Wael Ibrahim – Pornography Facts – Episode 1 – Brain Alteration

Wael Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The host of a YouTube video discusses the harmful impact of pornography, stating that it is addictive nature and that research into the field has revealed that people who constantly watch pornography have decreased brain cells and can lead to brain changes that lead to addiction. The host suggests that people should become more proactive in their behavior to avoid future problems and offers to include a video series in the program.
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Hi everyone this is well Ebrahim from the aware Academy and this is * facts, a new life series which will be broadcast on my page and different other pages on the internet, where we will be discussing factual information about the harmful impact of *. And before getting into the discussion of the first episode today, I wanted to clarify something really important and that is, this is not a religious discussion around * and it's addictive nature.

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I will turn usually to science and latest discoveries in the field.

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And that will be it we will not bring religion into discussion. Yes, I have my own personal faith. Yes, I speak about my faith a lot on different settings. But when it comes to *, usually, I bring the latest research rather than bringing religious into the discussion. Of course when when I'm invited into religious spaces, I do turn to texts and so on and so forth from religious perspective. However, this is not the setting of this is not the nature of this, of this series. Secondly, I'll try to be very simple in choosing my terminology so that we don't confuse anyone. So I will try to simplify the language as much as possible so everyone can be on the same page. Right?

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If you could now, turn your attention to the description

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of the video I said the * industry try its best to convince the consumers that their production helps to relieve people's sexual tension. While sexual tension may get relief temporarily while on *, those same people have failed to mention that the same products also promises addiction, intense craving, tolerance to negative behavior, deviation from the norm, and worst of all, brain alteration, and sexual dysfunction. Now, we will not focus on each of those damages that could happen to anyone who constantly watching watch *, we will focus only on brain alteration. And then we will take each of those problems like addiction cravings on on a later discussion, but

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brain alteration, are you kidding me? Some people you know the, they are surprised to know that * just a visual image of people having sexual inter interaction would cause a brain physical brain alteration, a complete changes of your chemical in your brain.

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And these are not my words, these are not something that we are making up. This is a the latest studies in the field of neuroscience, and neuroplasticity, and so on, they have discovered that actually those who constantly view *, they could reduce the cells in the brain to an extent that the most important part of the brain, which is the frontal lobes, or what we call the prefrontal cortex, or sorry, I said I will not use difficult words just the frontal lobe, or the front part of the brain, which is responsible for a lot of important issues like motivation, like focus, like decision making willpower, all these things are essential for our survival. Yet,

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* has the power to actually damage or less or weaken that part of the brain. According to the

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the Institute of Max Planck dimension

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in the study of 2014, that those who frequently view * have decreased brain cells. And they said that it makes the brain smaller on average than those of men who do not view *. Now, imagine this like, your brain becomes smaller that part of the brain becomes shrink literally shrunk, and as a result, you started losing focus and losing control over your own action. Little wonder why people will

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are complaining about the addiction, they would relapse again and again after millions of promises that they've made to themselves that from now on, I'm not gonna watch * anymore, it's destroying my life, it's messing up my system and so on, they go back to it and do the same thing again and again. Why? Because that part of the brain becomes so weak and as a result, they are not in control of their own action anymore. The good news and that's the lesson of today's episode. The good news is that our brain is designed in a way that it can be shaped, more molded, and reshaped and rewired as you pleased. In fact, you can train your brain

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as you wanted it to function, all what you need to do is to introduce to it a healthier way of life healthier habits and enforce these habits by by the by by all means necessary so that you can create pathways in your brain for those habits that will override the pathways of addiction. So I hope the lesson of today was very beneficial I will include in the description or in the comments, more

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links to latest studies around this those who wanted to read more about brain alteration as a result of * addiction so that you can enhance your knowledge around this because I always say the more you know, the more you grow which means the more you know the harmful impact * most likely if you're addicted your brain will resist and fight in a stronger manner because people the the go back again and again to * but they don't know the damage. Do you feel anxious, they feel depressed, the feel bad, they are not happy about what they're doing, but they don't know the actual consequences of what they're doing. And once you know that, you become more resistant to your

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addiction and that's a positive thing in

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overall so I will leave you this for now I will include a few links in to make this program to make this video series successful. I would request from you to really become proactive in dropping in the comments your questions, I will collect your questions as I mentioned the description. I will collect them or read them thoroughly. an hour will create every few episodes we'll create one video to answer those questions. What I'm also planning to do is to invite people who are also experts in the field, perhaps to interview them and to engage them in similar discussion. So this is my passion. Everyone was watching so let's really make this program successful. If you could also share

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the video all what you need to do is just click share and say a few words this program is very important beneficial can save lives if the come to know the harmful impact of * so I'll see you soon. Thank you so much for watching and stay aware

Episode 1.

“The porn industry try its best to convince their consumers that their production helps to relief people’s sexual tension. While sexual tension may get relieved temporarily while on porn, those same people have failed to mentioned that the same products also promises addiction, intense craving, tolerance to negative behaviour, deviation from the norm and worst of all, brain alteration and sexual dysfunction.”

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