Q & A – What to do when I do not feel worthy of Allah’s love?

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Salam aleikum wa Alaikum salam alaikum.

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If we have a hard time forgiving ourselves for our mistakes or we struggle with feelings of guilt, and just feeling unworthy of Allah's love

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how do you suggest we overcome those feelings? Especially if sometimes they

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they just, it feels discouraging?

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Very good question. Did you all hear the question? So this is exactly the opposite. So I feel I am a sinner. I did not obey Allah and more or less, right. That's exactly one of the tricks of shaitan another took of shape on how He comes every one of us has his weakness point. So Shavon knows where is the weakness? I tell you what,

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when when I see I'm worthless because I am a sinner. How do I say to myself, that doesn't mean it's okay. No, but remember what ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, The Most Merciful verse in the Quran, some of you may note, that's how we by the almost all the scholars of Quran agrees, the Most Merciful. i In the Quran, Kalia Obadiah, Latina, truffle, Allah and proceeding, say my servant now Allah says yeah, a bad year he even put the so there's a lot of talk about even this letter. And Medina Astra who Allah and pushing they have transgressed against themselves. What did they do? As truffle is Seraph meaning you went way above the limit. What did they do? Doesn't matter. And what did Allah

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says lacked an auto Rahmatullah? Don't despair, from the Mercy of Allah and then he put this statement Subhana that's not my word. In Allah for the movie, Jamia worldly ALLAH forgive all the sins, even the Indian scholars a lot of discussion. What about the Muslim then the kaffir and then there's another verse and Lisa responded to this. So this is what you tell yourself. Actually, it's a good news. Look at the positive you know, you are have done so many I'm not saying you but the person done so many things that they are not even worthy of this year. And then immediately I say a hula Allah, you're showing me my shortcomings. She didn't want me to repent, you will not show me my

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my shortcomings. If you didn't want me to come close to you, you would have let me be hideous. No, you are the creation of Allah. Then he loves you. You are the one c'est la ilaha illa Allah, then he loves you. You are a sinner. All of us are sinners, and the best among us militant. Don't you ever let shaitan paralyze you with this? No. Yes, I made a mistake immediately. It's bad see al Hassan temple, as our soiree salatu salam Tatas follow every bad deed with a good deed. It will be removed. So don't let children come to you this way at all.