What Have You Done to Prepare for Ramadan

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question for everybody. What did you prepare?

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Especially for the youth you're going to be in your school life is going to be the same. For those of you who work life will be the same, nothing change. But a lot of things changes. What did you prepare? What is your to do list in Ramadan? I'm not talking about food. I'm not talking about seeing people even I'm not talking about taraweeh because it hamdulillah everybody all the massages now are telling you what to do the time this is taken. What are you going to do? What is your plan in your relationship with Allah subhanaw taala how you're going to make this one different, right? A note best is to stick it in a place where he keeps seeing it and say this to Allah subhanaw taala

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this is going to be the best Ramadan of my life.

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And if Allah decided to take me tomorrow, he knows I was sincere and he will reward me.

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And number two, need change shift can't keep doing what you are doing. And you think that Ramadan will be the best is not going to be this way. And three, what are you going to be giving up for the sake of Allah? For Ramadan? Other than food and drink which everybody is doing it? What special thing will you be giving up? One advice, social media.

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Forget it. You have to give up something. Invitations. When people come and eat Ramadan. Allah didn't create it for this.

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Allah created Ramadan with Taqwa to get close to him to be attached to him. So prepare yourself everyone and may Allah subhanaw taala make it easy for all of us.