Ramadan Reminders – Day 03

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AI: Summary © The concept of fear and discomfort is a combination of CATIA to Allah, and the desire to avoid disastrous events is a positive concept. The importance of focusing on one's heart and reflecting on emotions is crucial for achieving success in life. The use of words like "will" and "will" in relation to the concept of creation is emphasized, along with the need to develop "will" in relation to their actions. COVID-19 is a sign of one's eyes and a way to destroy one's Yoth, and the importance of focusing on the creator and their ability to develop "will" in relation to their actions is emphasized.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala COVID mursaleen Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Holly you it was it was a love to sleep and confusion cathedra from abajo my brothers and sisters,

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we were talking about the importance of taco.

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And I explain to you what the quad really is. That it's not fear of Allah, but it's fear of offending and displacing the one we love the most.

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Now, therefore, the CA is a combination of CATIA to Allah, and humbler the Hachette of Allah, which is the feeling of all and majesty and the fear, which in this case is a positive element. It's not fear as in hating something and running away from it. But it's fear as in

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something which is akin to fear, but it's not fear in the negative sense. It's a fear in a positive sense. Because we are in the presence of our Creator,

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who has no partners who is unique. We have the sense of his all and majesty in our hearts. That is the meaning of hotshot Allah.

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And the second component of taqwa is Allah, the love of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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So, how do we develop these two things? Because unless we develop these two things, we will not have Taqwa.

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When we when these two things are developed, and they are contained together we have Taqwa. And this taqwa then leads us to make the right choices in life which lead to the pleasure of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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So, now let us see how do you develop the pleasure of Allah?

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The word of Allah Jalla, Gerardo is in two ways. One is to read his column

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to read his column, to see what Allah subhanaw taala said about himself to see how Allah subhanaw taala introduced himself to us in his color.

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And also to see how Rasul Allah is Allah Salam spoke about Allah Subhan Allah.

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For example,

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in Allah,

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Allah subhanaw taala introduced himself

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in the ayatul kursi, which is considered to be the most

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the heaviest,

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the most significant, the most great, the greatest Ayat of the Quran.

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So Allah, Allah introducing himself to us through either goosey Now, when we read this, the important thing is this, which is remember to focus on your heart, when you read the Ayat of Allah and when you see His signs in the creation we will come to that in a minute.

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It's not just a matter of simply reading it or even a matter of reading its meaning or getting into for example, you have people who talk about the number of times this letter appears in the eye in either Porsche a number of times this happened that happens all the issues of linguistic complexities all of which is fine as a study what I'm saying here I'm talking about developing Hashana in our hearts. So when we read either corsi when we read, for example, the last I heard of Serato hasher when you read Surah tullia class when you read the other places sometimes there's not even a surah or is not a law either it is simply just the mention the Baraka lady via the hill book

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wahoo Allah coolish a in Korea for example, as Ramadan is in the opening is also the milk neither all glory and majesty and bouzouki and Bucky is for the one in whose hand is all of creation via the hill milk.

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Oh Allah collision Kadir and he has control over every single thing.

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The key is when you read this, we need to reflect and go into our heart and say what is happening to my heart when I read this about Allah subhanho wa Taala

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now what is my delille for saying that anything at all should happen to your heart? It is what Allah subhanaw taala told us Allah subhanaw taala told us

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in Nevada Mina la Vina Isa Rukia Allah who YG lat kulu boom

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Well, either Juliet iray him I Otto Zaza tomiyama

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well Allah,

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Allah, Allah said very and truly the believers are those the momineen or those who and Allah subhanho wa Taala as mentioned before them and when there is it is I at the see signs in creation What do you look coloboma? there when they are in Allah as mentioned before them, their hearts shiver with the oil and majesty and Akasha of Allah by either Julia de la Maya to whose other to me man when the Ayat of Allah are recited for them when they read the Quran when they listen to the Quran. And when they see the signs of Allah subhanaw taala in creation, their Eman increases and the result of that is while our beam yadava crew

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will come to the Hakuna annoyed about here, the delille is the delille that something must happen to my heart that I must focus on my heart

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is run the current withdrawal well I have a number two I have mentioned and give it so when you read the other when you read either corsi when you read the idea of the glory and magnificence of Allah, then look at your heart and say what is happening to my heart?

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extremely important for us.

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So focus on the heart, when you are reading it, ask yourself is anything having me? Do I feel everything in my heart.

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And when you look at the eyes of Allah around you,

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one of the greatest Ayat of Allah,

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we cannot see it with our naked eyes. You can only see it under an electron microscope.

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But we have been experiencing that Ayat of Allah and that is COVID-19 the virus

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is one of the eyes of Allah.

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This is one of the signs almost ran out Allah which Allah, Allah sent to us,

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like a hammer blow on our heads, to knock some sense into us. And to, to destroy the pedestal that on which we were standing, our pedestal of greed or pedestal of arrogance, or pedestal of faith in, in money and in political power and in weapons and all kinds of stuff. Instead of having the humility to bow and prostrate remain sajida and Rocco and Salah before Allah subhanho data, instead of having the humility to accept and understand that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah subhanho wa Taala

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lot of our data centers are extremely strong message

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we ask a lot to save us from

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from the you know from our own foolishness.

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So the point I want to make for you is

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that let us focus on these two things. read the Quran and see and ask yourself what is the effect of the Quran

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look for the effect and then look around you and see the signs of illness or

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whatever is around you. We were going through the winter in February we had temperatures of minus 17 with about 18 inches of snow. And in all of that there was little birds

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who are flying around and they were they were coming to put out some seeds in the bird feeder they would come to the bird feeder they would eat

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not not affected by Amina you would expect them to sort of turn into little icicles and drop down no

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they're not jello, jello protects them.

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Their feathers Allah has given them the ability to insulate them against the

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the vagaries and the and the difficulties of the weather.

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I mean, I can go on endlessly with it. I'm not going to divert. I'm going to leave you look around and ask yourself this question and said this is my rub.

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This is my Allah.

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This is the one I wash if

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so what kind of feeling was this produce in my heart?

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It was produce a feeling of great joy and great thankfulness as Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah you allowed me to worship you. Instead of worshiping something which is a great which is creation, something instead of a creative thing. You made me And you give me the trophy to worship you as the creator.

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This is how we develop Hachette of Allah

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by focusing and concentrating

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on the Ayat of Allah and the creation around us, and then looking at the heart and seeing what is happening into my heart. masala Helena bill curry why

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He was a member of the gamma ray