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4 qualities of the winners.

Imaan – Faith, who are those who believe? To be on the Kalimah. Believe in Allah and his Messenger.

Abu Talha (RA) – When he was a non-muslim, Umm Sulaim became widowed and he proposed to her. Umm Sulaim said she would only marry him if he became Muslim. Abu Talha thought she wanted money but she told him she will accept his Islam as her mahr. “Know in your heart that there is no one worthy of worship but Allah and Muhammad is His messenger”. She asked him to destroy his favourite idol. He did so…

Are we worshipping idols? Wealth, fame, authority, personal desire. Being a person of Imaan means to personally and consciously accept Tawheed. Accept that we should obey Allah and follow the Quran and Sunnah. In the heart, on the tongue and by action.

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The speaker discusses the importance of acceptance of theissued model of Islam, which is to believe in the heart and not to the words of the Bible. They also discuss the the importance of accepting the news of the the importance of the acceptance of the model of Islam, which is to believe in the the words of the Bible and not to the words of the Bible. They also discuss the the importance of the acceptance of the model of Islam, which is to believe in the the words of the Bible and not to the words of the Bible.

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In the lambda Allah salatu salam ala rasulillah. But we have been doing so terrassa. And we mentioned Alice Rhonda said in Berlin, Sarah,

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that all of mankind is a loss.

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And yesterday we said, let us look at who do we see as our role models? Who are the iconic people who we think who we think are successful? What is our mental model for success? Who do we call a successful person? What kinds of mental models are we chasing in the world? Because if those mental models are anything different from what Allah subhanaw taala has told us, then we are chasing failure. And as I said yesterday, if you chase failure, even if you catch it, you have failed, if you don't catch it to a failure anyway,

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I lost my dad has mentioned four things four qualities of the winners, the first of them is even less of an illusion,

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except those who believe now who are those who believe what is human human is a Chaba La la la la la la sharika lahu Hashanah, Mohammed Abu The kalama is the man to enter Islam we need to be on this kalama being on the kalama consists of three independent things, three things which are independent, but which are also related. Number one, is to believe in this karma in the heart does the

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second is to say it without Corrado Melissa. And third is to act on this karma with our our can with the with our hands and feet And eyes and ears and everything is

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so conditioned the karma.

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It's beautiful, does the miracle. Listen, what a man will

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let us see what

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this meant and what this means today.

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We know the story of Abu talha Delano,

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one of the most important to have

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a man who played an amazing role in the Battle of your heart. And Allah subhanho wa sallam made the offer him when I will tell her I was still a non Muslim. There was a lady called whom Salim who became widowed, and I will tell her the Alon who proposed to her.

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And she permitted him to see him

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and permitted him to see her. So he went to meet her. So when he went to her house, Muslim was there with a son. Now Muslim was famous as being a lady of great character, a lady of great wisdom, a great lady of great learning. She was not a young woman, she had a grown up son, yet people even the age of jelly, the

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intelligent people, they see the kind of women they chose to marry. Right. So when Delano before he became Muslim, and he went to Ghana before before he became Muslim, he used to worship he had his own personal God, His own idol. And this was made of wood wood from a tree. And I will tell her I used to I used to love it very much. And he, you know, polished it and everything else kept in house.

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So this was known to people. Now when I will tell how galana went to me to miss LA, de la Muslims and he proposed to Muslim said, I will marry you if you become Muslim. If you accept Islam,

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or Muslim model and I had accepted Islam at the hands of Muslim pyramide the ambassador of

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ibotta thought that she is making excuses. Maybe she wants, you know, gold and silver. So she said are you refusing me or are you accepting me? Is it that you want? The yellow and the white? The Golden silver? Muslims Allah, I don't want anything from me. I don't want any money, nothing. Your Islam will be my mother.

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So become a Muslim, and I will marry you.

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I will tell her Delano said what do I need to do to become Muslim

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and non Muslim and I'm explaining to you what is the meaning of the caliber of the three single Muslim said no in your heart and accept in your heart that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah. And that Muhammad Rasul Allah says, Allah is His Messenger

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and go home and destroy that idol of yours.

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So, Allah says, fell, when he heard this motto Muslim persister and she said, Look, that idol of yours is made from a part of a tree. He said the same tree the rest of it people took it took it home and they burnt it and somebody could fall on it and somebody wanted to keep themselves warm. So what kind of God is this?

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He said, Go home and break it up.

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I would allow the landlord read and he accept

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In Islam, what do we understand from this? How does it apply to us? It applies to us because we have to look at our own lives and see, what are the idols that we are worshipping? We are not worshipping idols, what idols are worshipping. Somebody is worshiping the idol of wealth. Somebody is worshiping the idol of fame, somebody is worshiping the idol or authority. Somebody is worshipping the idol of personal desire. Somebody is worshiping the idol of arrogance, different idols in our heart, and these idols we have to break. So being a person of human being among the ballerina hamano is to act completely and fully, consciously accept the kalama the heat, Chateau La la la la hora de la sharika

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lo Pasha, Mohammed Abdul Rasul, which means that we consciously accept that there is no one worthy of worship nor unworthy obedience except Allah Subhana Allah, and that Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his final messenger and so which means that we accept that we have to obey Allah subhanaw taala in every matter, and that we have to live our life completely and totally, according to the Sunnah of his messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, these two things must go hand in hand, these two things together in our lives, believing this completely and sincerely and totally in the heart, saying it aloud with our love with our tongue, and living our

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life completely and totally according to it, this is the hub of the economy.

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And one of the immediate benefits of that is that also Rajaratnam said, the one who

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is sincere to the kalama the one who fulfills the hub of the kalama la semana de

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sauver was asked, What is the hack of the caliber, he said the half of the caliber is that it keeps you away from harm.

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And that is the that is the definition of welders in among people who are completely and totally in Islam. People who believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala with complete and total sincerity and follow the Sunnah of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam asked Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for us to do what is pleasing to Him. And to keep us on Eman and to take our lives on demand and to resurrect us with Eman And we pleased with us when we live and to be pleased with us when we die and to be pleased with us when we are resurrected before was Allah Allah Allah. Allah Allah He was heavy is made erotica.