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AI: Summary © The trend of sports being pursued by children is discussed, along with the use of computer technology for recording and monitoring children. The success of skater competitions and video games is also highlighted, along with the importance of avoiding privacy and socializing healthy behavior. The speakers emphasize the need for parents to practice good behavior and avoid bad manners, and emphasize the importance of learning about one's own language and avoiding drinking or playing too loud. The success of skateboarding and the transition from being a Muslim to being a Muslim are also highlighted.
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what's this 900

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Thank you. This is the best day of my life. I swear to God. But then you bring in Satan into this into the the branding and all that you are a skateboarder in the 90s skated with. They call him the Birdman is it? Tony Hawk? Ah, hey, what's up? I'm Tony Hawk. And today.

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How you doing?

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Buddy? How's it going? Good. So we were talking a little bit about the the glasses. Yes, yes. So tell us, fill us in on why you prefer to wear two glasses. To be quite honest. I'm a technical guy by trade. Went to computer science in 2002.

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However, prior to that my life and skateboarding was sort of an anonymous type of lifestyle. It was better to be anonymous at that point. Yeah.

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Skateboarding in the, you know, late 80s, early 90s was sort of a sort of rebellious activity. And it was sort of like punk rock, I guess that type of genre of lifestyle. So people looked upon us a little strangely.

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So at those those points, we had a lot of run ins with security guards and things so became habitual, to sort of not reveal your name in a certain way. But nowadays, we all know, with these new Netflix things, exposing what's happening on

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with social media, taking all your data, it's sort of just a privacy thing, and sort of just a preference. not hiding myself from other people, I wouldn't want to do that. But I mean, you know, your images getting scanned and things like that, it's, uh, you know, we're all, we're all sort of, I like what you said, I mean, keeping your family safe. Now, putting you in this day and age, people are just, you know, putting everything online, but you also avoid having your children and your family online. I mean, you have a lot of even celebrities who are up to that date. They don't allow their kids and family a lot do but you have also, you know, many that don't. So you prefer and

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that's, I think, a safer route. I mean, protect it is I mean, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not trying to fall into the trap of doing selfies all the time and becoming some Vainglory person, right, which is, again, I'm a type of guy as a skateboarder. Like I said, growing up, we were sort of anti mainstream at that point. So this sort of mindset is still in my head, where I see a lot of people playing on the phones, playing on the tablets and playing, playing, playing entertaining themselves and staring at other people's lives, you know, what I mean? It becomes it's, sometimes we have to use the computer as a tool and not a toy, right? It's not always a play toy.

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And to make that distinction, I think is, is clear there, there has to be a point where you know, taking selfies of yourself, you have to reflect on that in a way where

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it's not very productive, in a way, right. So did the dean play any part of that? Because you do have obviously in the dean, you have the evil eye of Hassan, do you have these things that did that concern you at the same time? It did, actually from my early days in Islam here. So 10 years ago, I was hearing you know, some brothers they were mentioning, during, during Ramadan during eat, some brothers don't like their picture taken. So be careful of that. And

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I heard a couple of lectures as well about people discussing, you know, the pros and cons of taking pictures of yourself whether Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him would would would engage in this type of behavior right now. Some people keep it for remembrance or memoirs, and some people are doing it really just for the likes and the fan base, so to speak, right? There's no real purpose other than they want gratification in a way, right? They're they're lusting after that, that that lake or that comment or something, right. And I don't follow that trend. I don't, I don't need that type of

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admiration, right. So it's a good reminder for all of us. And until us. So you are you're skating with the likes. You are a skateboarder in the 90s skated with? They call them the Birdman is it? Tony Hawk? Tony Hawk, the Birdman. Yeah, he used to do demos,

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all around before he was really famous for his video games in his, you know, the 900 and all the things he's done. He has done quite a bit for skateboarding, obviously, as an ambassador, but he's just a regular guy back in the 90s. He wasn't famous where we would attack him. It was a roller rink in, you know, in the Toronto area where he would do demonstrations, and we went there and yeah, we met Tony Hawk face to face and a bunch of other big names back then.

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Yeah, it was a tight knit circle back there. So what At what age did you start skateboarding?

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I started skateboarding in

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the age of 12, I believe was my first board. first professional board though was, I think, 14 or 15. So it's been quite a run right? The kids at the skate park still asked me today it's have that younger look. So how long have you been skating? And I, you know, I'm saying, you know, 30 years, bro.

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So is he like is Tony Hawk for those that don't know Is he liked the Michael Jordan LeBron James of skateboarding? Exactly. He's the, you know, when you say skateboarding, extreme sports, he's the spokes man nowadays for skateboarding. Right. So I think everybody who's 40 and under knows who Tony Hawk is for sure.

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The Video Game is one of the most worldwide selling video games, he just released another one. And he's always in the limelight for something right? I want you to you shared something with us. And I want you to take us through this. We're gonna go through this video together. Yeah, we're gonna help you educate us a little bit on this. And there's one part of it that actually caught my attention. Never before in history competition, we see the 900 900

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what's this 900 they're all everybody's all excited. And you just you also said the 900. The 900 is it's it's, it's in terms of the degrees of the spin. So a 360 is a one circle a 720 is two circles. And a 900 is two and a half circles. So he did two and a half rotations in the air. And before that, you know, the 720 was the was the big move, and the 900 had never been done. And that was the first time the 902 had been done. So it was a huge thing. So that was like spinning three times to it two and a half times two and a half. Since since a few years ago. they've they've progressed and they've done the three rotations. So the 900 is two and a half rotations on the skateboard in the air.

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Someone's gotten three. So he did two and a half someone's gotten to three, someone's gotten to three and there's a 13 year old who did three and a half I think so he did like a 1440. It's called right so it's it's going it's progressing rapidly at this point where kids are playing the video games and they have that sort of edge that they can visualize. Yeah, the trick and as a martial artist yourself, I know we do a lot of thinking in preparation prior to

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you know, entering a match or entering a contest where we're visualizing what we're going to do based on the opponent and his the tape or something that we watch right so let's keep going through this but it was either gonna make it or kill 900 with him and Tony Hawk. This is him buying it so many. This seems to be him quite quite a few years ago, but actually this was X Games I believe 2001 is when he when he made this happen right when he actually landed it rolled away.

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Yeah, so I think he had some time obviously, I think he was practicing it behind the scenes before this competition, however, obviously it's, it's it's hit or miss. It's you go for it or you're, you're gonna you know, you're gonna be laying at the bottom of the ramp. And he did so here he missed. He didn't make it. You missed it. Yeah. But he got.

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So these these are all other celebrity skateboarders You see, where's this in California? That is that like the mecca of skateboarding borders, I think yeah, I think they're in San Diego, which is the quote mecca of skateboarding. So you see here, they're sort of doing some like, it looks like almost magic on the guy there. Okay, that tried to give him the Holy Spirit or something. But most of them are not religious. So I don't really understand that. Right. So I think it's more of a showmanship type of thing that they're doing right now. So yeah, that's interesting part. Like they're trying to do some Voodoo on him or something, right.

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Look, look. Yeah, you see it look.

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Yeah, he says, you know, it takes a lot Odia when you're slamming and, and, you know, you're trying this. It's it's a lot of effort. So I do understand that he's.

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So he got it now. I think he tries it right here. And he ends up getting it. Yeah. And then they go wild. And there's little speech and yeah, there it is, after the aftermath. So he's a big influence. I mean, everybody's favorite skater. He's the, you know, the sort of the unwritten sort of Ambassador president, so to speak of skateboarding, right. So this is the part now, right where, where he says, Thank you. This is the best day of my life. I swear to God.

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It's funny. It's funny. I seen that some time after it happened. And then you know, I realized he said, I swear to God, right. And I've heard other skaters say this in on cities. Did you say I swear to God, no, he said, I swear to God, which is strange. I haven't heard this

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Wait, hold on, hold on. Is that what he said? Let me back that up. Hold on. I swear to God. Yeah, I don't know if it's just like, like his accent, it's hard to make totally make ours swear. So go ahead. So what do you think? What do you what is your analysis? Either way, if he's saying, you know, it's the best day of my life, I swear to God, I mean, a lot of people use this casually, you know, just to sort of

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emphasize their point, right? I swear to god, they're not religious, but when you ask them about it, it's uh, maybe they're not religious. It's just even Joe Rogan, we see Joe Rogan do it time and time again. Yeah, or when they're doing a

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UFC fight, oh, my God, he's knocked out. And we know these guys are sort of proclaimed atheists or deists or something like this. Right. So I thought it was strange. And so I did a little backtracking and found out, you know, you know, what about Tony's religion? What are people saying about them? And and this and that. So what what it came down to was, it seemed like he was an atheist. And in most of the places, it's mentioned, he's an atheist. And I do recall, prior to, you know, it may be buried on the internet somewhere, but a interview with him mentioning that he, he believes in, you know, something that isn't religion, right. So there's all these different methods

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that people want to say they don't believe in God and make it sort of politically correct where it doesn't really offend anyone. Which is good when you're a big brand, like, like Tony, right. So you don't want to offend anybody.

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But you have, because you grew up skateboarding, you you know, the industry, you know, the people, you know, what it's all about from the skateboarding, but also the lifestyle that goes with it. So when you have a lot of youth coming up, and many parents, they're just oblivious to a lot of these things. So we want to get the inside scoop of skateboarding and the lifestyle. So let's talk about that. You mentioned that the majority is a truth of skateboarders are atheist.

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Would you say? I would say the higher up on the totem pole you go, that it would be this would this is this basically this is off your experience of skateboarding for all these years and being around the skateboarders. And

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yeah, I mean, in general, it's sort of

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it's a counterculture. Skateboarding is a sub counterculture, as they call it, right.

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Like, like the kids who are skateboarders? I wouldn't say necessarily every kid that's a skateboarder is an atheist. But I would say the higher you go up the totem pole of the industry, you'll find people become more distant from from God or religion or anything like that, right? I'm not sure what the significance of that ratio is. But

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yeah, in general, what you see is more of a devil worshipping side of that branding. cytoscape. Right. So that the higher ups are the ones who make the decisions on what graphics are going to be on the board, you know, how are we going to dress this season when they do their their clothing lines? You know, what, what, what symbolism is going to be on the shirts, this is all drafted in big comm distribution companies that have an arts department and things like that, which is a very tight knit family of people around my age, in your age, who grew up in the 80s and 90s, who ended up inheriting the whole skateboarding industry. Right? Or, or being part of the absolute elite part of

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the skateboard industry. So again, out of San Diego, pretty much everything comes out of that area with with regards to skateboarding. Yeah. Now, that's interesting, because in much of the, the, the logos and you'll see like, the satanic looking emblems in that, but then, and have you seen people going down that route of because why that's the question, why is it all over the skull and bones and these kind of emblems? Why are they in the the paraphernalia that they sell and their logos? Why do you think that is? I think, because in early times of skateboarding, it was surfers and rejects basically these are these are societies rejects and societies rejects, we're attracted to a

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lifestyle of sort of degeneracy, sort of right, so punk rock and alcohol and womanizing and everything else that goes along with that living dirty, you know, eating dirty, all of the above. So the skull and crossbones became something recognizable in the 80s, which is sort of synonymous with maybe, you know, the heavy metal days as well, that sort of is synonymous with that too, with the pentagram, and, you know, Metallica and those types of bands so that, that sort of fuses with skateboarding. So punk and metal, it has sub genres within skateboarding as well. So you'll have this hip hop class of skateboarder, you'll have a punk rock class and alternative class. So there's

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all these different fused

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appeals that you can brand to these different sub genres as well. Right? So, but yes, if you walk into any skate shop and you're, you're, you're a parent, and you know the difference between something of a lewd graphic and something that is, you know, funny versus something which is satanic, right, you can look up on the wall, and they'll be 60 different skateboards, and you'll see 10 of them have some sort of skull, skull and crossbones, or very openly, say tannic stuff, right, which

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maybe we could talk further about. Yeah, so if you mentioned, so, because I really, I don't believe that anybody is born an atheist, or even somebody who goes into this kind of lifestyle, you kind of just have to, because your conscious is there and your fitrah your innate nature to want to worship something, so then you got to kind of masks that so people just, you know,

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try to cover up that natural belief. But then you bring in Satan into this into the the branding and all that. But then, you know, I've talked and spoken to a lot of people and this is what convinced them that there is a God is that, you know, if there's a devil if there is and you see all this evil that's happened in the world, there has to be a god a creator. So it's just interesting that they that now even in what you would think is innocent, my child or my, you know, is coming up with the skateboarding, parents, and we just people in general have to be careful. Would you say, you know, because, okay, it's one thing your skateboard in the backyard. But now if you really get into the

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group culture, and the skateboarding culture, it can be very dangerous, would you say?

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I'd say it depends, like I said, there's, there's, there's bad apples everywhere. Yeah, right. But I mean, if you have a good group of friends, which my son, we go to the skate park, like almost every day, it's actually snowing up here in Canada now. So I think to see the skate season is over. But we sort of pick and choose the nice kids, we find the kids that have decent habits, and we try to stick with them. And the ones that don't, we try to give them a little bit of a good influence. We try to pump them up a bit, we know that they're coming from broken homes and strange environments. And that's what it comes down to with with parents is you're sending your kid to an environment, whether

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it's a baseball field, a hockey rink, or you know the mats in a gym,

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the skatepark you have to sort of guide your kid before you send them in there and know that like this environment has certain aspects and terrains that I have to, I have to know myself as a parent, what's really going on in there, right? Yeah, what kind of music is associated with skateboarding? Are these kids swearing every five seconds? How is this going to affect my child? These are questions.

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I see a lot of pair parents at the skate park and I'm skating around, you know, it gives me an excuse as a 40 year old guy to run around, right? So they normally sit there and they're just playing on their phones, right. And I get to the point where it's like, you know, this isn't a phone playing, you should be watching your kid, you should be paying attention to your kids, you should be showing your kid that you care about this hobby. And you're not just staring at your phone like a drone, right? And it's not a good influence to me in an active space for people to be being doing something like playing on the phone with which is very, it's harming to be quite be quite frank,

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right? It's not progressive, or creative. It's very sleazy slacks. So not necessarily that skateboarding is something that but now if you get deeper into the culture, it can be as it can be something that can be dangerous. Right? So this is the sort of disclaimer to parents is Yeah, your kid is going to read certain magazines or watch certain channels on YouTube. Okay, so we're talking about that's when you get into the literature, because they got their websites, literature and the philosophy YOLO you only live once? Oh, yeah, exactly. So I mean, it's the sort of throw your throw up your horns type of thing, I don't like to do the symbol with my hand. And I don't recommend

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anyone really doing that symbol out of fun or otherwise. But this is sort of the thing you're, you're you're throwing your body around, you're a skateboarder obviously, you know, you have to look at what the sport is, and see it for what it is it's people it's grown men throwing themselves down huge flights of stairs. And you know, landing on solid concrete, like even football players, at least you have a little little padding when you're hitting the ground, right on a football field. It's a, it takes a toll on you, you're gonna hit your head, there's all these other things and at the same time, it's a huge environment of an eclectic group of people. So you have to know your

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friends, the parents, you should meet those friends, you should sit and talk with them. You should find out even talk to the parents. I talked to the parents at the skate park to see who who How is this kid being raised, for example, and it gives me a chance to talk to them about how why my kid is so well behaved, or why why I'm here paying attention to my kid all the time, so so diligently right.

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So it gives people a chance and parents especially

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During this whole pandemic thing we, we should be going outside and meeting each other they should never have, they should never stop, to be quite honest. Right? So I like to meet and have an excuse to meet other parents. And it seems as a culture as a as humanity nowadays, where we're divided to the point where, you know, I used to help old ladies as a child just cross the road and that type of mentality saying please and thank you and basic manners is seemingly disappearing and and that comes from in the home. So we even try to instill some of those please and thank yous to kids at skate park, just to give them

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it's their habit that they're swearing and they're rude and things like that. So you have to show them another habit, habitual way of life, that will clean them up that because they have to, you have to practice these good deeds and these good manners to to actually have them, right. It's just, it's not going to come if your home is broken, and your mom and dad are swearing. And I know that's a lot of the cases for these kids who are running to skateboarding. Because it's you can be a very aggressive person, like I was as a child, but hyperactive kid and ADHD, affected kid, or even people with disabilities or skateboarding with with no legs, some of these people, so it's very open to

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But we still have to be

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teachers, even our children, our teachers, for other kids, when we send our kids to public school, and you're expecting your kid to come home shiny like a diamond, you don't know you've send your kid to a environment where there's 99% of bad manners. How do you expect what what logic are we using to say if we send our kid to the garbage dump, that he's not going to come home smelling like garbage, right? This is a this is crazy, this is illogical. This, we have to we are pretending as Muslims that this is safe to send our kids to certain environments, and they're not going to come back affected. Even on the computer, even on those certain channels that we watch, it's going to affect

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us because it's going to become a habit that we're used to. And then we're just going to emulate that either good or bad behavior, right? So inshallah This is every day is a test for the believer, you're going to run into people, and you should take advantage of those tests, no matter how small it is to get a little bit of goodness across to someone, even if you're not I'm not perfect. I'm not saying I'm perfect at all. I have a lot of shortcomings. But when we look at the X ray vision into other people's homes, trust me, they have much more problems than we even were the worst Muslim. I'm the real we have Islam, we can say one ayah and help someone and we can even just talk to them about

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the oneness of the Creator, right? This is very powerful to some people because they never hear it all day long.

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Wow. So you said some words you said of hum did Allah means all praise to the Creator of the heavens and earth and Arabic Allah you said Islam? So you actually for people who are tuning in and wondering, is he Muslim? You just gave it away?

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When did you accept Islam and then for those who are skateboarding fanatics, and now you go to the competitions, and if you're a Muslim, now you're on that pure oneness that pure monotheism, and then you got somebody doing this Voodoo stuff, you know, you see how that creeps into shidduch you know, the paganism, the polytheism, you know, these kind of things, that, you know, we have to really be diligent even in skateboarding, you see, you see, when they were coming around and doing this good luck, charm, all this stuff. This, this is something that Islam came to eradicate educators against that. So when did you accept Islam? And then it was this in this video that we saw was, did you see

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other forms of shidduch, or any other things like this that were that parents should be aware of? Or just Muslims in general who are skateboarding?

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For the Muslims out there? I know, Dubai did some big stuff. They did an X Games in Dubai quite some time ago. Right. So it's been established there, there's actually a charity in Afghanistan, which to me, I have other opinions, but I'll let I'll let you know, there's a it's called skater Stan, where they're they've set up a skate parks in in different places in Kabul, in,

00:24:05 --> 00:24:46

in the big cities in Afghanistan. And they're allowing kids a mode of expression in these, you know, places which are war torn to for the children to express themselves and to be together with other children. Right. So it has a good point. And to me, it has a different point, because there's a lot of girls who are in there, and there's a lot of mixing going on in there. And that's a different topic, but I mean, overall, helping kids in any method, and I believe skateboarding is a good mode of expression. But you still the disclaimer is still there, of Be careful of the subcultures that are involved in in skateboarding, there's sub subcultures and there's open Satanism, Satan, Satan

00:24:46 --> 00:24:59

practices on one side, which is obvious, is very obvious. So just be aware of that and don't get sucked into that. Find your friends who are the good ones, you guys, like the Muslim has an unfair advantage actually in skateboarding right?

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They have the Muslim has an unfair advantage and all sports To be quite honest, as we see with Habib, as we see with other great champions who are Muslims, what's what's their advantage, one, they have the power of the creator of theirs on their side to they don't do any of these weekend warrior type of antics after they win, you know, after they win, they have a hamburger, you know, go to the nightclub and, you know, tear it down all night, right? This is not something we want to do. So if we want to be Olympic level skateboarders, or Olympic level,

00:25:32 --> 00:26:10

Jiu Jitsu practitioners, or etc, etc. Just not drinking, just not playing that entertainment game, filling that void of, you know, what's, what am I going to do on the weekend with? Why don't you push a little further than your competitor. And keep working out that weekend or practice more that weekend. And trust me, you'll see in a year, two years, three years, the people you are growing up with who sort of subscribe to that other type of life, they're going to be falling behind, there's no way you can say they're not right, because it takes a toll. If you're an athlete, you have to behave like an athlete, if you're a professional football player versus a professional football

00:26:10 --> 00:26:50

player who's an alcoholic on the weekend, or a you know, addicted to certain vices, then you're not going to turn out as well as the Muslims, all the Muslims out there, stay on the deen and you can become greater than anyone because you don't have all those things pulling you down and wasting your time. Truly, I mean, we all watch a show now and again and watch a movie, and this and that and burn off some steam. But I mean, academically we can move ahead faster. And this is all revolves around the dean, and how easy the dean actually is. And we overcomplicate it, right. And we're drawn to those those things when you're a college student, university student, someone in a workplace, you're

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in an environment, you have to be aware of what's around you, right, you have to put up a forcefield of Dean and be aware of what's going to be in that environment, even college and university, we know a lot of people go and they come back. And it's, there's a new person at your door, right? After three years. He's been programmed, he's been normalized. He's been. He's been taken by shaytaan, really, and he's been taken by the devil. And temptation has overwhelmed him. And he didn't have sort of the support mechanisms that or he didn't have the, the map of the terrain, which I'm giving people. Now. If I go on a vacation somewhere, if I go to Chicago, I've never been to Chicago, I'm

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going to call Eddie and say, Eddie, give me a map of this place. So I can navigate around here without going anywhere. I shouldn't go, right. So this is the same with life, if we've had certain experiences, we have to tell people, I have to give my brother, something that I would want for myself. And I would want that sort of cheat sheet to whatever endeavor I was participating in that I wouldn't fall into any traps on the way. Right. So these are

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sort of little, little unknown analogies, hopefully, some people are catching on to but they're very useful. And, and there's a few analogies I use in life. And one is when you see a group of a lot of people doing something in one time, right? And before you jump in the circle of all those people

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critically, think for a second say what's going on there? What's the benefit? What's the harm? You know, let's take for example, you see a circle of 1000 people smoking cigarettes, right? And you're an outsider and you're like, Hey, I'm kind of looks normal to me, right? One of those 1000 people must have looked into what they're doing, right? One of those 1000 people must, you know, so I should go join them. That's how most people are behave nowadays. They just they hear something so many times and they just jump in there right now you have to do your research, no matter what it is, if you're going to this college, do some research on the college, do some research on the

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environment around there. How many nightclubs are there? You know how many murders happen there or something, you know, so so you have to take, take heed, you know what I mean? You have to be alert nowadays, you can't just walk around with your head staring at the ground and think you're going to go anywhere, right? You have to be alert of the hockey players. If you're going to get into hockey jujitsu are they playing music all day long in the in the in the dojo, right. like is this affects you right? My kid was in jujitsu recently. I had to pull them out because the teacher was very experienced and very good. I liked him.

00:29:26 --> 00:30:00

Played the same tape on loop every time and it was it was hypnotizing even me, right. Yeah, right. So I know they put it on to keep the kids concentrated. There's some some wisdom behind it. But I mean, I couldn't handle it myself. So I had to get out of there. Yeah. Sad. Right. Rich shot solid points, man solid advice. Before we conclude, tell us would you if you had the opportunity to talk with someone again, like Tony Hawk who's now up there in age, he can see that is he also becoming now for the new generation that are

00:30:00 --> 00:30:17

Coming up, like people now are forgetting who Michael jack, I mean, Michael Jordan who like you start to get new, the new generation comes in. And now you got the what you said he was doing the 900 you got kids now doing the 14 What? 40. So I got up in age, and I'm sure he sees people around him that have died, you know?

00:30:19 --> 00:30:35

To get him to think, you know, purpose of life, why am I here? What am I living for? You know, where am I going? When I die? What what kind of things? Would he because you obviously got turned out to Islam, submission to the Creator, not the creation, you know, and this is your way of thinking now, is formulated by

00:30:36 --> 00:30:42

this way of life. So, if you get a chance to talk to Tony Hawk, what would you like to do? What would you tell him?

00:30:43 --> 00:31:14

I would say that obviously, we're all getting old in age, right. And we don't know when, when the time is gonna come, whether it's an accident, from extreme sports, or whether it's walking down the street, and, you know, it's your time and your heart goes. And at this time currently in skateboarding, some of the legends, a lot of the legends and filmers and some of the, you know, the guys who work in the behind the scenes of skateboarding, yeah, they're dying, Tony's going to funerals, probably every year, he's going to bury one of his friends. And I don't know what the proceedings are like.

00:31:16 --> 00:31:34

But when you you know, we're told as Muslims, you know, reflect on the afterlife. And if you to humble yourself, go and visit the grave, go and visit the grave and look at the ground and contemplate, you're going to be in there. Right, one way or the other, you're going to be in there. And another thing for someone who doesn't have a lot of

00:31:35 --> 00:31:41

Islamic education, or hasn't had time to read Quran, or Hadith, or even the Bible or any of these,

00:31:42 --> 00:31:43

these books,

00:31:45 --> 00:31:47

I would say like Tony,

00:31:50 --> 00:31:50


00:31:52 --> 00:32:32

it maybe he maybe he's averse to reading those those things, right? So the fact is, before you are alive, right to Tony Hawk, before you were here on this planet, you weren't here, right? And then you don't remember being a baby. But now you're grown up, right? So before you were you were nothing, right? Then you became something that you had consciousness, then you're going to die and you're going to be nothing again, then you're going to be revived again, and you're going to have consciousness. So to say that's impossible, would be to say, you denied your own existence now, right? Because you are nothing before we can agree on that we weren't a thought before we were born,

00:32:32 --> 00:33:09

right? Then we became the baby that needed to be helped, etc, then you're going to become old and you're going to need to be helped. Whether you're a billionaire, a multimillionaire, someone may be, you know, changing your diapers in a few years, right? And it's time to think before that time comes. And to reflect on the grave. You're burying people every day. Remember, you were nothing so a lot of people say, Man, when we die, we're just gonna become it's blackness, you know, the dream is over. But it's, it's another analogy is when you when you're dreaming, and you wake up and you felt like that was real, right? It's the same thing. When you die, you're going to just go to sleep into

00:33:09 --> 00:33:51

a dream state, you're going to wake up in the grave. And depending on how you were as a human being here on Earth, and the religion you follow, and the truth that you followed and the creator that you followed, then you will be judged accordingly even in the grave, so I wish him the best I can't say he's not an intellectual man. So the intellectual side is there and it just comes down to make an effort. Know the people who are around you know, know that one third of this entire planet is Muslim and and you do business in Muslim countries, for sure. Right. Your products are in Muslim countries. Like we know * sells, we know the skull and crossbones cells and stuff. And it's just sort of a

00:33:51 --> 00:34:31

trend maybe in skateboarding, maybe they don't even contemplate this. Right? So my message to Tony is, get to know a Muslim going to a Masjid, where I'm asked, no one's gonna recognize you. Nobody wants to take your picture in the masjid and expose you that you're coming to, you know, learn about Islam or something, right. It's like do your due diligence on the side, do a little secret project, do what you can do but but learn learning is good. Learning about the afterlife is good. And the key conditions of being a Muslim are two simple things. You believe in one God, you believe in one creator, you believe that that creator that created the sun in the moon in the universe and the

00:34:31 --> 00:34:56

stars that we see at night was not a man. Right? Very simple. It's some super human being that you can't even fathom. And that one day you're going to be in the afterlife. These are two simple conditions. I know there's there's more conditions to being Muslim, but for someone who wants to know like Tony, to believe in the creator and to believe that after you die, you will be resurrected and judged is something to start on. Right. We have to start there.

00:34:57 --> 00:34:59

Beautiful. Thank you and this is coming from a

00:35:00 --> 00:35:35

A veteran of the skate boarding sport skateboarding for almost over 30 years now 30 years plus now 30 years plus so we get we get a message to Tony Hawk I want to thank you for sharing that with us give us some great points and things for people to reflect and ponder over. Thank you so much next time we're gonna have to get you back to get your your actual story and show inshallah Yeah, anytime anytime. I know you're busy, man, everyone's busy. But I would like that in Charlotte. There's a lot of points I would like to make to some newcomers coming to Islam and the transition, the things that you go through and

00:35:37 --> 00:35:57

it's always a good boost sometimes for other brothers to to hear something from a revert. Right? Absolutely. And my son, my son also wanted to tell you guys I had to Kersey but he's in the other room. So maybe next time we can meet my son as well. Sounds good. Thank you saying very nice talking with you.

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