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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam I also didn't know but Allah subhanaw taala mentions

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about him Elisa Lam's conversation with his people, and sort of Bashara.

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And one of the things about Holly Salaam says

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about is Rob, he said, we're either morito Jolla, Shane, he said, when I'm sick, he calls me. And if you read all the ads that come before this, and after that, he says, When I'm hungry, he feeds me when I'm thirsty, he gives me things to drink, and so on and so on.

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direct connection between Allah

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between the up and the up

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between Allah and His creature, the essence of

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what I was saying

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that, whatever need that I have, in my life, just fulfilled by none other than our loss without that

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loss or how fulfilled every single need of mine,

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whatever I need,

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it is a loss of handle data. I'll give it to me.

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This is the essence of our heads. And this is the essence of the hero movie, especially where we look only de la Serrano data. For the fulfillment of every bit of ours.

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I have a little test for myself,

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to see

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where my first thought goes, whenever I need anything.

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For example, if I have a headache, my first thought, is it to ask Allah Subhana Allah to give me relief? And to make

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that let me sell a lot and sell him used to make when he would say Bismillah Bismillah Bismillah. R.

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Rahman Sharma, how? He would say that seven times, and then he would say Bismillah, Bismillah Bismillah? Do I do this first? Or do I first thing is to tie the knot? or close and drain relief? or any of the medicines? Which one? Do I do that? May Allah forgive me? I seem to fail the test every time but hamdulillah I still keep testing. And this is the key.

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check and see. Where is the first thought that goes? Funny food? Where's the first thought that goes? if I need anything in life, whether it's medicine, whether it's food, whether it's my living? Where is the first thought that goes? Is it to asking is it towards asking Allah subhanho wa Taala? for it? Is it to look at the material means of getting it?

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It is not Haram in Islam. To use material means the matter of fact, Allah, Allah said, or the web document for the land, let it go and search in the earth. Let it not just sit at home and expect the father lala land in your lap. So let's go and search for it. Don't look for it. But when you're looking for it, what are you looking for? You're looking for the fatherless router. You're looking for the bounty of Allah subhanaw taala. When you find it, you don't say I made it. You don't say I'm a self made man. You don't say this is the result. The mere fact that what Karen said, and see what happened to him.

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When you find it used to have I mean,

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there's also a man or a column set, but he wanted something and he got it. He said ha that and

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leave Leah Bologna and ash korok. One o'clock. And Allah Subhana Allah gave me this sort of, to test me to see whether I'm thankful to him. And I'm grateful to him, I remind myself and you always look only and only dollars rather than for every single one of our needs, to make the effort to fulfill those needs. But make the effort keeping in mind as you're making the effort because it is the common law handle and it's given by him and also make effort. Keeping in mind

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that when you get it, what you're getting is not the result of your effort. It is the result of the father of Allah subhanho wa Taala because there are many people in the world who make enormous effort and nothing and then people like

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who make very little damage. Allah Subhana Allah gives, not just

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in keeping with that effort, but in keeping with his majesty and grace. We ask Allah subhanaw taala always to keep us in that position. We always get for him in keeping with His Majesty and His grace, also Lalalalala when we pray

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