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In America salatu salam ala rasulillah. But

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a lot of 100 data said, but I will I will never do.

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One too heinous in Dawn's room, when I know

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a lot of

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my data set, that when the time comes, when the breath is stuck in the throat

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and you are standing there looking on.

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At that time, Allah said that Allah is closest to the person who's passing away, but you do not see him.

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Remember brothers, I would like to remind myself and you that this time which Allah subhanaw taala has described, will come without doubt, on every one of us,

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there is nobody who is born, who will escape from this

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the day the minute we are born, there is only one guarantee and that guarantee is that this time will come

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and about this time rasulillah is allowed is no seven second is

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that there are two kinds of receptions.

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The first kind of reception which we asked Allah Subhana Allah to make it true for us is where malaco mouth will come. And along with good mouth, other angels will come and they will come in the most beautiful forms. And they will come and they will sit Morocco mouth will sit by the head of the person who is dying

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and the angels will come and with them they will bring the perfume of gender. And they will bring the cloth of gender. The Medical Board will sit by the head of the person.

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He will say to the person ha Isla de la dia de Maria, Maria Maria, He will say to the roll come out to the forgiveness of Europe and to the rest of Europe.

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The angels will come and give the Bashara of Jen and there was an earlier won't we'll have to do novella instead up by your friends in this dunya and we will remain your friends and yaka and they will give the Bashar of Jana and they was the nozzle of Manila for Rahim and there was this is the greeting and this is the the the welcome

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from Allah for him from Allah subhanho wa Taala in his beautiful attributes of forgiveness, and then when the soul is extracted, as soon as the laws are observed, it will be like a drop of water falling out of Egypt

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without any pain without any suffering very simple, very easy. inshallah. And then as soon as I said, the soul will be taken by the angels, and they will it will go from hand to hand like a newborn baby is taken by the relatives of that baby. And they will close this soul in the clothing of Jana, which will be green silk, and very soft and very good. And then it will be taken up to the gates of the first seven and the pit and then the guards of the gates will ask Who is this and the angels which are wearing the person they will mention the name of the person with all honor and glory, with his best names and with the best ways in which that person needs to be addressed. And

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the angels of the gate will say welcome he is awaited

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or she is awaited and the gates will be open and this will happen all the way heaven up to have an up to heaven until the soul is presented with Allah subhanho wa Taala who will go and sleep in your cover peacefully like a bride sleeps on a bed, and you will not be disturbed until the Day of Resurrection. And Alice Madeline the same has been described and Allah will order that the grave should be furnished with the muffler shop of the gentleman, that the grave should be furnished with the force of the agenda with the with the furnishing of agenda Allah knows best what this is, and then it window will be opened in the grave.

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And the angels will say to the person look through that window and they will see the hellfire. And they will say that that could have been your place. But B is the light Allah is by the fatherless Renata, that is not your place, and the window will be closed, and another window will be open. And they will say this is your place and they will see the agenda. And the beautiful breeze will grow from agenda into the gray. And the gray will be full of Knower and full of great comfort that we cannot even imagine.

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He asked Allah subhanaw taala to make this our brother in Sharla and to make us live our lives in such a way that this becomes our culture. And we ask Allah to make this the mother of all those who are part before us. And of course as Rosa Salaam described the other side also, when the angels will come and when the angels come, the soul knows that this is the time that they

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He was to deny, and the time has come. And so the soul will disperse in the body, and we'll go into every cell of the body, but there is no escape. There's no escape. So medical mark will then drag the soul out. And also lasala Salim said it will be like

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a Pawnee brunch being dragged out of a ball of wet wool.

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Every single, every single strand will come will tear loose.

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And with unimaginable pain, that soul will be extracted, and they will be foul smell. And this soul will be wrapped in the clothing of the Johanna which will be extremely uncomfortable and thorny and very harsh, and then the soul will be taken up to the first heaven and there was a hostess and this person will be mentioned by his worst names and they will say this person is not permitted to go beyond this and the gate will not be over

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the occulus router to protect us from that ending. And we ask Allah swagger to enable us to do that which will help us to make the ending of the first one and not the end of the second of the second one. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to open the doors of his Rama and his and his and his mercy in this beautiful month of Ramadan and to make it possible for us to live our entire lives in such a way that when we go there Allah subhanho wa Taala is pleased with us because that is the only thing which matters that is Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah Allah and I will leave you as heavy as made the rock Modica