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Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of the word "tells" in the title of the book "Soon in the Middle" by Allah Sub admited. They emphasize the importance of communication and listening to others, as well as the pride of Islam's culture of fear and hesitation. The speakers also touch on the historical context of teaching and the imbalance in the economic system of the United States, as well as the use of words like"by" and "by" in learning a language. The conversation also touches on racism and the cow, while the topic of the cow is discussed in the Quran.
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version of the word was quarter. Last quarter. Like Allah says in the Quran. Yeah, Bani Israel eel, old guru Nia materiality, and I'm trying to come open Esau eel remember, so the word is always called the Pearl of that is always guru. But a very short version of that is in mean that remember the time recall that time. The second thing to notice is, and I've said this before, one thing we study, when you study, the Quran, you will learn is that the Quran never will mention something that is irrelevant, and is so relevant, every aspect of the Quran is so relevant. The words that Allah has selected, are very relevant. The stories are very relevant, the information of the stories very

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relevant. Not only that, but even if you study the entire Quran, Allah Krepo this story in that Surah this story in that Surah but even the placement of the stories in which Surahs there is a reason for that too. Because this is what Allah subhanaw is trying to tell us. Nothing, no part of the Quran should be taken for granted. So the fact that Allah is mentioning the story, he's telling us that you need to recall the story. And you need to take a lesson from the story. Now what Allah subhanaw taala he said that I want to create a Khalifa on Earth and the word of Khalifa, it does not apply to the mullah ICA because the word Halifa implies a generation that comes after another

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generation Mala Iike. Of course, they don't produce children, they don't produce, they don't have this, this reproduction system. So they don't have this system. So for them when they heard this, it was something that someone had mentioned that the party did not understand. And but when Allah said Khalifa, they understood that it's not only about Allah, creating some people and seeing them on the faces Earth, it's about that there will be a generation after another generation, till the Day of Judgment. So this is what Allah subhanho wa Taala he means by DJI you don't fill all the Khalifa. Now, one thing about Adam Alayhis Salam and Hawaii Islam is the fact and the reason I mentioned this

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right now here is because it's very important to understand that when it comes to our belief regarding Hurghada, you Salam and our belief versus the Christian and the Jewish belief, there is a very big difference. See, what we believe is the fact that Allah said he's going to create a Khalifa on Earth, it means that it is already predetermined in Allah's knowledge that the human being will be on Earth, okay, the human being, will be on Earth. That means that when Allah told Adam Alayhis Salam, or SCON, Anta was ojochal Jana, that you and your wife live in Ghana, it still also means that they will not be in Ghana, forever, Allah knows within his, within His infinite knowledge, that

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he they are going to come back on Earth. And the reason I say this is because the Jewish and the Christian belief, they say, that this is all the fault of Hawa you Salam that the fact that Hawa Are you some is the one who deceived otherwise, Islam, or shaytaan came to Adam through her and this is why some people know me some Christian theologians or a Christian philosophers, they say that the word Eve, as they say, if it comes to the word evil, okay, because she was that reason why we on Earth and so therefore, they blame all the on her. And we say no, that is not the case. Because I demotic Assam was given his own choice, other money, the son was are forced to go and eat the tree.

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Yes, he was misguided by shape on, but nonetheless, is not the fault of Herati, Assam or Eve, as they believe. And so therefore, and we say, the fact that Allah mentions that he's going to create the human race on Earth, it already means that it is already in the knowledge of Allah subhanho wa taala. And just like it is other within all of us, that you know, we as we believe in other, Allah has already predetermined everything, then of course everything is based on how we do things. We don't know what's going to what's in the other. But Allah subhana wa Taala has created this dunya is the ASVAB and we take the ASVAB and we do things based on our understanding of things. The next

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thing is that Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, the one he gave or when he informed the melodica of this. Now there was something else to learn from this too. And that is, Did Allah need the approval of the mullah Iike to create the human race? No, he did not. The fact that Allah even simply even

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I mentioned this to the to the melodica tells us the importance of communication. It's always very important to communicate with others, what you're planning to do. Now this is not something that Allah does all the time. Because the Quran says when Allah wants to do something he does it couldn't fire corn. This is the principle of Allah subhanho wa taala. But not only that, but will we also listen is the importance of listening. Because when the mullah ICA when they said to Allah, what they said, it's not that they are objecting to Allah subhana wa Tala, they're simply concerned. Why are they concerned? Because already on earth, there was another race, which was the jinn race. And

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just like the human beings, that gins also on the Day of Judgment, they're going to be put to question that they're going to be held accountable, just like we have this concept of Muslim and Kapha amongst human beings. Likewise, this same concept exists within the jinns. So they said that if you're going to create a human race, you look at the jinns even they are spreading corruption, you're gonna create the human race, even they will spread corruption too. And the fact that Allah subhanaw taala did not say nah, they're not gonna spread corruption. Allah subhanaw taala. First he listened. And what we learn from this is that when you're communicating with someone, it's always

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good to listen to the other side. And it's not that as if Allah subhanaw taala criticized them when they showed their concern, which also teaches us that when someone presents their concern, a lot of times out of arrogance, we shoot down people's theory, we shoot down people's ideas, we don't even want to pay any attention to it. Allah subhanho wa taala, he did not shoot down their idea. He never criticized them for their concern. He simply explained to them that he knows more and they do not have the amount of knowledge as Allah subhanho wa Taala has, and this is why when the Malayaka they said attach a fee her my UCOP ha where your SQL Dima, the human being they will correct that I mean,

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there was pretty corruption and there was there was, they will spill or they would they will cause budget bloodshed on Earth. This is why ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala he created the human race, the human race, because that he knows in his in his wisdom and his knowledge that not every single human being is going to do exactly what the end angels have anticipated. And this is why it is this is a pride of Allah subhanho wa Taala number one is when we believe in Allah, when we see a world that we see around us, and yet we're able to come closer to Allah in this toxic environment, in this toxic world that we live in. This is something that is very prideful, when it comes to ALLAH SubhanA. Allah is

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proud, and not only that, I recall a hadith that you and I have heard many times, that when people come together, and they remember Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, what does Allah do? He takes pride. The hadith does say he takes pride and he says to the angels, look at these people, they are remembering me. This is what that means that Allah subhanho wa Taala he takes pride. And when you and I we do these righteous things, then Allah subhanho wa Taala he's basically gonna give us Jana for this because we were we were not only I wouldn't say proving the angles wrong, but we're proving their assumption wrong. And not only that, but despite the fact that we are living in a world that

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we in and we're still able to come close to Allah it shows how strong we are in believing Allah subhanho wa Taala and then Allah subhanho wa Taala he says to these to the Malayaka he says in nee Allah, Allah Tala moon that I know something that you do not know. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, We're unlimit Adam Smith, Aquila. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala taught Adam Alayhis Salam names, names, and then he says Kula, all of them. Now some translation said that Allah subhanaw taala him the names of everything will love Allah but one of the best translations that I found which makes a lot of sense is that Allah subhana wa that taught other Anakin salaam, the names and

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then he says Kula, all of them from maraga Whom Allah Mala Iike then he presented them on the mala ICA and he says all for color um be only be Asma, Allah Incoterms are the thing that told me the names of all this, if you are saying the truth, now a few things here to keep in mind. Number one is the word Allama. The word or lemma means to continuously teach like the Hadith problem says, how you documenta Allah mal Khurana wa Allama Hadith the you and I, we've heard so many times the best

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amongst you is the person who, who learns the Quran and teaches it okay? So meaning that this concept of teaching has to always continuously go on a person cannot just be stagnant and keep the knowledge themselves, they have to always teach it. This is why even in Surah Rahman what Allah say, a Rahman I love Al Quran he taught the Quran halacha in son he created the human being. And then he said what I love a whole beyond what is beyond mean, he taught him the ability to communicate, he taught him beyond, but you understand me in a lecture, it means the ability to speak. And this is why even when you see like first of all, Allah subhanho wa Taala when he told other Muslim, he

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taught him the names of the objects, he taught him names of objects, and here there is no there is no specification whether it was religious nouns or worldly nouns. The Quran says Kula that means that everything which means that, that even the knowledge that is religious or knowledge that is non religious, everything comes from Allah subhanho wa taala. All the knowledge comes from Allah subhanho wa taala. Today, you and I, we give other people credit for inventions, but the fact is that all this knowledge comes from where it comes from Allah subhanho wa taala. And just think about this, when you think about new ideas, some building a ship, who taught New Orleans how to build a

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ship. It was Allah subhanho wa Taala who taught him how to build a ship, who was I mean, when it came to shore, eyeballing Islam, and he's telling his people that you are very unfair, in your in this economic system that you have applied, is very unfair, it is very imbalanced, who taught Shall I bring Islam, the proper economic system, it was Allah subhanho wa Taala who taught that we're gonna use some how to make steel and metal flexible and how to you know how to give it shape. Allah subhanho wa Taala did that who taught esigning Islam medicine, it was Allah subhanho wa taala. So even these things are considered as worldly matters. Even that knowledge came from Allah subhanho wa

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taala. Another thing that we learned is that Subhan Allah the fact that Allah said that I taught Adam how to use Salam, Allah Tala Amani some the names, this is something that even we see with human beings, when a child is growing up, what's the first thing that we do when it comes to children? Do we teach them verbs or we teach them nouns? We teach them nouns, right? This is an apple, this is a table, this is your bed, this is your crib. This is what we teach them nouns, the names of things. This is why it's very important to understand that when we see this idea of the Quran, not just to simply brush over it. But this is Allah telling us that what is the proper

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structure of learning knowledge. I mean, I'm telling you to the point that even if you're studying another language, if you've studied another language, like people who say the Arabic language, there are so many people who want to learn the Arabic language. And there's so many people when that when they're teaching the Arabic language, the very first thing they focus on is grammar. And you know, so many people have told me that when you start learning grammar of Arabic, you get lost in it because it's very complex. And they go into the USMA that the nouns and the verbs, I honestly tell you, the best way to learn any language, even when it comes to the Quran, when it comes to Arabic,

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is to learn the nouns first. If you pick up the nouns, you will pick up majority of the Quran the verbs come later on because verbs verbs are more complex. Okay, verbs are more complex. So this is Allah, teaching us the fact that he taught us how to use Salam nouns first in his Allah telling us to that when you learn anything new, or when you teach someone, anything, you teach them the nouns first, then Allah subhanho wa taala, he says, For call Ambio. He says to them to the America that told me the names of these things, if you are truthful, what does that mean? If you are truthful, meaning that if you are saying the truth, in your assumption, that the human being is the human

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race, has no use it is it is a useless creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala then then give me an explanation of this. Because when Allah subhanaw taala presented Adam alayhis salam to them, they said on a they said Subhanak now alemana Lemma and they said, Oh Allah, you're pure. And the only thing we know is what you have taught us and then they said, We have no knowledge except for what you are taught us. And then in the following ayah Allah said on them, um bit homie si him. So first of all, Allah asked him Allah Iike to say the names when they said, We only know what you taught us, that Allah looked at admiring, someone said now you tell them the names of the things that I've

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taught you. And the Quran says file

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am Philomel means that immediately as soon as Allah told the mother you Salam, to tell them there was no delay in Adams response. There was no delay mean that how Allah taught Adam and exam it was so it was so amazing how Allah Tada Anessa that it was not like a computer it's like rebooting or it's loading or something. As soon as he told you some you tell them immediately animalism he told them the names of everything. And then he says, alum Aquila calm Did I not tell you in the Alamo? Viva Marathi will Oh, well, I had to be doing well not quantum tech, the moon. And then he says Do not tell you that I have knowledge or I'm the most known of the leave of the unseen. Everything that

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is in the skies and the earth will outlive him out to be doing and I also am aware and I have complete knowledge of what you what you present. What you make obvious will not come from Dr. Moore and what you have hidden. And then finally he says what you've put in a little manner is Judo the dumb, faster Jadoo. Illa Iblees. Allah tells us that as soon as he told the mullah Iike to fall into sujood then the Malayaka also the the word fire again implies what immediate action so they're not like think about it. They immediately fell into sujood to to other Malaya some faster Jeju in a beliefs and beliefs did not. And what did the Quran say? Now the Quran here and so the Bacara it

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gave only one simple you know sentence and it moved on. But in the other Sutras of the Quran. There is more explanation. First of all is in this ayah here Allah says about first of all, he he denied he says no, I'm not gonna do it. I'm not going to do it. What's the Kabul what is what's that about? I mean, what's that about? Like?

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You know the word like, it's too far. You know the word istikhara. Whenever you have a leaf seen into in the beginning of an Arabic verb, it means to seek something, okay? Like the word is still far means to seek the forgiveness of Allah is the Hara. The root letters of the word istikhara is high heart, Yarra higher. So when you say istikhara, it means to seek the higher, okay? You're seeking something, when Allah says is stuck down, what is the rulers of this it is cough, BA and RA. Okay, now Kibber is carved by Anwar, when we say Allahu Akbar, half bar and rock, meaning that if there's anyone when we say el kabhi, Allah is Allah kabhi. And what does that mean? It means that

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ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala is great. So what that means is, so what that means is that Allah subhanho wa Taala has this authority, that he is the greatest, he's the biggest, but not only that, but here what shaytaan did, he tried to seek out the same position that Allah has is stacked bar, he tried to seek out that position that I can say whatever I want, I can do whatever I want. And Allah says, what kind of caffeine and he was amongst those who rejected the message. And then another verse of the Quran Allah says, Yeah, you know, he says, Yeah, I believe so my mana I can test you the Lima Allah to be a day. He says, he asked, Allah is asking a believes that What stopped you from doing

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what I have commanded you to do? And he says, is stuck. Bharata I'm Quinton, Milan. And this is Allah saying that, you know, you're doing this you're showing this to Kabbalah and his kibble, and then ship ons responses and Hyrule men, I'm better than him. And hello, petani Minnaar wahala, the human brain, you have created me from fire created him from dirt. So this is so this is this is Shaytards response. And of course, we've talked, I'm heard, you've heard this before, that this response of a belief is a sign of Kibber. Why? Because he's thinking that he's better than him based on his creation. So even when we talk about racism in society to that I am better than that person

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because of my language. I'm better than that person because of my color. This is something that we see all over the world right now. You see what's happening in India right now is nationalism, what you see here in America, along with the, you know, with certain groups, and so forth, nationalism, and certain countries in all, I mean, there's certain countries scattered around the world where this concept of nationalism, that we're better than everyone because of our color, we're better than everyone because of the language that we speak. We're better than everyone because of our lineage because of who we are, where we come from, and who our forefathers were, this is the this is the the

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footsteps following the footsteps of shaitaan and this is why Allah subhanho wa Taala and Ardene. Allah subhana has mentioned in the Quran to in various places, but this concept of racism does not exist within our deen. Of course today. Unfortunately yes, there is a lot of racism, but this is not supposed to exist. And this is why on multiple occasions the Prophet SAW made it very clear, like what he says in the law Hala young little Illa assamica wala Illa soracom. Allah does not look at your appearances. He does not look at how you look like and so forth. But he only looks at your heart and he looks at your deeds, this is something and like this, there are many other ayat of the

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Quran. So when Shavon he said this, this is why Allah subhanho wa Taala he removed him from Jana, and then Allah subhana wa Tada in Surah Baqarah. He says, Well, the most common answer was illogical Jana This is Allah telling otherwise, some you go and you live in Jannah and so forth, and we know the story forward, but I'm not going to cover that because that's not a conversation. Okay? This is just simply Allah telling you otherwise don't go and do this. This is not actually the conversation. The conversation was from the time when Allah said I'm going to create a Khalifa on earth till the point that when he believes did not do exactly what Allah wants him to do in that conversation that

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took place between Allah and Belize. That's why I covered only this much we're not going to cover the part when either Malik Assam was in Jana. So inshallah we'll stop right here. Now the next story is how we're going to mention is the story of the cow. Okay, the story of the cow when Mousavi Assam came, I mean, when these people but he saw you, they came to Musashi Assam, they asked, Oh Musa, we want this and Mussolini Assam, he prayed. And this went back and forth. There's a very powerful lesson in that because the question is, and I want to talk about this next week. There's so much mentioned in sort of Bukhara so the buckeyes have on this story, long as surah in the Quran, almost

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two and a half years. There's only one story of the cow in there. That's it. Only one story of the cow Yet Allah named the entire Surah after that story, why? Why? I'll talk about that next week in sha Allah ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada to give all of us ability to act has been seen or heard, may Allah subhanaw taala give us give us ability to learn from these stories and to implement them in our life. I mean, it'll be the enemy does that can Allah Subhana Allah when you're hungry, now sure to Allah Illa illa Anta stuff we're going to relate exactly my head sulamani Complete with a cat

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