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salatu salam ala rasulillah

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he was happy

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today inshallah we will do the last part of the I

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I'll be live in a shot on the regime with us I like everybody and if anybody

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out there is familiar study Budi well you know, we

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we spoke about the importance of feeling the call of Allah subhanaw taala of doing actions which lead us to the hope of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Now understanding from an experiential perspective, what is the feeling and meaning when he said we're in for anybody,

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we spoke about the issue of how to make the the times of the bullet of the acceptance of

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the methodology of making work. We come to the final part of the iOS router I said, fell yesterday Budi, well you know be Lumia soon, Allah subhanaw taala

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described two conditions for the acceptance of the

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last word that I said fall yesterday bully, so tell them to obey me

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while you know be and tell them to have a man on me.

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Perhaps they will be guided. As I mentioned before the Allah the dictionary meaning is perhaps the Quranic meaning is certainty.

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So the people who have fought with Allah subhanaw taala and who have human or lost Muhammad Allah, these are the people who inshallah

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are the people who are guided. The Why is obedience being mentioned before he man

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because if you look at it, if you think about it,

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he man should come before obedience.

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But Allah subhanaw taala saying is putting obedient before he might fall Yes, he will. He will, you know be is because in the human condition, many times the doing of an action produces human.

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For example, Allah subhanaw taala said couteau pyrometry nephrogenesis de Marana bill Murphy Watanabe nonimmune curry, Watteau Muna Villa,

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amor vivaro on her own car.

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As mentioned before, he man

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does not mean that the man is less less important. What it means is that by doing Mr will borrow off on his own car. It strengthens your own man,

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irrespective of what anyone else does. For example, after all, when we enjoy and good, not everybody listens. Not everybody actually obeys. When you forbid evil, not everybody listens, but doesn't matter makes no difference Allah, Allah is mercy has not put a condition on the numbers. Allah did not say you will only go to heaven. If you convert so many people know

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whether you you're going to Jenna and your forgiveness with Allah subhanaw taala depends only on the effort we make.

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is the only condition where the result of the effort is not important in this dunya

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we say what do we say we say focus on the results. effort is immaterial if you can get the same result without effort, all party but if you say I worked so hard, but the result is not there. Who cares? We don't care if you work hard, you didn't work hard, who cares? We are paying for results. But the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah subhanaw taala pays for his art for effort. He has not made us McAuliffe is not made as responsible for the results. Imagine what would happen if Allah subhanaw taala made us mukalla on the result. For example, if Allah said, I will not accept your Salah unless your Salah is at a particular level of excellence.

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What will happen to us but Allah as long as you are making the effort, no matter how many words I wish and this and that and thought as long as you're making the effort to try to correct your Salah insha Allah the Salah is acceptable.

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If Allah subhanaw taala made the same condition, Hajj will not be accepted unless it is perfect what is perfect the level of love is another reason.

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That means you know no one judge

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nobody's had to accept but Allah did not make that let's run that as long as you make the effort in July's accept. So we have to make the effort for lista de Bulli volume in Ruby by obeying Allah subhanho wa Taala. Our demand increases. So many times the dividing line myself I knew that many times to obey Allah subhanho wa Taala we have to just get up and do it.

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Many times people people say to tell them, you know, do this or that in terms of obedience all around that there was another when the thought comes in my heart I will do it when my heart tells me the problem of the heart is at the heart is in the hands of the nurse initiator

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in the NASA llamada Tommaso illawarra Mara, as well as Martin as it usually is

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Surely my enough is leads me to evil in enough Salah Amara to me. So my enough surely leads bitweaver illa Mara Mara, except for the one on whom Allah subhanaw taala has made is

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the one on whom Allah has had mercy except for the one who Allah has mercy on our new force, our nafs leads us only to see it leads us only to evil. So if we say i don't know i will obey Allah when my heart tells him enough tells me you are enough is not going to do your n minus is not going to tell us they are not the nature of our nurses to take us to evil. The nature of Satan obviously is to take us to evil so we have to

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do what is right whether we like it or not. Then inshallah Allah subhanaw taala puts the love of that action in our hearts. So we get up and we make Salah whether we feel lazy, we will sleep we will do that. No, I will make Salah I will make Salah in the masjid, the shotgun with

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Muslim, we will go to the masjid because this is the Son of God.

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I will not pray in the house I will pray in the masjid I will come back home and pray the Sunnah and the field and and so on in the house will not make the house into a graveyard We will also pray in the house but the first lot we will pray in the masjid because that is the place for Salah otherwise you can shut down the Messiah Why do we need more we can have like like the Christians are selling all the churches the Muslim why because nobody goes to jail anymore.

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So we can do that.

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You know anywhere? No,

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to keep verses alive is part of Eman. elista Julie

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tell them to obey me.

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And I'm only giving one example of salah and mustard, but I request you to think about our whole lives and apply this wherever in our lives. What are the things which are the obedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala which our knifes and the shaytan do not allow us to do

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force it force it

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and do it then you will find that under law you break the barrier for Lumina we have a man on BLM

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land the home your shadow so that you will be guided

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the signs of guidance are what inside the heart Even and in the actions obedience of Allah subhanaw taala

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this do you have to know I call it a double a

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double A is the

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yochanan and on Mr.

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And Mrs.

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So two things Mr. ramadasa had right. So have faith and even and then therefore we say have the do the Amal and the Eman will come. The action produces the state of the heart. in customer service training. We train people to answer the phone in a particular way we say we tell them smile whether you feel like smiling or not smile. And because you can hear the smile on the phone. So it's a smile. And you say good morning. This is DHL. How can I help you?

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And this is how you will answer the phone no matter whether you're feeling helpful or not no matter what you want. Hello, why'd you call me No? Good morning. This is DHL. How can I help you? This is how it is to be answered. It's recorded. So if we do it wrong, you get into trouble.

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And research tells us and research shows us that if a person says that 50 times in a day, they actually start feeling helpful and start behaving in a format in a helpful way. Even though that day they may not have started feeling very helpful

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because the the words the action conditions, the mind and conditions the heart. So therefore, if you make our actions obedient to Allah subhanaw taala you will find that the heart and the mind will get conditioned to obeying Allah subhanaw taala. And to having a man

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Felisa Julie Well, you mean ob landerholm Yasuo, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to accept our Salawat to accept our Robin as a dominant force on our lambda field on our handle an akuna National Casa de robina attina dunya Sanatana villa.

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Not so Hannah Baker believes at your mercy for masala surina 100