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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Shafi Ambia Eva mousseline, Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah He right earlier he was sending them to Stephen and cathedra from Abba brother and sisters. This is the fourth lecture in the series of lectures on the fundamentals of Islam on which we need to focus which we need to study

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in order to be able to practice our religion correctly and be eligible for the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala and reward from him when we meet him inshallah.

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I'm brother and sister the default setting for the Muslim is that he or she is a wali of Allah

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is a Willie of Allah is a favorite slave of Allah, who is entitled to the forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala and his reward. This is not my imagination, but Allah Svara stated that clearly in his Kitab in his book in the Quran and said all the will human estate on it regimes villa

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in Alia Allah healer Hove ordinarily him wala whom your husband own and levena AB Armano can we add on? No more bush? Field hieratic dunya Orfila Kira la de la Lika Lika Lima

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Lika who will focus on how we are not surrounded data set which means there will insert Eunos Allah said there will certainly be no fear.

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For the earlier of Allah, the slaves of Allah, slaves of Allah Allah loves

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nor will they agree, no fear and no sadness for them. They are those knowledge describing who are the only of Valentina Armano or can we get to hone. They are those who have ima and who have Taqwa, those who are faithful to Allah and who were mindful of Allah subhanaw taala. Those who are Iman and Taqwa for them. The good news is, there is good news for them in this worldly life and in the hereafter. There is no change in the Promise of Allah. This is the Promise of Allah the day that Alia will have

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Bashara will have the glad tidings of good news for them. In this world and in the next, analyzing there is no change in the

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Promise of Allah. This is the Promise of Allah this is true.

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That truly is ultimate triumph is the final success unfolds, Rahim

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Allah rather than sisters, I remind myself I knew there was one hotel in his infinite mercy did not specify the level of iman or taco. So well let me think about this if Allah subhanaw taala said that your iman and Taco must be equal to this one or that one. And Allah subhanaw taala picks I'm not even going all the way from Salem, which really is the standard, but even to any of the Sahaba or to the the great people from the tabby and so what we do, I mean, I'm looking at myself, what would we do, but Allah did not do that Allah just said even into how much only Allah knows.

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I was around a third and then went even further and mentioned a special favor on us and Allah says Allah Who will you will live in a mono Johan Illumina Zulu Mattila mu. Allah says Allah is the worry is the guardian of the believers. And he brings them out of darkness into light, out of ignorance into the area of knowledge out of a hafla out of heedlessness into the vicar of Allah and the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala

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about our last moment, may Allah subhanaw taala grant this for us which we wish we must always thank why always think about last moment Allah subhanaw taala described a situation of seriously ask a lot around for this for all of us where we will be given the good news of Jana before we leave this life inshallah and he said geladeira who in Alladhina followed up going along so must acabo that Anna Zulu Ali him will Mala Iike to Taha who has no whatever she will be naughty let the condom to I don't know Hello Alia Oh can feel dunya will fill Kira wala confy Hama touch the he and puzzle calm. Welcome to the road, knows who Allah minhwa For real Rahim. Allah subhanaw taala as it Surely those

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who say our rub is Allah and then remain steadfast on that. That is the key the key is tolerable Allah, so must account see our rubbish Allah believe in Allah and stay firm on that meaning work

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meaning obey Allah subhanho wa Taala and because we say he is our up there,

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we don't go anywhere else we obey Allah Smelter. Surely those who say our hub is Allah and then remain steadfast, The angels descend upon them saying, Do not fear Do not grieve, rather rejoice in the good news of Jannah which you have been promised, we are your supporters, we are Your Alia, in this worldly life and in the Hereafter, there in the Hereafter, you will have whatever your soul's desire, whatever you wish will be given to you. And there you will have whatever you asked for you will be given what to even think about what we even wish without even asking, and you will be given something which you ask for a welcome from the all forgiving, Most Merciful Rob Newsela Min minhwa.

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For real Rahim.

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As I've said many times before, there are only two things, there are only two things that are critical needs for the human being. The Huria

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he they're right guidance in this life. And Mark Farah, which is Allah subhanaw taala is forgiveness after death, nothing else is the rosary. Nothing else is critical, the nice to have not critical. I remember remind you that these last moments on Earth are the time when everyone without exception is afraid. Everyone is fearful about a world that we have not seen in which we will not have any power to change our situation. At that time. Allah subhanaw taala will send his melodica He will send His angels to comfort us and to and for them to promise to be with us in the journey. And they will convey it was Allah's one oh tell us promise of forgiveness. nosal is a welcome gesture, like a

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drink of cold water or something or juice for a thirsty traveler, which is a precursor and dramas of what is to follow. So the traveler has been expected his the people have been waiting for him when he comes so happy to give him this to that to take away his tiredness on the journey. And then of course, there's plenty more from

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from where that one came from. Now in this case, this nosal this welcome is the announcement of Jana for the wali of Allah Jalla Jalla, who, even before his soul leaves the body, so inshallah all Muslims are the Olia of Allah. I ask Allah subhanaw taala to include all of you and me, in that, as long as we do not come and shake, or Cofer and we try our best to fulfill our duties. We can hope for Allah subhanaw taala as forgiveness and Jana. Now, what sense does it make to ruin this by taking interest based loans, and thereby removing ourselves from the list of the Olia of Allah and entering our names in the list of the enemies of Allah? Think about that. And if you think enemy is

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a strong word, simply ask yourself, what do you call somebody that you are fighting with? What do you call somebody who you are at war with?

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The two

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opponents on either side, in a battlefield or the Friends of each other, or other enemies? Just ask yourself this question.

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Especially because whatever we take the loan for, whether it's a house, whether it's a car, whatever will remain here, when we die, while our action of challenging Allah and accepting the declaration of war from him, will go with us into the hacker.

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That is how evil interest is. Allah subhanaw taala mentioned our risk in our sustenance in very clear terms. Allah Subhana Allah said, Allah who have a subtle risk Kalama yesha who mean everybody he were cadoola in Allah equally che in Aileen Allah subhanho wa Taala enlarges the provision for whomever he wills of His slaves and straightens it and tightens it for whomever He wills. And Verily Allah subhanaw taala is the all knower of everything. There are laws Valterra say said in Arab Bukka Jezebel Soto Reyes kalima Yasha zero in who Carnaby everybody he hobby from Masirah unless a truly your agenda and largest revision for whomever he wills and straightens it and tightens it and

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restricts it for whomever he wills and verily He is Ever all know.

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are an all SEER office lives he sees them and he knows everything about them. And then I was worried that I said, I want them Euro one Allah Yabba Soto risk kalima Yasha zero in a few Valley Can I tell you call me you know, do they not see that Allah subhanaw taala enlarges the provision for whom He wills and straightens it and tighten it and restricts it for whomever he wills vary in that are indeed signs for people

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who believe. And then Allah subhanaw taala said gold in rugby I was super rich Kalama Yasha where zero wala kin UK Farah Nursey la Jana more say oh Mohamed Salah Allah, Allah, Allah, verily my Arab enlargers and restricts the provision to whom He pleases, but most people do not know. And there are many other ideas of the exactly our similar nature which talk about this. The question I asked myself, and I asked you to ask yourself is if our risk is fixed and this is a factor, this is our belief that our risk is fixed, if our result is fixed, and the only choice we have is about the way we obtain it. Then What sense does it make to take it from a place which Allah subhanaw taala

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prohibited? Whatever we possess in his life, whether it is halal or haram will remain here. Only what we send ahead, that is our deeds will remain with Allah subhanaw taala Allah subhanaw taala told us very clearly, ma and comb Yan follow mama in the law he buck. Well, Annette Z and Avena Saba Rue Jerome the Aysen EMA can we I'm alone, Allah said whatever you have will end will finish will perish. But whatever Allah has whatever is with Allah is everlasting will remain. And we will certainly reward the steadfast May Allah make us among them according to the best of their deeds based on their deeds. And for those who are still unsure and adult for think about this, what sense

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does it make to take our risk from a source which is at best doubt?

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Ask, what if I take an interest base loan and die the next day, I know people to whom this happened

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whatever it happens to miss to us, to me, the fact of the matter is that what is ours, nobody can take from us and what is not ours, nobody can give it to us.

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What is not ours, nobody can give us and what is ours, nobody can take from us, we cannot get more or less. All we can do is to decide the source. We want to take it from the biggest evidence and proof of that is that we will be questioned about the source and not about the quantity. So Why ruin our Accra and be counted among the enemies of Allah for something which even if we get it,

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we will have to leave it behind.

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Something even if we get it, you will have to give it back. Just look at all the palaces and mansions and forts and tubes in the world. People have even forgotten the names of those who built it. But those who built them are being questioned about why do we think that it will be any different for us. Let us build palaces in Jannah, which will be ours forever. And no questions to those who say that was also Saddam did not explain riba

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enough or properly. And the court says and Omar Abdullah Katara Delano, his statement inappropriately, the simple answer is, you're saying that overall, Delano made a general statement that he would have liked to have some more details. He was not saying that a solar system did not do his job of conveying the message because we are very careful about our language. When speaking about Allah subhanho wa Taala or Rasool was a seller and the Quran because as I said, the wrong words can get us into serious trouble serious problems. One of the most important fundamentals of our Aqeedah of our creed is to believe that so Eliza seller did his job of conveying the message of Islam

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completely, and faultlessly. It was his job to teach Islam in every intricate detail that was necessary for us to learn to practice our deen completely. And he did that. There were men of your own, who criticize the detail with which also lies on some toward the method the method of a stranger which is cleaning yourself after urinating and add a stage bar which is cleaning after

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difficulty. And Salado farsi rodella No reply to that. There were there are many other examples of the detailed way in which salsa Salam taught Islam and conveyed this message how then could he have not done so, with respect to riba interest against which Allah subhanaw taala declared war? If he did that with things, which are of lesser importance, how would he have lived this out?

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Therefore, we need to ask two questions did as well as Assam convey the message complete in all respects. If the Muslim says,

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if a Muslim says that Rasulillah Salam did not convey the complete message, but left some details out, then he or she has left Islam,

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his marriage is invalid. If he dies in that state, you you it is not permitted for for the Muslims to praise out of janazah on that person and to bury them in a Muslim cemetery. That person, he or he or she their wealth cannot be inherited by their children or or whoever is

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would otherwise have inherited that wealth from them because they have left Islam. If they come back into Islam, they have to accept Islam again. And they will have to renew their Nikka because the Nikka has become invalid. It is a very serious matter please understand this. Just don't just talk you know, like the OH MY GOD his friend used to say he targeted because he got mouth. No don't talk because you have a mouth talk with some sense understanding.

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Allah subhanaw taala very clearly is it? Yeah. Are you are Rasool Rubalcaba on Zillow. You like me robic, we're Ilam, tough alpha, marbled, lokta Risala wala, who are Similkameen, a nurse in Hola, hola, como el caffeine. Allah said, O Messenger SallAllahu Sallam convey everything revealed to you from your room. If you do not do that,

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then you have not delivered his message. Allah will certainly protect you from the people. Indeed, Allah does not guide people who disbelieve. So, if anyone says that also salam did not convey the message completely that person has left Islam has become a martyr.

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On the other hand, if we believe that Surah Salah Salem conveyed the message completely, then let us follow him completely. Then what's the problem? The second thing to ask those who argue about different branches of Riba and say that some are prohibited and others are not is where is the proof?

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What is the evidence, give us the evidence that some parts of riba are permitted and some parts of Riba. privated.

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Where is the evidence?

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if we

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believe that wrestlers insulin fulfill the responsibility of conveying the message completely, and you privated Reba, without mentioning any categories, it means that all that he privated all categories.

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If some categories were not private, it it was his responsibility to clearly state that if you did not do that, it can only mean that it includes all categories. The alternate is relation that he left out some detail is to deny the Ayat of the Koran, and takes us out of Islam. So please understand, this is not simply a matter of saying, in my opinion, in your opinion, our opinions have no values zero value indeed,

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the only opinion that matters is your opinion of Allah subhanaw taala and is the reason Allah Holly useful

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to understand his father with an example. We know that alcohol is prohibited if someone argues that fentanyl and heroin and cocaine and marijuana are not alcohol, so they are not banned, what would you say?

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That is the reason it is necessary to study Islam systematically. Like we study every other body of knowledge.

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You don't take the knowledge of medicine or engineering or anything else by watching YouTube videos or or tic TOCs

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you go to a school you study under a teacher you pass exams, you practice somebody's watching us you do all of this. But with Islam, we think that watching a video or reading a book or you know watching Tik Tok is enough, it is not enough.

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Think about is the ruling is about this issue of prohibitions on what is haram. The ruling in this case of alcohol is that by alcohol is meant alcohol itself in any form, as well as everything which produces the effect of alcohol which

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As to intoxicated and and interfere with our cognitive ability. And so, every kind of intoxicant is prohibited and it is not necessary for each of them to be named separately. Likewise, all forms of gambling, extra marital and premarital sex, all lying and cheating and so on, prohibited

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in Islam, when something is by rigid, the prohibition extends to all its forms,

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in all quantities, right in all quantities.

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And in an all the ways that lead to it, or

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have anything to it are all privately through in Islam, and something is prohibited. The provision extends to audit firms in all quantities in all ways that lead to it or have anything to do with it.

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Islam sharps are doors leading to prohibited things and everything related to them. The same principle applies to river safety lies in leaving whatever is privated. Because in the end, no matter what it is, the material thing will remain here, but our actions and the reason we took that action will go with us and we will pay the price for it.

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I hope this is clear. We don't want to meet Allah subhanaw taala

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when we meet him as enemies, but as his obedient slaves, was Allah Allah Allah Allah will carry while he was named miramonti Gamma Rahim Yun Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh