Mirza Yawar Baig – Jumuah 011 Khutba Tul Wadaa Of Rasoolullah S Part 4

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and implementation of customs practices in Muslim countries, including weddings, alcoholic activities, and customs practices. They emphasize the importance of avoiding large quantities of interest and dealing in it, as it is not just a commodity but also a base of interest. The speakers also touch on the "weird" factor in Islam, including "weird" and "weird" being related to "weird" and "weird" being related to "weird" and "weird" being related to "weird" and "weird" being related to "weird" and "weird" being related to "weird" and "weird" being related to "weird" and "weird" being related to "weird" and "weird" being related to "weird" and "weird" being related to "weird" and "weird" being related to "weird" and "weird" being
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100 reliable alameen salatu salam, salam,

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O Allah Allah He was happy he was by

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the AMA, but

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we will continue inshallah with the analysis of the lessons from the coke bottle Wada of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, which we have been doing for the past few weeks. And inshallah We will do this for the next couple of weeks. Also, as we, as I mentioned, the seven major lessons that are to be learned from the football of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, which is really His mercy to the oma of how he

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wanted us to live. And therefore, it's very important for us to understand what that policy is, we will quickly go over the list, because we've already done this in details, I want to mention that but just for the list, the first one was to take the orders to take the rituals of Hajj from him, where he said Hulu and the Manasa, Coco.

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And these then this relates also to taking from Rasul Allah is Allah, Allah, all the rituals for all the products of Islam. So therefore, it makes the principle very clear that anything that is done in the name of ibaadat, which is anything which is done with the intention that Allah subhanaw taala should be pleased, and that Allah subhanaw taala should give us

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with this intention, if something is done, then that thing must necessarily be something which Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam himself did and taught, if anything is done with the intention that Allah should give up. But it is something which rasulillah salam did not do, then it is not an A bada. And it becomes a bizarre because it is an inclusion of something new in the DNA. And that is a reason why things like when people make father had this and father had that. And they asked for this and he asked for that, and they cook this food and that food for this so called sent and that so called sent all of this or that all of these are Haram, all of these cannot be done. Because

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Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam did not make Fatah except for to read the Torah Father, in Salah, and

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did not cook this food and that food, and he did not dedicate that to this scent, and that scent. And therefore this doing all of these things is bizarre and these and therefore all without. And this is the first thing that we learned from the football Rasul Allah Allah. The second one was the prohibition, on shedding of blood, and which is killing of innocent people, irrespective of whatever our own motivation might be. This is prohibited in Islam, we do not have any right to kill anyone who is innocent. The only one who has the right to pass a sentence of death is the state after due process of law. in a court of law, the judge can pass can can prescribe capital punishment on

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somebody, but as an individual, we do not have the right to kill anyone, for any reason, irrespective of whatever that reason might be. Except of course, in self defense, somebody attacks you and you fight back and the person happens to die that's a different issue. So we are we are not talking about that we are talking about killing someone with the intention of getting the disease also. The overall meaning of that this also relates to character assassination of people, it is not just the dealing of life, it is also the taking of the good name of dishonouring of attacking the honor of somebody, all of this especially of the Muslims, all of this is haram in Islam. Third one

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was the whole concept of the Brotherhood of faith, the oma of Hamas, Allah Allah, Allah Azza wa sallam, the whole brother of faith that joins us together as brothers and sisters, is the connection with Allah subhanaw taala is the fact that we worship only Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this is the single biggest and only and most binding of bonds and that's very important. Remember that, once again, as a contextual thing in this bond is the prohibition on killing of Muslims and fighting amongst Muslims and of characters as a nation of Muslims. So this is something also which is haram and which

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prevent prohibited us from doing fourth was the nullifying the validity

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of customs and practices and actions of Jehovah. So all of those customs practices and actions of Jehovah are nullified, and swala. Today we seem to live in a situation in a society where we are inventing new customs and practices, especially when it comes to weddings. And especially when it comes to funerals, we find all sorts of new customs that did not exist, not only did they not exist in that

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they did not even exist during the time, during our own pastimes, I mean, like, for example, when we were growing up, we never heard of a custom for Sunday

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celebration, or a function called Sunday to do with weddings.

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But today, there is a segment today they have they brought this into custom into Muslim weddings. And they,

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they talk about that and and this is what people do. Similarly, there are all sorts of

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customs and practices, which are done in the name of Islam and Muslim practices. And all of this is something which also was

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prohibited and prohibited very strongly. The fifth one that

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spoke about was the prohibition on interest on Riba and this is something which Muslims continue to fool themselves about, and continue to fall into all sorts of ridiculous practices. Somebody just this morning, sent me an email, send me an email, say, I gave a loan to a fisherman, and the fisherman told him that he is going to pay me back in fish, so I can continue to buy fish from Him and He will not charge me for it until the money is finished. And after that, I can continue to take fish from him free of cost, as long as I live, now is this holiday?

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nightmare. So I said,

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Can you buy fish or not? I mean, that's my secret, poverty stricken that you are unable to buy fish, in which case don't eat fish, what what is the question? So Allah G, Muslims continue to fool themselves with regard to Western Africa. Now very, very, very clearly I want to make this absolutely clear. Because as I stand here,

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I want to ensure that when we are far before Allah subhanaw taala will be able to say Allah, I said what needed to be said as clearly as possible after that it's on their heads, whether they want to believe it or not want to practice it or not. Now very, very clearly the eyes of the Koran is absolutely clear.

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Yeah, you

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failed lambda follow,

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army mean Allah.

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very, very clear, the ayah and where Allah

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Allah says, Oh believe,

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listen very carefully, this is a conditional is very clear. Do you believe fear Allah and give up what remains due to you from Riba which is interest from now onwards, if you are believers?

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So number one point desire came at a time before that people were lending out money on interest, and that's why I also asked him when he made his private and he said that from now, all the money that is due to my uncle a basket with upasana was was a banker in those in those days, he said all the money, interest money that is due to him, I am canceling all of that. So all that money is no longer needed, it should be paid. So very clearly, number one thing to understand number one is Riba is interest.

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Please be very clear about this. There is no

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need for any confusion, Riba is interest whether it's from a bank or whether it's from a private placement or whether it's from any other source Riba is interest very clearly Riba is is a is a commodity for commodity.

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So if I give you gold and I want you to give me a little more gold in return, that is interest, if I give you a cash and I want some more cash, a little more cash when you return it that is interest, if I give you cows and I want a few more cows in return, that is interest, if I give you $1 and I want a few more cattle, when you return it it is interest.

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Now can I explain this mode? If I give you cash if I give you my computers if I give you clothes if I give you whatever right commodity for commodities interests.

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So let me know

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whatsoever. And the basic idea is

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that something which, if in a large quantity produces the effect that is prohibited that that thing in a small quantity is also Haram. For example, if you drink a bottle of one 200 litres of beer at one sitting, are you likely to get drunk?

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You're not likely to get much more than drunk. Therefore, even one drop of beer is haram.

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Why am I saying that? Because people have this new law that they want to create this.

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Riba means usury, which means that interest of a high level so if I'm charging 25% interest is haram. But if I'm charging two and a half percent interest This is

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eating a whole pig is also eating two and a half grams of pork is also Hara. You can't say well, you know, just

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one square report, I just had a piece of bacon. No, I didn't eat the whole pig, doesn't matter whether you had the whole pig, or you had half the pig, or you ate one trata or you at one piece of bacon. It's

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the basic rule of Sharia is if something in a large quantity is haram, then the same thing in a small quantity is also harmful. Therefore, interest is haram irrespective of its quantity irrespective of its quantity, whether it is a large amount of interest or a small amount of interest. It is haram Number Number two, two rules. I said number one is

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clearly prohibited interests. Number two, Allah subhanaw taala setting punto momineen Allah made a condition as a do this if you are Muslims. So what does it say about somebody who says I will not do it? It's a conditional.

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It is a conditional I

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enquanto momineen If you don't, if you do this, if you are believed, point number three.

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Allah subhanaw taala then went on to say, and if you do not do it,

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now please notice this is the only thing in the entire for us. And in the entire Hadith, where Allah subhanaw taala has made this a condition of disobedience. This condition of disobedience does not exist on anything else which has been made haram for example, Xena is haram, fornication is haram, alcohol is haram eating of pork is haram eating of something which you are which was slaughtered in the name of other than Allah subhanaw taala is

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flowing blood is haram all of these things, but none of these things has Allah subhanaw taala put a condition on what is the condition? What if you don't do what is the condition? Allah subhanaw taala said about interest, Allah said and if you do not do it, meaning, if you do not stop taking interest, if you do not stop dealing in interest, they ask masala jasola What is the meaning of dealing in interest

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to take interest or to pay interest or who even witness an interest transaction.

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It means I am lending money,

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borrowing money, and

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shocky is neither lending the money nor has he borrowed the money. But when we do this transaction, we have to sign some document. He is the witness for that.

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All three are cursed.

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He said Allah has cursed all three of them, including the other fellow neither took it nor lent him he only was happened to be their friend or is my friend and I'm telling you,

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he signs the signs on it, he is also cursed. May Allah save us from this huge problem. So what is

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this whole thing about interest? Allah subhanaw taala say that if you do not do it meaning if you do not stop dealing in interest, then what does Allah say? That take notice of wa

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Hardiman Allah.

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Allah says, take notice of war from from Allah and His Messenger sallallahu sallam, what does it mean? It means that if you do not start dealing in interest, then Allah subhanaw taala has declared war on you. And Allah's Messenger sallallahu Sallam has declared war on you. And by not stopping interest dealing, you are accepting his declaration of war. And you are saying yes, I accept that I am at war with Allah and His Messenger sallallahu sallam, I want to make it absolutely abundantly clear what the rule is to accept it or not accept it is up to you. I'm not forcing anybody. But if you want to land on the day of judgment in the mighty Raja, as somebody who declared war Allah and

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His message is Allah, Allah, that is your karma.

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You're free to do that.

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So, very clearly that if you do not do it, then take notice of war from Allah and messenger sallallahu sallam, but if you repent, Allah, this is the beauty of all of desire. Allah does not give you the right and also gives you the way out. What is the way out make Toba if you repent, you shall have your capital some Island Tim 100 rupees, he was the island to him at 10% which means he was supposed to return 110 I tell him I don't want the 10% but my 100 rupees Please give it back to me that I am entitled to take there is no problem with that, but the 10% are not entitled to take because Allah subhanaw taala made this haram to Allah, Allah said, If you do not do it, then take

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notice of water from Allah and His Messenger sallallahu sallam, but if you repent, you shall have your capital. And then there is a warning and Allah says do not be unjustly by asking more than your capital Sam's and you shall not be dealt with unjustly by receiving less than your capital sums. So I will not ask him for 110 and he will not give me 90 instead of 100.

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Very, very clear. Now, second, second point in this whole matter of rebar is something that is a misconception unfortunately in Hyderabad especially because there are May Allah protect us and forgive such polymer and May Allah protect us from them and their opinions. They give they give fatawa out of my my husband has done is that they give fatwa without knowing because if they are giving that fatwa without knowing then it is COVID. And the fatwa they give they say this is dharohar. And therefore taking of interest is jeyes. So let me explain to you what this whole issue of dharohar bandaru Ahmad and daarom Islam is, please understand very clearly, do not confuse

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We talk about and this is not an issue of luck, either or anything somebody does not believe this makes no difference. But I'm just saying what he said. For the question of language and question of technical terminology of the Sharia. We talk about three kinds of states.

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You have one state which is called Darul Islam.

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Now that Islam is a state in which the king or the halifa, or the government is Muslim,

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and the law of the land is the Sharia of Islam.

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There is no other law, there is no law that is invented by people. This, this country is ruled by a Muslim King, for example, the initial khilafah to Russia, where there

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was the Taliban that was out of Islam, the after that Santa Monica, Santa Doris labs,

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and so on and so on, was all those states and until they maintain their Islamic identity were considered or would be considered to be darood Islam.

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So the point is that the issue of Islam, and Islam is something where the king, or the sunniva is Muslim. And the state is run by the rule of the Sharia. Now, let me ask you a very simple question. In a Dar Al Islam will interest the jazz or not, Yes, hello.

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Medically I mean, obviously, rule.

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Number two,

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is a situation estate, which is called the

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Land Office. Now what is the dark man is a state where the government is not Muslim. But even though the government is not Muslim, and even though the law of the land is not the Sharia of Islam, there is no prohibition on Muslims for from practicing Islam as much as they want.

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What is the definition of a place where the government is not Muslim? The government is a secular government or maybe a Christian government or maybe any other kind of government. But for Muslims, there is no prohibition. And there is no

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restriction on the practice of Islam. What does it mean? It means that Muslims can have their personal law, Muslims can practice their personal law as much as they want. Muslims can pray as much as they want anywhere they want. They can build masajid they can preach their religion, they can do the work of Dawa, they can convert other people, they can build massages, right? They can have publishing houses, they can distribute Islamic literature, they can call the other in some cases, even the ASEAN on the on loudspeakers and so on.

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You get the point I'm making no restriction on the black on the practice of Islam. You want to in terms of your inheritance, you want to practice the Islamic Sharia Sharia laws with regard to inheritance, no problem. You can do that you want to marry more than one

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The Lord has not given to you but he could do that that will be a test of your, of how you play with your life. That's a different matter, but at least the law of the country does not prevent you right. Now this is called a man. Now tell me indorama is a Muslim breaks the Islamic law responsibility is on who said,

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who said, Your

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Dharma man is where you are permitted to practice the law. So therefore, if you say I will not deal in interest is the government coming in holding a gun to your head and saying you have to take interest in the government saying no.

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to 1 billion interest, why'd you want to start go ahead? There is complete freedom and practicing of Islam. So therefore, in the Roman, where you are permitted to practice Islam will taking of interest which is

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haram very clearly. Now, third, state dharohar Land of war. What is that? That will be such a state where the Muslim is a prisoner. The Muslim is a prisoner of the state. He is a slave. He has been enslaved. He is a prisoner. He is being persecuted on a daily basis. He is not permitted to practice any of his religion. If he grows a beard, he will be put in jail. If he prays he will be put in jail, if he fast will be put in jail or in Ramadan, there will be police walking the streets, when he sees a Muslim, they will ask him to eat or drink something. If he does not eat or drink he will be put in jail. And if you think I'm exaggerating, I'm not exaggerating, there are countries and

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there are countries exactly like this.

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You can forget about building massages, your massages are being demolished. If you if you are seen praying anywhere, you will be persecuted. You cannot build motherisk you cannot eat your religion. You cannot recite the Quran up a Quran is being taken and blasphemy and your brand is being desecrated and you are being put in prison this kind of state and May Allah subhanaw taala protect us from such a state this is called dharohar. Now if you are living in such a state and May Allah protect us, if you are living in such a state, are you going to be taking loans from banks to do business?

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Are you going to be taking loans from banks on interest to build houses?

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What are you supposed to do?

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What is the logic tell you

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get out get out live

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I mean why would you want to stay in a city in a place where you are being persecuted on a daily basis?

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Live The only common dharohar is get out fight or get out change the state or leave the place there is no

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there is no drop in dharohar for example, what is the hookup for example I am in living in Java if I am seeing

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right if I am seen break I will be thrown in jail what is the hook on for performing Salah is Salah by Gemma

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in the

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yes or no you notice must have been at least no

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is Juma farrakhan you know what I was supposed to do? Praise Allah. Pray only by Shara Salah is not enough. You have to pray individuel Salah is still there. But how to pray that Salah you pray you pray in a way where nobody knows you. His beard in his eyes are having a beard for the Dharma. No is there is a woman is is this the hijab?

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Now where even the Salah even Salah by Gemma and Juma itself is not far do you think it is wise to take interest?

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What do you think? What is the logic tell you

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that's why something has gone wrong with our most of the brain is adult.

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So the people who make the fatwa and say India is dharohar and therefore interest is just they are wrong on two counts. Number one count India's not

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if you don't believe me just wake up forefather and stand outside your house and you add time it and see when the other horizontal buzzer starts and when the other horizontal father finishes, I timed it in Banjara Hills, we can hear it for about 20 minutes. Continuously Mashallah. You go into the Old City, you go into markers and all that you can probably hear the alarm from father from mother to.

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this is

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not by any stretch of the imagination. This is a man. Therefore,

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we are supposed to follow the rules of the land. We are supposed to follow every law of the country as long as that law does not contravened the Sharia.

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In India, is it permissible to

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Join comebacks

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since I've

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mistake my popularity, margin whatever is left of it will destroy me.

00:25:14 --> 00:25:20

Is it permissible in a country like India to fight your tax and steel the data from the government Yes or no?

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The fact that the government it makes a chaos of your tax money is not a excuse to fudge taxes in in this country. Is it permissible to break the law of the land the law of the land says you should not go hunting is haram it is private it is it permissible to go for sugar haram haram Chikara. Therefore, Allah haram Haram is it is it permissible to break a red light and go through the red light Allah Haram. haram every single law of the country which does not contravened the Sharia, which has been made for the general benefit of people is a law to be followed and if you break that law, you are committing Haram. The only difference of opinion in some way with some scholars is some

00:26:11 --> 00:26:24

scholars have said that not only is it haram but you are outside the outside Islam it is COVID some other scholars have said it is not to the level of copper, but definitely it is haram you are punishable before Allah subhana wa.

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So, in this case, when they give a fatwa to say India has done a lot number one India is not Darla India is not on Amazon, we are subject to the laws of this country. And to my to the best of my knowledge, there is no law in this country which goes against the Sharia. Therefore, we are subject to all the laws of this country as Muslims It is our duty to obey the laws of this country number one, number two, this country does not prevent us from from practicing Islam in every possible way and therefore, to take interest or to deal with interest in India is haram and the one who does that is accepting the the announcement of war with ally and levy Salah Salah. So, that is the biggest

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problem which is that they make this the two things wrong. One is the definition itself India has not dharohar it is Darrell ama and therefore the prohibition on interest remains valid. I have said what I had to say a coup de la Apolo Cody ha estado la Holly Well,

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first of all in no one inshallah next Juma we will do the sixth of the seven

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which is the issue of women's rights, the rights that women have on the men and what has to be done with regard to that. So we will do that inshallah. Next Juma jazak. Allah Subhana Allah, Masha Allah Allah Allah. Allah mana to be like this

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