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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of legacy and how it is not just about obtaining a dream or ambition, but also about living in a way that is rewarding and rewarding. They explain that individuals can achieve their goals by working hard and finding ways to
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100 a little bit out of me. So that was alone while I shuffle and be able to sit in while it was having a bad

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life sat on when I stopped the mode,

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that when the time for death comes, when the idle comes, it will neither be delayed nor will it be brought forward even by

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sola sola Sallam once

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in the sand using a stick, he drew a diagram,

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he drew a rectangle,

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vertical facing away from him.

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And in this rectangle through the center,

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he drew a line,

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went right through the rectangle.

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And then he drew the line extending out of the rectangle.

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And then inside the rectangle across this line, he drew three or four short lines, crossing that line.

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So as I've asked him, the meaning of his diagram,

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he said, this rectangle is your life,

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is the boundary of your life.

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And he said, the center line, which goes straight through the rectangle,

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and out and extends beyond the rectangle,

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he said, these are your desires, and your dreams and your aspirations and ambition.

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And he said, the small lines which cross

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the long line inside the rectangle,

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these are the hardest.

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These are the

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trials and tribulations and difficulties in life

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is that if you

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come to one and you get through it to go to the next one, it will again come and something will come

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until you reach the boundary of the attack. And it says the boundary of the triangle is your depth.

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But the desire and the ambitions of people, they extend beyond the boundary.

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Now, if you think about this,

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to have desires and ambition, and to have aspirations that go beyond your debt,

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is not a bad thing. It's a very good thing. Because that is the whole meaning of legacy.

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If you did not even realize Allah himself did not have the ambition that Islam should spread on every

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home on the face of the earth,

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then there will be no work of doubt because he was working only towards his death until his death and there will be no doubt so even the ambition of the Rizzoli goes to the Day of Judgment, it goes way beyond his own life. So to have a dream or an ambition to leave a legacy naturally means that you are thinking beyond your own lifespan.

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And under that is a good thing, nothing wrong with it.

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The question is, what is his ambition?

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It's not how long is the ambition? The question is what is ambition. The ambition is only to accumulate wealth. And if it is only the material, then it's not an ambition.

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And that is the thinking of a squirrel. Because that's what a squirrel does before the in the winter, before the winter it accumulates nuts.

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And he'd become a nutcase. Google it nuts in different places. And it digs up. This is what dogs do, they take bones and dig up holes in the ground and the barrier was in the pocket where the bone is.

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And that's what exactly human beings do to lay money and so much more money and more money.

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There's no purpose to that accumulation,

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no purpose degradation just for the sake of accumulation. Some people accumulate things. Some people accumulate curios, some people accumulate just money, there's no purpose without a coalition.

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On the other hand, there is also the ambition that people have. And the rest of them is sort of lies a lot of self.

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And the ambition is not for cumulating of money. It's not forgetting of stuff for a self. It is in order to benefit all of mankind.

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The ambition goes beyond the lifespan in order to benefit all of mankind. So the thought always is what can I do?

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So that I can leave behind a legacy of honor, which will continue to do good long after I'm gone.

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And that is something that we need to think about and say what will be how will we live our lives in such a way?

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And what will we do so that when we are gone our work doesn't stop with us the world

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while all this is happening Of course, there are the hierarchies there are the calamities, the trials and tribulations of life itself, which we have to deal with.

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And for that, as we said, trials and tribulations are of two kinds, unless rather just

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by giving an allowance rather also tests by taking away

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and when we have a test of giving, then we make sure or call us rajala and we have a test of taking away

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So, through sugar and sabzevar we deal with the trials and tribulations and difficulties of life.

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And then when the time for death comes in with that in jetliner state of human activity again, in the rationale Allah subhanaw taala and muffet Avalos Radha in the forgiveness

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and in the UK, there are laws around the data and your life we live our lives the way that he showed us through the blessing of his messengers, Allah Allah

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and inshallah we can hope for his mercy and we can hope for forgiveness on the day of judgment when we stand before him.

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But the key thing is to continue to live our lives in such a way that we DBI in this

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legacy of lava Giardia for ourselves.

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Where the sum total of our life is not described, in

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terms of a few bubbles in a fall in terms of a few NYX snacks that we have accumulated, no matter how many those are. There are people who have enough to build museums but what how does it help them doesn't have them at all anyway.

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That is not the purpose of life. The purpose of life is to say how many lives you touch. How many people have had the suffering, how many people did you elevate? How many people did you help to get out of oppression and injustice? How many people did you guide to the right path, which is a pathogen?

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Because there is no guidance that is better than the guidance of armas. Allah Allah, Allah, Allah and to take that to the whole world is the purpose why we have incentive to ask Allah, Allah, to open this truth in our hearts and our minds, so that we understand why we are created. And then we live our lives in such a way that we fulfill the purpose of our creation. So that when we're done with all of our data, the market is pleased with us. Insha Allah was Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah He was the rock magic.