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The speaker discusses the importance of good work and the morality of doing it properly. They share a story about a wizard who talks about the harm of drinking and causing children to do things wrong. The speaker emphasizes the importance of avoiding harm and the need to protect oneself and family.

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really shocked most of the

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budget give the principal

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how to

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carry out good agile Good work.

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Just this is a very logical thing with crunch talking about

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Ron says

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that you call it your command people to do good.

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Doing while you're doing this

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you forget yourselves to include in

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this your dream Why are you reading the reading the book reading the Quran?

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Don't you understand such a small thing?

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No one is talking about the principal. This often happens.

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Nowadays it is even more prevalent than used to be before.

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When you ask anybody to do anything, for that matter?

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How do you how do you make him do? How would the other men react to it? How would you accept what they'll say?

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That's my plan says

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that our words must be in accordance with our deeds.

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And if you say anything combined

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and you don't act upon it yourself

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would have no effect.

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And the smallest circle

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is home.

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Their sector become bigger and bigger and bigger.

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And therefore what?

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In Europe for example, you will see

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that the elders

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they think

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and children before 18 are not allowed to drink. They have increased the age to 21 or whatever.

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Provide the father the mother or father they're drinking.

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And the children are seeing them drinking.

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And you tell them Look,

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you're not allowed to get

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burned, but they don't listen.

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They experiment. They go to the public do things they

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see their father

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not having a

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certain standard

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around for the adult around for the children is around for the women.

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They know two different standards

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decided around around for all looking around around for all

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if anything good is good for all

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considered children it is permissible, permissible.

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So how do you carry out forms in the community and in your home?

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And this is what causes time with crime, attracting your attention has

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given you command somebody to do

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and you don't include yourself into this. What is

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the story

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of the wizard

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somebody brought

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his son,

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brazing says, boy,

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it's good, so much, almost going to hurt him damaged

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inside the stomach.

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So ask him a God that he doesn't pee.

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So the wizard said, All right,

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you come up with today's

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So you came back after two days.

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And there was a

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told him explain to him the harm

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so much

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other than

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what you've told me now, you could have told us to do before

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what's wrong with it, you should have told

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the truth before

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myself in

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front of told you

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don't say while I was.

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So this is trying to do the moral of the story is that

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when you ask somebody else to do good,

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then you have to work with yourself.

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That's why the principle is

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the diet and health one who invites people to vote, he has to hurt himself. Otherwise,

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say we don't do it. Why should I do

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so the thing is best buy you see

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in a family, their parents, their grandparents,

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children, home the children home their coffee, not the grandparents.

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grandparents are there to play with the

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veggies, the parents from the follow

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grandparents and then can make

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doesn't make any sense. While they're small, they might come with guns and the machines do that.

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But at the same time themselves not raising the frog I should

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defend themselves and they will not kill myself.

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So, the principle is such as the all of us

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or young does make a difference.

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Before you ask anybody else to do good, you have to examine yourself following the same pattern,

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but it is essential

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it will be detected and it has no effect whatsoever.

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That's why

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the holy asked somebody to do good to him subject

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we asked the Sahaba to make resume, but he made the was the first jargon met with some satellite images refers

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to the charity he mentioned. Therefore the the deed act that speaks words do not reverse we hear so many of us say suppose

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arrived give the vase Mashallah very good

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for you to catch him doing something wrong. What they have done worse will be

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couplet, I'll just toss it to you in English. Now.

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That pair of eyes belongs to sometime A

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make a decision except for much closer by signing

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the rent to the to the to the chairman, to ask people not to do this on so forth. But he himself when it came out of the chairman, who could hardly recognize images, same men who had gone in first.

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So that gives the moral of the story. The thing now of

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a Tamura, NASA will drill down on

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one of the Apollo

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missions This is pretty affinity.

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Don't you have a personality?

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Okay, you are asking people to do good. But you do not include yourself.

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At this you are doing what

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you do.

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who aren't susceptible lg coonara.

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Save yourself and your family from the fire of hell. So how would you do that? That

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You had to do that to yourself. Include in this story

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in such a simple name that we understand everything

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the dollar