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The importance of having the taqwa of Allah as a means of protecting one's identity and reputation is discussed, as well as the negative impact of people not having religion or belief in Allah on their personal and reputation. The speakers explain that people who have a love for Jesus and believe in the church are considered a Muslim, while those who have a love for Mary and believe in the church are considered a Muslim. The importance of love in bringing people to Christ and avoiding giving names to children who are shrooming is also emphasized.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Colombia evil mazzolino Allah Allah He was heavy his main ama, but

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I want to remind myself and you, Allah subhanaw taala said, in the height of the duck,

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but double the only little bit. And that's why I said, the best provision for you

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is that

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the best provision is taqwa. But the pony so have Taqwa of me, unless Mandela. Yeah, but isn't that for people of intelligence of people who reflect and think we think about this.

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most important thing for us to understand and remember always keep an well I make it easy for us is to have the taqwa of Allah subhanaw taala. Today, we live in a world where people are more concerned, you am talking about religious people, I'm not talking about people who have no religion or do not believe in Allah, they are different. They are in a different place altogether. I'm talking about Muslims who are practicing who have religion, they are more concerned about minor

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differences of IQ, then they are concerned about Acquavella smarter, they are more concerned about whether somebody raises his hands in a fire they know whether somebody moves a finger in the hood they are more concerned about whether to say Bismillah loudly or to save silently they are more concerned about saying I mean loudly or I mean silently, they are less concerned about having Taekwondo monitor and this is a very major problem because the whole issue of the divisions of the oma today are based on our the reason for the division is this it's not division in Akita so much it's more division in mythology and mythology really, I mean, in Jalla Weber is doing something they

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have a delete that doesn't matter. It's no problem. But it is the basic ossola Akiva is the basic was what what is COVID Watership This is what will determine whether you weren't too gentle Jana, for example, if you take ship last night was

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the longest complete lunar total lunar eclipse, visible in India and elsewhere. Now, there are many people who believe that this brings bad luck.

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Now, so Allah, if you think about it, there are two major reasons why people commit shift. One is fear. The other one is love,

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fear or love, two reasons why people can't shift the culture because they fear the McLovin has rather more than the fear of loss. So if the moon is Eclipse, then they think that something bad will happen to them, not because of not because of Allah subhanaw taala because our natural law is a law, that there is no enough and no law except by the reasonableness. But he will feel that if there is a total lunar eclipse, then some bad luck will happen is a solar eclipse and bad luck will happen this ship is no one actually believes that and dies on that Akita then that person has died without a slap is that that person has died on ship. The other big reason for sure, is love. We love

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somebody with love somebody who is good or hamdulillah. And maybe we knew them in their life. Or maybe even if we did not know them, we know their story or something. And we love them. And we take this love and we elevate this love to a level where this love is no longer something good. It has become something that, for example, the people who worship bizarrely Salaam instead of Allah subhanaw taala. The people who worship the mother of Rizal is Allah instead of Allah subhanho wa Taala or along with Allah subhanaw taala they are doing it because they love it. They're not doing it because they hate the science and they love it. They love Jesus, they love Jesus to the extent

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now they observed He is God they have said that he is the Son of God in that

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they love Mary my metabolism so much that they have elevated her to the to the status of the Mother of God in the Rila in the father of God. I mean it's senseless kind of argument, but this is what people have done because of love. Similarly, we will rally at Alabama with a little delana they take the level of the love, we love Allah Allah Allah know who is who can be a Muslim, if he says that he hates it or the law is ridiculous. How can you be

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that he is from me by his children are like my children and whoever loves him loves me. So Allah How can anybody say we hate Of course we do not hate but but loving Allah Delano. Does it mean that we have to ask the help of Allah? No, do we have to say Almaden Valley or are we should we say we are held from Allah subhanaw taala this is the this is the problem with taking love to an extent where the love becomes so somebody who knows us help from Allah Delano, that person has committed shirk, that person has exited Islam. Similarly, our Allah, our, our mohltc, the great scholars of this Deen among them Shahada de la to La la la la semana de ellevate all their courage and freedom from all

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that people.

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Do in their name. What do we do with him? These are people who believe that Jacob has a Gilani Rasul Allah will come in the cover and will answer the one killer Nikita instead of them in that Allah when Allah Allah do this is open ship somebody dies on our Akita he has died without his lap if somebody believes that Jacob de la casa de La Nina give them a name they will as I was also having is Allah subhana wa tada How can anyone be are those who as a For God's sake? I mean think about this, the greatest rescue or Who's that Allah? Allah Allah Allah

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Allah then On what basis do people call him well counselor if somebody thinks and believes that Jakob Johansson Gilani is also rather that person, he has covered a chick. Similarly, we take for example, in India we have so many I will give you an example. We have the the the person who is buried as a man who has been given a name by people and they call him hajah bandana was swala. Think about this. Who is wonder Are you

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here in gulbarga? Okay.

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So now if you think about this, Roger bandanas are what are the product the issue is all of these names. First of all, to the best of my knowledge, as far as I know, those people who are given these names, they never give those names for themselves. They did not ask anyone to give them those names. People will give after them in the love of those people. They have elevated them to a level where now they give them names which are names of shirk, they believe things about them which is shirk, and they believe things about them and they have a high about them, which are which are should and there are many of those I it's not my it's not my purpose to list all of them here just to show some

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pointers that let us be very clear. Allah subhana wa kailasa taqwa what a one year old is Alba, let us have Taqwa of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Let us not use love or fear, the fear of things, celestial objects, the moon, the sun, the stars, or this good luck or that good luck, or the fear or the love of evil, or the love of things, let us not take them to a level where they become the cause for us to exit from Islam altogether. And for us to die on ship. Last ask Allah subhanaw taala to save us from sure to save us from dying without even to save us from dying on ship and to keep us safe in his taqwa and to increase the supply in our hearts so that we die as more hady we die with our head

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and that we are triggered by las valterra state where we are completely free from Sure. Because Allah subhanaw taala promised that if somebody dies I'm sure that Allah subhanaw taala will not forgive that person. Allah subhanaw taala very clearly mentioned this in the Quran in many places, where Allah subhanaw taala said, Allah Hola, yo Pharaoh, manjusha Ravi, Pharaoh masala Gali Masha, Allah, Allah said that Allah will not forgive the one who makes shirk and joins partners with him. But Allah subhanaw taala can and will forgive everything else. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to keep us free from ship and to forgive all our sins and to enter his into enter us into His Rama. The

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variety is up out of the garbage the tmic food or salmonella marcellina will have the reliability