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Let me know salatu salam alayka Colombia mousseline, Laila Ali, he was having his main or bad

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look around that as a follow up to the Barun. Khurana malabu been a follower

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of Muhammad, Allah said for the Brunello Quran

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Do they not reflect on this for our

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Allah COVID follower, or is it that their hearts are sealed, their hearts are locked

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up I like the burner Quran. The number is

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translated as a reflection but it is a reflection but it's also deep reflection. It's not just thinking fleetingly about something

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of a layer of the burner for an deep reflection on the Quran, thinking about the Quran

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and Allah subhanaw taala saying the opposite of that is saying the one who does not do that, Allah, Allah when a follower

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did that their hearts are sealed, there is a there is a covert on their hearts, their locker that

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Allah Subhana Allah sent this column

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not simply for us to decide for Baraka not for us to recite on this day and that day, not for us to recite on this occasion on that occasion which is what we made the Quran you go into a new house you carry the Quran on your head and you recite it is not the current income for this. If somebody dies, you read the Iranian somebody born you read the Koran or some marriage or something you know and the law is not haram to do that is inshallah It is a good thing to do in all of these cases. But if you restrict it only to that in the Quran is like then you are treating the Quran like now Bella as the industry any of their books. Some mantra for something, this is not the Quran, the Quran came for

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our lives 24 hours

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day and night by all means if somebody does you do decide to recite the Quran is somebody is in this in at the time of nausea, somebody dying, you said there is nothing wrong. But don't restricted to that.

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didn't come for this, the Quran came for us to think about for us to reflect on for us to bring into our life.

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So therefore, I remind myself when you to ask this question for us for ourselves every single day and say, What is my flexion on the forehand for today?

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In the last 24 hours,

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what part of the Quran did I reflect on? And what did I learn?

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And I'm thinking reflect on and learn also, let me clarify it does not mean that we take some higher and we reflect on it and we extract some meaning whichever we feel like from desire, no,

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you follow the 30 you read the you also follow you read a proper Tafseer of the Quran and then you think about it inshallah, Allah Rhonda, if you do it with a laser level put the right thing in your heart. So, we are not suggesting now everybody who comes above to you know, take one eye and I reflected as far as what I understood not the the idea is to reflect, but do it according to the method. And the method is that we follow the alama developer series with regard to the meaning of the Quran. But then we after that we reflect on this for example, we

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read this

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in certain further, just think why is Allah Subhana Allah in the surah I'm not going to read the sutras also just through a one or two important things. Allah Allah began the surah by reciting and telling us the narrative that he gave us all the different benefits the earth for this and the mountain for this and so on and so on and the rain and the and the crops

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and then immediately unless rather switches to the issues of the ACA

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in the normal versus the dynamic Yeoman bubble, we saw river that

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the developer cannot solve Why?

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Why is this? Why is he talking about this dunya first explaining to us this is what Allah gave you and then switching to the

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reason is that Allah subhanaw taala first or wants to draw our attention to the thing which we know

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from our own Messiah, things that we know we know the earth we know the sun we know the bone we know the mountains, we know the rain, we know the crops. We know what happens if it rains we don't we know what happens if it does not rain and so on. Allah subhanaw taala is drying our attention to this and saying that not one of these things.

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Not one of these things did you make

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you need all of this, but not a single you cannot make one drop of water wall from the cloud with Allah does not wish it

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you can do what you want. You can do cloud seeding. You can do

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Anything you want, but not one single drop will fall without the isn't alcohol

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so unless rather that takes us to the ACA, our day will come in now you're well versed and economica

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they will come

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and these days sure

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then what have you prepared for this day and Allison is different it is what will happen on this day and so on and so on is there mountains which are put on the earth as pegs to keep the earth stable for cannon sourabh in another place in the veranda as much as it does the mountains become like clouds of dust

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say mountain less and less models mentioning the mountain in one place as as a symbol of stability

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and in another place that mountain is like a cloud of floating cloud of dust.

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So, what have you prepared? What have I prepared for this day which we will see? radical yo meloxin electronic radical Yola.

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avanza de la de marva

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the one who wants to meet is up, and the one who thinks that he will reach his bloody maximum preparation for this.

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We will all meet whether we whether we want to meet our Rob or we don't want to wait to film it. That's why I tell people believe you want to believe Believe it or whatever it or believe that

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reality will not change. reality will not change.

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If I believe that there are 365 gods

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that believe

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in God out of the matter, there is only one Allah

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there is only one Allah subhanho wa Taala whether you believe this or you don't believe this is a matter of your own benefit or half. It does not change the reality reality reality radical younger luck is the kerravala swatara to this day is truth and it will happen it will happen whether you believe it happen it will happen whether you believe it will not happen that day will happen when it comes it comes

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and as well as rather than let him prepare the one who knows this and of course Alhamdulillah we have Eman and Bella we have a man on his column we believe his column is up then what is the next step?

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Again if you believe the Golem is up, we are reading this column we are listening to the para Alhamdulillah but then if we just simply read the column and listen to the column like some mechanical process, it is a Rama was one adalah that even if you touch the Koran with is that with you know meguro and with uttara unit to test the Ferrari reviews look at the Ferrari. Even if you read the Quran without understanding the meaning insha Allah Allah Subhan Allah Subhana Allah will reward This is the law of Allah Subhana but that does not mean that the Quran came in order to be read without understanding is there this is the amazing thing that people think that we did the

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Quran come to that we read it we don't know.

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Technically speaking you even to call that action reading is wrong.

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But this is the run of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Somebody even read without understanding Allah will use in sha Allah, we have the safety net loss handler, you're not denying this. But that is not the maxim of the root of

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the maximum noorani la vida de Bruner Quran,

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Allah Luna

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vida de la bella citizens with such

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Safi was with such you know firmness. Why is it

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Allah Raveena firewall can get

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because the purpose the mcsa grant office guy, why didn't Oberon come? the marks of the Quran so that we may trigger on this person, we think about it, we reflect on it, we bring it into our lives and we live our lives according to that. And this is what I remind myself to do and ask Allah subhanaw taala to make this easy for us to give us the time the force of the tofik and the ability to understand his column and to live his column as it is right of his column that it should be understood and if for some Allah Allah Nabeel Karim, Allah Allah he was having his mind