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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam O Allah.

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Allah Allah He was happy he has made about Allah Subhana Allah said in sort of Delilah and elsewhere, called after him and

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as I said, they have succeeded who have purified themselves of Lucha mantas aka

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they have, they have succeeded, those who have purified themselves.

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Now purity refers, of course to external and physical purity in terms of Voodoo and also lend 30 of the clothes and body and place and so on.

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purity, in effect in Islam refers to the purity of the hearts

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and the purity of the art begins with COVID. With a shadow Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, ooh, la sharika lahu wash had one our hamburger. So it starts with who starts with worshipping Allah subhanho wa Taala alone. It starts with asking for help from Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah.

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Allah made the rules, we don't make the rules. Allah Subhana Allah does not tolerate anyone who

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includes somebody other than a lot of that in either is that or is the fact or is a file or is Arthur who includes Allah subhanho wa Taala, who include somebody someone with Allah subhanaw taala in his bloviate, in terms of his award yet in terms of his worship, or in terms of his reward, which is to do with anything in our lives, for dunya wa Hara any of the things that we need either in this dunya or are in the afra include anyone with ALLAH Subhana Allah Allah does not tolerate this.

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So this kiya begins with the with the foundation of this get started.

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foundation of purification is the one as well as

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the purification then extends also to the purification in terms of cleaning the heart from all sorts of negative issues. And negative emotions, for example, for cleaning, cleaning the art from excessive anger, killing the heart from hazard, from jealousy, leading the heart from hatred, for cleaning the heart from his greed, cleaning the heart from the love of dunya.

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And love of dunya extends to everything in this dunya which is love of dunya love of material, love of even excessive love of people, for example, Willow, which is one of the foundational problems, which results in silk is because we'll have we'll have somebody to the extent where we now raise their

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above where they should be. And then that causes problems in terms of ship. So even love is an emotion, which if it is not kept within the boundaries of the Sharia can actually result in problems. So it is not only hatred, it's not a question of saying love can be any amount love godliness. Love also has to be within boundaries, the whole Sharia the whole issue of Islam is to stay within the boundaries that have been defined by Las Vegas and please remember, these boundaries are not defined by us. So there is no point in anyone liking or disliking about somebody saying these are the rules.

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So therefore, to clean the heart of all of these negative issues and emotions, this is dusky. And Allah God

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The one who was the year succeeded was

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purified himself. Now why is this so important? It's very important because that does get the foundation on which is built the entire marriage the entire building of the Illuminati

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and the Elmo Dean is what produces CATIA. The viewer of Alice monitor and has here is the basic requirement for hidayah.

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Allah definitely that is for those people who have passion

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to Haji Abdullah is a internationalized addition.

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decided in the first lockup. Again the same issue the I had just before the eyes of that people Allah subhanaw taala the item itself is about this today and as matters that you can give me that only to those who are

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less than zero who are not

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proud and who are not arrogant. So hersha is a foundation for hidayah and what brings about Harsha hill of Allah subhanaw taala. And how did him come to Persky. So let's get the foundation on which the amount of lm is based, Ill should produce and does produce if it is done properly with us get harsher and harsher results in Hera. And either

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results in jaaneman Shall We ask Allah Subhana Allah to take us through all these steps by His grace and His mercy and make these things easy for us so that we clear our hearts and purify our hearts and then we are given the L of the DNA