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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shara freedom ba were mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Steven cathedra cathedra Movado,

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my brothers and sisters

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a lot of annual data

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mentioned in sort of Ramadan, where he said Lacan Allahu Allah Marina is ba surfy ma Rasool Amin unfussy him, year to Allah He Maya Devi yuzaki him where your eye Lemo will Kitab our Hekla when can women come cabello the fee is already moving a lot around Dallas n which means that truly Allah subhanaw taala has blessed has sent a blessing on the meaning on the believers.

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The Carmen Allahu Allah, meaning Allah has blessed and sent a blessing on the believers

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by raising from among themselves,

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a messenger.

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Now this is a double blessing, because the raising of a messenger is in itself a great blessing.

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And Allah is saying that

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the double blessing is that this messenger is one of you.

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Allah subhanaw taala did not send an Angel and Allah didn't send another form of life. I must monitor I did not send anyone for it. He says he is one of you. So by raising a Messenger from among the believers, Allah subhanho wa Taala honored the believers in two ways by sending the messenger and because the messenger is wrong them.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala said, is are four things you have to do at MIT, we use a game where you Ailee mobile Kitara Well, Hickman

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and Allah says Allah gave the messenger for jobs for roles for things to do. And these are not for individual things, these are related and these four are connected to one another. And they must all be done in sequence for there to be benefit.

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So what are the four things you have to do Allah MIT so that he can recite to you what is revealed to him?

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Why use a key him so he purifies you? Internal purification does get enough's what external purification that

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you throw on him, it was a key him or you I'll name a woman kita and he will teach you the book.

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While Hickman and he will teach you wisdom.

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We're in can oh man couple of feet a lolly. mobian. Allah said and before this, those believers or those people were truly misguided. Before what before the coming of the messenger Muhammad Sallallahu addition. If you reflect on these four things, think about this. I'm not aware of that. I said, recite for them. The revelation, who is the revelation being recited to the revelation is being recited not only to Arabs, but to people Allah said I sent this guitar in their language.

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Now one of the most important things to understand which sometimes we forget is the Quran Allah Kareem came in the Arabic language.

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So anyone who wants to understand the Quran and he does not understand Are we truly understand I'm not talking about you know, understanding like we understand that's Abdullah good, but if you truly want to understand the Quran, Al Karim, then you cannot possibly understand it until you understand the Arabic language not even at the native speaker level, but at the level the Sahaba understood it the level the companions of Muhammad, Salah Salem understood it right. So, get please understand this get your mind around this. Because we have far too many people in the world today who read translations or oh no some you know rudimentary Arabic and then they they say all kinds of stuff. So

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So, the first requirement is understand now with the Sahaba understanding was there already right? It came in their language. So Allah says beside the good Abdullah recited hamdulillah and then what? User came purify them? Why?

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What is purification? Why is it required?

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I'm telling you something, you understand that? What's the purification?

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Think about that. I'm not going to talk about all these years now. We don't have the time but I'm just putting some pointers in your mind.

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Third thing you are live Oh, we'll get up.

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Hold on a minute.

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You just told me

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the kalam of Allah in my own language. So what is there to teach?

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What is there to teach?

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But obviously there is something to teach. Otherwise Why did Allah revealed the earth? And then while he Cuba and the wisdom of Well let me give you just a very short example of

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Allah subhanaw taala alchimie Salah decree established the salah for my

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for my remembrance, right?

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So this is not rocket science I translated for you, that's enough. But imagine you are one of the Sahaba you're sitting there and as long as I said I'm Zilla America is a Aki masala and Israel has established for my legal

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so you understood that right?

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What's the next question? If you are listening to this, what is the next question?

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How precisely how?

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Now, if you say, I don't need the car, I don't need the Rosco renesola

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I don't need the I had these horses Asana.

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All of this is and again.

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It is a sign of enslaved people

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that they internalize

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the falsehoods that others manufacture to debase them

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to sign of enslaved minds. You never question that.

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So one of the big canards, one of the big falsehoods that has been propagated by the orientalist for centuries is nothing new. There's nothing new in all these centuries is what that the Hadees of asanas asylum that the the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, Salah Salem are highly doubtful, and they were imagined see the word they were only collected 200 years after he passed away, and nobody recorded them while he was alive. Now, just use

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a little bit to grams of your brain.

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If nobody collected if nobody recorded them, how could anybody collect them?

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Right. How is it possible? Nobody recorded it? And you said 200 years later somebody collected how when nobody recorded? How did anybody collect it?

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Even the liars don't say that Imam Bukhari lied and Imam Muslim lied and Imam pyramid he lied and they manufactured or No, no, they don't say he only collected. My question is if nobody recorded how did Imam Bukhari get get to this Hadith from it?

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Obviously, at the time when Imam Bukhari was living there was no sabya life. So you cannot say that this hadith he heard from the Sahaba he wouldn't have heard it from sorry.

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The truth of the matter is that I had these words written down, they were memorized Of course that was the they're the primary means of of preserving all knowledge, but they were written down and people like our water or their land, who had a whole a whole room filled with his books of notes of Hadith.

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You Ali mobile Kitab how so? Allah said, Akiko salah, Saba said how Rasulullah sallallahu sallam said use a key and what is the first thing you need to know before you do salah?

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Whoo taharah right. You said Kim, purify yourself go make wudu if you need Oh sir Mayor Bowser, what is the father also what is the father widow?

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May Allah forgive me and I'm not going to ask you now.

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But I can guarantee you that if I ask you to tell me the four i What are the four what is the compulsory parts of hosel

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I can guarantee you that there are many of you here who don't know that.

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You are in your teens you are in your 20s 30s 40s 50s you are the mothers and fathers of so many children and you're not no Hoser which means that your whole life till now. There is no ritual purity in your life. So how are you praying? Your Salah is invalid if you're if your husband is invalid who never did was a

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you know how long it takes to learn the FARA that was three minutes. You don't have three minutes to invest in your own

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knowledge to learn the further worsen so that you can sell our well demanded this is the state today

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user Kim purify yourself mozal If you need it whoa if you need it your if i The Heart and this is an ongoing thing

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and then

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you only move on we'll get up.

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Allah said teach them with Salah How is allowed to be done what is right what is not right what are the mistakes if you make a mistake what must you do and so on and so on.

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While hikma what is the wisdom behind it, what is the Allah's reward for it? What will happen if you do it, what will happen if you don't do it? And so on and so on?

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Right? This is the nehama this is the blessing that Rasul Allah is Allah Salam came with and this is the blessing the Rasulullah Salah Salem is for us was SallAllahu ala Nabil Coronavirus. He was abused by Emirati army