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Truth – Best of deeds are of the ambiya and the job of the ambiya was to spread the truth.

We have a duty to do dawah. And that which gives benefit for all of society. Islam is not only for the Muslims. Don’t only be good to Muslims. Always invite towards the truth. And the best dawah is the dawah of behaviour. People watch your actions more than they listen to what you say.

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The speaker discusses the success of Islam as a serology puzzle and how it is a powerful serology. They also discuss the importance of bringing out the truth and invite towards the truth in order to achieve success. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to invite towards the truth to avoid confusion and make it easy for them to live their lives.

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Al Hamdulillah salat wa salam O Allah tion of Olympia wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa monada

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bad. We are looking at the

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factors of success that Allah subhanaw taala described in Surat Surat Al Asad.

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And we began with looking at

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the mental models of success that we just all of them unless you have that as an underlying serology puzzle.

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And then we looked at the model that Allah subhanaw taala talked about of success. And that consists of four things in the Latina armano

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those who are the man who are

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the people who do good deeds.

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And we today will look at what

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it is the beauty of the Quran, of how Allah subhanaw taala describes things. And you can immediately see the relationship of one to the other.

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He lives in Allah know the people who are the man. And if you have in mind the expression of that a man is in good deeds.

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And in the good deeds, the best on the good days is the better is the deeds of the best of people who are the MBA, and what do

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they invited towards the truth.

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So what will happen is to invite towards the truth, to invert yourself and to invert others.

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The first and most important part of the truth is to read

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freedom from ship of all kinds freedom from the data of all kinds

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of Allah subhanaw taala, the son of his Navy, Mama sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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in writing towards truth also consists of all the works of Mr. Morrow.

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Our motto is not only restricted to the in, it's not only restricted to a bather, it's restricted to all it is, it consists of all things which are good. All things which are matter of is good. It's also what is well known, which is clear out in the visible, it's not something which is hidden in some corners of it. So our motto is something, all kinds of social work, all kinds of things which give benefit to all of society. It's important to remember that Islam is not only for the Muslims, Islam game, and the Muslims game for all of mankind. And therefore, it's the job of the Muslim to be good to everybody, not only the Muslims, to be good everybody to create a society, which is so

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beautiful, for every one, that people will want to come and stay and live in that society, even if they are not Muslim.

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Today, what is the attraction of the West,

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even even Muslims who are generally critical about the West, you are the number one country they want to go and live in. And they will always name for you western country, they will not name they will not say well, I want to live in Afghanistan, or about to go live in Pakistan. Why why why not? Well, in Pakistan, you know, but you don't do that. Even the Pakistan, Pakistan forget about others. So the point is that, because the West have created a society, which is so attractive to people, maybe attractive, some some of those reasons, may not be good reasons. But the other reason which are good reasons, those societies are good in many ways. For they have they have also evil in them.

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So also devours. The point is that if we create a Muslim society, which is so attractive, which is so good, that the whole world wants to come and live in this Muslim country in this Muslim society, that's the whole point of,

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of Islam. The whole point of Islam is that people did not make it

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because there was some, you know, whip on the on the head somewhere that we were forced to make an automated because they wanted to be there.

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They love to be the sort of the brighter, the better price for this. They give up their wealth, they give up everything that they earned, in order only to go and live in the same city as Mombasa. lalala.

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And they considered it worth their while to do that. And then we saw the stories of various Sahaba where they said this is a bargain for us 100 law that I lost everything I had, and I only go like Masahiro mine for example, I only go there with the short my back and that I consider it to be a great bargain hunter Illa.

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So what was the beauty of this society that was great and that is what what was available what was will happen is to invite towards the truth invite towards good.

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Today we especially the people who have

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you know less knowledge and more enthusiasm This is quite dangerous.

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They think what was the reluctance to give fatwa everybody? This is haram do this do that what you're doing

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Wrong Allahu Allah

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write the last 100 centers to distribute fatwas freely everywhere in the world. No. He centers to practice the deen in our own lives. The biggest Dharma is the Tao of your own behavior.

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People listen with their eyes, not with their ears. You don't care you can talk to the cows come home, they don't care. They see they want to look to see what you do.

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I can say speak the truth, but if you if I don't speak the truth myself, people, that's okay. But who cares? You tell lies. So the issue is the biggest dollar but the ones with the biggest dollar is by our own action.

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Our own action? If I'm playing praise Allah in the budget, then Am I in the budget or not?

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That's what people are people are seeing and it's not only so people I'm just saying this is what we have to do in order to be the last man hotel. And then of course, we invite with the other means by speaking to people by inviting them by doing various things. So whatever so we have to invite towards the truth. So out of four qualities inshallah the fourth will do tomorrow. out of four qualities three

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la Vina Amano, people who have Eman And we'll look at what is the man who Amarillo Sally had, who do good deeds, the good deeds are an expression of a man, whatever, so we'll talk. So when I have a man and I'm doing good deeds, the best of the good deeds is to invite towards a truce. And that is what Warren said, I will see what is the issue of otherwise we suffer. I ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for us to do that which is pleasing to Him and to enable us to live our lives completely and totally in obedience to Him. And according to the Sunnah of his NaVi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa was that was Allah was Allah Allah Allah? Allah Allah He was heavy as made the reference figure