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another layer of anatomy or schelotto, said Mr. ledger, silly. While alley he was happy as very bad.

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Today is the last of the series that we have been doing which is the series on how real is the agenda

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and inshallah demo football season that today shall.

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Over the last four days, five days, we have remembered and recalled and heard.

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The stories of the Sahaba of us are lies Allah, Allah service Allah,

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who believed in the promises of Allah,

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and who believed in the promises of izanagi Salalah varicella

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and for whom the agenda was real.

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Among them was I live in a valuable Delano, who said, that if Jenna and Johanna are brought in front of me now, and placed here, my email in them will not change by an iota.

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My emotion in them will not increase by an iota. What does it mean? It means I already have a man to the level of your cane in the promise of Allah, which is Jenna, Paul Johanna. And by seeing it, it will not change anything.

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The famous saying onsala me said lasal, CoverGirl minor, he said, the information is not the same as the experience, the information is not the same as seeing something.

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But for the horizontal, I had a match made the information and the scene was equal. Because for them, that information came from Ravi Salas, Allah.

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And they believed in it, not only as if they see, but even more than they see

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the famous quote, also of one of the modern woman in our mothers.

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And I think it was my son, Omar Abdullah and Holla Holla. Who said once to rissalah, she said, we have more faith in what you see what you say, then we have in what our eyes see.

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She said, because our eyes can deceive us. But your goal is Huck.

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Our eyes can deceive us. Very simple example. All of us have been through this. If you are sitting in a train,

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and the train starts to move, and you look out the window, what seems to be moving

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the platform?

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Yes, not the train.

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And you're sitting in the chair and the gentleman starts to move. It goes off takes off so softly and so gently. Then how do you know the rent is moving because you see the platform moving. And you know, the platform is concrete doesn't move.

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So your mind is telling you the platform cannot move. But your eyes are telling you the platform is moving.

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So your eyes are lying to you.

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And I can give you any number of other examples. The problem is we live life as if we are blind.

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We live live as if we are blind. We see examples before us.

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But it doesn't.

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It does not affect us.

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It is a story about a man who made friends with another woman.

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And he said to one of our mothers that I have only one request.

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And the request is you let me know before I'll give me a bit of warning before you come. Don't suddenly turn up when you come to take my life. Give me some money. So Monica was there Okay, no problem. I will give you a warning.

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And then one day suddenly Malaga was turned up and it's time to go. But there was a man who told me he would give me a warning.

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And now you went against your word.

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And you suddenly get a lot of good was that No, I didn't suddenly come up with any warnings.

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They gave you any warnings. When your beard started becoming White was a warning when you start becoming White was a warning when your knees started painting it was a warning. When your back started painting it was a warning when your eyes couldn't see it that well and you had to had glasses on America did not say all these eyes and glasses and you're saying that all of these are

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warnings that the time will come.

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But still, we live life

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and we are always surprised when the time comes. How did it happen?

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It happened exactly the same way as it always happens.

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There is nothing to be surprised about.

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So the question I want to ask myself when you is that we heard all these stories of the cyber is one like

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Can someone tell me how many which wall we mentioned in the story?

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We started with all

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the answer was autolyzed Hyderabad, mo de la casa Nevada

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And then we talked about

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so however roomier the law

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we talked about him two days

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before that was over our data

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and then so every now

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and then we spoke about

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before Villa sarracenia Delano, Mashallah you've been hearing and listening and remembering Mashallah, very good. And then we spoke yesterday about Bill Allah, Allah, may Allah Subhana Allah be pleased with all of them. inshallah,

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the point of all of these stories is not entertainment, it is not just to pass some time is to reflect and ask ourselves, that these were the people who believed in the promise of Allah. They believe that Allah does not lie when Allah says, I will give something, he will do it.

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And they believe that the revelation of lies, Ellen does not lie when he said, something will happen, it will happen.

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And they also believed that if a person believes and that's when I began the first lecture, but why wait for five days back? When I said that, if you believe that there is value in an investment, what is the proof that you believe that, that you will put money in this?

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If you say that I believe that there is great value in this investment that I am not investing one set there, it means that I'm, you know, I'm lying, because if there is value, the outcome, you are not investing?

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And similarly, we believe that there is a loss or there is

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going to happen in a particular case. Then what should you see? From the buzzer? I was talking about what to do see, when the buzzer was that I believe this is harmful. He should not be doing it.

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These were the people who did that. So let's come back to ourselves.

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We just heard the I in the first talk I have further this morning

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in Florida.

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And what was the area that identifies you know, homeline el mapa de nada, bomb Cova da da da da, da

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da da da da. So now feel alone in the iron jazza American Ramadan, Allah subhanaw taala promised and he said, Allah said that these are the people he's talking about the believers. He said these are the people who forsake the sides forsake their beds.

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They get up in the middle of the night, and they stand before Allah subhanaw taala in all of your Tama between fear of Allah and the hope of Allah subhanaw taala as forgiveness and Allah that is that if they knew what I have prepared for them, in terms of gender, which I will give for this particular action, it will be the coolness of their eyes. We heard the promise of Allah.

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Question is,

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we let us ask ourselves, do we believe Allah? Who do you think Allah is telling lies? Or is that he's been the truth which one?

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If Allah is speaking the truth and if you are speaking the truth, that what we're doing sleeping in your bed at that time?

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How come you didn't get a for tagit

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if you think Allah is speaking the truth, how can you do not get up for me?

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So Allah does not lie. Which means who's lying?

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Second one

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is Allah Allah is I was lm said that the one Hadees narrated by Omar Viva delana

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Omar Omar of the human woman,

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she said that you heard from Allah that the one who prays 12 vaca of Salah

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in addition to the fourth which is the first to the 12 sooner

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then Allah subhanho data will build a balance for him in Java

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which are these 12 the two Raka have some na of fudger before the fourth

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and they told us today it's okay to braid after

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but that is not where it is supposed to be. You can bring up they were for some reason you come late but the time was close enough for this one before the before the

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Susanna doesn't have a father is before the Fourth of July.

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So the tools are gonna have further

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as well as well as Ellen said about these tools. One is that these two Prakash before the fourth is better than this whole world and everything it contains. So what do you say about somebody who doesn't pray to

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the will of Allah doesn't believe Allah?

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Does he believe that the Bible is Allah Allah? No.

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So we got the drill to Sunnah before the Father Father for Sona before, to Santa's afterthought that 78

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then those are not after Maverick.

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10 and two Santa's after Isha.

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And they're the one who braved these 12 Allah will build a palace for him and

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I tell me how real is this palace for you?

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How real is this palace?

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How real is this benefit?

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I can guarantee you forget a palace forget a palace. If I set up an offer here and I say whoever comes in prays to recap of of sunnah of father before father which means whoever comes here five minutes early, I will personally give him 1000 rupees.

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And I will guarantee you that even though none of you need 1000 rupees all of you will we are in

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1000 rupees you live is less than what if I don't know anyone has dogs, but if you are a dog, you will put in today's world you would need more than that to feed the dog for a mother,

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but you will come for 1000 bucks

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rupees not dollars.

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The mother has a $1,000 then you will pay the hatchet also.

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So, imagine, imagine what is the level of our email and with this email you want to enter agenda.

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La Jolla what a level

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not for yourself, do not fool yourself agenda is not mine. To give you a takeaway from me, I'm just telling you what we know from the dean. Stop fooling yourself.

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Stop fooling yourself, we will say you believe in the promise of Allah, show it by your actions. Otherwise, when your life is going when molecule mode comes, the shaitan will be standing next to you. And he will make sure that you do not die on him. As simple as that.

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If he cannot even resist shape, and when he is playing games with us now. He just joking. He's not even making an effort, any effort, right? And we can't even resist him now. How are you going to resist a ban when you are on your death bed or in your dead state? Whatever the state is, when Jaden will exercise every force to ensure that you die without him.

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How would you do that?

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How will you and I

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have safety at that time when we cannot even have safety now when he's only playing games?

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I brothers I advise myself, first of all, and then I advise you stop fooling yourself.

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You believe in the promise of Allah or you don't make up your mind. Stop fooling yourself. You believe us Allah you don't believe us? Allah.

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God a great claims are loving us Allah. We love ourselves so much to believe in. So believe Him and do what he told you to do.

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is claiming to our love of Allah is meaningless.

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I would also love Russell line is flying in the air via so how do you think you are going to going to be saved just by loving and loving us well alone is not the vision. The proof of loving Rasul Allah, Allah Allah is to follow us relies on

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us to follow is so nice to obey His atom. Without that there is no love of Allah. Don't fool yourself.

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Don't fool yourself there's no love of risala without the obedience to the soul of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa. So, let us ask ourselves, you heard all these stories

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where are you and I with respect to these habits, because these are the standard against which we will be judged.

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And let us make Ania to change whatever we do from right now. Because without that, without the action,

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there is no benefit of the knowledge. So, let us make sure that we have the actions which inshallah will help us and save us from Chetan

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and enter us into Jannah be very sad. We ask Allah subhanaw taala for that, and we ask Allah subhanaw taala for his help in doing this, and we ask Allah Subhana Allah for protection was a lot on a recurring one. It was obvious right?