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salat wa salam right I should if you don't give it more serene Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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does live in Cathedral cathedral,

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Reverend sisters.

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Today I want to answer some questions which different people ask me what Salah

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and many of them are here and some other people asked me from different countries. So we'll get that finished.

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I want to begin by saying that Islam is the name of a system

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is system that is

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for the purpose of achieving the result of Allah Subhana Allah

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a system that is geared so that Allah subhanaw taala will be pleased with us.

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And like any system, it has boundaries, this has rules.

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In Islam, we are free to do anything we want. provided it is within the rules. You are free to be happy and free to be sad treat with money

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free to get married, have children, whatever education

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within the boundaries prescribed.

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And all of that starts with Salah Because salah is the head of the matter

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what Sir as always and salam said that salah is the head of the matter. It is the first thing on which about which the slave will be questioned on the Day of Judgment if that goes well the rest of it was well if that goes badly the rest of it was badly they are supposed to help us that our accounting is easy. The reason is to make this dua Aloma has evening 700 Allah make my hisab easy.

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says I should say this out of the Alon ha mother she asked him to say our Salah what is the meaning of easy? Let me say it easy means Allah subhanaw taala will probably not even open the book will let you go

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because if Allah takes his up, he said then there is no escape.

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Now in Salah a few things one is

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Salah begins with what? How do you begin so

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that was

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the first time with Allahu Akbar.

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So please understand this and again, all I'm telling you is common for all the mothers

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for the Shia Salah begins with the with the will of Allah Akbar.

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If you just walk into the masjid, and you see the JIRA is on Rico, and you just walk in and go into Rico. Then what does it mean? It means you are doing exercise. Maybe you could feel your belly, maybe good for your joints. It is not Sara, because you never entered the sun.

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You're going up and down up and down. Schwartzel because you enter Salah with with the Himalayas, Allahu Akbar. If there is time you recite survive, there is no time you can say Allahu Akbar, then go into row

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one step before that resources are observed when you enter the masjid. And you see the Jama is happening. They are in some state of the Jama he said do not run.

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Do not run he said walk with dignity. Join the Jama whatever you get Alhamdulillah what you miss your makeup. There's no problem as long as you join the Java before the salon before the slim before the moment sir Salam Alaikum salam alaikum you are in consider to be with the Java. And if you are so particular Kamali who stops you from coming in.

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All of these complications happen because we come late.

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I can understand out of some emergency or something but we come late and then we have all these

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people some wonder somebody asked me a question you said,

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Chef, if a non Muslim says to me a salovaara. Who

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should I say? Maliko Salam should what what answer should I give him?

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So I said to him, instead of waiting for him to say Salam Alikum to you Why didn't you say why didn't you say good morning to him or Saba Oh, hi or whatever.

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Right? So you create the problem for yourself

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because of your bad manners, if you had a had if you were you know, take the procedures in greeting somebody then you don't have this question.

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Because you don't great he's getting you now you gotta you created a problem for yourself.

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So you

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Walk with dignity join the Salah with the with the Harima don't just join and then do whatever second thing

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you come you join and you find the Gemma's in soju and we see people just standing there waiting for them to come up too lazy to go into salsa.

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Is there a specific I had this about these things, Roswell, Roswell salem said, join the Jama where it is the such that you are too lazy to join Maybe Allah subhanaw taala put your mafara in that

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you did not join the Sangha you did not get forgiven

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you either you've come all the way for Salah that one says What are you trying to use?

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When you come work with dignity say Allahu Akbar with the Harima then join the Jama in the situation that they are in whether it is widowed or Rico or

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jealous or wherever right that is the way to get into the salon then

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question are certain factors one other factor is the record of the Salah Surah Fatiha we have the Hadith Allah solos and Salah where he said that the one who has not recycled Serato fathia has not been solid invalid. There's no solid without the will get up. Now, what does it mean in JAMA? When you're praying or on your own of course you will reset so there is no issue with it whether when you're praying in JAMA behind the map now what happens now there are three opinions on this. The first opinion is that the recitation of the Imam is enough for you so you did not do anything.

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So you just come and Allah has done that silently and your Salah is very well the Harlem This opinion is there it is widespread, but

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this opinion probably is not the best opinion.

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Second Opinion is that you must recite a lot of data on your own even if the mom has recited

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now that was a problem because if the Imam is reciting Quran the rule about the Quran is that when the Quran is being recited Allah subhanaw taala does that right or the Quran? Not America does it and see to

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you are not supposed to talk we're not supposed to even read quartet which is why sometimes in taraweeh, in some places you see, people are standing behind the imam in taraweeh. There they have most of or the phone or something they are reading standing behind the Imam this invalidates your Salah you are out of Salah

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in the Hanafi mother, the Imam is talking specifically about why

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if somebody who is not in Salah prompts you so let's say for example the Imam is you know a vase of iron and somebody was sitting on the outside with a buzzer if he is prompting him, he said do not take that prompt.

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You go to Loco and you finish your Salah then you make up whatever it is do not take the prompt from the man who's outside of Salah. So, if you are if the man is reciting for you to recite for you to read from Musa this invalidates yourself because you are not in Salah.

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Now So what happens now is you are deciding I'm supposed to research with a VA what must I do? Now there are a couple of options One option is that if the VA resides like or source or something was to decide which is one eye at a time,

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then you have a little bit of gap between the if so when the Ramsar 100 bla bla may use it the same thing and then you repeat silently not loudly. So you complete second option, sometimes the Imam between sofa and the next surah he will give a gap. Right there's some silence in that you can decide to solve. The problem with that is that to give a gap between source of data and the second surah is not the tsunami source or he didn't do this.

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So a lot of you have will not give this gap because that's not the job. Now what you do now for this the photo of your Mardi Gras Talalay is very beautiful he said that where the Imam is reciting loudly you are hearing the Imam the Imams recitation is sufficient for you you did not resign

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but where the Imam is not reciting loudly which means in the

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so in Doha Rosa in third Regatta, Maghreb and the last two Regatta, Misha where the VA is deciding silently in those times you must reside so the fattier on your Hamdulillah this is the best opinion so please do that don't simply come and stand silently.

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The reason for that also is if the Imams reading is sufficient for you for you, then what do you do with

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with Tasha with with

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what do you do this as we had in Sousou then

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Would you do all those things? If I could also do away with that? Why are you doing it? So it's not it's not sufficient to say whatever the point was, if I was not a priest, right, he's not. He's not doing the salah on your behalf. He's leading you in Salah, which means what which means we are also praying, we are praying behind it, that is all. He's not praying on my behalf.

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This is different from other religions in the Hindu religion, you can go give money to the priest, please do the puja for me, I will stand here he will do the puja, I will come back and give you some food to eat or to go home palace. convenor No, but there's no agenda at the end of that. So, what to do the agenda at the end of this, so, we have to make some effort

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right. So, make sure we do this.

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Then the issue of praying

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the three hour memo, the private A times of prayer one is too low, which is sunrise when the sun is rising, the next one is a row when the sun is setting and the middle one is the one when the sun is right overhead. Now, Salah is privated meaning that just enough in salah or something like this, it is better not to do

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with Obama Javed Abdullah lay here to Masjid is not does not come in this hall. So they have done Majid should be buried

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with other Imams this day that as far as the intervals is concerned, if it is close to that, for example if it is actual total time that don't even break down and don't do anything. If it is hooked time meaning memory is like two minutes

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maybe five minutes don't break anything. If you don't know much just sit there sit there. But if there is time you come to the module then maybe 1015 minutes time tomorrow, then pretty much no problem. Let's move to South rasa with the Hanafis after Sonata rasa you're not supposed to be at all so no matter what time so different people are there are different models I'm giving you the so inshallah but what everyone is agreed upon don't pray too close to that time meaning if it is just like two minutes I see sometimes you have people come they literally one minute to McGraw when they're praying don't do that. Because as actual time of worship, we don't pray at that time. Now

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question is if you're sitting there and reading Quran and there is a search that tilava What do you do with the Java you can do it with half better to wait after the other Salah time comes and you can look into it inshallah. So either way, inshallah this is this is okay. Right? Just like we ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept our Salah and to make it perfect, and to enable us to have for sure in salah the main thing in our lives, right apart from all these are all sort but the horserace or the the concentration, dedication, connection with Allah. So this is the main thing of philosophy ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant this was insha Allah wa salam O Allah Allah will carry him while he

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was a member of tickle.