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The speaker discusses the issue of man wearing gold and silver and the problem of being perceived as obedient when eating protein. They suggest giving people opportunities to learn about their preferences and being seen as fixated on something. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a book and a song, and addresses the dislike for conditioning, alcohol, and gambling. The speaker warns the audience to stop their nonsensical activities and reminds them to be humble and considerate.

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salatu salam ala ambia even when sitting

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della said in sort of hasher or Kumara Suzaku, or mana hug woman who Fanta who was rather sad said, Whatever my interview gives gives you, whatever my aerosol gives you take it, and not just take it, although it means to grab it and hold it. Also, Amarna hug him and move on. And whatever he stops you from whatever he privates stop from.

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First of all, I find myself and you that this is one of the many I had but one of the main chief I had, which is a slap in the face.

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And which smashes the faces of the Morfa Dean and the apostates who make statements against the shadow of a sort of Lhasa and who deny the Hadees of Rasulullah salah and who are disrespectful Rasul Allah

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May Allah subhanaw taala give them a diet or May Allah subhanaw taala wipe the earth clean of their nose that

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apart from that, this is very clear in making something very obvious to us. And that is

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that the biggest source of misguidance and the biggest source of ignorance and the biggest source of opening the pathway to jahannam for us is our own

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because unless you have done or did not make a distinction in what Rasulullah is allotted and permits and privates, Allah does it will match

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whatever Microsoft gives you,

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Walmart or

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whatever is stops you from it's a completely blanket statement which is free from any kind of qualification and that is not qualified the statement by saying what virustotal gives you in relation to the know whatever it gives you freedom to to stand on your head that is the one for you.

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Now take this example and think about this

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and also realize analyze and observe for men wearing of gold and wearing of silver is hard. Yes. And we all believe this we have no problem with this.

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But the same Russell

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said exactly the same thing about the beard.

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He said for the men to shave the beard is haram

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is not even a simple same amasa lesson. So how is it that we today have no problem with following the Hong Kong of lava lava Salaam with regard to golden and silk but we've got a big problem with following a token with regard to the beard.

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Why? I'll tell you why. Because in any case, how many of us want to go around with gold rings and out on our fingers? Nobody is not even the fashion it looks lousy. You don't want to do that. Right? silk we've got plenty of alternatives to silk, linen we've got the most beautiful gardens in the world we've got world we've got the works.

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So who needs silk anyway

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but the beards

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are enough. We have been

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convinced by the agents have said that

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that to shave your face

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and make it look like the back that a monkey is preferable to letting it be the way

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it is preferable to making your face look like the face of Mohammed Salah lol is Allah in Allah and Allah hodja Why must I need to convince people about this?

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So what do we know we have the

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same Nabhi same problem.

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What does it show us? It shows us that obedience that we do is as per our likes and dislikes. It's not nothing to do with the hormone therapy. We use the home of the Navy only as an excuse.

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My brother I remind myself when you that if somebody gives you

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Ferrara chocolates.

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eating them is not a matter of obedience. That is something you would do anyway.

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Nobody can claim to be obedient when he's eating chocolates or ice cream. Obedience is when you are eating medicine. Obedience is when you are eating bitter medicine.

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Obedience is an issue where you are doing something even if you dislike it, because somebody who you respect has told you to do it. That is obedience. What you would do in any case, how is it obedience that you would do anyway.

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Nuts, pureness

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And that is why I made what made gold as why there will not protect me from myself.

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I remind you on myself that on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanaw taala will hold us to these things.

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We apply the same thing across the world

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in our to our liking and our preference.

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We don't like to eat pork.

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Right? We don't even say the word.

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If someone says sewer

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one is about john verbal.

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Halligan, Super Bowl aqui Niger's, Nicaraguan Alana.

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But because we have a personal dislike for conditioning, of being a Muslim, a personal dislike for pork.

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So you don't even take the name of work?

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For most of us, may Allah protect us, not for all of us, but for most of us also, there's a dislike for alcohol.

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So people generally will not touch alcohol. But what about gambling?

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What about playing gods? What about playing British woman?

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What about betting on resources on the racecourse?

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Well, Allah subhanaw taala made them all equal.

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I'll come roll my zero alonza

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religioso Minh, I'm Alicia, Danny, Danny will

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eliminate them all equal.

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The level of Hormats the level to which it is haram to eat pork, it is exactly the same level to which it is haram to bet on horses or dogs or mice or whatever. Or to play cards

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for money.

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So how is it that one is

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acceptable to us, and the other one is a 2222222.

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So we're moving our masala

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our nassarawa I can give you many examples. But for the reminders only short times I'm not going to give you many but do think about reflect on this. Because if we die in a states, where even if you are following Islam, but we follow a piece that we like, and we don't follow up with that we don't like then we come under the purview of the IRS or the backer board India avato may not be bad Al Kitab una be bad. Allah subhanaw taala Do you take something from our book which you like and you leave out something which you don't like? or deny something which you don't like?

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And what it is you will hire to do that I will make your life so tight and harsh and hard in this world, that you will regret the way that you were born?

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Well, you're my hero, euro dollar and I Illa Shut up. And on the Day of Judgment, they will be turned towards the worst of honor.

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Because this attitude of taking what we like and taking what we don't like is an attitude of supreme arrogance with regard to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Islam demands complete obedience, it does not demand so grim arrogance. It is arrogant to say that when the enemy's Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah has probably did something I say there's probably two or three things I will do one and the other two, I will not do because I don't like it.

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Then even the one that you are doing now becomes 100 against you and not not something in your favor.

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Please let us warn ourselves let us stop this nonsensical way of living this or practicing this deed. This is not how Islam came. Let us be true to ourselves and to tell us why because we do not know when molekule mouth is going to be visiting let me let me say that I don't know how many times are in the same market in the last one year how many people passed away and which of them did we expect to pass or return me?

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Everyone who dies does not expect to die and everyone who dies his relatives don't expect him to write

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then you're always shocked you're always surprised

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he Martina was so cozy by Alberto Tanga Tanga. The same thing will be said the day when you hear our big diet you will say

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marez barakaatuh soldier.

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The point is not that the point is that when the time comes swala no buddy I will not be standing beside you and you will not be standing beside me. Because physically even if you're standing there there's nothing that you or I can do for each other when the angels come. So please remind myself when you let us straight now realize let us make Toba now, and remember that

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Gomorrah sarova Oh, Omaha kumanovo vanta whoa without conditions what

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avernum is Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, we take it and we take it very gladly and happily and whatever is stopped us from this stuff from it very gladly and happily because we need him and we need the forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala the divertissement was Allah Allah Allah Nabeel Karim, Allah Allah he was having his reign erotica hamara humane Alhamdulillah