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To learn another evil humbly layer of salatu salam ala shadow freedom Gaver, mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam just leaving the theater and Kathy Hamamatsu,

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another sisters,

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as I was explaining to you yesterday,

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growing up is a process or emotional maturity is a process of taking charge of your own destiny.

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As an infant, as a child, we are used to thinking of the outside world as being necessary for our happiness. So

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the infant actually needs the parents, but that mindset doesn't change. So even when we are older, we always look to the outside world to provide us with

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whatever, we need to be happy, and if the outside world does not do that, then we complain.

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One of the ways one of the easiest ways to judge emotional maturity, I'm saying, from the perspective of a psychology psychological counselor, if you want to check, diagnose the emotional maturity of somebody, just monitor their conversation, listen to the conversation. As they're anything, ask them about the world as a world record the economy as about politics as them about whether for example, see what comes out of their mouths.

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For most of us, mlmrc IRAs, only negative stuff come from

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how's the weather it is too cold, or it is too hot, or there's too much rain, or there's too little rain is never correct.

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Most of us come from countries where there is enormous pollution.

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Delhi, just now New Delhi is way over the top. There is over the scale.

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If you're living in New Delhi, then

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some pulmonary problems, some lung diseases inevitable.

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But everybody coughs everybody's because of the air quality or air quality is terrible.

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So my question to you know, I'm the only Indian here but I'm saying Whoever I don't know, whether Karachi allowed are any different or

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Karachi number one, our number two, same thing. Bangladesh, whichever you go, but how all? But how many of us? I'm not saying nobody does. But how many of us when we come out of the house, we step out of the house in the morning. We take a deep breath how many of us are hamdulillah Allah subhanho wa Taala caused me to live in a place where I can take a deep breath of fresh air and polluted clean air.

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We do this consciously. We enjoy it. No doubt. I'm not talking about that just you know, dumb idea but I'm saying conscious is Alhamdulillah Yara

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is no pollution there is no you know dirt. And

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do you think girls well hamdulillah

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like I said yesterday 11 00 am down to an hour delay let Allah send you if you try to count the blessings that Allah has given you, you will not be able to count there's so many. But are we conscious of that?

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See Allah subhanaw taala sent us into this world and he told us why he sent the last round there is it going to Kira oma in Korea leanness, Allah said you are the best people because I have sent you for the benefit of others.

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That is the most powerful emotionally mature statement that you can imagine why have you Why are you here to benefit others? Allah did not say isn't you so that you can make more money as into because of that you can you know do this No. That is part of it. See, the thing is like this as I say in you know maritime dump when the tide rises, all ships rise.

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So, if you want your ship to rise and only my ship should rise the other ship next to me should not rise it is not possible because the only way your ship will rise if the tide rises. So if you are working for the benefit of society and the whole society is now safer, economically more strong, the people have got jobs and people have got good health care. People have got good education, you will also benefit obviously because you are living in the same society

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how can you how can you escape benefiting you can't escape

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what I automatically have to happen there's no other way.

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But instead of that if I think No How can I make money at his expense? This

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you can make money you can you can make money by deceiving by lying by cheating by, but in the process, you are sabotaging the entire environment. So, you are creating an environment which is full of lies and which is full of cheating and so on. And believe me one day it comes back, nobody has gifts.

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One day the way I have been if I if I am deceiving people, the one day the way I deceive people, somebody will deceive me, because that is the environment we have created.

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Now, this is a very powerful realization that I can actually change my own destiny. And this is this is the the, this is also Islamic Sharia This is what Allah has told us, Allah says for you, for Elijah Linzer Illa was for the human being is only what he was for.

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So if I if we, what we need to do is reorient our thinking.

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Think in terms of how can I benefit others, you know, we do this little exercise in my leadership classes.

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We tell people form partners so like our is an IBM partner right? Now each one is given a banana. So you have a banana.

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And the task is it is Bharara but you must not bend your elbow.

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So it's holding it like this. Eat the banana without bending the elbow. And whoever finishes first, whichever pair finishes first, they get a price. What's the way?

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The only one when?

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Exactly? You I feed my banana do new videos to people? And it's out i you i can't bend my elbow and eat it. You can't build your oil. So what must I do?

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Bend down. You try it right. Right. Right, right, right.

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So seriously, the point here being is not not about eating banana is the point here is that the only way I can help myself is by helping my neighbor, my brother, my co citizen, whoever is

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share. This is the whole question of emotional maturity where we think of others.

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We think of others and we say how can we That's why Allah subhanaw taala if you see the prophets and messengers, the Emir and the

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Rasul that Allah sent,

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every single one of them

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worked only for the benefit of people. And Allah sent only one for an entire nation. And the last one Maha Maha Maha Musa Salam, Allah sent for the whole world for all time.

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Muhammad sallahu wa salam ala sent for the whole reporting.

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Personally, they had nothing Busan is Allah, Allah. Allah has observed here one clock used to spread it in the night on the floor and used to sleep and in the daytime you pull down

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easily Sarah, Jesus says he didn't even have that. vision as Adam said what he said is around the Earth was his bed and the sky was his roof.

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Rosa Salem when he is passing by when he is dying.

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He asked his wife I just did the law. Our mother what is what is there in the house she says there is you know a couple of coins. She says he says give it to charity.

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Give it to charity.

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wa salam comes to him.

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This is the as as the crab of the Navi This is talking about you and me. But generally reserve comes with and he says yes with Allah.

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I have come from Europe.

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And he has given you a choice. If you want to remain in this world, then you are Rob will keep you in this world as long as you want to remain. Even if it is still the last day.

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But if you want to come your Rob wants to meet you.

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So you get this choice you can if you want to die, come to Allah Allah wants to meet you but if you want to remain, Allah will give you

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he said I want to quit my job.

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And then he asked the question

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what was question? Yes,

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it is a I am leaving behind my most beloved wife Aisha.

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I'm leaving behind my most beloved daughter Fatima. I am leaving behind her two little grants my two little grandchildren my her two little sons. I'm leaving behind me otherwise, what will happen to them? No. He said yeah. Jabril what will happen to my Oma?

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Who's atomize you me?

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What will happen to my obedience what will happen to my family know what will happen to my ummah

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wa Salaam and he's not replying on his own. This is from Allah subhanho wa salam says your Rob says he will forgive all your ummah except dissolvable except the ones who do zulum Except the ones who oppress others.

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He said he will forgive everybody except the one who oppresses somebody else.

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So, be very careful, be wary.

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Again, the focus is on others. The focus is on others. Allah will forgive everyone except the one who oppresses somebody else.

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So we ask Allah, Allah Who to help us to grow up and to own and accept our responsibility which he sent us with, and live our lives in a way which is beneficial to all people, all human beings, all animals, birds, insects, the world, everyone.

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That is why we came. This is what distinguishes us. This is what makes us the best not because of our race or culture or language. No, it's because we are beneficial to others.

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And we ask Allah to keep us like that make us like that. And we preach with us. Was a lulu will karate wasabi serving them drunk together. All right.