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AI: Summary © The loss of a deceased person was unexpected and related to the recalling and remembering of their emotions. The importance of remembering memories of the deceased's family and the need to remember all the good things and memories is emphasized. The speakers also discuss the importance of forgiveness and bringing back the good news of Jana, including the history of the religious community and the lifelong life it has had.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shara freedom ba when will saline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala year whatever you sell them to us even Kofi Annan cathedra

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My dear brothers and sisters, this message is primarily addressed

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to number shafa and Bilal

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Javed and to my dear friend and brother Moyes big,

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no, both husband

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and who I know than Jared, I considered him

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like another son

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Jared May was a good friend of mine,

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because we used to meet in the masjid, he would always attend my hotbar

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and Hamdulillah

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I was honored that he would come all the way from

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South Hadley, that's where he used to do at that time.

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Only for the Juma.

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And obviously, his passing was something that

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was unexpected because I didn't I didn't realize. I mean, I didn't know that he was healing from anything like that.

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So when it happened, it came as a shock. But when I heard about the details of that from my other very good friend doctors were very thanks to whom I met,

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both jarred by as well as voice

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that I knew that insha Allah and lots of animal data, showed us the signs that he was pleased with

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and that

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the signs are shown to us

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to comfort our hearts

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at a time of bereavement.

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So let me begin by

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making dua for

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my dear friend

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and your father

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Mumbai Javed

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along the Fila who are humble, but if you hear one who, but I couldn't Missoula who was set with

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the SEAL who will he was eligible

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for Napa he mineral Kataya come on upgrade to so we'll be at the minute danas

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where the field of origin will operate, who mean as I will cover

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the translation

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of this

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that also lies rasa

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advised us to make and taught us to make when somebody passes away and this is the from the Hadith in Muslim.

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The translation is Oh Allah, forgive him and have mercy on him and give him strength and pardon him and be generous to him and cause his entrance to be wide. And wash him with water and snow and hail and cleanse him of his transgressions, as white cloth is cleansed of stains, take him into Jannah and protect him from the punishment to the grave. And the punishment of the help of the Hellfire.

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I ask Allah subhanaw taala

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for this and more for

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our dear friend and brother

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lost monitor

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gave him in a way

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were in a we're in a place where I was very

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pleased with him and reward him in keeping with his majesty and grace.

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we all know

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is inevitable.

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There's nothing surprising about death.

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And so when somebody gets you say Oh, how did this happen? Well,

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how in the sense of purely material way of saying that here was somebody who was you know, apparently not

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Suffering from anything but they died in

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many cases in the last few months. Believe it or not, in the last three months, I have heard of

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eight different cases of people passing away.

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one of them was very, very dear to me. And completely unexpected. But unexpected in the sense of

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I didn't expect that person to die at that time. But it's not unexpected at all. It is the most expected of things.

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And it's very important to remember that when somebody passes away,

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there are two things happening at that time.

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One is that if a person passes away with the man

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and with your cleaner, Allah subhanho wa taala. And having led a good life, a pious life, a life which is full of care and Balika blessings and goodness for that person and for everyone around them, then this person has passed away

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in the best possible way.

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For that person who passed away,

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it is

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the culmination of a life which was led

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to please Allah subhanaw taala.

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And that is the day it is the time when that person will be rewarded.

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So it's like somebody who has fasted all day,

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and was waiting for the time of if that.

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And now

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the time of that has come. He heard the siren, you heard, whatever announcement for Iftar happens in that country. And he's now drinking the water, he's eating the dates, he is breaking his fast.

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But that was in that time is the time of greatest happiness,

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the most wonderful time the time for which he was or she was waiting all their lives, as well as monetarily to make the time of our debts

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such a time where it will be a time of great happiness and joy,

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a time that we have been waiting for. And that we will meet Allah subhanaw taala in a state where he is pleased with us.

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For others,

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there is obviously the pain of bereavement.

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And this is the

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the price we pay for a beautiful relationships. The more you love somebody, the more you feel the pain of party.

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And the alternate is somebody who is not loved by anybody who was a painful person to be with when they die, there is no pain for the others. But I always remind myself and I tell people, which one would you like

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it's a it's a dumb choice. It's a no brainer. So alhamdulillah jarred by was a man who was beloved by obviously by his family, and then by all those who knew him.

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And so his passing is a time of bereavement a time of pain or time of

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where you feel sad.

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But it's also a time where there are two other things. One is it's a time of recalling and remembering all the beautiful memories,

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whatever they might be, that we have personally associated with him.

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And that is

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to give us a sense of relief to say that uh Hamdulillah he was a beautiful man that I knew. And I had the pleasure of spending that time with him. My

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memory of him that stands out is he returned from the way and Moyes

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sent me some beautiful gifts and joy. They phoned me and he said, Are you at home? I said, Yes. He said, I'm coming. I said most welcome. He came. And I said, please come in or have some coffee or tea. So why he was in a hurry. He said I have to leave. But I just came to give you these gifts, that moisten for you. So that way, you didn't have to come all the way from Adly to just give these gifts. I mean, you know, there are so many other people who live in Hadley including Dr. Zubair and others who are all common friends. He could have just handed those things to them. He could have, he could have come forward

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For Juma and he could have given me the gifts in the Friday after the Friday Juma after the prayer and so on. But he came specifically for that.

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So I said, Why did you do that? He said, No, he said, Well Moyes Yamanaka to medieval China.

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This is Amanda from Wales and I have to

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give the stream and I mean,

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love the water wonderful man. And what a beautiful relationship he has with boys who He always spoke to

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be me or not. For a while when I first met Moyes in the masjid and he came to the Juma prayer with the doctors were and there there also was there for quite a long time, I really believed that Moyes was jarred by Sun, the interaction with them, and only much later, I realized that it was, it was a sunny day doesn't matter, no sun, sun and the lovey these are all

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our our creations.

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relationship with a relationship of love. And

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being somebody's son is not necessarily only a biological relationship, it's truly a relationship of the heart and Hamdulillah this was the case with the boys and Java as I could see.

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In terms of data, they said the second thing that

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the passing away of a beloved person. The first one is it's time to remember all the good things and all the good memories that we share. The second thing is that it is a time to remember it's an awakening it's a it's something which is a reminder for us that one day,

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this person who is in the

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in the janazah who's Salado janazah praying or who is in the cover or who buried, who passed away, one day that person will be me.

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One day, somebody will be talking about me, one day people will have a decision point.

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Do we make dua for him or we don't make government. Now that is a very, should be for anyone who believes in Allah subhanaw taala and believes in the last day and believes in the meeting with Allah subhanaw taala. This is a very salutary and a very important and a very critical thing to remember. And to remind ourselves, every time we hear about somebody passing away, in this case, somebody is very dear to us. But even if we're okay, whoever it is, is to remind ourselves and say that one day, it will be my turn.

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We all come in a sequence. But we don't go back in a sequence, we when we go back, each one goes goes back at the time that was written for that person.

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The older ones will later go go earlier, the younger ones go later, or vice versa. The younger ones go they go earlier and the older ones go later.

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that it's something which Allah subhanho done as follows. And nothing that we can do in his life will change that. And that is something which is very salutary and which is very important to remind ourselves so that we prepare for that day. And that is very important. Now about those who are passing away.

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And may Allah make this the same thing for Jared but he died after Salah to Juba

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hamdulillah desert to Dubai itself is expiation of sin it's a time of forgiveness and Allah knows what do I do as the maid in the Java and he died immediately after you muscle This is a very beautiful time for us to comfort ourselves. But Allah subhanaw taala comforted us and told us what happens at the time of death. The beautiful is also the facilite which is yeah number 30. And last round that I said I will be live and I say it on the radio Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim in Alladhina cod or a boon Allah who must accommo Dalton has actually moved my Allah to Allah who Allah has know what I was euromillion Atletico Tong to on not only

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dunya or Phil Farah, welcome fee

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he also come wala come via

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knows all them in love for real he

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which means

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Allah's Rhonda said, Surely those who say, our rubbish Allah, and then remain steadfast. This is the shot. This is the condition, we believe. And we live by that belief. It's not just a matter of saying I believe and then we do everything else no

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believe and remain steadfast, Carl Rabban allow, some must come.

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Surely those who say our rub is Allah and then remain steadfast, The angels descend upon them saying,

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Allah to have Oh Allah after Hassan or whatever she rubella Jannetty Lottie quantum to adorn the angel say, Do not fear, do not grieve. Do not be sad,

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but rejoice in the good news of Jana, which you have been promised to add that time of dying before the person has died. When he sees the angels, he or she is given the Bashara, the good news of Jana that Allah has written Jana for you, and this is all us rather than the angels only do what they have been ordered. So Allah subhanaw taala sends that good news of Jana right at that time, and this is what we moved and we hope happened for job by that he was given the news agenda at that time itself. And then Allah's Rajan has said, the angels will say we are your supporters nano audio comm Phil hat in dunya phylloxera. We are your supporters in this worldly life and in the hereafter.

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Welcome we have our tester he unphysical. Well, a comfy hiremath are down there in the afterlife you will have whatever your soul's desire, whatever you desire, Allah will give you and then you will have whatever you ask for two different things. Asking is to actually ask, but Allah will give you just what is in your heart, you don't even need to ask without even asking what you what is in your heart, Allah will give you We ask Allah, this was by and we asked this kind of an ending, which is which Allah is described here for all of us Inshallah, and then finally in this number 42 of our 32. So this is sort of the facilite I add 3031 and 32.

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No zulum minimum of 40 Rahim.

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Newsela Millefiori Rahim, the word nozel is a very interesting word. NOSORH means

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it's like

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if a traveler comes somebody you have been expecting, and really waiting for and you really want that person to come on, you've been waiting for them and so on and even planning, when they come we will do this, we'll do that we will go to this restaurant, we cook this food for them, we'll take them out here, take them out there and so on so on. We're on the big plans. Now when the person comes, they just landed after a long flight. And they just come home. You don't have you don't take them straight into the dining hall which is which has a table which is spread with all kinds of delicacies. You give them what we call a welcome drink, you give them some cold water or some some

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drink or some juice or something

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which is the precursor which is the announcer of all the goodness that is going to come thereafter. But this is nuzzel This is the welcome. Allah says no salam from Hope, men for real Rahim.

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The angels will make the announcement agenda and they said this is the welcome this is just the beginning. This is just a sign of what is to come here after min of oral Rahim, the most forgiving and the Most Merciful. Now, very important. Allah subhanaw taala could have

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used any of his beautiful as mousy versus beautiful names and attributes. In this. He didn't know he used the one which is the most critical for us. There are only two things which are critical for us in this life. One is he their guidance while we are alive, and the other one is forgiveness when we die, and hamdulillah was around that I had given guidance to God through his life and the way of his passing in sha Allah is a sign that Allah subhanaw taala also forgive him and he would have received His angels and they would have given him this good news. We asked this for him. We asked this for all of us. And I asked all of you make dua for Insha Allah, Allah subhanaw taala accepts the drama's

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of people, for their friends, for the relatives and so on. Especially the drugs of the children, for their parents. That was the parent for the children. These are things which are which are not refused. So make a lot of that. I'm sure you are making that make make even more. All your good deeds will go to your parents.

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to God and to your mother. So,

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and this is this, this applies to parents and grandparents and grandparents so for for all of you as well as your children, this is something to always keep in mind and say that anything I do is going to go to my to my father, my grandfather, my mother or grandmother, and therefore I will do things which are beneficial for them. So as a result, I'm said that they will know who did these things and they will feel the beauty and the blessing of it. They will ask us, where did this come from? How did this happen? And this they will withdraw. This is because of your son, your daughter, your grandchild and so on, so forth. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to to welcome Joe Biden to keep him in a

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beautiful place, a special place with him. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala ask Allah subhanaw taala to give all of us southern Jamil and to fill your your mind and your heart with all the beautiful memories that Jared buy and your mother created for you man was Marcela bring them together because another one of the Bashara Allah Salam said, You will meet the ones you love and if they died in with the man and in this case, hamdulillah they both did. Then they will meet each other so right now they are together Hamdulillah we ask Allah subhanaw taala to keep us together with all those we love, and then to keep us together and in Jannah with those we love in the company of Rasulullah

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sallallahu alayhi wa he was a man of Aquila Nazarov on our coffee renessa yet inevitable phenomena Barack Obama's alumna and for Serena Williams have begun outside

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the facility. But but not enough in dunya head Senator will open another one that was Allah Allah Allah very well it was named after him it was said I'm gonna have to let her work at