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In the lamb that Allah salat wa salam, O Allah,

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Allah, Allah, he was happy he will Manuela forbad.

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My dear brothers, I remind you and myself

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is a matter of managing moments.

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Life is a matter of managing moments.

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Our life is a string of moments.

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And each moment

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is a witness in my favor or against me,

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every moment of

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our life, no matter how short or long, whether we live for 10 years, or we live for 10,000 years, is a string of moments.

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And each moment

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is a witness in my favor, or a witness against me.

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And therefore, life is a matter of managing those moments.

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Give it some thought.

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in order to help us to manage the moments,

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Allah subhanho data,

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stacked the deck in our favor.

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It's a very unequal and unfair, in a way,

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with the odds in our favor.

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Because every moment,

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every moment is a witness in our favor, or against us. And every moment is an opportunity to rewrite everything.

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Every moment is an opportunity to rewrite everything, you can start with a clean slate

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at any one of those moments,

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from the first to the last.

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So if we have lived a life, when May Allah protect us, which had more moments, witnesses against us, and few moments, witnesses in our favor.

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The minute we get this realization, at any point in our lives, all the moments which were against us, which were witnesses against us, we can wipe that slate clean

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Not only will the slate be clean, but even the recorders will be made to forget

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even the recorders will not remember what the record

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today is the last day of our Elysee

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and inshallah

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we will end today and live

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this evening.

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And whether this Elysee was successful or not successful,

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will not depend on how many people attended. It

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will not depend on who those people were whether those people were rich or poor, or there were scholars or there were people without knowledge or more knowledge or less knowledge.

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Whether this Elysee was successful or not will depend only on one thing.

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And that thing is whether Allah subhanho wa Taala was pleased with us or not.

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That's all

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whether they were 10 people in this Elysee or 10,000 people whether we were in a small hotel or a big hotel, whether we had good food or bad food, whether we had great discussions or lousy discussions, whether we had great scholars or jehlen.

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None of this will make any difference whatsoever. What will make a difference is whether Allah subhanaw taala was pleased with us or not.

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And I remind myself I knew that just as we are saying this about the Elysee, that today is the last day and that it will end the same would be said about our lives.

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There will be a last day to my life and then that life will end at a particular point.

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The particular moment in that last day

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and that is when the string of moments that I was born with will come to an end.

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That will be the last moment.

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And that moment, whether my life was successful or not, will not depend

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on what I left behind, but will depend on what I sent a hitch.

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It will not depend on how much wealth I had at that moment, it will not depend on how popular I was at that moment, it will not depend on how many people were taking my name at that moment, it will not depend on what the opinion of those people was about me at that moment.

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It will not depend on how much power or authority I had at that moment, it will depend only on one thing and that is whether Allah subhanaw taala was pleased with me or not

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there was a king who built a house.

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He built his house,

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roughly give or take 500 plus years ago,

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in India, in Delhi,

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he built his house.

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So, when that King went out somewhere, and he returned he was returning if they asked him when he when he would say

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yes, it was his house

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500 days later that house is the icon

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of Indian Government and authority.

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The Prime Minister of India delivers the State of the Nation Address from the ramparts of that house.

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The world sees that house on television and Marvels My God, what a magnificent fort.

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What a magnificent palace. But it was a house.

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It was a house, the man will did

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his children if you ask them wherever he was.

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And then and when that King died. Before he died, his wife died and he loved him very much. So he built a mausoleum for built a tomb for

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that room that is the toast of the world. A tomb that is called one of the wonders one of the seven wonders of the world. A dome that is a great source of revenue

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for the Government of India,

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a tomb to see which people come and have been coming from the four corners of the globe.

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And in the bottom of that room, in the crypt, lie buried the woman for whom it was built, and the man who built it.

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And I wonder how many of those who come to see the tomb

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even make 10 seconds of dry for the muffler of the one who's buried in this too.

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I wonder how many of them even come and say hola forgive this poor man.

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Forgive this poor man because imagine.

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Imagine the kind of accounting that man will have to give to Allah.

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May Allah forgive him and May Allah

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not be hard on him.

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But imagine the kind of accounting

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the What did you leave behind?

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Live we had all of this.

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And there was another man who was born

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another 500 years before the time of this bed.

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And when that man died,

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it was known about him

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that there was a small,

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small camp outside of Medina.

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And every morning it was known about this man that every morning before father

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he would go to the small cap, and he would spend some time in there

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and he would come back.

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So when he when this man died,

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the one who took his place, decided to go and investigate.

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So he went to investigate, he went to this camp

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and he found that there was an old woman who was almost blind

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Who lived in this camp, and she had a few sheep and goats.

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So when this person entered the tent,

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and he asked this woman who said to her,

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who comes here

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every morning,

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she said, I don't know what it is. I can't see I don't know who the man is. He never told me his name, nothing. But every morning he comes, and he cleans my place. And he milks my sheep and goats. And he gives them

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their fodder.

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And he cooks my food.

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And then he gives me my food.

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And he goes, and he said, I am alone in this world. I have nobody.

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And as you can see, I am so old, and I can't see.

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And if it wasn't for this man, I would not even be alive. I would have died a long time ago.

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This man is looking after me. That's how I'm alive.

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So when I went to investigate, he asked him, he asked her he said, Do you know who this person is? She said, I have no idea.

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And he said to her, he said that person passed away last night.

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That person died yesterday.

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And he said that person was Khalifa Rasul Allah

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string or moments.

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Each moment

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is a witness

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for me,

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or against me?

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Allah Allah Allah said

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alumina demo Allah of ye

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bajo de moda ad, potash, Hello, are you home be maka

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and he said that when that final moment is over and you are standing before him,

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then this tongue

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will be sealed.

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And the hands will speak

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to calima ad

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and the legs and the feet will bear witness

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to what you did

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each of these moments is recorded.

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But as I said under the law,

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see the mercy of the one who created us

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that he gave the it is in our hands,

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give the reader a heads.

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And he said write whatever you want about whatever you want.

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And when the time comes to go,

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whatever remains on the slate is what there is.

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So, when it is written,

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both the good and the evil is written,

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but the eraser is in our hands

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is it is in our hands.

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It is actually possible

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to die with a clean slate

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it is possible to end that viral moment

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with no evil on that select

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only good

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but if we want that to happen,

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then we have to

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remember one other thing

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and that other thing is

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what is that the

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law is the hirasawa less.

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And he said when the last moment comes

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there will not be any moment after that.

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And that last moment will not come one moment earlier.

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There will be no delay and they will be no problem.

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both are not there.

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So we don't know when that last moment is, but we know it is there.

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We have been given, as I said, the deck is stacked in our favor,

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because the eraser is given into our hands.

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Despite that,

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if we still die with a slate that is filled with evil,

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then who do we want to blame for that?

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Who do you want to blame for that?

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But after that opportunity has been given to wipe the slate clean.

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And we still leave

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the evil on that slate.

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Then who's responsible?

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And I told you, I gave you the example of two

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famous personalities in the world which the world knows.

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Do not say this one is here. And that one is there a lot of those were.

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But from their lives,

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we see the life of one who left a great deal behind.

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And we lived the life of the other one who sent a great deal ahead.

00:16:37--> 00:16:39

Question is, where do we want to be?

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Where do we want to be.

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And for that, it's very important to do what we

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asked you to do on the first day of this LLC, which is to write your balance sheets,

00:16:57--> 00:16:58

right your balance sheet,

00:16:59--> 00:17:00

the debits and the credits.

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And unlike a normal balance sheet, you don't have to

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balance the two, you don't need equal on both sides.

00:17:14--> 00:17:17

You can have a balance sheet with no debits or all credits.

00:17:19--> 00:17:20

But read the balance sheet.

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If I die now at this moment,

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and it can happen, because I don't know what the last moment is.

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What have I sent ahead, and what will only be

00:17:39--> 00:17:45

the sum of what we leave behind is really a means of sending ahead. For example, if I build

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something which is of benefit to people, then I'm effectively leaving it behind. But that leaving behind is of benefit to people therefore that is my means of sending ahead.

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But all that I spend and all that I leave behind which is in terms of personal wealth, and

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the rest of it.

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That is what we have to fear.

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We have to fear.

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I remind myself I knew of the last moments of the life of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam, where there were a few coins in the house. And he asked say the

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to give it away to charity and of course, because of the trauma of the event.

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She forgot.

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And then he asked

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he said I have not given it he said Bring it here.

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And he held those coins in his hand and he said how would it be for the Messenger of Allah to be alive this date?

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That's what I find myself when you let us individually ask ourselves and say, how would it be?

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To meet Allah in the state that I'm in now?

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Which one of us must ask this question and every moment of our lives? How would it be to meet Allah? As I am no.

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no credit.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh