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The importance of faith in pursuing spiritual experiences beyond the current year is emphasized, along with the need for more faith in one's ability to pursue it. The importance of learning to trust laws and taking precautions to stay on the guidance of the Prophet is also emphasized. The importance of perfecting one's faith, staying on guidance of the Prophet, and not regretting past mistakes is emphasized.

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As we adjust to life after number one, our greatest hope is that Allah subhanahu wa ala enables us to see the next Ramadan.

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Ramadan is such an intense spiritual experience. It's so rewarding that even if we aren't able to pass the entire year, we wish we felt the same things that we feel in Ramadan the entire year. We wish more we were connected to the masjid like we are in Ramadan. We wish we were connected to our prayers like we are in Ramadan. We wish we were connected to the fork man, like we are in on Yvonne. And we wish that we were connected to each other, like we are in Ramadan. Many hookless in the month of show while they focus on the type of backsliding that can happen after Ramadan. There's lots of discussion about habits and the need to keep up our good habits and stay away from bad habits. This

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is all true. These are great reminders. But they don't address the main reason that many of us cannot keep up the good habits of outside of normal law. Because habits grow out of our motivation. And our motivation grows out of our faith. If our faith is incomplete, or our faith has weak spots, we will not be able to find the motivation to keep those Ramadan habits going. And every one of us needs not just to focus on our habits outside of Ramadan, but also on perfecting our faith.

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In fact, even the full range of Mecca had some faith before the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was sent to them. They were not atheists, they believe in Allah. And yes, that was not enough. Allah azza wa jal says towards the end of sort of her anger goods are in sales among men and women are working well. Your Sephora shrimps are welcome. They are called Open Allah for the goon. If you were to ask them who created the heavens and the earth, and who subjected the sun and the moon, they would say Hola, then how are they diluted?

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The formation had more faith than many people in North America today. They would not hesitate to answer these questions with confidence. They would not say, well, we don't really know. They wouldn't say evolution, they wouldn't say that Big Bang, they would not say it's all random. They knew the ultimate cause. They knew that the creator was alone. And despite that, Allah subhanaw taala sets them a prophet. That tells us something very important. It tells us that for Allah so karma, it's not enough to simply believe that he exists. It's not enough even to believe that he's the one who created everything. A law is the agenda demands something more with ALLAH SubhanA brings

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up these types of rhetorical questions. The point is always to move to an aspect of worship and to show how theoretical belief means nothing. If we aren't willing to worship Allah, Allah. That was the issue of the Quran. They recognize that Allah azza wa jal was the ultimate power. And yes, they did not worship Him alone. They worshiped idols, they worshipped the angels they worshipped the sun and the moon. They believe that Allah but without Tao, he and Allah subhanho wa Taala told them in a poor en that believing in Allah without tau HEDIS is worthless. So when Allah azza wa jal uses these rhetorical questions, he always then draws our attention to an aspect of worship. And sort of exempt

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consumer Allah I suppose says whether inside the home manufacturers seminar where it was ugly or

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poorly, that's an item managed to their own. I mean, doing the learning in a row attending a law who hasn't done that Kashi fair talk Don't worry. Oh, I believe you're off. My team has money. Now you see seekers, from cigar to rock multi, polar Caspi, Allah, Allah is here to work to what you do. If you had asked them who created the heavens and the

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First they would surely say Allah, tell them, then have you considered what you're calling upon besides Allah? If Allah intended me harm can they remove Allah's harm? Or if Allah intended me mercy can they withhold Allah's mercy? Tell them a law is sufficient for me. Those who have reliance, rely on him alone. This one is obvious dua is an act of worship. It's an act of worship because it confesses that need, it implies the ability and power of the one you're calling out to, you are assuming that they can provide you with what you need. This is why we only make dua to Allah, because only Allah controls and owns everything. Only Allah subhanahu adatta can deliver what we

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need. The interesting thing about this verse in surah. Two

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is that the line of questioning goes someplace completely unexpected. Allah says next, Allah who he ever sickle risk on he may get shut out all the way up until the last hidden Allah have equally shade in NaVi ALLAH SubhanA extends provision for whom He wills of His servants and the Restrict since or whom He wills. Indeed Allah is of all things knowing.

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The act of worship that Allah is pointing here, or is pointing out is not one that usually comes to mind. It's not prayer. It's not.

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It's not what we think about when we think about telehealth and tshirt Allah azza wa jal is talking about trust in general, and trusting a laws of provision. Specifically, if you believe that Allah azza wa jal created everything and controls everything, your faith is not complete, until you trust that Allah azza wa jal is the provider and that your provision is guaranteed. What do I Muslim? Definitely I'm reading that as part of symmetrical so the block is a block of labor setting up all kinds of Allah who idea of Allah koggala of MDF Nova center where he will, he comes in the center, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said, Allah azza wa jal wrote down everything that would happen in

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the heavens and the earth 50,000 years before they were created. Well, I'm innocent no matter who I end up being some Allahu Allah He was 75 What? What can hola hola build Rahimi medica for your poodle?

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A or B north? A or B? Hey Robbie Missoula for either me yesterday. kaha father a rocky

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I'm Sarah Eagle. Well now Resco family heirloom. For youth there will be 30 people and economy. Muslim and the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said, Allah assigns an angel to each child when they are in the womb to announce the various stages of development. And when Allah azza wa jal decides to decree that that child will live the angel centers he asks My lord, male or female, Paradise or hellfire, how much provision? How long will they live? And the angel writes it all down in the mother's womb? Are people of faith? Does it make sense to be afraid of our permission? When Allah azza wa jal controls it? Aren't we taking things too far when we act as if it's only in our control?

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Yes, work hard. Yes, take precautions. Yes, be smart with your money and with your possessions. But realize, realize that part of perfecting in our faith is learning to trust the law. And sometimes trusting a law with our provision is extremely challenging. We think of our kids and the lives that we want for them. We think of all the bad things that could happen to us, that might affect our financial situation, shape, Pawn is waiting, stay upon us waiting for us to dwell upon these thoughts so that he can pay us he can bait us into disobeying Allah. Or if he can't do that, then at least he will occupy our minds with our provision until it takes up too much of our time. And too

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much of it our energy, that is when we can't find the time or the motivation to continue those Ramadan habits, because our hearts and our minds are elsewhere.

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Don't fall for it. Maintain good thoughts about Allah azza wa jal and the provision that he is cited for you have hope that the most wise King decreed for you exactly what you need. Not a penny more, not a penny less. This is part of our faith. And Allah Subhana Allah asks us to perfect our faith. Holy cow, that was such a lot that must have been an equally.

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Setting up What should I tell people you want in a state of lack and without any level?

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whatsoever when an opinion proceed and then what happened didn't have to go through and there is a level of wanting sallallahu alayhi wa, he was highly worthwhile, or certainly was a seaman.

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Is a very next verse, Allah azza wa jal resumes, but questioning what anyone says among men as I mean, as in

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the Afghan Hill album in Bamako, tikka, Allah, for him hamdulillah that's all electoral home.

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If you ask them, Who sends down rain from the sky, and gives life by that rain to the earth after it was dead, they would surely say it Allah. Say to them, Praise be to Allah, but most of them don't reason. Once again, it's not enough simply to believe in Allah, Allah Allah, Allah is not a theory. Allah is not a concept. Allah is not an abstraction Allah is and how the reality and part of perfecting our faith is understanding, a loss reality and living in the light of that understanding. In the very next verse, Allah azza wa jal again implies that the root cause the main thing holding us back, if that were to attach to the dunya, and to concerned with it, he says, one that had it had

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to dunya at that level, what I what even filtered down here higher level category. And this worldly life is nothing but diversion and amusement, and indeed, the home and the afterlife. That is the real eternal life, if only they knew the world is made for us to purchase our afterlife. That's it. Nothing more. It's supposed to be where we distinguish ourselves. Yes, Hamdulillah we get to have fun along the way. But if we lose the plot, the consequences are enormous, and eternal. That's what made the Prophet alayhi salat wa salam say if he had been here before. So we have to also have logics of a book or a Selenium for dunya.

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Mafia, in the Quran, wah

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wah, wah, wah, wah hota, hai Lima.

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And even Hassan. Certainly, that is cursed. And everything in it is curse except for the remembrance of Allah, the Exalted, and everything that's related to the remembrance of Allah, and an AHA scholar who leads people back to the remembrance of Allah and a student whose knowledge results in remembering Allah. This hadith is not about abandoning the world. It's not asking us to shut ourselves inside the machine and never come out. But it's a reminder that if we do not put this dunya into the service of our afterlife, it will consume us. It will consume us and we will lose our way. Everything you do. From the moment you wake up in the morning to the moment you lay down your

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head to sleep at night, as long as it is halau. It can be an act of worship for you. It can be a good deed for you. You can see it's in your scale on the Day of Judgment, you can use it to secure your spot and Paradise. But you have to have the right intention. You have to do it to please Allah. You have to do it out of gratitude to Allah.

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You have to do it while respecting the limits.

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To set by Allah this is how you find balance. If you don't have this intention, believe me the dunya is too sweet. It will take over your mind it will take over your wallet. It will take over your energy and it will take over everything. Allah azza wa jal concludes sort of anchor bolts to the beautiful promise. What does that mean Jeff? Fina, and I had the unknown so we are in the lala land now you want to see Nina and those who strive for us, we will surely guide them to our ways and indeed Allah is with the doers of good. The word Salah uses here leave it very general, even Kathy have mentioned that being guided to our ways, means in this life, and in the next slide. Some of the

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stuff they said about this verse, Allah VNF er, by the way, gonna be mad, ya know? Why, yeah, De Lima.

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That means whoever acts according to what they know, Allah will guide them to learn what they don't know. This is significant because when we don't trust Allah completely, with our faith is incomplete. It means we fall into extreme regrets. When we take a misstep, or we make a mistake. If only I knew this, why didn't I think of that? In real time we make decisions. Without perfect information. Sometimes we forget things. Sometimes we lose sight of things. Sometimes we say the wrong thing to the wrong person at the wrong time, or all of these things still wield by law, and it allows control. Aren't they all part of what Allah has decreed? Instead of beating ourselves up

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about these things, regretting what we didn't know earlier, regretting the honest mistakes that we made. Allah subhanahu Itza either is inviting us to trust him.

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If you try to do things the right way, Allah azza wa jal will continue to guide you to his ways