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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shara Philomena your mousseline, Muhammad Rasulullah, sallAllahu, alayhi, wa sallam, he was able to sell them to Steven cathedra and cathedra. From Mavado.

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A brother, just as you may have heard this term, we usually say,

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it doesn't matter what you know, what matters is who, you know, you must have heard this, it doesn't matter what you know, what matters, who, you know,

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I have another spin on that. And my spin on it is, it doesn't matter who you know, what matters is who knows you.

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Right? So what you know, obviously matters, knowledge is important, but it doesn't matter who you know, what matters is who knows you

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and who knows, you is directly related to what that person gains from you.

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Who knows you meaning when I say who knows what I mean? I mean,

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to put it very, you know, in a very common usage way, who will take your call?

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Right? As simple as that, if I phone you, will you pick up the phone?

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Now, whether you will pick up the phone, or depends on your opinion of me,

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if you think that I am wasting your time, if you think that I'm harmful, if you think that I am worthless, then you won't pick up the phone. But if you think of me with respect, if you think that okay, this person is somebody I can get I can gain from I like to meet and gain is not necessarily material gain, you're not you're not picking up the phone, because of how much money you know, but it is something beneficial that you will get from the person then you will answer the call

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and that has direct relation with your contribution.

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So, like investment,

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return is directly proportional to investment right any any reader similarly,

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contribution is investment.

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So, whether it is written I mean, understanding your data in a material sense is easy in the sense of you know, I invest so much money in the share market might have a certain certain certain

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my portfolio has a certain value.

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But in human relations, is the same logic.

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My value with the people who I am with depends on what I have contributed to their lives.

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If I contribute to their lives, then I have value if I don't contribute to the lives

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there's somebody pieces of furniture.

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So always monitor yourself to say what is it that I am giving?

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In the corporate world and so on, we like to talk about networking, right?

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Formally in the corporate world, our network by networking is, is one of the ways in which another word for it is friendships. Another word for is for it is connections, this is how we function in life.

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So people will for example, sometimes you have people who will not do things, but if you tell them they will do it for you

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because of your connection with them. Now, all of this depends on what is my contribution to that network? What is my contribution to that person?

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Even when they're drawing in sometimes people feel what can I get out of this? Always spirit and say, what can what can I give to it?

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Because what I contribute, to that extent, I will get back.

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If I've contributed nothing, I get back nothing. There's nothing we have because it's my one of my

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brother, my first boss, actually in Guyana, South America. He used to say human relations are like a bank account.

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In a bank account, you deposit money.

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And then when you need the money, you write a check. You withdraw the money. How much can you withdraw as much as they're

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right? If I have $1,000 I can withdraw $10,000. So they're so used to say human relations is like a bank account.

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Deposit when you don't need it.

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So that when you need it, it is there for you to withdraw.

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Now this is one of the big mistakes that we make especially people in today's world.

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We talk to people we call people we contact people only if there is if we need to

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write if I have something to take care

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from you then I'll follow you Oh from my house everything everything from my says to himself

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so from my house everything this call is coming to me after six months I see them everyday numbers is what you would say Salama algo now suddenly from my house Why are you worried? How's everything? Maybe you got may not be what what is it you?

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So he will not even answer he will he will tell you okay so what do you want

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guys? Or no look I say I will get the

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hang of me. Now there are people like this you know you never knew you don't know where this man was forgotten was suddenly out of the blue ma mashallah my brother I was thinking of ya. You were thinking of me I know what he was thinking to me

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now this see the thing is

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I might think I'm smart. But the other person is also not a fool. Right?

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You are You are smart, no doubt but the other the other guy also has a brain he's also thinking

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so never tried to fool people genuinely because I'm not saying every single person in your contract list you have to call every day Oh, that's not even possible. Right and then sending this mindless by every everyone good morning or some message like this that all of this is garbage. Don't do all that. But keep in touch with people

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just be nice to people just salatu salam to people I mean Islamic makes it so he's just Islam Allah that's enough for the whole day.

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Be nice to be able to be in touch with people when you don't need them. You will never need them but there is a you don't know or maybe you know but the the value of

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the kind of reputation you get in the market that has a huge value. Not everybody you are nice to is in a position to do anything for you materially but they can talk they can make dua for you they when they talk to other people, the way they mentioned you all of this comes back to you and is either beneficial to you or it's harmful one of the tools

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one of the rules is either good for you or not good for you. And that depends on us

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that depends on us. So always ask yourself how it just being good to people just be nice to people not for any reason because this is you

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because this is you

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there's a wonderful story of

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one of our kings in in India you the region of the of the king of the map the Emperor Akbar. And he's never observed him.

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So he was he was the region's armies he was a minister and above all so you know when he was going somewhere with me the whole entourage and the army and everything with him.

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So there was an as they were passing there was an old woman standing by the side of the of the road and she threw a stone

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his old woman throw a stone at up the Rihanna can I'm gonna

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title those on camera. So she threw a stone at abdur-rahim Her Can I imagine this is the this is the mobile game. He's got the army everything around this woman. So throw the stone What do you think about

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the people within the soldier that never grabbed her? They brought her to him.

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So when they brought her to him, he said to his his treasurer, he says to give him give her 100 gold coins. So I should

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so people are amazed. She threw a stone at you with this woman and you are giving her 100 gold coins. So what

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he said

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if there is a tree which is laden with fruit

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in those days magazine is an arm of the rocker arms Ella Davao or but lorica Martha Takata I'm guilty.

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He says the he says if the the mango tree is laden with fruit, and the boys roll the stone, what false. So the mango was

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hungover tomorrow to gamma gamla MRP MRP so now

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she knows what she's doing that woman also knows what she's doing. She's doing that she knows that I am a fruit Amma tree laden with fruit she wants fruit I give her fruit.

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Always give good. Always always always give good.

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Even that this is the this is again this is not my advice is that this is what we sell sell products. He said return is a gift to those who give to you and give to those who do not give to you. Give to those who are just an honest with you and give to those who are who want to take away your rights.

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Give to those who are good to you and give to those who are not good.

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Because then you are giving to somebody who's good

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I mean, that's natural that if you don't if you're not doing that, then you know it's you are unjust and people will criticize you but if you give to somebody who is not good to you, then inshallah This is the level for you before Allah subhanaw taala This is evidence and you can say to your to Allah Serrata yada I gave even to this person. He was not good.

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Right? Always show gratitude will always show thankfulness. It's very important, no matter who does what, people do small things, but always show gratitude show thankfulness go and say Salama maloca you did this falling.

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People were very, very bad with us. That's the reason I'm saying we ask people to do things after the do it. You will not even turn around to say slavery, nothing to take it for granted. But

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how does it happen?

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Somebody takes the trouble do something for you. Always go back. Get you are you have you took the trouble to ask them. Now make time for foregoing and thanking them.

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You may forget they won't forget.

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And this is what builds up. This is the bank account. This is what is depositing in the Bible. Right. And Allah subhanaw taala himself said ln Zagato last year.

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So Allah Subhana Allah has governing us show your gratitude. Allah knows already Why should you show it? Because it is not about who knows it's about ourselves. It's about my attitude. I show it because I am me not because you know, you don't know

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that. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us some of the Shaqiri and Zackary people who are thankful and the people remember him always we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to live a life which is beneficial for everyone. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to reward us for that was Allah Allah Allah will Karima Harare he was heavy member