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Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a video of a person recounting a story about Islam, including a woman who talks about her daughter's death and her fear of being forgotten. A man claims to have been the king of the area, but she is unable to remember his name. The speaker also describes a man sitting on top of a rock who admitting to himself the king's position, and talks about a movie called "The Greatest Showman" and how it was a wake-up call for the person who was supposed to stay in the theater for an hour.
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Number Illa

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Allah Allah Allah,

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Allah Allah.

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Allah Subhana Allah in Surah Julian Assange, also known as Serato.

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Allah subhanaw taala said

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hello to Alan in sunny Hainan Minna de la mia con Seamus Pura Luz it has man forgotten that there was a time when he was not even a theme mentioned.

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Today I remind myself a new

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that just because Allah has given us some success.

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Some of us have got education, and some of us have worked on fame, and some of us have got some name. And some of us have got some wealth.

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We forget all

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the way to

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sometimes I think, How is it possible? The best example of this is to recall that if you go to a movie, especially a theater, if you're watching, you know, big, big screen and so on, in a theater, you're watching a movie and the movie is very good, great action movie or something, lots of stuff happening on the screen.

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You completely forget where you are.

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You forget the time. You forget the time you forget where you are, you forget the seat of read everything. And you are so completely engrossed in the movie. And they have done many studies where they have actually hooked up machines, and they measure blood pressure, they're measured

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brain activity, they have measured emotional activity and they found that the people were watching the movie, they're actually there their body responds to the movie, they feel sad when something bad is happening decried when something happened to you know pleasant is happening that will actually feel happy the brain activity is different. Blood pressure goes up and down. Now, all of this is happening for something which is imaginary.

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The act of dying on the screen is not dying is this. Somebody is you know, whatever life has happened to them good or bad hasn't happened. It's all the same for something imaginary. And that's where if we relate it back to this dunya and just think about it before we go there. Think about now at that point in time when you are engrossed in this movie. There's somebody who's that who's sitting beside you and is shaking you anything try wake up. This is not real. What do you do?

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You give him a backhand you slam him like this.

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You know soboroff get out. What are you talking about? I'm watching them we're disturbing me is telling everybody get out go away.

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We don't want to leave that.

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What do you think is true? This isn't is all unreal? And why are you crying? Why are you getting all upset for what?

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What do you do with a guy? Somebody does that?

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And if you think about this is exactly what happens to the NBA in this world.

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That is exactly what happens to the NBA of Allah subhanaw taala in this world

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in our head to dunya elaborate Our world is a movie

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The movie is avatar guru

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Don't forget the drill.

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And when the government says this is our last element our what we will do is an IB

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Why are you

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Why are you waking us up?

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We are in gold we are happy whatever it is you know hamdulillah we are very nice. You come on break

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in a minute the hairy lamb Yakuza Moscow de la hora hotel and I don't want to go there. I don't want to remember that one day I was nothing.

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I don't want to remember.

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As well as we're gonna see the Kalam Allah tala in sunny hainault minute the hairy lamb Yakutia missoura. Has he forgotten the retime was on him at one point in time, there was a time when he was not mentioned. And I mentioned this before I said even after a child is born

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until you actually name the child and in some cases nowadays, it's a fashionable thing. Father, one one named mother wants one name grandfather wants a third name grandmother wants a mother name. Between that for 10 days, 12 days, 15 days the child has no identity has no name.

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No man knows that I preserve all these children that I give them a long and good life. But supposing the child dies is during that period What is it Who died?

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I don't think so and so's child died

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which are a para Maria was happy with me.

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I remember when I was about maybe 13 or something.

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I used to go for long walks

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and really

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In Santa Monica.

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In ceccolini odd many of us I used to walk from Santa Clara to the Jubilee is what is doable in those days there was no jubilees so it was the German palace we had a big wall, big, huge 10 1212 foot, you know, cement wall around it. So you could not go and get a huge big black wouldn't get sized walk up to john Paragon and go around john Paris. And I would climb those big rocks. I would sit on top of the rock I would climb the climb the rock. I had a yellow lab Labrador Retriever with me so that my dog and I would walk and I was about 13 years old. I would come from San Diego to San Diego already colony in San Diego already. Currently, there were only six houses. The first six

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houses of the IAS officers. That's it the end that was our property and opposition even our economy till Jubilee Hills, they were just playing my that there was nothing not even not.

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So I used to walk across this land, I did what I used to take my dog with him because if one for safety secondly, because if I got lost the dog would ventilate at home. So

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I was only 30. So I used to walk and I would climb up on top of that I still remember very, very clearly I would sit on top of the rock. And the dog was strange. They would, you know, down below because he couldn't climb up top.

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From the top of that big rock I could see Golconda fort

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and twice I walk down to we're gonna vote. From there. I walked all the way to Goldman and until you reach golkonda, there was no habitation, nothing.

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So I still remember sitting on top of the rock, and actually asking myself this question, looking at gold can afford saying, What would this rock say if this rock had written?

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If this rock had written, what would this rock say? And I still remember the answer I gave myself.

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I remember I said to myself that this rock would say that once upon a time, there was a king in that palace.

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There was a king on Bala Huizar in wilcon who thought that the world ran because of it.

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And today there is this kid sitting on top of me who thinks that the world is all around him.

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And I remember telling myself that his rock would laugh and he would say that King was a liar and this kid is also alive.

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And I have lived before I have lived longer than the world that I'm the king and I have lived longer than the watch. And I've seen centuries and centuries untold centuries when none of this was here.

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And that is the reality of life.

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That is the reality. The reality of life is the minute you Our eyes are closed you have forgotten forgotten

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and sometimes reflect

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you're forgotten whether you were good or bad either way

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because if you are good and you are a very good person then people will not mention you in front of your loved ones because they fear that they will cause them pain

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you know they mentioned you are in a

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givati with a machete

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so the name is gone. And you were a bad person anyway they weren't mentioned.

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Okay, so either

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way this year the journal salaries in the guide Nikki was euthanasia da da da da da Banda or admin of Santa Monica.

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I budwig is our SAP Hey.

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The only one was remembered is the other one was a madhouse. Allah wants to be remembered nobody else. Everyone else is forgotten. Everybody else. Whether you are good or you're bad, you will not be remembered. before you were born, you are not remembered. After you're dead. You're not remembered. During this span. You're sitting in a movie theater watching a movie.

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And when somebody is sitting next to you and saying boss wake up, this is a movie. Don't get irritated with that guy. He's talking the truth.

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Wake up, actually wake up and remember that you have to leave the theater and come out

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to leave the theater and come out.

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Nobody goes in the theater to stay there forever. Whether to stay there for one hour, one hour, two hours three hours.

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Without even going take a picture of an article given his

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life spans are shortening. Musa Noel is alive at 900 plus years

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with a novena bisaya totowa.

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nice bachata.

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One day we have to leave that movie on and get out.

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When myself when you let us remember that let us not stand up as in opposition to Allah subhanaw taala

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if you want to stand up in opposition to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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So just to try one,

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one trick First, the trick is that jump in front of a bus,

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bus is going to stand in front of the bus. If you can solve that, then maybe you want to judge

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understanding opposition to your creative law.

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When will we get some sense? Just because and that also on the basis of what he has given

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that also on the basis of what he has given that's a tragedy. The only people who rebel are the people who have material

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to forgive So with that, I think we will get relegated

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with organic learning we'll be the one who rebels The one who stands in opposition dollars ran out I will do this I will not do that. Unlike alcova, Omar, Omar de Maria, all of this stuff was

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so unwell unless given

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instead of thanking Allah subhanaw taala instead of being inside the walls rather than and zingara Bellarmine because of you Alhamdulillah I'm in a position where I can spend in your path I'm not in a position where I have to beg.

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You have to be thankful. Tell us about that. It was wake up get out of that movie all because otherwise, if you die in that movie,

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imagine somebody says no, where would you like to die? Which one will say I want to die in a movie? Unless somebody is completely insane? Nobody will say that. Which I can tell you by the end of the day.

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No matter where he is, he will not they won't die the movie. And why do you want die in this movie? Are

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they out of the movie? Are

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they out of the movie or die before Allah subhanaw taala let us ask Allah Subhana Allah, let him take his life and we are in connection with him.

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When he connected with him not you know who we are, we just call the world they ask Allah Subhana Allah save us from the deception of Satan and to open our eyes before it is too late. And to open our eyes to his know and to the beauty of his creation and to make us obedient to Him out of love for him out of out of sheer desire to please Him. And may Allah Subhana Allah be pleased with you and me, was Allah Allah Allah, Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was heavy as made erotica.

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