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Hello Ramallah Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Beaver, Missouri

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Hamada rasool Allah is Allah Allahu Allahu Allah and he was able to sell him this live on the theorem.

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Amato my brothers and sisters,

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we were talking about yesterday about the issue of

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going against the principles of Islam,

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in the name of business, in the name of government, in the name of politics, in the name of

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you know different things.

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And as I mentioned yesterday, this is not something which is permissible in our religion.

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As I mentioned yesterday, Allah subhanaw taala, who

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sent us with a mission and the mission

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is was and is to teach the world how to live

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in a way that is beneficial for everyone

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to teach that way, we have to learn the way ourselves and practice it ourselves. What we don't know we can't teach what we don't practice we cannot teach any videos so we need to practice

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and for that Allah is one of the resent his book, and he sent his messenger Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam as our teacher

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to teach us.

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it is our key that this is a fundamental part of our belief that the Kitab of Allah geladeira who is good for all time.

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It does not need updates, doesn't need alterations, it does not need change.

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Anyone who thinks that the Quran Quran Al Karim needs changes left Islam Simple as that.

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If you believe that you are no longer a Muslim,

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the kalam of Allah is good for all time. The teaching of Rasul Rossana, Salah is good for all time.

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So at any point in time, nobody can say, you know, this is all very well, fantastic, great standard. But in my case, I can apply it I was to something else.

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To give you

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a brief glimpse of history,

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very sadly and tragically, our history, the history of the Muslims

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Whether it was I'm going back to the 14th century, whether it was and even before that, the same story we have from the Manomaya were the first Muslim dynasty after the one who Abbas which was the second Muslim dynasty.

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Then if you that's that's in the Middle East and North Africa and so on, and

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then then Persia was conquered. So you know, what is Iran? And then if you go to the Indians, the two biggest and wealthiest dynasties were the Mughal dynasty in the Indian subcontinent and the Ottomans. In, in Turkey.

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In terms of sheer wealth, the models are much wealthier than the Ottomans.

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Much was the by by a huge amount. The Ottomans had a lot of land, so but there was a bigger bigger empire but the malls were far bit far wealthy.

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Throughout all of the dynasties, there is one common factor that common factor was Brother killing Brother Brother killing father brother imprisoning for son imprisoning fathers and killing father,

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brother killing brother, this is our standard story.

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If I, if I think of exceptions in the Ottomans, I can think of one exception, which is Suleiman the Magnificent, Reverend Connery. And the reason it did not kill a brother was because he had no brother.

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He was alone. He was sold on celebs only son.

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You have for example, in India, we have our exec who is considered to be a very holy man and whatnot. What are the Emperor? He killed all his brothers

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and he imprisoned his father until his father died in prison.

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what Islam is this?

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The point I'm making is that all of them justified this by saying, you know, Drew, we should not kill our brother but

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for example, always have said Dara Shikoh used to drink alcohol.

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So since when is drinking alcohol, a capital offense? Is that the Sharia that somebody brings, I'll call you, you kill him.

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so these are excuses. These are excuses for

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The sultanate for the for the throat

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so also we many many for example, Saudi Niobe Right? Great hero of Islam mashallah

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he conquered Jerusalem and he opened Jerusalem for the Muslims and he opened Mozilla and so on but if you see how it's allowed you become to a seat of power

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he came by the by the convenient deaths of a lot of people who otherwise would have supported him I'm not saying he killed them but they happen to die very conveniently and by going against it by breaking his oath both to Northern zanghi Who was his

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the the the the ruler, and the ruler is that gonna work and to whom he had given an oath of allegiance and his oath to the fat me the Shia fatty missile tan whose Prime Minister he was in Egypt

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so first of all, you might say well why did he become the Prime Minister of the shears well done well, that's a different question. But the point is end of the day you gave your all to somebody abroad both.

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So he did all of this.

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Sure, he conquered Jerusalem

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and the bat it with the dualism, not only the break up, but he also laid siege to Damascus. And there was a

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battle started mercifully, or whatever who died

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to set out in OB then married his wife.

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So have a full fledged battle was avoided. That's the only thing.

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Now the reason I'm saying all this is not for us to sit and criticize these people. That's not the point. The point is,

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even today, we bend rules, and we ignore rules in the name of diplomacy,

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compromise, you know, real politic, and so on and so on, right?

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Let's see what Rasul Allah and his close companions de la ciudad Salam was in Medina, we know the story of enemy salah, Salah many went to thrive when you see in mockery, so here was the bonus O'Keeffe, one of the two major tribes in the ages, the origin of the wonders of grief, and the one is a cave. They rejected Him they assaulted him they did all kinds of things. The same Barossa cave came to him when he was in Medina, Salva Salah before for DACA and they said we are ready to accept Islam. Lila Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, we are ready to pray, but we will not pay zakat.

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Now see the opposition. I'm looking at it from a political angle. What's your political position? Here is Ross was our Salam he's a refugee in Medina, he is weak he doesn't have an army. He is being assaulted by the Kurdish right they fought bother is therefore fought by their already they fought hard. We the Battle of Hungary still is there. Obviously this was in the future. They didn't know that, but that was there, all of this happening.

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So, to get the allegiance of a major Dr. In the Hejaz would have been politically speaking a phenomenal thing.

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Right people advising this, please accept very man, they will pay zakat in due course let the way let us go step by step. You know same argument which people give today.

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Let us not be extremists. Let us not ask for everything at the same time slowly they will do it. As soon as I said the one who separates the Salah from the Zakat is not a Muslim.

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You send them away

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right whereas real politic in this where was diplomacy in this

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so on the face of it, he lost this great opportunity to get these people on his side

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another one after he doesn't have passed away, I woke as soon as you became Khalifa water the first thing that happened people refuse to pay

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all over the years.

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What was our response? People advise him including seven out of

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seven hours said Don't Don't be hard on this thing goes through several hours before you became Muslim you were so hard now you become so soft. What's wrong with you?

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So that our focus is there rather than reject them and He quoted the same ruling over which was the one who separate Salah from Zagato Muslim.

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He sent out armies and he went himself

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In one of the armies

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they said if you die what will happen is your How can a worker sit in Medina in safety when the dean of Rasulillah Salam is in danger?

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He said if I die I die no problem

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Why did he send our army he said if somebody refuses to give even the rope of the camel which is doin zakat, I will fight it. They said vilified Muslim he said yes, there are Muslim if they have separated Zakat and Salah there are Muslim

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Now where are the bloggers in this various political reason

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today because I don't know what you know, given the times these were times

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finally anyone apparently small thing we're talking about breaking oats or Katara Alana was called to Jerusalem to take the keys

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he's going he has a law this is not an oath is not a written document nothing he has an understanding he has a deal he has a promise he has an agreement with the seller to say that

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the subject will write one section and then there's an hour we'll walk with the holding the gavel and then seven hour we'll read write and submit we'll walk right we know the story

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not so happened as they came with the sight of Jerusalem it was the turn of the server to write the summons that we say the you are the you are by master you write it doesn't look nice. We are reaching the city there. Those people are going to see me sitting on the camera you are walking doesn't look nice you write I give up my turn to you. Sarah masado

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He's an agreement is an agreement

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I don't care what anybody thinks let them think

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we agreed that's it

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to the people that are what you know, it's okay.

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How's it okay?

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You break an agreement it's not Islam there is no concept of agreement with you know if I'm in agreement with this band here because he's my brother he is wealthy is this Is that is that I should not break it. But if I have an agreement with my son, or my driver of employee, it's okay. No, sorry.

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Here's this man. He's a great chef. And you know, he's got a big beard and got a big turban and whatnot is I will I must have a good view here. The other man he's not even a Muslim. It's no no no sorry.

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In Islam, hackers have bothered about it.

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And everybody's happy but you have an agreement with anybody Muslim, non Muslim makes no difference. You are supposed to honor the agreement.

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Because it is about you. It's not about them. It's my word.

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It doesn't matter who I give the word to is my word. It's a matter of my honor that I stay with my word if I if I promise you something

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that's written on stone there's no way that can change that you're only changed by mutual agreement. I can come back to you and say my brother you know I promise you this thing because the situation now will you release me from a promise that's a different issue, but I can't promise and I'm sorry that doesn't doesn't happen did that but I didn't do it. Oh boy.

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So I remind myself when you let us understand one very clear thing which is that one day we will meet Allah subhana wa then

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and then Allah will not ask us what cobre wants to do he will say what was the rule I sent you? What did you do?

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Right three four days ago I requested to request you to make a dua for a friend of mine. I told you he's dying.

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Mama Nasrudin Islam today he passed away.

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In a reliable and Eldorado please make dua for him Allah grant if there are for those who are or ISA Phil is covered with Nora and forgive him and grant him the company of Rosa Salah and give him give his family summer inshallah. The reason I'm saying that is that this day will come for all of us.

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The day when we are called to Allah subhanaw taala

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so please remind myself when you let us not compromise that for the sake of whatever little benefit we see in some business or some dealership or some dealing with somebody or some political stuff. It is not worth it by brothers. It is not worth it. Because when we stand before Allah subhanaw taala the price there will be very heavy and we don't want to be paying that. Masala will Karim Allah. He was a member of Africa. All right.