Ramadan Seeds Of Revival – Ruling On Sighting Of The Moon

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The Prophet salallahu Alaihe born on April 30th, Islam uses calculation to determine the beginning of the year. The Sh sponsor of the moon, the Prophet salallahu Alaiheinking, will be the same day as the announcement is made. The Sh sponsor of the moon is the one who wants to avoid conflict, and the Sh sponsor of the moon is the one who wants to go with the local citing site.

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is the one that says, should we go for local citing, or global citing is using calculation that allowed

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in Islam to determine the beginning of Ramadan.

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The Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam made it very easy for you, the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam and made it very easy for you. There shouldn't be any conflict although every year we have this conflict.

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In almost every place almost every place where you go, the prophets Allah sama said its own commune with sumo or Petrochem Yama to through the fasting, for you should be the same day your people are fasting. So that's means the day the announcement is given by the authority this the day we should be fasted, if there is any mistake in the siting of the moon, there will be between them at a loss of our talent not you, but you will be delighted that you will not be affected. So you go with the local site, not the global setting. And even if you everywhere is doing differently but your place says this just go with with that beetelite Allah the Prophet sal Allahu Allah who serve I said we

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don't use calculations, we use the eyes. And this is more deserving to avoid mistake is light Allah. So we use the eye. We are excited if we couldn't see the prophets Allah Salama also made it easy. He said for in Gambale confab in the Shaban philosophy. He said if you signed the moon on the 29th of Shabbat and you couldn't see it. And fortunately, because of something that covers it, the prophets Allah Azza wa said you should complete the calculation of Siobhan to be 13 on 30 days. So this one also is simple. You know, there is no need to fight but the best way and the way of Mohamed Salah Abu salah, because he says, Well, no. And then he says a shadow hacker that Wahaca that well how can

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that you know, in some narration hack that Wahaca Wahaca so it could be 30 days and it could be 29 days.