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The transcript describes a former Islamist, Mr. Sub banr, who claims to have taught people to recite the Quran and increase hesitation when asked to. The importance of finding one's mind to be alerted when something is out of regard and finding one's mind to be aware of the power of words to make one's life successful. The speaker also discusses a chef who gave a dance class in Delhi and the importance of accepting and forgiveing mistakes in one's daily life.

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala cambia right Allah He was heavy on what

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I'm about.

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And also the laser line is Allah

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said, reported by says an hour

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and they said this is the first service that is quoted in Bukhari and Muslim and other books are heavy. And all of us are familiar with the Hadith where sola sola Salaam, said, in an alarm Alinea,

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algoma Kala alayhi salatu wa sallam, he said that the reward of the deed is based on its intention.

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I remind myself and you to pay special attention to this and to continuously check this intention.

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Because Allah subhanaw taala accepts only that which is pure,

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and allows that I mentioned this in the Quran, where he said for a little Mussolini alladhina, Hoeven Salatu himself who Allah Vienna Homura.

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He said that

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was to the people who pray,

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who pray, who delay their Salah, out of laziness or whatever it is, and who pray to show the people

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you're not gonna know.

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And this has been also described in another place in the Quran, among the fact of the matter.

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With acabo de la sala de Hanako, Salah euro una Nash, when they are asked to stand in Salah, they stand with laziness, and they stand to show the people

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Nia is the

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is the thing which is hidden.

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Only we know what is our near and only Allah Subhana Allah knows what is our knee

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we cannot look at somebody else and say what it is yes, we do not know this.

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So therefore it is very important for us to continuously check our mail. And to ensure that this Nia has a class, what does it mean? What is the meaning of the class is Latin holos means to do something only and only for the pleasure of Allah know that

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what we know is in jeopardy and I'm talking about I'm not talking about the dictionary meaning of the class I'm talking about this the meaning of a class in Islam, if life in Islam means to do something only for the pleasure of Allah Swanson.

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Having said that, we are also human. So therefore it is natural that when we do something good

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and especially if we do something good and somebody praises, there is a natural tendency to feel good or to feel happy about and also there is a tendency now to allow that to happen for some time then it goes to another level where you look forward to being blessed.

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Now to feel happy, if somebody praises you, when you are not looking for the praise is fine, there is no problem with that. And the Allah has said that this is Bashar from Allah subhanho wa Taala about his quality of the work. So hamdulillah you're doing some work and you are doing it with this life and you are doing it only to please Allah subhanho wa Taala but the world also says that you will have done something good for example, you recited the Quran, and then the world says very nicely to this. So you didn't decide to show the world you decided for the ledger, Allah subhanaw taala but Allah subhanaw taala through the means of people, Allah subhanaw taala gives the Bashara

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of his acceptance inshallah.

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But a step ahead of that is when you are reading and in your heart It says well, you know, people are here behind me who are praying and they should like the recitation or if we do some other work of good then we feel that people should recognize this work.

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Then there is a big danger because then the class has gone, the class is gone and work which is done like that without his last ship.

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Somebody asked chef, I live in La Jolla, LA and this specific question that was asked when this band said that I have learned to recite the Quran and I decided well Alhamdulillah

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and while I am reading Salah while I'm reciting in Salah, and I am reading some surah

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he said I get a thought in my mind that I am reading maybe to please the people.

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So I immediately shorten my recitation.

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Is this correct? or What should I do? So chef Jose Medina de la ley responded. He said, that when you get that thought,

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make Toba todos avanos Allah in your hearts and increase your hesitation. He says what

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example if you are intending to recite 30 if he said make doba and reside 50 if he said because that thought is from said that it's not as bad as that, he said that thought is coming from Japan. He wants to stop the benefit of your reputation. Because reputation is good. It helps people to get through. It helps people to concentrate in salah and Chetan wants to stop that so he puts a thought in your mind that you are resetting only to show people where actually you're not resetting for that reason. So is it no problem next over and actually beat the shotgun by increasing the length of your recitation. So also with garaga and so on and so on. And so inshallah we can apply the same

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principle which is to continuously make Toba what is the protection for the near to continuously mentor as long as we continue to make Toba inshallah we have complete

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complete assurance and we have complete reliance on Allah subhanaw taala that inshallah inshallah Allah subhanaw taala will protect our Nia and Allah Subhana Allah will forgive any thing that might come into the near

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right. So continuously make them awake the Nia for me this last for the pleasure of Allah Allah and continuously make Toba and 100 life after that if there is some praise coming from somebody, No brother will handle inshallah that is Bashar of Allah subhanaw taala. You don't have to worry about that, but continuously make Toba to ensure that the Nia is is the newest of this last very beautiful story from our salaf which I always recall when I talk about this is the story about chef Abdul Aziz, I had the lolly was the

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was a very big alum.

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He was giving and you're giving a lecture in JAMA is in Delhi is the son of sha Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah. So he was giving a dance in Jama Masjid, in Delhi, obviously 1000s of people and those are the days before microphones and so on. So there was that was being related.

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So it was that for about one and a half hours. And he finished this whole debate

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and people dispersed. And he was wrestling with his students. When a man came from his own village, he came running any gambling money events alive and he said, I came from Southern farm village to listen to others. But I unfortunately I got here late so I now find the zoo. So what do I do? So jobs are available. I told him you sit here. He stood up, and he delivered the entire that's to that one man with the same fervor and the same energy and everything.

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So when he faced his students asking they said to those times I said How is it possible that you gave this dance for one and a half hours to 1000s of people? And then you give the same does and we notice specifically that we did not miss out anything in that does everything you told the people who told this one man? How can you give us that's only one man. There is no crowd? Nothing just one man and we don't even know who that might not it was not as if he is the king or something. villager.

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How can you give the dads with the same?

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You know, quality?

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chandeliers rather larger. Why are you surprised?

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When I was speaking to 1000 people, I was speaking only one.

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And when I'm speaking to the one man, I'm still speaking only two plays the same one.

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So it doesn't matter to me. Whether it is 1000 people or 10,000 people or one person, when I'm speaking I'm speaking only to please that one. And that one is Allah subhanaw taala the word very good reminder for us for about the last ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect you are in my class, and to give us less and to clear our hearts from everything which amounts to react, and to accept all our deeds with us. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive any

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mistakes and those deeds and any adult version of our net because we don't want to stand before Allah on the day of judgment and then find that we have a clean slate because our family have not been accepted me Allah protect us on this. Well accept all our heart and forgive us from all forms of react and give us complete class in our ama was a la la la ville Karim, Allah Allah He was how he is right erotica.