Ramadan With The Quran – Day 1

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Surah An-Naba

Allah structured Surah An-Naba in perfect literary symmetry centered on Judgment Day. In this video Ustadh Nouman explains how those who sarcastically question the afterlife in the beginning of the surah, are left speechless on the Day they had denied throughout a life spent in forgetfulness and disobedience.


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Now as I leave you, I'll share with you the overall Beautiful, beautiful architecture of the surah. in my estimation, the sutra can be broken up into five distinct parts. The first part, if you remember, were people questioning judgment, a Amata sadhana, Linda number of the millennium fee of 30. For that passage, right? That's one passage. Then Allah describes how this life was created in pairs and pairs create new life. And he made us look all around us, the mountain, the earth, you know, the asleep, the tent, all of it, right? And then the rain and the produce coming out in the gardens. That's your second passage. The third passage is in a Yeoman fastened economy kata, the day

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of separation. That has been appointed day when mountains sail, right that that that particular scene, then so that's three now Right, let's see if you remember them. What was the first one? questioning judgment? A second one? Was life in pairs, worldly life in pairs? And then the third one, judgment a and then that judgment, they will lead there's a continuity, right? They're questioning it. Allah says, Why are you questioning it? There's enough evidence all around you that was second passage. That passage should lead you to believe in a judgment, that judgment is going to lead to only two destinations, which are what passage, you know, four and five are going to be will

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merge them together as four is heaven and hell. There's only these two destinations. And then the final passage which we just went through is humility on Judgment. A angels are standing humble before Allah. Nobody gets to speak even the disbelievers begging that they were dirt. So we return back to judgment day. So now appreciate this. The first passage was people being obnoxious about Judgment Day, wasn't it?

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And the by the last passage, they're humble.

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Nobody, nobody's speaking I am Laguna Minho. Hey, Baba yaku. Leighton equal to taraba wirkkala sahabah. No more nonsense. No more asking sarcastic questions. Everybody says the right thing. nobody speaks nonsense anymore. You see how the tables have turned? When Allah says they will know how well they know when judgment day begins. They're humble. You see the connection between the beginning and the end. Now look at the second thing Allah mentioned. The second thing Allah mentioned was that this life is in pairs.

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And then by contrast, the next life, the pairs are separated, either you're in heaven, or you're in hell, this life next life. And right in the middle is the argument for Resurrection Day itself. And look at the continuity, this life, judgment a next life. And what what everything hangs in the balance of judgment, a judgment, a determines where everything goes, the evaluation of the previous life, and the reward of the next slide. So handle it's a perfect symmetry centered on one thing centered on judgment day. And if you realize that you'll realize something else about this ruler. It began with judgment a questioning it. It ended with just judgment, a the humility of it, and the

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center of it is also Judgment Day. It's this perfect literary symmetry in the Quran. Allah azza wa jal help us appreciate the beauty and the power of His Word. barakallahu li walakum filco Anil Hakim one of our annual er COVID is with chemo salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.