Reminders Being A Standard Bearer Of Islam Part Iii

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The importance of understanding and achieving the right knowledge in Islam is emphasized in the past and during various cycles. The importance of achieving the right action is emphasized in the era after era home, where the focus is on achieving the right knowledge to get the right action. embracing Islam and not denying its beliefs is emphasized, along with the importance of setting up an account of one's life and encouraging others to do so. The success of Islam is also highlighted in society, particularly in Serbia.

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Alhamdulillah Allah Allah Masha Allah, Allah Allah,

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Allah, Allah Allah He was happy he made about

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we are on the third day of

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our being a standard bearer of Islam What does it mean? We started with a color which is the importance of knowledge to get the right knowledge because without right knowledge you cannot have right action. It's essential to have the right knowledge. In Islam there is no value for things like saying my understanding or my heart tells me and so on. Our only the heart of the result of our shalom was more with Allah subhanaw taala urine My heart is not Mauer.

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So therefore, we have to get the right knowledge. And after we get the right knowledge, then this knowledge has to result in connection with Allah subhanaw taala as we know from Surah Taha Let's

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call masala Salaam to the valley. Allah desert in any and Allahu La Ilaha Illa Ana for Bodine, Optimus, Allah tala.

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So the connection of Allah subhanaw taala. More to recognize Allah is the next thing is action. And that's what we'll talk about today. Which is not I acknowledge, connecting with Allah. And then action, three important things that we have to understand that this is what we take from this era of numbers Allah, Allah Allah services. So the third act, point today is the era after era home, which is Camila Illa. Allah, and then come where Allah said,

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Let's stand up and one the people the action, the result of knowledge, connects with Allah subhanaw, taala. And immediately, Islam there is no value in just knowing

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knowledge by itself. No knowledge must lead to action. If we just have the knowledge, and we do not act on the knowledge, then May Allah protect us, that knowledge becomes 100 against ourselves, not in favor of us. Because one of the questions that we have plans are on the day of fascia is what did you do with the knowledge that I gave you.

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And the Saudis have

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already said that the feet of the son of Adam will not move from the floor of the hazard, until he answers for questions.

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What did you do with your life, which I gave you, which is time? And that's why it's so important to keep an account every second because you have given account of this thing? What did you do with the time that I gave you?

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And the second question Allah subhanaw, taala, will ask is What did you do with your youth? Can you add strength and power and zofran? What did you do? Did you use it in the obedience of Allah? subhanaw taala? Or do you use it doing some all kinds of Allah? And the third question Allah will ask is What did what did you do with the knowledge that Allah gave you? Whatever that Allah will not ask you? What is the quantity of knowledge in Islam? Allah will not how long did you live? No, that isn't under control. Whatever your lifespan was, what did you do with that thing?

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Similarly, Allah will not say, Why were you not healthy? Why did you not look like Arnold Schwarzenegger? Why did you not believe that whatever I gave you, the youth I gave you, how do you? How did you use it? And the third one, I love lots of work, wherever haven't graduated to become Awesome, awesome. Whatever knowledge I gave you, what did you do with that knowledge? Did you practice the knowledge? And did you convey the knowledge to other people? And the fourth question is, in terms of risk in terms of our man, Allah will say, the amount of money Allah will not say how rich were you? when or why did you not make a million dollars though? I will say whatever I gave

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you, where did you take it from? And where did you spend it? Did you earn halaal? And did you spend halaal? Or did you do the opposite for question? And also does a lot of them said that without answering these four questions, the son of Adam will not be able to move from the

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Madonna fascists from the from the Raja. Now therefore, we come to the last one which is on founded go and one others This one has to do with the communicating of Islam, Islamic knowledge to people. It has to do with inviting people to us, Ronald Allah, it has to do with our we'll move on to here and one goal is to enjoy and good and to prevent and forbid evil. It has to do with the courage to stand up against anyone and anything that is against the orders of Canada, not because you like to do it, not because of getting some fame and fame for it. But because this is the job on which we have been sent. The Omar Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has been made mukalla for conveying

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his message to all of mankind till the end of time. And this is a great honor and a great blessing that we have only and only because we are from the numbers

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Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam if Allah subhanaw taala had made us from the room of any of the other ambia this honor of doing the work of the ambia would not have come to us. Because what are all the other oma the job of conveying was the job of the Navy.

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The job of the Almighty was merely to understand, accept and obey and not to convey the message to other people. The message the the the honor of conveying the message to other people, has been given only to the aroma of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam because he is the last and final messenger, Lana de Abadi, Walla omata bajo el Gamal Cara Lee Salatu, salam, he said, there is no Nabil after me. And there is no oma after you. And therefore this job has been given to us. We thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for this, and we remind ourselves to make the necessary effort. Because laziness does not achieve anything, we have to make the necessary effort. People used to go

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in Serbia, and go and live with a chef for years together not for months, and not for three days a week and two days a week, they would go and live in the headman of that chef, and they will do everything they will do his housework, and they will clean his house and they would cook his food and they would look after his animals and they will do all of that and over who is loose, they will princes and kings, who would go who got the who had the love for the deen of Allah subhanaw taala they would go and sit with them at the scene and they would sit with them have a series and they would sit with the show and the magic of Islam. And they would spend not one or two years, until

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they got the knowledge that they that they wanted and they will do that they will do the hymn of the show today as well, we are so lazy, even just to come and sit in a room we are we have difficulties. So we have to correct ourselves and he said this does this doesn't work the soul of Allah subhanaw taala are the same whether it was the you know your 500 or the year 2000 year 2010 the soul of the and and the soul of learning do not change. So as I say, if those people had to make an effort, we also have to make an effort we don't let us not imagine that the effort was only what

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he wanted to learn he had to make an effort you know, but if I want to learn I haven't made an effort is not required effort is only one button or even a day me or

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no effort is what all of us everybody if you want to learn this, you have to make effort and that effort itself is a source of great drama from Allah subhanaw taala, we will be rewarded and rewarded for the effort itself. So why are we so

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Allah does not have will reward you only the result is a reward is also for the effort and reliability. So we ask Allah Subhana Allah to enable us to make the best effort and to enable us to to learn this day and then to communicate this Deen to all of mankind, no matter where they are, was Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah Karim Allah Allah He was heavy has made the rush Nautica