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Is It Okay For My Imam To Hold The Qur’an While Praying

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Is it ok for the Imam to hold the Mushaf while praying? What does the Hadith say on this? Is it a sin or haraj if one does so?

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi divulges details.

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My mom must have while he's praying Is that okay?

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Sure. It is narrated in Sahib hottie that one of the servants of Arusha had not memorized the Quran and so he would hold the most half internal way and recite the Quran from there that are we is not fun prayer. So the rules are a bit lacks. So if the Imam wishes to hold the most half and he wants to do that it will not invalidate the site will not diminish the rewards of the salah and it is permissible to do no doubt it is better to recite from memory as the way that the Muslims do, but there's no sin. There's no how much there's no harm if the Imam holds the most have and you may hold the most as well in your private always