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The segment discusses the importance of reciting sun and aloe reassurances during a worship and the worship of young leaders. The speakers emphasize the need for training and understanding of one's research to prevent false outcomes and the use of animals as symbols to symbolize the end of a culture. The segment also touches on the use of shediats and the loss of paradigm and the use of animals as symbols to symbolize the end of a culture. The speakers end with advertisements for dish and a shroud.

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salatu salam, ala rasulillah Sofia's night of praise and thanks for longstone loss of habitat and the the peace and blessings be upon his seventh and final listener Mohammed Salim Ali or Sunnah. Today inshallah tada we look at the end of solar alhaja there is a passage that we can learn a few things from shall Mata Allah so we'll do so. This is the passage in romance or he'll conclude sort of Alicia, when he says fly on buena Island, he really gave a wholecut famous as we always even selected, Mr.

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Dalal vdk. For Holi pathway, the survey photofile energy barely capable save up to a lot of the K fossils they had. These add as we said they recited them selected tomorrow.

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So that delay the use of a lot of them is to take the opportunity to recite solids and aloe santosha. And these ion from sort of fellowship solten is that selected is this called the pray for rain and the bizarre Celebes to recite these so that the water used to read the soil so that the human so that's an aim. So we mentioned Danny a few prayers. And what you notice is that these prayers are all public praise. And you notice that all these praise or praise with this a lot of gathering fat is the secret there's wisdom behind these two songs as to why members are seldom used to recite them when there was a large gathering. It's as though he reminded the oma he took the

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opportunity when there was a lot of people gathered to remind them of the meanings of pseudo anonymous for the last year for the nanosolar philosophy a very deep in their study, they basically embed and encapsulate universal meanings and understandings that every Muslim is supposed to remember, day after day, right?

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We're just gonna focus on one passage, which is at the end of sort of the soul of the mafia,

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and the defeat of sooner than it was last year. I've already done that. We'll have the links available online. But what I want to add today is something I haven't yet mentioned with the series that I did before, so I'll bring it down. shala and that is the founding director of an ion balloon Island edk for holy crap. This is a question a lot of social poses a question

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rouladen even wider, they reflect and ponder over the camel. How it has been created. More socialists asking the question

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What did they ponder and reflect Now the word young. It comes from the word of novel, what normal means to stay deeply and carefully at something different to the word

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means to see something, right, you see something you move on that's so long, don't say often I alone, whether they see the capitals, without seeing here, young moon, is to stare carefully at something. And if you were to stare at something, meaning you begin to ponder and reflect over so another is the careful and deep look at something philosophers really missed his calling us to a worship. This era contains a worshipping where's the worship in this era, the word young lord, young Varun, meaning to deep, deeply live, reflect and ponder over what Mr. Zoysia wants you to ponder and reflect of other words, for this worship, your mood is a difficult one,

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to ponder at the core to reflect right, and here we're going to have four that are addressing us to reflect over the creation of Amazonian there's going to be an animal, which is the camel, and then the heavens, and then the earth and mountains. So basically, creation of laws that he's had are created.

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When he sees a great Bush, a mother, we unborn is a present tense. And we always say that present tense implies what

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something that happens continuously, is that this worship is supposed to happen continuously for my person, it's supposed to continuously happen, another deep reflection, and pondering over the creation of a loss of power that wouldn't it be so Milan, why don't you send them Danny, his journey towards towards the beginning of Islam, really the stem that we have now, it began but the fact that it began with reflection and pondering, that is when an abyssal alarm while he was

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basically six months before the line came down. At the age of 39. In six months, he began seclusion was beloved to him. So he isolated himself from the people he'd go to hell Hello. What will you do that he'd sit down and ponder and reflect and contemplate over the creation of a law solution? So then that led towards the first five out of 10 honor to come down for the honor

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the first five out of the lineup, if anything, their answers to questions you have

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From the Visa Center when he goes about what he'd be contemplating and thinking, and it has questions, what's the purpose of life? What are we supposed to do? What's our future on this earth? What have we been created from? And so the answers would come down a lot would say thing, that the purpose is bigger, lovely Falak that your creation helical instead of analog, you began with a Allah right? For the first five episodes that Allah actually answers to questions you had all along. Right? I was very, and that was basically like so satisfying for sumos ourselves, that allows origin.

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When he described him at that moment, he said was Yoda, Gabon, he found you lost and seeking, I don't know what the right path is before the polar. And then what happened with the first time, sort of Allah further hellos? It says though he found the last problem. He found what he was seeking and what he was looking for, for so long. And that is for her that the guidance, the guidance to the first five out of the hole. And that was revealed well enough, and was satisfying for this burning sensation inside to to find answers for what he was contemplating and pondering over. So that our worship our Dean began, we focus and reflection and pondering a lot of social he needs as he calls

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us to this great worship of an envelope. Now let's speak something about this, that coupled with the fact code and how it's supposed to be done. Because this could be either a good door, that a person does a good form of worship, I don't feel worship, that nurtures and nourishes the matter of a person. And at the same time, this could be dangerous for a person, and it could basically young he could leave the fall of Islam if he was to do this kind of worship wrong. So let's understand what it is.

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What no one as a law, social as referred to in this forum.

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reflection, reflecting for one hour over something is the difference between knowing what's right and what's wrong. only requires sometimes that you reflect over something for a long time. And you'll exactly find out at the end of it whether this is right or this is wrong. Or you should be his problem was that they never used to reflect and think when Islam was presented to them in our head. And our method why not at 30 mcdonald house

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our forefathers are on a path and we're going to follow that path. No need we don't want to reflect we don't want to ponder so how to love if they took up one hour of their day to reflect and ponder masala was teaching them there is no doubt this would have led them to their Deen in a stem and accepting of law Xhosa. Like certain members of Polish did so and they will lead to Islam. Right? Faden Yani what we're understanding here is that the greatest problem with polish, and the greatest problem with the disbelievers, and those who remain upon their disbelief upon their government, is because this worship of the * or whatever, is not present in their life. And that they don't that

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we say one hour of the double would have been enough to bring a person from the seeds of darkness into the light of Islam. Even in this era,

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we learned that we need to train ourselves, our children, those with us how to think and how to reflect and we need to think and reflect properly, not a&e incorrectly properly. And what I mean by this, know what I didn't mean by this that we should think like the thinkers and philosophers and atheists, right, these people only they say to anything, you can get your hands on read, you need to read everything. To understand the time and age you're living in, read everything you can get your hands on, this is how you do wrong to the poor, by reading whatever you want, and thinking about whatever you want, this is what I'm getting. Now, if someone is sick, and went to the doctor, what

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is the doctor gonna say to him take every medicine you can get your hands on wrong, he'll prescribe the inserted medicine, take this medicine, or will delay you find your Shiva in it. And so the same thing here. The fact that Yanni, when a person wants to read wants to ponder and focus over something, then you need to read that which is beneficial for you. What we mean by this is you go to the scholar, you go to the people of knowledge, the people of this lab, and they prescribe for you what you're supposed to read and what you're supposed to be learning and what you're supposed to Pando and one of the main objectives of a Sharia Now listen to this point, one of the main

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objectives of a Sharia, you know, when Islam was taught to us what reason? There are reasons for why Islam was taught there is an entire subject in Islam, it's called matassa. To Sharia, the purpose of the Sharia, what's the purpose of it? There are five purposes. One of the only they go longer, but one of the purposes is he may it will occur.

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I think hold them a bow Yeah, two hubs. One of them is Himalaya to Latin, to protect the intellect. This is one of the purposes of Sharia. So as a result, for example, alcohol was held. Why? Because the Sharia The purpose of the Sharia is to protect your intellect. Alcohol destroys your intellect for the steps that alcohol is hot, right? Not only that, anything that is harmful to the intellect wizard with a physical or non physical becomes hot. So alcohol becomes hot, drugs become hot up all because of the fact that purpose of a Sharia is to protect this intellect. So now even non physical things, reading things that are poisonous to the intellect that will create doubt and misconception

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into the intellect also becomes hot. Yeah, understand it in this manner, you know that the eye is restricted in what it sees. You can't see whatever you want, there are things you can see. And there are things you're not allowed to see. The E is restricted in that way cheese, you can eat whatever you want. There are things you're not allowed to eat, you need to block it, backbiting, slandering, masala, music and so on, you're supposed to block it, you'll talk. It's restricted in what it speaks. You can speak whatever you want, there are things where you're supposed to refrain from in the same manner, your intellect as well is restricted in what it's supposed to think and reflect

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over. And there are certain Madison things you're not supposed to be thinking about. And you're also supposed to be pondering over only willingly. I mean, otherwise, the doubts that come over in the mind from a Shabbat most of the Shabbat, they have a cure, you say I will relate

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to them and you ignore them. But I'm speaking about when it's your own will, and your own choice, then you're supposed to be thinking and reading and pondering over that which you're supposed to do. And not that which you're not supposed to the only whatever you're supposed to keep away from you keep away from now, look at this. A Muslim comes from a Muslim country.

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A religious background Dean will have to rely enters in western labs Western worlds pretty much this is always the case. He's a Muslim, give him a few months, a few years. For some of them what happens? He starts reading books of the philosophers of the atheists. Eventually, his mind becomes confused. Eventually, he leaves his lab, or the person that left his lab after he was a Muslim. Why did he leave? One reason? and 100% of times this is the reason, misconceptions and doubts that have been placed on his heart, in his mind, in his intellect, he cannot answer them. Therefore, he's convinced about the misconceptions. He leaves Islam altogether, right? Getting what, what affects

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the event of a person are two things, misconceptions, a shovelhead wish out desires and temptations. And from the truth the worst one is assured misconceptions and doubts. Why? Because a shoe will hurt a shower desires and temptations at max. If anything, they will take someone from righteousness to being corrupt. He begins to love something. That's how he has a desire to temptation for so he begins to run after maybe still a Muslim, but he leaves his solid, maybe he leaves his car, his good deeds, he leaves, and he follows the temptations in effect that he met. But he's at least he's still in the slab. What's worse than that is a short word misconceptions once they're inside of the heart,

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once the inside of the intellect of a person when I'm telling you this, and yesterday, I had a I had a call at 1230 at night. And he went on for one hour with a person that is struck by a doubt he has, where did you get it from off the internet. internet is full of gossip and internet or social media was full of against the least. When there is a lot of us a lot about Allah, you're supposed to restrict yourself. Don't read everything. You're not supposed to read everything. Whether this guy you like you need to hope for him he likes to read and what he's asking about things. A Muslim shouldn't be asking about a lot of stuff. He got himself to this verse. So we discussed before

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almost one hour to clean this out of his mind, right? Well not wanna talk to him at the end how convinced he is. But anyway, the idea is that when you restrict when you when you unleash your your intellect, and let it go loose on everything, this is going to other misconceptions and doubts begin to create bit by bit. And these ultimately they lead into the cover of a person, he leaves his Dean altogether for either when a lot of Zoysia he says, I've heard that.

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He's teaching us now in the air that are going to come they'll teach us how to properly reflect and how to put down how to think was set up for him to home alone. This is why they used to submit the people from reading the books of the innovators. And from reading books of misguidance and Google. They used to forbid their people.

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for reading that, only because of the fact that it has the ability to corrupt and poison the intellect. And as a result, it would drop these misconceptions in a person. And he will leave his Dean altogether, only, for example, have a different CD, whatever, Hola. He's sitting among the students of knowledge. And two people from the people of innovation walk in, and they wanted to discuss a matter with him. He said to them, not now, not here, come to me later. Don't discuss it among my students. I don't want them to hear misconceptions. Otherwise, it might cast a doubt in one of them. And they begin to think that it opens the door of evil to them. So you said to them now,

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either I get up and I leave my gathering, and I go with you, some outsider will discuss it, or you leave right now they sit down into the air for the most book, not even half an hour, you cannot recite anything, not even half an hour he allowed them to recite in the gathering. And he kicked him out and told them to go his students asked him why. And he explained to them that I feel that if they were to say something, some one question, probably only a few words, it would cast doubt into your hearts, we'll look at who's going to remove it after that for you then let's understand that one of the main objectives of a shediac is hidayatullah. Often the protection of the intellect not

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only from physical substance, substances that corrupted but also from non physical, which are IDs books of the philosophers of the thinkers of the atheists that also possess Jani, this kind of corruption and poison to the brain, and 100% it would always be worse than alcohol and drugs and whatever it is, then alcohol, you might drink it, it might damage your intellect for a few hours before it's gone and then you're back to life. And number the other stuff when it goes in callosity they just keep circling until a posted whenever we let these is Dean altogether for the new ask allows origin to protect our intellect and our mind that that which we think about

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a lot of social in the plan.

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He gives us a range of things to think about many things to think about say that focus on that which can cause you to reflect over and leave that which is uncalled for in Nepal and in these areas.

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What are they continuously ponder and reflect flavor in and even for example, towards the

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end for wholecut and how it has been created in an EP k for wholecut. Now, you notice that in this air,

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k for hula, but how it has been created in this kind of part of the air is considered in the English language passive language. This is passive language. Opposite to passive is active. What do I mean by that? A passive sentence is when the door is not mentioned. And an active sentence in West is where the door is mentioned. For example, if I said to you, I turned off the light. That's an active sentence because we know who the door is I if I said to you, the light was turned off. That's a passive sentence because the door is not done. In this Mr. xojo he says Why don't they ponder and reflect upon the creation upon the capital, how it has been created. Passive lender a lot of social

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did not mention who created the camel. So Allah Xhosa admits his name from this area. He doesn't mention himself. And this is spatola. Why? Because these add first and foremost, were being recited upon polish, Polish. They don't want to believe in these things alone. That Yani that what leads to a lot they don't want to give these words for this team to address them. That Okay, you people don't want anything to do with a long fight.

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Have you bonded over the capital and how it has been created? Forget about who created it. Just ponder over the camera. Why does a lot of Zoysia do this? Because proper pondering over a candle is going to lead you to a loss of paradigm event by itself automatically would lead you to the creator of the cover, and that is a loss of paladar. Now why is the cable mentioned and even the sound leap within a solar dimension of a cable comes in as opposed to many other animals for two reasons. Number one

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is that the camel has already been mentioned earlier in solar elevada. Not by name but it was brought for how a lot of social when he described the food of the disbelievers in Ghana. He said Lisa via 111, Berea that the people in Ghana they have something to eat known as bloodier. But here is a phony shop ichi poisonous kind of plant that exists up until this day in the desert. No animal can survive on it and eat it other than they come out on phones. Every phone is like this. You touch it. It freaks you out.

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up, but he eats it just throws it in its mouth and it eats it follows it. So how about one last social credit this come in this manner. So when this was told to the disbelievers in sort of the last year that you people are going to eat, but here, some of them made mockery, they said, That doesn't matter. Our camels feed on it in the desert, no worries, we'll enjoy it. And john will lead it. Philosophy, he responded in the day after, and he said, let me know what I usually make sure that you swim. It doesn't add to your fat yard, it's not nutritious. There's no benefit in it. Whether you live in Java, and it doesn't satisfy of hunger, as much as you eat from it, you're

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always going to remain hungry. And the purpose you know the purpose of food, what is the purpose of food is to satisfy you from hunger, and to taste like food, and to be nutritious and add to fat. This is not going to do that. For even if food doesn't serve its purpose, it becomes other say that this food of Berea is adapt upon them. Now because they mentioned that the top allows origin brings it down in discussion. Now the bottom instead of using the dimension of a camel to your advantage, and say now since it lives out in the desert that worries we can feed and survive on it now allows origin brings at the end dimension of the camel, and what people are supposed to think about when it

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comes to the camel. So that's number one. Why even was mentioned because it already had I mentioned in the soil before number two, because obviously you can make a connection between Arabs and account. This was basically a survival kit in the desert. This was everything for the Arabs, right? It's milk, the milk comes from it meat when it gets old, its skin. It's basically the mode of transport for the Arabs, wherever they were going to travel the cabin was everything for you can only This is why the mention of the camel was brought in the surah. Because you can just imagine, think of it from the perspective of polish. What is a camel? camel is everything the everything in

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life is a camel file. And this is a good kind of creation of a lot to ponder over and what you can extract a lot of benefits from it. Now let's ponder over this for a moment for something short, and see what exactly was supposed to be or what exactly was required of polish to ponder over from the camel and adopt in their own lifestyle and come to Panama. It is unique both in its physical creation. And also in its characteristics. Its attitude is also unique. Danny from among,

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from among the the biggest from among the big animals, the only one that is tamed and domesticated is the camel. And it's from the biggest of the crucial of the of the animal kingdom. Getting even a child can control a camel. It's got a mustard on a rope to its nose. And he leaves it at an entire group and many other couples walked behind it and a little child can control me hundreds and hundreds of camels had a lot. It's a team and a domesticated animal which attitude is different. Cabo Of course, physically it's a very high right. It's custom made for life in the desert, it can go for eight days straight without any food or a strip. Even if it has to eat it will find those

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shrubs in those 40 plants in the desert and it can feed on that and survive. It's loyal to the human being. And it remains loyal to the human being even if it's tired. It continues to do its work has an incredible CV comes down for you then you get on top of it then it comes up how to look for long neck so it can reach the shrubs of the top. Not only that, but even its legs alone. Its legs alone why some would mention that its legs alone so that its body can be raised from the earth of the desert which becomes really hot during the day. So as a result its body doesn't feel that heat up Campbell is designed in such a manner. It has a liquid and a fluid available for you when there is

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absolutely no fluid and liquid that is the milk that it gives you. It stores the water in those humps that He has for these he can regurgitate it and regurgitate it and then drink it. This is this how it lives of how to learn this field to Sabah it's called the ship of the desert.

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Either there's benefit in its urine in its milk. There's a tribe that not sick during the lifetime of also masala a member of the tribe came to notice and send me something else all of my tribe they seek further besides me we sit in muro, Manya SHABOOM in abuelita, while bury her, don't tell him to drink from its urine and from its milk for the drink from the urine and from the milk will not associate and cure them by his permissions of Hana data. Even up till now there are studies in the urine of the camel and what kind of medical benefits he possesses. Pay then get everything about the camel is beneficial and as we

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It's meat and it's skin after its death. Fair enough, after I have worn it and even gave a Holika ponder over its physical structure. Its eyes It has two sets of eyelids, the inner when it closes, and when there's a lot of wind and a lot of Sandstorm, so that you can walk and you can see where it's going. But there's this kind of shield that shields up from the sand hitting its eyes spout a lot, even exposes well there are filters in there that filter out the sand For you see, it is custom made and designed for life in the deserts of Panama. Now, this is one part but the actual part the coalition was supposed to observe and look at his thumb in the hobby for masasa

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and never saw them he says in a hurry

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and move me dude I hate you know, like you can generally add if hateful man beaten part way to study harder so hot in the bisazza Lab, he says when he described the believers, he said the believers are lenient and easygoing. Hey, you know, lay, you know, easygoing, no problems.

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Then he described this easiness. And this leniency of this How did he describe it? He described it. And he described it. He said they are like a camel that has a ring in its nose can generally and if a gemilut. And if basically means attained domesticated cattle that has a ring in its nose, and there's a rope that goes from the ring. And the owner grabs the ring the rope and he drives it. Hazel monkey then called the cobblestone go left to go left, go right, it comes right straight, go backwards. Like, right. This is how the believer has a lot of tools and go Here he goes. Do this, do that stay away from this and he knows what to do.

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And if the camel is told, sit down on a hot boiling rock instead of sits down even though there's pain and there's discomfort, it'll sit out obedience to its master look. And same as the believer, whenever there's pain in an instruction, or there's something that he doesn't understand the wisdom behind he doesn't have problems, then at the end of the day, you're doing it for a while. So Abraham is willing to slowly is on some form or seconds or even ask a single question about it right? for either the OB is this huge keable look at the humility and obedience he had the problem with malicious disobedience and arrogance. And yet the same thing they depend on for survival is supposed

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to teach them the opposite to which is obedience and humility. That is what is found in a camel I think you're living with a camel every single day. And you're the master fair enough and it's obedient to and it's humbled before you tell it's it's it's tell it to get even though it can crush you with one Yoni egg stabbed with it's like it'll crush you. But it doesn't do so for either. Why didn't boyish observe and see that the two have a monster that is a loss of power. And he's expecting obedience from the server and expecting humility and humbleness from the server. This is what you're supposed to observe and reflect. When you look deeply into the creation of the camel,

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you should have seen that. And as a result, you should have adopted that quality and that characteristic in your life without a lot from the capital I've had I have worn at 11 k for hula, hula, hula Ll Ed k for wholecut.

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What is 70 k follow fat and to the sky towards the sky. Why didn't they ponder towards the sky, how it has been elevated and raised? We know that the sky was the most magnificent thing about this is that it's not the creation of the sky itself, even though that is miraculous and amazing. But what is even more amazing is what Allah highlighted about it. And that is key for warfare and how it has been elevated. And how has the sky be elevated? elevated in such a manner where between that the earth and the heavens is a distance of 500 years and there is no pillars built at Alma Did

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you see it and there are absolutely no pillars that carry the sky that carry the sky journey from from Earth somehow a lot other than in the sequel civility on Oba and the zoo that the last paradata himself carries a half an hour. So he falls out. And then also within a summit. Everything that is above your head is considered summit. Everything above your head is considered summit. When we're speaking specifically about their seven elevens they're referred to as a semi wet the plural. When we say a semi wet then that specially means the seven heavens

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But when we say a summit that everything above your head is considered summit. So included in that is how the stars and the moon and the planets are suspended, how the birds flying the key follow fat, how the airplane houses how the light lifts off, and it remains in the air for long periods of time. A lot of Zoysia he holds all of despite his permission, and if he was to give permission to something to drop, it drops. For example, what matters.

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For example, the leaves that are suspended from the earth, and they held on to the tree whenever law wishes for it drops, and it falls, Allah knows it. Whenever a bird is flying in the sky, and Allah wishes for it to drop, it drops drops dead fish, right, and when they will come in real law. So as you give permission for the sky to drop itself, and as a result, the sky comes to an end and it's demolished. These ad the purpose of these ads is to remind a person about the Day of Judgment for proper reflection towards the sky is that you ponder over its elevation, and how one day it'll be brought down. What energy Valley came from, and why did they ponder over the mountains and how they

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have been picked? Right the mountains, we have the mountains this earth would begin to wobble and it will continue to consistently shake a lot. So when he spoke about he said well, john f and RB Alessi and Tommy who we installed into the earth Losi mountains picks so that the earth doesn't shake, either on the day of judgment when the mountains are destroyed akuto jivaro Canadian maafushi lives gone and it blows like dust. You know what happens? When that happens?

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It has the opposite loses Ella begins to shake because there's nothing now that keeps it in place. Favorite biology there? Didn't they put that towards the mountains, how it has been picked into the earth, and it keeps the earth stabilized from shaking and from moving. And as a result they can enjoy life on Earth. So how about the word loosely but it has a totally opposite meaning to this meaning so mostly within the first meaning means something firmly stable and deep and fixed into the earth.

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Mostly, that also means something that is shaky and wobbly. Like you say Venus of any and I'm tired, can stand straight muscle. But how do you bring these two together? Yanni within this one word, Allah azza wa jal is teaching us the reality of the mountains today. They are mostly that pegged and strong. And he's teaching us also the reality of the mountains on the last day, which that's when they become wobbly and shaky, and they begin to yield a dingy bed, they begin to also hammer like Like I say, yellow like a car, right? They pluck out of the earth and they start moving in one in one word among homeless everything about the mountain, its state in this life and in the Hereafter.

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One of the cases go for something. And why don't they ponder over the earth that they woke up every day, okay for how it has been flattened, how it has been spread out how it has been made specious, and why.

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Also, the word super

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comes from old software. So that means a roof. Get in other words, what Elan lbk for super hot. Today, the Earth is enough for you to stand on top of it. But when you die, it becomes your roof. It becomes your sofa becomes your roof. When you're down there, you look out, this becomes your

00:33:40--> 00:34:21

favorite part a lot later out of the gate for super hot is calling us to ponder over the earth that we walk on now. And also to ponder over death when the earth becomes a roof above your head while an owl became super hot. This is proper pondering. This is proper focus is what you're supposed to be reflecting over the creation of a Mars origin. And ultimately, the purpose of that is to direct it or last part of that, if you did that, that means your event is reason your event is increased. you've benefited from the creation of a law and you're on a good track. And this is the only kind of solution and result it's supposed to result in. When a person begins to reflect and ponder over

00:34:21--> 00:35:00

Muslim Han about his creation. Then the ad continued for the kid in Nevada. One instruction that we saw send them remind he doesn't say who to remind. He doesn't say to him like at home, remind them remind the people running for the kid only. What does that mean? It means to remind and don't limit your reminder to anyone that reminders open to the believer to the non believer to the righteous to the non righteous to the young to the old, to the one who wants to either reminder to the one who doesn't. Whether it is for that kid that your job is doing it no matter what remind them with what an ad itself is called the

00:35:00--> 00:35:03

Killer a vicar say that remind them

00:35:04--> 00:35:44

remind them with the creation of Allah Subhana data. And the reminder ultimately is also supposed to bring a posted to the Dean of a law firm in Nevada with equity are nothing but a reminder, the study in people so if you have no authority and no power over them, how to love for a lot to st and that is I said that it teaches us a lot about the concern of loss almost I send them towards the disbelievers to the point where I'm like the same thing and you don't have authority over them. That all kulula tomato, leave them leave, they just give the advice and move back or send them as an attitude. In his dour. He was so eager to bring the good to the people along with describing for

00:35:46--> 00:36:07

him that you're about to stab yourself. Stab you're about to kill yourself, following them with this message. You're gonna stab yourself as often out of grief and sorrow and sadness, because they still haven't accepted this message. This was the attitude of asuma sasana when he wanted to deliver this message that a lot would tell him let's start a movie.

00:36:09--> 00:36:13

Even over his own Uncle Bob that died no authority 11

00:36:14--> 00:36:53

except the one who disbelieved and towed away, meaning you're going to have authority over him. And that was referring to the Battle of butter when he actually had authority. And he killed 70 of the machine again. And he prisoned 70 of them. They were captive, and then he had authority over them. And he basically ended up deciding to return back to America after they only paid a ransom for themselves in a matter of record. Let's start in the Muslim world. 11th hour lockup for people who love another law solution would give him the greatest punishment which is in getting the they died in this life. And the only the greater punishment is yet awaiting them with a loss Peridot in the

00:36:53--> 00:37:03

hereafter. And that punishment for your liberal Levin 11 account has been mentioned at the beginning of the soul. We show who the oma is a Porsche

00:37:04--> 00:37:45

Tesla and Elon havea what is going to drink to Scorpion Island area boiling pus right later on vitamin 11. That's another black one in a lane a bomb from a gnarly now he said to us is the final return and upon us is the accountability. These are the two big things that happen on the Day of Judgment, the resurrection, the return to a lost origin. When he said that happens and the judgment the accountability that every single person will go through except to a larger encompasses with his mercy. And he avoids the questioning altogether we ask Omar's origin to make us from among those people. Otherwise their soul at the arshia is purely from the beginning to the end, a powerful

00:37:45--> 00:37:58

reminder of the Day of Judgment. Last you must have had our data to make us people have a plat. People who benefit from the reminders of the planet know your vertical Parvati are some of the models to know about a garden of Eden how much water and he or somebody