When your Period begins just before Iftar!

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The speaker discusses the importance of obeying the command of Allah's wife, as it is a reward for doing things that are not fasting. They emphasize the importance of not believing in fasting and not wanting to get rewarded for doing them. The speaker also talks about the importance of forgiveness and Jana's grant of the full reward of the past.

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As Salam aleikum, my brothers and sisters, something very interesting that I'd like to make mention of his women who actually commenced their cycle sometimes through Ramadan. One of the feelings they always say we are so sad we can't fast, or I fasted most of the day right near the end, my cycle commenced. And you know, it's just messed everything up my sister, nothing's messed up, you have a reward greater than, you know. The reason is,

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the understanding of Ramadan is to obey Allah's instruction. When Allah says you fast, you fast when he says you don't fast, you don't fast. That's how it works. So basically, you will get a reward for obeying the instruction of Allah, just like those who are fasting, get a reward for obeying the instruction of Allah. Now, if you were a person who fasted most of the day, you have a reward for that fast you have a reward for having broken the fast at a time when Allah chose even if it was a minute before the dawn of mothering, or before sunset, you have a full reward of acknowledging and accepting and adopting the Command of Allah and you have a reward when you pay it back, you will

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have a beautiful reward. And together with that, you will enjoy the bliss of the evening. There are so many other things you can do your remembrance of Allah and so much more that you can do. So to not despair, because Allah Almighty knows he's giving you a beautiful opportunity to engage in different acts of worship. And he doesn't want you to fast, nor does He want you to pray. So that is something I thought I'd speak about because many people are asking me, I can't pray or, you know, a few minutes before the Sunset, I actually came on what should I do? Oh, the idea is, don't be don't despair, be happy because Allah has written a reward greater than you can imagine. So my sister in

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sha Allah, you smile at the law of Allah, you'll be happy with what Allah has decided and decreed.

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And that's it. Hamden. I'm here, traveling once again, towards the end of Ramadan. May Allah accept it from all of us. This will be short, sweet, and to the point. Again, don't despair. Don't despair. It's to do with what Allah has ordained. And that's what will actually earn the pleasure of Allah, what are we looking for? We don't want to just to stay hungry with no reward. We don't want to stay thirsty with no reward. We just want the reward that Allah has kept for us. And we'd like there to be a lot of goodness and ultimately forgiveness and Jana, Allah will grant that to you. Even if it is laying little paddle. Allah will grant you the full reward of the 83 odd years in Ibadah 1000

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months, Allah will grant you that you worked so don't despair because Allah Almighty knows best. Baraka You take care, as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.