to bring us closer to the last one. That's why I'm saying it's something that we must keep keep track of and keep our minds on and

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to is to to see this happening. So in this fine light, minute Allah subhanaw taala defined who and Sarra as a sign of being a believer, we will ask ourselves this question that if Allah subhanaw taala gave us a

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a guide and a test and say

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if you want to see if you are a believer, see if you have shown salah, so now when I pray, and I find I do not official, then what do I say? Am I a believer, or am I not a believer?

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This is something that we have to keep in mind and

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and keep and keep our track on to say that I am if I'm a believer, then it means that I must be somebody who has crucial masala because this is what might upset

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who is a believer, the one who was crucial in Santa

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I asked Allah subhanaw taala to be pleased with us inevitable

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This please help us to worship Him and to

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to give quality in our Salah where our Salah will genuinely take us close to Allah subhanho wa salam ala we very while he was having the wrong ticket