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Mirza Yawar Baig


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The speakers discuss the importance of small things in people's lives and how they can be rewarded. They emphasize the need for small things to be small in one's own life and emphasize the importance of sending food and receiving awards. The speakers stress the need for small things to be small in one's own life and emphasize the importance of choosing small things for the sake of bigger ones. They also emphasize the need for awareness of behavior and avoiding big-buddy groups.

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Another email from

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Columbia, mousseline, or li li was heavy advice for bad.

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I want to remind myself I knew that in the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala

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there is nothing which is too small

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there is no

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there is no good deed which is too small and there is no say yeah, there is no bad deed which is too small.

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For example, unless Mandela said favela limosa de la Vina one Salah, thumbs down living on your own, why am known enough and I said that the war on those people the curse of knowledge and intelligence people who delay the salah and who pray to show people and who stop people from doing small things small would

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to smile at your brother, he says

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this is my

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how much effort does it take to smile

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but is it to smile at your brother What is up

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reward us actually on the Day of Judgment this one smile will show in our skills.

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So when it

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comes to remove a

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stick or some kind of embarrassment from the road in saga

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while you're walking away some store or something whatever you just remove that is

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we no longer had is that the man very hard day a man went inside those days is to have these wells which you had to climb down a few steps to get to the water he got down he drank his whatever your drink, he came out is our dog which was thirsty.

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Now the dog which is on the job is panting you're thirsty, the dog will not go down inside so the man went down inside again, he filled his shoe with some water you brought the water up and give it to the dog to drink.

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And as soon as 11 dead for that one action of giving water to a dog, Allah subhanho data will give this bandana

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and similarly as all of them said there was a woman who confined a catch.

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And this G did not feed the cat and this cat died. And that's one of the reasons that for that reason, unless you have done it and throw it into alpha.

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I want to remind myself that

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inshallah May Allah, Allah give us the opportunity to do great things was Danijel. Not a big things insha Allah was there and it was the opportunity. But the reality is, that those great things even if we get it is something which will come maybe once in a lifetime, or maybe once or twice in the whole lifetime, Allah Allah.

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But the opportunity to do something small is there with us every minute, every single day everything will make

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if we live consciously, if we think about saying what we'll do is Allah subhanaw taala when every minute there is a chance to do something, a so called small thing, but with Allah rather than so called small thing is not small.

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The same thing applies for so called Small backing

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with a light is not it is not small, even a small so called which we may think you know what doesn't matter, it's a little thing. If with algebra direct is not an easy thing. For example, if you have we have our umbrella, by the grace of Allah, all of us have servants who work in our houses, drivers and this one and that one, and sometimes he does something and almost instantly, you know, the tendency is to shout at him or to curse him or to something, but you hold yourself back not for the pleasure of Allah I will not do that. You call him and speak to him nicely and say, Look, you have done something wrong, don't do it. We are not saying don't correct somebody Of course, we have to

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correct them, but it is a way of correcting somebody.

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Similarly, somebody else who does something with us, which does not which we don't like, our tendency normally would be to, you know, to just

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to do to kind of do to get angry with them, we don't do that we stop and for the sake of doing all of this in order to please Allah subhana wa that small thing so called small things,

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somebody comes out food, maybe your wife or you know the the common cause the vote The vote is not so nice. And our normal tendency would be to complain and this is what is what kind of food is this you know, this word is not dying or this is too big to assault. But that is a law or

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this is not this lady will cook the food or the man who devote the act as

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if Allah subhanaw taala wants me to eat this food Alhamdulillah

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by dangle as well.

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Because there are people in the world for whom to get that food but we never

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because they have no food

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for us because we have, Allah has given us so much food that we pick and choose, we take a piece from here, take a piece of here, this is not good, that is not good. You know when we when we go to these weddings and so on and so forth. I that that's one of the reasons I one of the many reasons I don't go. But one thing I see every time I go there is there is a whole plate of food like biryani, for example or plate to plate of food is there. And they will say no, take it away. Bring anyone the hotel and

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just because it is there in that list, you just send away a whole world great award because I don't know whatever maybe it got cold or Allah knows best why we send it away, get a new one.

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We'll get a new one if you have to pay for it.

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Supposing you went to a hotel and you were paying for the food would you get a new one just like that, take this away, get a new one. I'm going to build a new one also

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small things, but the small things are very important. Now why is it so important to concentrate on small things? Because this whole idea of small and big is an illustration of attitude. Our attitude towards Allah subhanho wa Taala what do we think about something we desert so Allah with regard to that thing, what do we think we consider it a small thing? The thing is small but for the one for whom it is being done is not small. Because we just said this Allah Allahu Akbar began the Salah with Allah Akbar.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala data is

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there anything which relates to his pleasure or to his displeasure, for us is

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the last area which is to say this is while Kabira saga and so on. So this is for the sake of prescribing punishments or prescribing Hodo for something we don't get on somebody's head for everything. So naturally, you say that you know, something is wrong and something you did, but the idea is not for us to lower the importance of amyloid in our eyes, no, every animal is important, we do not know which animal will take us into Jannah. And we do not know which animal will stop us from entering entering journals. Therefore, it is very important for us, I remind myself that we is very important for us to consciously choose to do everything which is good, no matter how small and to

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consciously choose not to do everything which is bad, no matter how spot, not a quarter of small and big. It's a question of our attitude towards that which pleases or displeases Allah subhanho wa Taala. So one of the variability that the MSE for for salmonella mursaleen Alhamdulillah