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The speaker discusses the warped nature of darkness and the importance of avoiding falsehood. They stress the need for everyone to be aware of the existence of darkness and working on one's thoughts and feelings to eliminate it. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of working on one's thoughts and feelings to make them aware of the meaning of life and eliminate all fear.

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November Allah

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azza wa jal seller Marla via wydad us heavy human Allah.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala surgeons, Elisa Kolja causa, Alberta, in Alberta, Canada hufa less rather as I'd say that the half has come, the truth has come, and the falsehood has disappeared.

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And it is the nature of falsehood to disappear.

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I remind myself I knew

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that darkness has no identity of its own.

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There is no such thing as darkness.

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Darkness is the name given to the absence of light.

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Light has an identity of its own.

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Light has an existence of its own.

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But darkness has no it has no obvious I can tell you show me a light or give me a light or make a light. I cannot tell you make darkness.

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remake darkness you cannot win darkness, darkness means you put out the light.

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Without the light there is no darkness.

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So the absence of light is called darkness.

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Light has an identity or an existence of its own. Darkness has no existence of its own.

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Well, Jalapa halbertal in Alberta, Canada, aka battle is that his darkness falls through this darkness falls short is the name given to the absence of truth.

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And just as

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it requires, to lighten up

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the biggest of rooms which is dark, all it needs to light up that room is not a 10,000 watt lamp. All it needs is one candle.

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Like to Canada don't get like numb.

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So if there is darkness, it means that there is the absence of light.

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And the last thing, the nature of darkness is to disappear.

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The nature of falsehood is to disappear, just like as you put on the line.

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And you cannot say oh what happened to the document? How did it go?

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Nobody will ask this question if you put on the light, he will not say How did the documents go away? It is impossible. No one is surprised because the moment you put on the light the darkness will go away. Similarly, the moment the truth comes, the false will will go

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because that is the nature of falsehood, that it disappears in the presence of truth. Now, if we find

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that there is darkness

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and darkness has

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and then if we find that there is darkness, and we find that darkness

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is not going away, what does it mean?

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It means there is no light

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it means there is no light.

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Now let us bring this into our own lives.

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And say that in our life, what is darkness?

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in our life, darkness is fierce. That is hearing anything other than a lie. Darkness is sin. All the disobedience of Allah subhanaw taala that we do all the breaking of the Sun our solar system that we do out of the darkness. Now if we find that in our life, these things are there and that they are persisting. What does it mean?

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It means there is no light.

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It means there is no like there is no truth. Although we are saying we are on the truth and inshallah May Allah subhanaw taala keep us on the truth. I'm not saying we are lying when we say we are not lying, but you're doing it unconsciously the whole issue is of living thoughtfully. The whole issue is of why why is the the hadith of Nia Why did the first edition Buhari Why Why is it so important?

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Because only when you are conscious of something it will give an effect.

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And God just leave it with something it has no value. So this is a matter of hours. This truth of our this light in our heart.

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If it is there without any consciousness about it, then it does not eliminate even though it is there.

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It does not eliminate.

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It's like a torch the torch is there but you have not lighted this option. It can illuminate but it is not illuminating because we are not doing anything about it. But the same thing if we eliminate it if we press the button that light comes on, then we find that the darkness will go away. And that is that in our lives. If we start thinking in terms of how is this the heat? And how is the Kalamata Eva, going to light up my life? What is it supposed to do? When it lights up? what is supposed to happen?

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The darkness should go away. When I say La la la la, la la la la la la la in the LA. There is no one who is worthy of worship except Allah. There is no one or

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worthy of asking for help except Allah. There is no one who can give benefit and who can harm except Allah. La hawla wala quwata illa Allah, when I have said this, then all the fear in my heart should vanish

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all the vegetable, because if nothing else can have and nothing else can benefit, why do I fear anything? And why do I hope from everything, there is nothing to hope from and there is nothing to fear, if I have any need ask Allah, if I have any, if any fear comes, I tell Allah

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that is the meaning of life.

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If that is not happening, it means the torch is not lighting and we have to work on this thoughts. How do you do that? Stand in that

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stand in that you cry for Allah. Allah Allah my torch is not lighting, what do I do? Because of the strike does not even light in this state? How is this torch going to be lighted when I'm dying? How would you start going to help me in the cover? How is the storage going to take me across the Serato same touch the same Kalamata it has to take us and if that thing is all weekend, oh, you know, unable to do anything, then how is it going to help me?

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So we ask for Allah subhanaw taala help and we have to work on this. This in order to as a calamigos humanity?

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Why do they say work on the government what means what?

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Go to the gym? No, a gym of this life, the work on the kalama is to bring the stories of Allah subhanaw taala into that to bring our coolangatta banjos Allah to our reliance on nothing other than Allah Subhana Allah

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and that is the dispelling of darkness. So stand in dadgad second one, look at our own lives, and clearly eliminate all disobedience of Allah subhanaw taala. Like I said yesterday, there is no such thing as a small disobedience.

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Allah is not small. So his disobedience is not small. His pleasure is not one. The pleasure of Allah is also big. And the anger of Allah is also big. And the disobedience of Allah is also big, because Allahu Akbar.

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So anyone who thinks who do disobeying Allah subhanaw taala. And that person says, this is a small sin is himself Actually, he is guilty of the worst of sins, which is given we just talk about

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he thinks that like nothing electronically, that sort of

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gotten bolder.

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So to give you an intro to

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and lucky enough, I'm happy to do it.

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To gammon is gay,

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habitable, a cappella harmonica masters.

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Major confusion in the minds of people who have no knowledge about Sapphire and Guevara. That's why they either come and learn

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or otherwise that little bit of knowledge you have what will take you to the Hellfire because you are committing something which is worse.

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Becoming a giver with an advantage that by discarding and disregarding his disobedience and considering his disobedience to be not worthy of communism's by yourself,

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we need to act our so we started in dadgad. We ask Allah subhanaw taala for his help in lighting up arts, and we must make Toba for every disobedience of Allah subhanaw taala that is in our lives eliminated forget the rest of the world, the rest of the world, what they say is less worthy than the barking of dogs.

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It may be useful to think about why a dog is barking, but it's no point in thinking about why somebody is saying something. When that person is inviting you towards the disobedience. His words are worse and less important than the barking of a dog.

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Makes no difference. That praise has no value and their criticism has no value.

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Anyone who tells you to disobey Allah subhanho wa Taala his words have absolutely no value for it. Just forget everybody. Look in your own life and say what do I need to make our make our immediately no delay in making over

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the two things stand before us vanadyl and tahajjud and ask Allah subhanaw taala to help and make Toba and remove all darkness from the light that is the meaning of saying Kolja Allah for the

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end it is the nature of darkness to disappear in the battle again.

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So you need to make this effort inshallah. And the effort is for our own good because then our allies will become full of peace and harmony and art will become full of light and you will have no fear in your life. The sound like good or bad. You want to have your life

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to live without your umbrella. And that is what Islam gives us. And that is what is that gives us inshallah We ask Allah subhanaw taala

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To make it easy for us, and we ask Allah to open our hearts and we ask Allah subhanaw taala in light of the level within our heart, so that all the darkness of battle leaves our hearts forever. Was Allah Allah Allah Allah will kill him while he was happy as me