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AI: Summary © The " sight of the beast" is a common trend in news and events, with a focus on informing people about upcoming events and keeping things in common. The importance of remembering and repeating the lesson of the pandemic is emphasized, along with calls to wake up to the news and discuss birth control products. The segment ends with a call to wake up to the news and discuss the importance of the Day of Judgment.
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Number 11 salatu salam ala rasulillah Bard.

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As Taylor said in the surah which is called an Abba.

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I'm alone

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and in a very loving and loving home fee Machiavelli for

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Allah say Allah. Allah say Allah mo

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the word Nava

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means a kind of news

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that is extremely critical and important.

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And about which you have to take a decision. There's not any kind of news

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or just you know, something happened or some something's going to happen or some news of no consequence it means a news which is so critical and so important that it demands that action must be taken that is called another

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and unless one other thing and nobody loves him,

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that Nava and that also on average is so important Navara Lee

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and another levy on V. McClellan only that people who are debating and

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conflicting and arguing about this.

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The point I want to make and remind myself and you

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is how do we say that the news is important? What is our criteria, not saying that something is important news is important. How do you sell it? If the share market crashes, what will happen?

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If there is when there was the

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the pogrom the genocide in Gujarat,

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never call these things Riot is all language creation is not about genocide.

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When the genocide was happening in Gujarat, what was happening in the US, at least was a Muslim the rest of the country.

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We know that a news is a big news, when everyone is talking about it.

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Wherever you go, any

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meeting or any gathering, or anybody's house, you go to or somebody calls you. The only thing they're saying is this.

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You hear what I'm going to share my critical karma magnet. You know what happened here, you know what happened, everyone wherever you go, same thing again and again and again. And again. Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat.

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Then you know that this is something which is very important. Everyone is talking about the same thing. All your emails are on the same thing. newspaper headlines are the same thing.

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I want to remind myself and ask you and ask myself is what about the mention of something which Allah subhanho wa Taala has called number one ID

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number 11.

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How many times a day do we mentioned this? How many times a week we mentioned this, how many times a month how many times a year how many times in our lifetime do we talk about that news which Allah subhanaw taala said is the greatest news.

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now realizing

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how much mention of this is done? Do we mentioned this narela XIM in our weddings.

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We mentioned this novela if you mentioned and it doesn't mean your wedding. They will say Manasa kasi j baccardo? Kappa Delta shadow kusumoto. So multi multi bagger pay.

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We mentioned this novellas the Malaga novella that we mentioned this in our weddings. Okay, we don't want to mention the wedding. We mentioned when somebody dies.

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We mentioned this, when we gather for whatever, you know some party or some gathering or when when we mentioned this,

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which headline Have you seen that one day the world is going to end? Have you ever seen?

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We will Muslim newspapers. Have you ever seen the headlines say that one day the world is going to end look at your life? What are you doing?

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So where is the mention of this news?

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Hello, saying, novellas in

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the greatest issue is that things which are mentioned remain alive.

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And things which are not mentioned. They disappear and die.

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I don't mean that in a literal sense, because the camera is going to happen whether you mentioned you don't measure alive meaning alive in our own awareness alive to the extent where we will do something about it.

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And if you don't mention it, then it's gone. Then you say well, you know what, what did I do today? You've asked myself what did I do today to prepare for the day of judgment and my day of judgment is when

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When I

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say I want to solder

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the day you see the angels is the day of judgment for you.

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When the driver has to come to Arizona xlm there is a Arizona law. When is the sign when is the day that we would look at the youngest one among them and he would say, Allah gives the Long life to this one, the Day of Judgment would have gone for the rest of you.

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Meaning that you rested we would have died. If Allah gives Long life to this one the rest of you would have got.

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So what am I doing to prepare for this thing which Allah subhanaw taala call an ABA in

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the greatest news, the biggest news for which we have to prepare.

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Please make this into a common thing in your homes

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is not sufficient to go and sit and listen to some lecture somewhere and come by and somewhere and not not enough, not enough

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common discussion in your homes at least once in a day, you must talk about the Day of Judgment, we must talk about our debt. Let's talk about what is going to happen.

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You must talk about what goes ahead.

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See the amount of effort we make if there is something of the dunya we will leave I will wake up early we leave our homes early. We'll travel long distances we do this we do that.

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We don't worry about whether you're going to get breakfast on time lunch on time dinner on time. But we traveled we go and we do because

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we have to earn a living

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and big arguments about this. I was allhallows in a cabana coming up Nika, Nika sakana lugana. Okay, let's go

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let's go to Nicola

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in gap gap what is further?

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Yeah, what are you Lana, Mombasa Mar Kadena.

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It was it and then we can talk about digging up from their graves. Yeah, our Ilana Mamba, Santa Monica de la woke us up from our places of rest.

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Who's gonna do this? I will say it will say it

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because we will be all in our way that day. And we will not be woken up. They will not say you will say I will say

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yeah, well you learn I'm bath and iv mercadien read the word and bring it to yourself. alvernia God is upon a bottle.

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They will say Who is there?

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You me?

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For the rest of the I will say when I'm digging out of my grave. I will say Mombasa Nairobi mercadien.

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Man was alone.

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This is what Allah subhanho wa Taala promised and the ambia of Allah Rasul Allah subhanho wa Taala. They were truthful.

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I remind myself in you that it is extremely, extremely important to keep on remembering and reminding and repeating this

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lesson, every single minute every single day over and over and over. Because the rest of the world

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is geared only to make you forget this

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that is happening over and over and over. They are not satisfied with

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telling you once they will tell you that again and again and again and again and again. million times a day, every for multimedia. The television is saying that the newspapers are saying that the billboards are saying that Did you see the advertisement for bourbon biscuits?

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How many people are noticing that?

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How many people are saying this is blatant and shameless exploitation of women?

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This is an issue with the sexist issues agenda issue. It's an issue of discrimination. Why don't they say it?

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If a woman that wears a burqa home as a niqab, it's brick time news. Everybody's up in arms when a woman is being shamelessly

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exploited in a biscuit ad on every billboard in the city. nobody says anything. Why?

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Because there is no awareness of accurate no awareness.

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Even the Muslim feel that your children are seeing that

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your children are seeing that

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young Yaga

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the pitch

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children are seeing it parents that are sitting next to the children saying that neither the parents will share nor the grandparents will save not the children relationship. No one even mentions it. Whatever

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If you see something shameless, then you need to you know, don't even mention it what happens to the children?

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As we all like bogdanova will never.

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Please people stop living. Without awareness, live with awareness. Think Like a brain not to grow air,

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like your brain to use.

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Think about it, reflect and do things. Speak to the children, sit them down and explain doc.

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It's not sufficient only to make money and feed your children. They're not boats, cars, that is all like, I'm gonna get nailed back. I'm

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spend some time on there. thermea

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spend some time on that Serbia.

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I'm not happy to say this, but I spend more time on the therapy of your children than you spend yourself. And that is true for most of you.

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And that's not a good thing is a very bad thing.

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You should be spending 10 times more time on the therapy of your own children than what I spent on their target.

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But people think it's enough sometimes in some mothers or shove them in some with some more deserve and my job is over. appa Haleakala, God does yoga

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as an agent, Nevada de la Vila Viva La Raza that greatest news, big news. Let us wake up to the news. Let us talk about this news and let us prepare for this news as well as raw data to make it easy for us and to open the door for us. So that we do the work which when we are woken up from our war, we will not have to say our Ilana matana

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and we will say Angela that we were looking forward to this day inshallah was Allah Allah. Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was obvious reading Brahma together.

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