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100 alertable alameen Salatu was Salam ala Shafi lumea even more silly, Allah Allah He was happy he has made

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a word. Allah Subhana Allah said in Surah four one as well as in another place, I think sort of gesture and that's rather sad I tamani De La Hoya

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and in certain for planning, follow that up by saying

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is Amanita hada era hava

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como la Mattila

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Alexander said have you seen Have you not seen them?

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seen those people who have taken their desires

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as their objects of worship as good as the ILA.

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And in sort of Alice Madison, are you going to intercede for them? Are you going to be there? Okay.

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So, what is the meaning of taking your desires

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as your marbles?

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ILA, haha.

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Hawaii is desire, Isla De La Ilaha Illa.

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For his villa, the issue of taking desires as my road refers

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to a situation where we have the desire to do something.

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But the Sharia of Islam

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prohibits that.

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But we still do it. Because we desire to do which

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Allah subhanaw taala call this worshiping the desire instead of worshipping Allah.

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Because the meaning of Riba

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the meaning of revival is not only to make pseudocode, but the whole object of pseudocode, or the symbol the subtitle is a symbol of obedience.

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So therefore, Nevada is obedience.

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abadeer is the ultimate obedience of the marveled.

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So obedience is not only in the form of worship, but obedience is in everything in life.

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And that reason why

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in another place, Allah mentioned those people who take their

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monks, as their gods, again use the same word Isla. And there is a famous story in the Sierra, where the son of Hattie Maathai who they even had him, before he accepted Islam, he came rasaan he came to me.

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And at that time used to be a Christian. So he was wearing a cross it under the neck, and also Lazarus from reside in this ayah.

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So they we had them said, jasola, we do not take our priests as our gods.

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So Hassan said, is it not true that Allah subhanaw taala has privated something, but your priests allow it?

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And so therefore, you do it?

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And is it not true that Allah Allah has permitted some things, but your priests have disallowed it private in it? And you do what the pistol? So he said, Yes, he said that his

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obedience is

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so when we look at the I have the book on which I decided for you, unless rather is saying, I will not seen those people who take their desires as their boots.

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need to ask ourselves

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and May Allah protect us from this, whether we fit into this or not?

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Anytime we have a desire to do something, and the Sharia prevents us from that. The Sharia says don't do that. But we still go ahead and do it, then we are actually worshiping the desire instead of worshipping Allah and Allah subhanaw taala called a chick.

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So for example, you might have a desire to celebrate something in a particular way.

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But this way is not permitted by the Sharia.

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But we still say well, you know, this is culture and what will people say and I've tried it is my daughter's weddings I was give a party or something must happen or I was hired falaknuma Palace or something, you know, it's rough.

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Alice Randall has prevented that allows me to do that. But for me to show off by well, is more important than dorabella.

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So I'm committing shift. And now what should be my desire instead of worshipping Allah,

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of course all this this is the first of all the

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Normal forms of sins are not going to list all of those

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it reverts to all of them, but it also reverts to things that we don't normally consider as sin.

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But which have become so much a part of our culture and our way of being

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that we then get caught up in them.

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For example, the Sharia clearly prevents us from being in the company of and being in places where Allah subhanaw taala is disobeyed openly.

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So, for example, if you are in a place where there is alcohol is being served or if you know gambling is happening or if you are in a place where some other disobedience that is happening, and you are among the members of that place, you are among those present or you are among those who are supporting that by your membership fee, or by some other means that this is clearly private rosaria

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but we still do that. We still give our memberships in this club and that club. Why?

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Yeah, that wasn't the wrong was why

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if you are honest with yourself, and if you have got a modicum of sense of integrity, you will answer the way

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when unless validation is clearly prohibited something Why do you insist on doing it?

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And this is the reason also why halaal forms of entertainment never happened.

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Because you want to find excuses for indulging in haram forms of entertainment

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is another I'm only going to the gym.

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am only doing this I'm only doing that and then you want to find all sorts of Thai will ask about whether membership of a club

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is tantamount to supporting all the activities.

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What What is the need for this? What is the need for all this? legal

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What is wrong with everything Allahu Akbar Palace 12 with his bloody membership, not interested, even if there is even in the shadow of doubts, where I might be considered among those people in this ayah why Allah subhanaw taala specifically prohibiting Rasul Allah Salam from interceding for them.

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You want to take that chance?

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Ask yourself,

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you want to take the chance?

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The question is, is the question is that where our desire comes in the way remember the other day I was saying obedience is not eating

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you know, chocolates. Obedience is eating medicine.

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Obedience is to do something which otherwise you don't like to do.

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If you're doing something would you like to do anyway? Where is the obedience involved in that you do that anyway.

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We didn't lose something because you want to obey the one who gave the order. Even if you don't like to do what it whatever it is.

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And I think this is what I want to remind myself when you to go through our lives with a fine tooth comb

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and eliminate from it's

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anything which casts a shadow of doubts

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on our link with Alice router.

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Because remember, one of the

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major causes of a bad ending, so alhaja, ending without demand and ending without the caliber and ending on ko forensic. One of the major reasons for it is Al israr. Allah Al Massey

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used to insist on sin

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is to repeatedly do something which is wrong even though somebody is telling you that over and over again. Elisa Ll Massey, reserves into Alhaji income insisting on sim results in a bad ending. And the article is raw data to save us from a bad ending.

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And to enable us to have the courage to get out of anything, which even has a shadow of a doubt or being something which can anger a loss.

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I personally define myself a new that is not safe to play with the anger of Allah subhanaw taala. That's not play games with Allah. Because Allah Subhana Allah knows what the game is inside out. So you're not fooling anybody. And the tendency that some people will have to go for hunting or divide the world to great legal intricacies of trying to prove somehow that what they are doing is right. These are all foolishness. This is all complete and total insanity, because none of those arguments and none of the people who give you those supply who those arguments today are going to be going into

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grave and none of them is going to be standing over Allah subhanaw taala on the desert.

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So, let us be very clear about this, it doesn't matter, it does not matter how many people tell you

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that what you are doing is right. If in fact it is not right. If the whole world has agreed upon the fact that what you're doing is correct, when actually is not correct, you are still in trouble.

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So, let us not put ourselves in that situation. And let us look into our own conscience. And let us ask Allah subhanaw taala to ensure and enable us to do that which is pleasing to Him and to get out from anything which is displeasing to him, no matter how small it might look, because the displeasure of Allah is not small.

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Let us be clear about this the displeasure of Allah subhanaw taala is not is not what Allah Akbar, and therefore his displeasure is all of us.

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It's always better if you ask for the benefit of Allah subhanaw taala and we asked for protection from the displeasure of Allah Subhana Allah was Allah Allah Hi, Lana, Bill Karim. Allah Allah. He was heavy has made the effort to get out