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layerable alaminos salatu salam O Allah

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are having a dream about

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magic sisters.

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Yesterday we

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learned of

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a terrible tragedy that happened,

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where we lost one of our brothers.

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for me is like, it's not only brotherhood, one of our students in our classes like one of our sons

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who died in an accident.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to give him genital for those who have diabetes,

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and to forgive his sins, and to give support to his family. So highlight is not easy to lose a son and to lose a grown up child. It's not easy to lose any child what's somebody like that it's not easy to lose, you have to give summer to his father and his

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grandparents and to his mother and two brothers sisters.

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And we are full of Santa Clara to give him another photo. So Allah without having Charla

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when we faced such strategies, the best example for us is example of a supervisor

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who did not do one child, but he lost all his children in his own lifetime except for, say, the Fatima galana. She's the only one who survived him. Otherwise, all his children died in front of his eyes, and he buried all of them.

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And say the Fatima Golan had died six months after he passed away. So hamdulillah they can life once we once we are born, then we are destined to die.

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Everyone who was born is destined to die. Whether he is an AVI, whether he is a good person, whether it is a bad person, whether it is young or old, one day, we all have to die.

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And this is a good thing to remember. Because we tend to forget. And whenever something like this happens,

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tragedy, the tragedy in itself in this tragedy is only in the sense that we have lost the company of one of our beautiful brothers. But otherwise in sha Allah, the death of a Muslim is not a tragedy, that all Muslim Alhamdulillah is a day of happiness. It's a day when the Muslim is meeting is up. So how can that be a tragedy, that is a day of happiness in sha Allah May Allah subhanaw taala make that the best day of our lives as we drive the Sahaba solo film that he made to do it, that Allah make the best of my deeds, the last of my deeds,

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and make the best day of my life, the last day of my life and I will admit my job.

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Of course, the enemies, a lot of them it said I mean to this day and he said this is a very good job. But of course, one has to remember that since we do not know which is the last day of our lives, and since we do not know which is which are the best deeds,

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which are the last of our deeds. Obviously, if we make this branch I mean, that we must make a proper intention, that no deed of mine is ever going to be such that I do not want to meet up with it.

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No place that I go to, must be such that I do not want to meet my Rob in that place. Because Allah Azza wa sallam said you will be selected in the stage in which you die. So if you die in a club, you will resurrected in the club. And if you die in a Masjid, you will wizard in the masjid and it is not sufficient only to ask Allah subhanaw taala to say well give me death in verses Allah, we also have to God was not not enough to say Allah give me that and says that when we do not make Salah

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know what to say or give me death in while reciting the Quran when we do not receive the Quran. So if you want to work with us and we also have to have backup the driver the action, Asahi game doesn't have a solo please make dua that I should be your companion agenda

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that I will make the driver helped me with castrato sudo he's helped me with increasing the amount of saga that you do. Which means what not not for is he's talking about

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what I do understood, no one who is doing nothing, obviously should not be doing it if he is not doing for the for us to come first. So we asked a lot of other reminders that when we make this does the Ola make the the last of my deeds, the best of my deeds, it means that every single one of my deeds should be the best deed that I have done till that day. Which means what which means two things number one, that we take hisab of ourselves every single day.

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My brothers, I remind myself

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I knew that no one expects you to buy, believe me. Nobody expects to die, except the Shahid visibile, who goes in the vibe of Allah subhanaw taala with the intention of meeting a lot. Except for him, no one expects to die.

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So when that comes, it is always unexpected. It's always unexpected. And it is always news. And we will reserve what you know, yesterday, yesterday was fine. They will say that about me those that about you did yesterday was fine. But then when the time comes, we go. So therefore if we want the last of our deeds to be the best of our deeds, we must ask ourselves before doing every single thing, before speaking every single word before writing every single word before doing every single date, we have to ask myself, is this the best of my deeds today?

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Till today, it is the best of my date. Because if I die, now, I'm going to meet Allah with this date.

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So is this the best time I did?

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Then you do it. If it is not the best of your deeds, then do that, which is the worst of your deeds, don't do that thing. Do the one which is the best. Because otherwise, this is a lie. It's it's your lying dollars. Allah make me me do with the rest of IDs, make the last of my deeds, the best of ideas, and then you are doing all sorts of things we should not be doing, how is it the rest of your days.

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So make this intention that I will not do anything which is displeasing to love another no matter who else it disappears.

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We all have our own individual tests.

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And as I was saying yesterday, you will not pass one

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stage, you will not go from one class to another class unless you pass the test.

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And if you don't pass the test, we remain in the assembly. And sometimes we go backwards.

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So therefore we have to face those tests. And we have to pass those tests and it doesn't matter whether anyone else likes it or doesn't like it approves or doesn't approve, laughs at you or doesn't laugh at you makes no difference.

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The only one whose opinion matters a lot of animal fat. So make that that last day the rest of it. Make this active, intense, intense, I remind myself I knew that I will consciously do whatever I do. The Muslim lives with awareness, the Muslim lives with consciousness. The Muslim does not live like an animal with Koffler.

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He doesn't just eat and drink and run around and no, he lives with consciousness. And therefore we ask ourselves, is this the rest of my day?

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At home? They love your spiritual father. Was that the best idea? Yes, inshallah.

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After the visitor is sitting in the league of Allah subhanaw taala is the best of our deeds at this time. Yes. Alhamdulillah because of what is over, there's nothing else to be prayed after that. So what can we do the God of Allah Subhana Allah best about it, if Allah chooses to take care now Alhamdulillah inshallah we expect them as part of that. So before every single date, we came out with intention of going into the forest and seeing animals and so on why, for the kafala, to praise Allah subhanaw taala to see his glory to see His Majesty Alhamdulillah Allah will come in very well going, we remember Allah subhanaw taala while we are doing this, we enjoy it, it's good

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entertainment. Plus, it is a source of remembrance of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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That is very important, every single thing we do. No one says don't have fun, you have fun but while you're having fun, remember the glory of magic develop

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and ask Allah Subhana Allah for forgiveness Alhamdulillah and if you do that, then those are the best of odds.

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And this awareness is very, very important for us. The awareness, I said two things, one is make an active intention that we will do

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every deed remembering that this can be the last

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and asking, am I asking ourselves a serious question? Is this the state in which I want to wait a law

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is the first thing the second thing is, don't worry about the rest of the world.

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Do not worry about the rest of the world. Remember, if you die now, whose opinion matters?

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Seriously about you because we have yes we are facing something really all of these things happen.

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On the line or 1000s of people die every day we have no consciousness of that.

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Not as if somebody dies, is that the unique thing is nothing new unique about it. 1000s of people are dying every day in every hospital, go to the hospital and see the budget every day new bodies are coming in. And of course the war zones and this and that 1000s of people have died. But we have no consciousness consciousness of that. But when one of our dies suddenly was oh my god, how did it happen? How did it happen? happens everyday happens every second.

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You just that you do not you are not conscious of it is nothing new.

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But Alhamdulillah because it happened to one of our own. We become conscious of it. But the consciousness does not just mean that we do Swami Allah gave Genova like you will have discovered that No, no. It's

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a wake up call for me personally. It's a wake up call for me personally, if I don't see that I'm blind. Then I'm blind. I'm stupid. We have to see this person call for a wake up call for me personally. And I'm the last one who died. May Allah give Jana? What about me?

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Can I say that about myself? Angela, give me Jana? No, no one has a guarantee no one in the world as a guarantee that he will we will get done. Allah did not promise agenda for anybody. I love promises and only for those who obey and who die in a state of obedience. And how do we ensure that we Dinah state obedience. By living in a state of religion, there is no other way. You can only ensure that we die in a state of obedience. By living in a state of obedience, then we are short of living in a state of if I'm if I'm praying, then if I say my death will come in.

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But my life is filled with disobedience about lots of arrows. And believe me, the shaitaan will give us justification. The shaitan will give us reasons

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the Titan will give us arguments against this.

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Just remember one thing we'll see

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when Malaga mob comes in front of you.

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How good is that? I don't

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how good is that argument

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that the only thing to think about Malakal mode when you stand in front and you know i'm not saying if he's either when he started because we know we know that we only don't know what circumstances will die in males are gonna give us the best of circumstances in which to die. But we know that that death will come molecule birth will stand before us and if but when when molecule mode is standing before us.

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All these clever arguments, all these smart aleck arguments, all these things where we laugh at those who tell us not to do wrong things. Or even if you don't laugh at them, some of us may not laugh at them. But still we don't follow them we still do not obey them we still do not do what they are telling us to do, which will continue in our own activities. Even though we know that the what the man is saying is correct, but we will not do it. We will not we won't laugh at him but at the same time we're still not doing it.

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When moloko mode is standing before you then what he will do

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because the door of our den is closed

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the minute to symbolical work that it

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that is it.

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At that time they are Bilan. Now I would die.

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No, no time for that.

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And that is why I find myself a new let us not fall into that trap. Every time one of our brothers or sisters passes away, it's a wake up call for those who are left behind

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in a draft was the one who passed away. But if we only restricted to that, and we just say why wait, why my job is over? No, it is not over. There's only bigger. And what is that job is to take stock of your own life. And to make the changes that we need to make in that life right now. Make the need to make the change right now. And as soon as you get to that point actually make the change. Don't worry about the rest of the world. None of them is going to come inside your cover only you will go alone only you will world

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and therefore make those changes. Forget about the world you make the changes because you are going to die alone.

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And that is the thing that I remind myself to do. May Allah subhanaw taala Guardian tell the rest of his Nomad, Indian ingen Nam Allah be pleased with him May Allah forgive his sins melas rattled Allah grabbed him a beautiful place. He has a beautiful brother. And he was a beautiful son to his father and mother. And he was a beautiful brother to his brother, sisters. And he was a wonderful so many memories, and so many beautiful memories I can remember one after the other. May Allah subhanaw taala give him the best in the agenda insha Allah and May Allah give support to his father to his mother to his brothers and sisters, to deal with this, with this terrible

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the tragedy of the passing, but to remember that the death of a Muslim is not a tragedy Alhamdulillah the death of a Muslim is something that he has been looking forward to to meet his Rob and his meeting is Rob and inshallah his meeting is in a state in which I was pleased with him. Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa highlanda bill Karim, Allah Allah He was heavy he has made erotica Hamada hibino and humble.