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In Alhamdulillah, WA salatu salam ala rasulillah.

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I want to remind myself and you about the importance of European.

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Allah tala specifically mentioned yaqeen distinctly and separately from even

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though the bacara Allah tala said

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you may know NaVi

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and then in the same ayah when he was talking about the

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Elsa for the motorhome Valley Calcutta Villa Eva de la Mata Ki Allah Xena human una bella.

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And then in the same in the end Allah swatara said what will ferati homeopathy non

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human babies Ivana Farah

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the authorized by so after saying human and I will have a What is the need to say? Or will accurate up? No.

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We understand from this, the need for need to say it is there because there is a difference between a man and a queen.

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And why is Japan important?

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Ukraine is important because of two things. First of all, your pain happens only when we understand the relationship of that thing to ourselves.

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To have even, is to notice, just to know is to know something and to believe in that.

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But jackin is when we understand the relationship of that thing to ourselves

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and design of your kidneys action.

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For example, we might say, well, if you see some clouds, you might say, Well, I think it will live. So I have imagined that it will rain.

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But I'm sitting in my house, I'm inside, I don't need to do anywhere. The rain has no relationship to me. I mean, I'm not a farmer, I don't have to deal a field or anything.

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But if I have to leave the house and go out, and it looks like rain,

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and it will happen, I'm sure it will rain, then I

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do something about it, I make some take some precautions carry an umbrella,

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because I don't want to get wet.

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So the sign of yucky

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is action.

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If we believe that if you are trading in the on the share market, then you believe that a particular share to absolutely sure

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that this share will go up

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then what is the sign of the jockey?

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Otherwise, it doesn't make sense. You're saying yes, I have your key.

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The only way you won't buy it is because you say well, I don't want profits, I'm not interested, that's a different matter. But if you are interested, if you are a serious trader and you are happy again that this thing will go up, then you will buy it. So there is a relationship between three things, your pain,

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results and action action results in what

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a pain creates action and action creates results are

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rewards without yaqeen action will not have.

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second issue is that investment is also directly proportional to your pain.

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You might invest in something in which you have some doubt. It's not that you know we do not touch doubtful things we do. There is something you know, the share market is a good good way of explaining that. You might say well, you know there is a particular share, which

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I think it might go up. I'm not absolutely sure what you know. So we'll put some money on it.

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It's like a gamble almost no, maybe it will go up, maybe it will not go up. But somewhat, but will you do any serious investment in that never, never. You will only do serious investment in something in which you have been absolutely serious. And that is the issue. The issue is that investment is directly proportional to the higher the level of your head, the more the investment in that.

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And if you see the lives of the officers,

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and if you see the lives of xaba rizwana you find that they were able to make investment to the final degree, including investing their very life

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not only investing their wealth, but also in the end investing their lives in the service of the dean because there was complete again, that not only will I get a result, but that result will be better than what I have today.

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What are hirato

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Allah, Allah subhanaw taala said

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Acura is better than what we have today. So the Acura is not only is it the result, but it's a result which is far superior to what I have today.

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And that is why people invest that's why people invest many of our friends, they work in the Middle East. And they work there for decades literally.

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What they do not build a house there, they do not do anything there anyone who actually builds large house in one of the Middle Eastern countries is a exclude a unique kind of person, these people will point out and say is this is the man who built a house here, we have got some friends who built

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one or two friends have built you know, houses. In other other than that, normally, the norm is to send money back home. Why? Because I will build a house there.

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Now, if you look at it, in terms of amount of time,

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somebody works in the Middle East for you know, 35 years, 40 years, sometimes long services they have. And they have all that 3540 years he has spent send money home, so his family are living on that money plus, they're building a house. Now after they build the house, and the man comes back, after 3540 years of service, he is not meant to live in this house, which he built for 40 years.

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You know, it is highly unlikely that he will live for another 40 years, like the amount of time that he spent in the Middle East is far longer than what he will spend back home in India or wherever, where he has built his house yet he is spending a lot of money and so on building that house because I have to go there, I have to go back there. Even though the time that he is spending in that place is much less than what he spent in the Middle East. No, they say goes to the Middle East. And in his 20s. So 2025 years old or something, he goes to the Middle East. He spends 40 years there is now 65. Right? He's not his brother 40 years back in India and wanted his 105 years old, obviously not real

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he will die before that. And yet he is has spent 40 years worth of earning.

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And he lived in a very, you know may not been bad in a bad situation. But he lived in

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you know?

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Yeah, very modest kind of circumstances where he could have afforded to live much more luxurious, but did not he lived modest circumstances, because he was putting money in displays where he expected to go.

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Therefore, if you think about the Acura, what was what must we do, when with us, the situation is the opposite, which is that this Acura we are going, first of all, be sure to go. Secondly, we are going to be there forever. We won't be there for a very long time.

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Time has no meaning since release period as it is speaking with when you go into the app here there is no sun and there is no moon and there is no Earth. There's also time in our conventional sense, Allah knows what that time will be. But time in a conventional sense of days and weeks and months, has no meaning. So we are going to go to that place where we will stay whatever.

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And yet we don't invest in it.

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Yet we don't invest in it. I mentioned this story before of

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Solomon, Mr. Mira Malik, the haleiwa he came to macabre O'Meara, and he asked people he said, Is there any Are there any of the 13? Alive? Anybody here who has seen the Saba? So they said yes, there is one person. And so he wanted to meet him. So he went to meet him.

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And this Thursday, he met him.

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He asked him, he said, Why are we afraid of death? He said, Why am I afraid of death?

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One of the things to also understand is that you know, the benefit of meeting Allah meeting good people, asking them for nausea is very important part of therapy, a part of a class. So he went to be disturbed and he said, Why am I afraid of death?

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And why am I Why are we afraid? Generally we provide Why don't we? Why are we running away from death?

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When the damage here is very simple. He says in this in this world, you have a palace and in that world, you have nothing.

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That world of yours is completely you know it is deselected Viren

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kendrapara was very gentle Ivana. So is that obviously Why will you like to leave this comfort and luxury and this whole palace and whatnot and over the years and go and you know, live in a desert desolate place, you will not like nobody would like to do that.

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He said the people who loved death which is the Sahaba masala the people who look forward to meeting Allah subhanaw taala were people who had built palaces there.

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So they wanted to consider when I was spending my whole life building those palaces, I want to go and see the palace. I mean, what's the

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Building a palace and Robert, I want to go right. So obviously that doesn't mean you commit suicide, suicide, but issue of spending our life and spending our wealth in investing in our own asset Allah subhanaw taala is not asking us to do it for somebody else but ourselves. Every dinner every, every rupee, every dollar, every pound we spent is for ourselves. But the spending and his investment will happen only and only when there is a gain in that place. yaqeen in going there and joking that this actually exists that there is something called

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our Muslim. You know, we assume that we believe in the ACA Yes, there is a question I

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believe To what extent

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the key is that the key is not that we don't believe what you believe and hamdulillah we believe this slide is really that, but issue is believed to what extent what is the strength of this belief is it at a level of your gain, because if it is not at the level of your clean, then investment will not happen. investment will not happen unless investment Apple lovers does run orders.

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These are very simple logical calculation unless there is yaqeen there is no investment unless there is an investment there are no results. So if we want results to happen, and inshallah we wanted that to happen, and this whole month of Ramadan is coming to help us to,

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to this is a bonus month. So you do one thing and you get much more reward than what you normally get. So but all of this is going to happen only if we have you again in

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the Ukraine that there is something to get at the end of the day. You ask Allah subhanaw taala to make this again firm and strong in our hearts, so that we can invest in sha Allah and then this investment, higher or avoca that with Allah subhanaw taala it will be there and it will increase and it will be there for our We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for us to do this in sha Allah. Allah Allah Allah Allah will Coronavirus he was