Yasir Qadhi – The Tree of Iman – Part 1

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The importance of faith and the need for a person to believe in the spirituality of the creator is emphasized in the title of La ilaha illala, a beautiful tree in the Bible. The tree is ingrained in various cultures and is linked to achieving spiritual success and achieving a spiritual state. The importance of the Kalamata Yabba for achieving spiritual success is also discussed, along with the importance of being aware of the happening events in the world and avoiding embarrassment. The crisis in China is highlighted as a crisis for everyone, including the need to be aware of the situation and prevent future embarrassment.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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All praise is due to Allah subhanho wa Taala we praise Him and we seek His help and we seek refuge in Allah from the evil of our souls and the consequences of our actions. Indeed whomever Allah subhana wa tada guides non can misguide. And whomever Allah misguides non Han can guide him back to the straight path. bear witness and I testify that there is no deity worthy of worship other than Allah subhanho wa Taala and bear witness and I testify that Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his final prophet and his most perfect worship as to what follows Allah subhana wa tada has reminded us in the Quran, yeah, you have Latina Armando taco la haka to RT wonder Mouton. Illa, one to Muslim

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moon, or you who believe be conscious of a law the way that a lot of deserves you are conscious of Him and do not die except in a state of Islam. My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, today's hotspot will be about one verse in the Quran surah Ibrahim verse 24. It is a verse in which Allah azza wa jal gives us a parable a metaphor. And he asks us to think about that parable. He asks us to contemplate the metaphor that he is giving. This verse begins. And I'm Tara cafergot. obala who method and Kalamata yerba Haven't you seen the

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Examples a rhetorical question. Whenever the Quran says Haven't you seen Adam tarak? a father of Allah who Masada Adam taraki

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Belfield whenever Allah says Adam Torah, in English this translates as Don't you see this? Can't you understand how important this is? ponder over this example. So the rhetorical question from a law is meant to draw attention. Think about this verse contemplate this verse. Have you not seen the example that Allah has given the example of what's the example of the Kelly Martha yerba like a beautiful tree, the example of the Kalamata yerba like a beautiful tree. We will go on to verse let's pause over here. The Kalamata but as we all know is La ilaha illAllah. Even Abbas said, The Kadima tayyiba in this verse is the Kadima of La Ilaha Illa LA, and it is called the Kalamata yerba

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which means the pure kalama which means the blessing kalama it means the caliber that has no negative in the year but is pure. The Kadima yerba, it is called a yerba because there is nothing that is more pure than this kalama there is nothing that is more breasted than this kalama there is nothing that is more heavy than this kalama it is narrated in the Masada recovered, hack him that Musa alayhis salam asked Allah overlock teach me a vehicle that I can remember you by. So Moosa was told by Allah, that almost c'est la ilaha illa Allah Moosa said Oh Allah, everyone says La ilaha illa Allah means I want something special, I want something more blessing. I want something unique

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only to me. Allah said, Oh Musa, if all of the creation and the seven heavens and the seven earth and all that was in them was put on one side of the scale, and La ilaha illallah wa to be placed on the other side, La ilaha illAllah would be heavier than all of that meaning there is nothing more blessed than La ilaha illAllah. In Santa Ana Timothy, it is narrated that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Babu moku Anna whenever you probably the best phrase that I have ever said, myself and all the prophets before me, none of the Prophet says something better than this. All of the prophets said the best What is it? A shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa de vous la sharika lah

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hongmoon coloane hamdu wahala coalition Claudia, this is the best phrase it is the purest phrase. It is the curry Mata yerba. So Allah says, haven't you seen the example of La ilaha illAllah which is a man the example of a man What is this example khashayar Ratan Tata yoga like a beautiful tree? So Allah is saying the Kalamata Yoga is like a beautiful tree. Let us pause you before we move on. Notice the Kalima any Kadima is an inanimate object it is not a living object. When you say something speech is inanimate speech is not living. But a word says the Kalamata Yoga is something that is alive. The Kalamata eba is something that is alive It's not something that is dead, the

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Kalima for you by a man faith is not something that is dead. Eman is something that is alive. You see my dear brothers and sisters a lot of times in English we translate eemaan as faith and the reality is that faith is not a perfect translation. There is no one word that really that really makes us understand what is a man in the English language because he man in Arabic He man in the Quran, he man in the Sunnah is more than just knowing some facts and believing in them. No, that's not the case. And the best example for this to really illustrate the point. He believes the most despised of the mahalo caught, he believes the one whom Allah says liner Hola. He believes the one

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whom Allah has said take him as an enemy to all of you. Does a police know that a law exists. Does the police know that a lot is the one true Lord. Does the police know that there's a kiama? Does the police know that there's heaven in * does the police know that Allah has sent the prophets think about these questions and you will answer yes he believes knows. Yes, he believes believes at some level at some level. He believes that Allah exists at some level. He believes that that there's Heaven and * Of course he made to Allah, Allah allow me to live until judgment day he's making dua to Allah. So from an English perspective, not Arabic. From an English perspective, we can say it

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believes believes in Allah it believes believes in kiama it believes believes in heaven and * it believes believes in the prophets, but is a believer a believer is he believes a moment obviously not obviously not which illustrates that

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That email is not synonymous with faith and belief. Eman is not the same as merely knowing and then affirming Not at all. So Allah is saying Eman is something that is living Kadima pica is a shujaa which means Eman is manifested in your life. Eman is demonstrated in your love in your Amen. And that is why in over 75 verses in the Koran over 75 times in the Koran the phrase occurs in the Latina amen Oh, what's the next phrase? Why middle saw they had one novena, amen. Oh wow, I'm so sorry. I don't know who Latina Dina Amano Minh Kumamoto salia Eman and I'ma go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other. There is no such thing as theoretical faith as Oh, I know I'm a

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Muslim, I put on a census form. I'm a Muslim, no, not good enough in the eyes of Allah, it might be good enough for our governments, it might be good enough in the census forms, but for monka nickeil for the angels for the hisab for the shoe hood for the kiama for Allah subhanho wa Taala it's not good enough to say, Oh, I know I'm a Muslim. I'm born in a Muslim family. No. eemaan is a lived reality. It is demonstrated in your lifestyle, like a look compares a man to a tree our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and it is a sight Bahati. There is a tree amongst the trees that most resembles the Mothman Do you know what it is? They tried and they guessed and they weren't able

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to guess the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said it is the date palm tree. It is the date palm tree that Nakula our scholars mentioned. Why did the Prophet system say the date palm tree resembles the Mothman the most because the date palm tree is one of the most blessed trees. Everything from the date palm is utilized by society nothing is thrown away. At every stage of its growth. The date palm is benefited. its roots are used for medicine and herbs. its trunk is used for the building of houses, its leaves are used for the rules. Its fruit is of course of the most precious fruit known to man, and that is dates. Every single portion of the date palm is beneficial. This is what our

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prophecies were saying the Mothman is like the date palm he can see his benefit. So Allah azza wa jal says the Kalamata yerba is a beautiful trip as well. A beautiful tree. A tree isn't just something that is alive, no smoke just something that is alive. If Allah had wanted to he could have said the Kadima was a beautiful butterfly would have said oh how beautiful no trees. What is unique about trees. We know this since we were in grade one and two since primary school. The building block of life begins with trees. Trees, is where everything begins when it comes to life on this earth, the issue of photosynthesis taking in carbon dioxide giving back oxygen, the entire structure

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of life revolves around and begins with the tree. So to is the Kalamata Heba it's not just something that is alive No, that kalama tayyiba is life giving, not just something that is alive, like the tree is life giving like the tree sustains life, life could not exist without the tree. So too without the Kalamata yoga there is no spiritual life without La ilaha illAllah the root is dead. The cold does not have a spiritual pulse, even if the heart beats physically without a man. Without the Kalamata yoga spiritually The heart is dead. So the Kadima Yoga is not just alive, it is life giving and look at how beautiful the metaphor is Subhanallah It is amazing that in every culture, in every

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society in every era and generation, the universal symbol for life and for peace is the tree. It is true look at any culture and civilization, a tree symbolizes stability, it symbolizes life. It symbolizes peace and security. Even the United Nations has added security as his peace, belief or the firm any organization any NGO that wants to mention his mission mission as being peaceful as being green as being anything the symbol will be something of the tree. Why? Because it is ingrained in us that the tree is life giving that the tree is something that is giving stability that the tree provides for us and look at how beautiful this metaphor is so parallel What does the tree not give

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for us? It gives us the air that we breathe. It gives us the fire by which we cook it gives us the firewood or the logs excuse me by which we build our houses for the outdoors. It provided the roof as well. Literally without exaggeration, the air that they breathe, the fire that they cook with the houses that they live in the roofs that they live under the fruits that they eat, all of it is coming from the tree. Allah is saying that Kalamata yerba is your

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You can't live without the Kalamata Yabba it's giving you everything from A to Z. So Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions that the man and Kalamata yerba is like a beautiful tree

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as well notice what is the tree have, the tree has roots and branches, the tree has a a trunk, the tree has that which is essential and that which is beautification. For example the trunk if there is no trunk, there is no tree and the branches, not every branch is essential. You can break a branch and the tree is still there. So to is Eamon, there are aspects of the mind if you don't have them, you don't have a man. If you don't have the kalama you don't have a man and then there are aspects that are important but not essential. There are aspects that are beautification and not even important. So he man is not just one thing, it is multifaceted, it is multi layered, there is that

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which is essential. For example, the trunk there is that which is important. For example, the main branches there is that which is a beautification for example the flowers and whatnot. So to is a man, not everything is the same not every good deed has the same level. Not every sin has the same weight. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Eman consists of 60 or two branches. Again, the metaphor of the tree 60 odd branches so not all the branches are the same. One of our famous scholars of the past Imam will be happy he died for at 600 1000 years ago, he wrote one of the most magnificent books of Hadith. It is called a gem mineral issue I built a man the encyclopedia about

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the branches of a man it is in 16 volumes in print and he goes over every single branch that is mentioned in the prophetic Hadith. So Eman is like a tree. It has essential oils, it has important it has peripheries, and tertiary matters, so to is our eemaan. The idea goes on. A man is like a tree that is beautiful. It's not an ugly tree. It's a tree that is beautiful, or slew hobbits. The roots are firm and deep, still from the verse. So Allah is saying this is a tree whose roots go deep and they are firm. What is the meaning of this metaphor? What does it mean when we say that the tree's roots go deep? Well many things. First and foremost, the tree is not new. It is not young. It

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is not something that was done yesterday. To have deep branches means what? Eman is very, very old. In fact, from our tradition, from our understanding eemaan predates even our own cognition, even our own understanding, as our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Could Lumo luden EULA do lol Fedora. Every child is born upon the pure Fedora. When you are born, you don't even know how to speak. You don't even recognize what is around you. But inside of you there is the kernel of a man and this is a blessing from Allah doesn't matter what your parents were Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Muslim, agnostic, Hindu atheist, doesn't matter. When the child is born. The child has a spiritual

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DNA of he man, he man is in the heart of the child. And that is why when this child grows up, perhaps the parents convert him to this or that but the child's heart is pure becomes a young man and woman. They hear the Quran and Sunnah and their heart is inclined they recognize the truth from within there is an internal compass that recognizes the truth and so they ended up converting why and how because their pure fitrah their innate nature was uncorrupted Eman is deep it predates us Eman is deep. We had it even before we knew we had it. And this is what Allah is saying. That also has habit as well. What does it mean? When the tree's roots are deep? What does it signify? Well,

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you tell me when a tree has deep roots, what happens to the tree, the tree becomes stable, the tree becomes solid, it anchors itself in so to is a man. Once a man enters the heart. It never leaves the true mcminn who has tasted the sweetness of a man will never leave Islam. And that is why one of the things we notice in today's global society, religiosity is on the decline. The majority of faith traditions are not faithful to their faith traditions. And we too as Muslims are struggling it is true, but Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah The fact of the matter is that the Muslim Ummah is alive with Islam. Look at any survey done by any Institute of the globe. Surveys about Do you believe in God?

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Do you believe in heaven and *? How often do you pray? What are the most rituals that you do? And by a large margin, there is no competition. The Muslim world is leaps and bounds ahead of every other nation and civilization. eemaan is still strong.

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Majority of the Muslims still fast the month of Ramadan, they pray, even if occasionally the vast majority of Muslims they still believe in Allah and His Messenger at some level. The same cannot be said of many other faith traditions who are struggling to make sure that their people stay within the faith. Why so How so? A slew ha sabots roots go deep in the famous hadith of Sai Bahati. When the emperor of Rome, the most powerful man on earth, he got the letter of the Prophet salallahu idea he was sending them, he called Abu sufian, who at that time was a pagan, it's a beautiful idea to have explained it in detail in other lectures, he asked him a series of 15 questions to verify who

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was this man, the emperor of Rome is asking the leader of the crush of Makkah, and the emperor of Rome says, tell me, has anybody left Islam after having accepted it? This was a test that heraclius is asking, tell me, has anyone left Islam after having accepted it? And Abu sufian, who at that time was a non Muslim, Abu sufian said no, no one has left after having accepted this, despite the fact that Islam was being persecuted. People were being tortured to death. Bilal was being dragged in the streets of Arabia and muck up and still nobody gave up Islam. iraklis then responded to every one of these questions, and he clarified and he said, I asked you this question. Why? Because this is from

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the head Ethan Bahati. The sign of a true faith is that when it enters the heart, it never leaves it. This is heraclius telling Abou soufiane that the reality of a true religion is that when it enters the heart, it never leaves it and Subhanallah This is a lived reality. Look at every Masjid around the globe for Juma and for Ramadan. It is packed to capacity when most other faith traditions are empty. Most other faith traditions are wanting people to come Alhamdulillah we have the opposite problem. In every Masjid of the world we have a parking problem will lie that is a positive problem to have in every mustard in the world. We are packed to capacity people have to pray outside if they

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come late, we'll lay that as a positive problem to have why because once a man enters it never leaves after that as well. When Allah is saying a slew Haha, but its roots go deep. Not only is the tree stable, but the tree also stabilizes what is around it. In other words, having deep roots makes the tree stable and makes what is around it's stable as well. What do I mean by this? Having a man means you will never give up a man and it also means that a man will stabilize you. Eman will give you that courage that optimism that fortitude a man will give you that that that nerve that you need to overcome the problems of this world that tranquility that you need. The peace that you need will

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only come from a man you will be a stable person when the winds of change come when the hurricanes and cyclones of this world and we all face those hurricanes and cyclones, financial personal marital societal government problems come left and right How will we remain stable? A slew hatha but the roots go deep. So a man is what solidifies you and you solidify it a man enters the heart and makes you who you are. And then it also helps you in the in the process of life itself. I'll slow hobbits the idea goes on with photo half is sum up, its branches are towering in the sky. This isn't some small tree in my backyard. This is a tree whose roots are in the earth and whose branches are

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towering above the heavens. What is the metaphor here? What is the meaning when a law is saying this is a tree whose branches are towering in the sky? Much can be said first and foremost. A man is clearly visible. Nothing can hide it. Can you hide a tree that is touching the clouds? What will hide a tree what will make a tree disappear that is touching the clouds what skyscraper built by man can hide such a tree. Imagine when it truly exists in the heart. It will be manifested in your life My dear brothers and sisters it is not enough to say oh man is here I have it here impossible that Eman exists in the heart and it is not manifested in your o'clock it is not manifested in your mama

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not it is not manifested in how you treat others. I swear to you a man will even be manifested and how you treat your children and yes even in how you drive and how you by itself. If a man exists, it will be demonstrated you couldn't hide it even if you wanted to. This is what a lot is saying for office some of its branches are towering in the sky as well. The metaphor of towering in the sky is very clear. A man lifts you up in man makes you a role model in mind causes people to look up to you for stability for comfort. large trees protect that which is arounded the largest

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There are three the more benefits. The more shade the more Buttercup. The more fruits the more emaan you have, the more benefits you will be to your family, your friends, people and society around you as well. Lifting up high is an indication of gender itself. A lot is saying the roots began here they end in the heavens, which means what? There's one way to get to gender and that is La ilaha illAllah. Whoever does not have La ilaha illa Allah will not enter agenda without Oh half is sama. The verse goes on to cooler, cooler Hainan B is nearer Bihar, this tree. It gives you its fruits throughout all seasons by the permission of Allah. So two unique things about this tree number one.

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There are no seasons for the tree of man. You can harvest fruit at any time of the day and night in summer in winter and fall in spring and autumn doesn't matter. The Tree of human is ever fruitful. There is no tree in human existence that is ever fruitful. The Tree of a man will give you fruit at all times. When you're down. It will make you optimistic when you need courage. It will give you courage when you're sad. It will make you happy when you need anything at any time in any occasion. The Tree of Eman will give it to you as well. Allah says to Okuda, it is giving you its fruits in the plural. It doesn't have one fruit, not just Apple, not just orange fruits, the tree of human is

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evergreen, and multi fruitful, it is evergreen, all types of fruits are going and it has many different fruits as well. What are some of these fruits that will be the topic of my second hold very shallow in a few weeks, we're going to come back to this verse we're going to talk about what are some of these fruits of the tree of a man and a lot concludes this verse by saying well yo boo boo LaHood, emphatic nasty La La homea to the Quran. And Allah gives parables to mankind so that they can reflect they can think about these parables inshallah we'll return to this parable in a future hood buff and talk about some of the fruits of this tree of Eman. May Allah bless me and you

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with and through the Koran and mayhem makers of those who is versus they understand and may make use of those who can they apply throughout their lifespan? I asked a lot forgiveness you as well asked for he is the fool man

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Alhamdulillah hiwot hadn't had a summit, la de la mia did one view that one of the akula Hakuna had

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my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, the tree of the man, the tree of the man doesn't just exist in the hearts of one person. It exists in the heart of the oma. And as a part of having this tree. It is essential that we recognize all those who have this tree as well. The who of Islam. The Brotherhood of the oma is one of the most amazing fruits of this tree of a man. And it is essential My dear brothers and sisters that we monitor what is happening in the oma our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the believers in their love for one another and their mercy for one another and there are tenderness for one another. Their example is like that of one body. If even

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the finger is in pain, the whole body feels that pain until that pain subsides. My dear brothers and sisters, the very least that we can do is to be aware of all that is happening in the moment now and where does one begin time is limited but will law he there is one issue that it is on our minds it should be on our dogs as well. And that is what what is happening to our weaker brothers and sisters in the land of China. My dear brothers and sisters for the first time since World War Two millions of people have been rounded up and put into concentration camps and the world watches on we know what is happening. multiple stories have come out the BBC cnn they have all reported this is no

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longer some conspiracy theory. This is now a fact that up to 3 million people that number is mind boggling. But it is on the conservative side up to 3 million people, all of them Muslims, all of them have been rounded up and they are being put in concentration camps where they're being tortured, where they are being denied the rights to pray the right to read the Quran the right to fast they are separated from their children. Yesterday, the BBC had an article about how many hundreds of 1000s of babies and young boys and girls have been taken away from their parents and given over to non Muslim families to be raised. This is a tragedy and of the highest magnitude. And

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the world has not seen anything like this since World War Two. Well, lucky Our hearts are in pain. And of course this is just the beginning of so many other things that are happening in the world. But the least that we can do. My dear brothers and sisters the very least is to feel that pain will lie. How callous would we be

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How cold hearted would we be if we don't even care about what is going on? That is not a sign of a man, the least that we can do make dua for our brothers and sisters. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the most stingy person are the hedonist the most stingy person is the one who is too stingy to make dua. Don't be stingy, make dua for your brothers and sisters, the least that we can do is to raise public awareness. Make sure that our family and friends our Muslim family and friends first and foremost, and then our non Muslim colleagues are aware of what is going on. Every one of us should become an ambassador of this cause and of all causes pertaining to the oma, this is how PR

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is done, every one of us should be actively talking about this issue and the Kashmir crisis and the Palestinian issue and what is happening in Burma and every single line that is the least that we can do to raise awareness make to our help out financially, whenever there is a means to do so if we don't even do this, my dear brothers and sisters, then I fear that our emotion is so weak that it doesn't even have a pulse to it the least is to feel that pain and suffering. Perhaps in merely feeling that pain and making do out alone might excuse us, of course more can be done and inshallah over the course of the next few months and years in sha Allah will try to get more ideas what to do,

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but awareness is the beginning. If you don't even know the problem. How can you begin to understand and solve it, be aware of what's going on, follow the latest news and understand the crisis taking place, especially in that line and make up for your brothers and sisters per chance alone might forgive us by just making that drop Allahumma inni dying for Aminu. Allahu Allah that if you had to meet them, but in love with the hangman Illa for Raja wala deignan illa kobita while amor de la Ilaha feta, whether I see it on Illa yourself a lot more fildena What about ownable eema and wha la luna Lila Lila Dena Amano robina in Nakuru for Rahim Allah who is an Islam and Muslim in Allahumma

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Islam al muslimeen Allah who is an Islam and Muslim in Allahumma Aradhana Islam and Muslim in a suit infringement.

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Mira javita de Yakubu Aziz about the law in the law to Allah Amara can be embedded bbfc within the Malacca Potosi with a lesser become a genie he went insane for call the ASEAN call it an edema in the lahoma echo you saw Luna either nebby yeah you hola Dena amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam with us Lima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik were abducted ohtsuka Muhammad Ali he was ibH marine rebels a law in the law to motivate idly What if sunny waiter in orba way under any fascia it will moon curry will belly your competitor karoun Kuru

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Kuru Kuru Yes.

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akbar wa la Mississauga

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in a feed dounia, Salah

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