Sects and Cults in the Muslim World #05 – The Beginning of the Major Fitnah

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa Taala, Allah sailor mousseline Valley he was happy about aquasana. Our prayers are due to Allah, Lord of the worlds peace and blessings be always given and showered upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad, his family, his companions, and all those who call to his way to the Day of Judgment.

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My brothers and sisters, our viewers, our friends, salaam, alaikum, warahmatullahi, wabarakatuh

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Alhamdulillah, we have another opportunity to

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do a deep dive into an extremely important section in Islamic history.

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And it is one that many people overlook, or in some cases, they try to confuse. And it's critical for us to have a background in Islamic history.

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In other words, what is it that happened, even before the time of Prophet Muhammad? So seldom? What were the events surrounding him?

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What was the environment? Like? What were the people like? What were the challenges that they were facing. And so this together, sets a stage for the revelation. And the revelation comes, dealing with incidents, dealing with calamities, dealing with happiness, sadness, all types of issues, and giving it a divine light, which can be used not only in the time of the province on solemn, but to the Day of Resurrection.

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And so it's important for us to keep that perspective, to be able to put things into context. And so as we go through this very critical topic, we want to go step by step, and even to review certain points. And to put it out there because this is not cut in stone. This is not the core and

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this is an attempt to try to undermine

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Stand what happened in that early period of time, and to relate to this in our own lives. And the basis of this foundation is the fact that Prophet Muhammad SAW sanlam clearly said in many traditions heydo NASS cottony to Medina, your Luna home to Medina, yo, Luna, the best of people are in my generation, then the ones that follow them, and then the ones that follow them. So the people in the generations the prophet SAW seldom, this was the Sahaba radula, one who alleged my main

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and they were people who had faith, they met the Prophet, peace be upon him, they witnessed him and they had faith. So if a person met the Prophet peace be upon him, was in his presence, but did not have faith, and then later accepted Islam, that people that person would be a Tabby as a follower.

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And but the Sahabi is the one who's the companion, in the same way that the Hawaii or the disciples of Jesus, Isa Alayhi. Salaam, are the ones who were his disciples in his time. But Paul, who was an enemy, to the believers at the time of Isa, a Salaam, he later on, claimed that Jesus came to him on the Damascus Road, and his faith began. But his faith began after easily Islam left the scene. So he's technically speaking, not a disciple. He's not the first generation, he would be the next generation. And so the Prophet peace be upon him, in describing the movement of Islam, and Muslims tells us of that first generation, and then the next and then the next. And they are the best in the

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sense that they have the tarbiyah they have the model of the Prophet so seldom, they have that sincerity of intention, and they were actually put to the test by Allah subhanaw taala. The meccan period was a period 13 years. And it was it was a time of struggle, of strife of purification in the same way that you purify metal with fire. The believers were purified in that first period. They weren't they were no issues, no commandments to make salaat five times a day. There was no commandments to pays the cat, no Hajj, no fasting in Ramadan, character building, connection with Allah subhanaw taala self sacrifice. So you have your head together, your understanding together,

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then the revelation comes in a higher form, and you're able to hold on to it. And so in gradations to doddridge. Their Deen was solidified until after the time of the prophet SAW seldom when fitna trials and tribulations came into the land, when the test came to them, they were able to withstand the test. So being a companion, being of the best generation does not mean that you're an angel.

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It does not mean that you don't make mistakes. But it means that you understand Toba, you understand repentance, you understand how to criticize yourself, how to repair yourself, and you have other companions around you, who are also blessed with the light of prophetic wisdom.

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And so, we learn from this generation, not in the sense that they are above us, and we can identify with them. We can identify with human beings, rich, poor, black, white, Arab, non Arab, we can identify with them. And that helps us as we move along the path. And this beautiful generation that was there. We're taking in the messages of the Prophet Sal seller.

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And I want to repeat again a lot about even Saudi Arabia law one said, once the Prophet Muhammad SAW Southern prayed the morning prayer with us, and then turned to us and gave us an intense sermon. And think about this, he makes fudger and then he turns around and gives an intense surgeon out of bad continues which made our eyes filled with tears, and our hearts quiver.

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Someone then said O Messenger of Allah, it is as if this was a farewell sermon. So what do you enjoin us with? So think about this now. He's speaking so sincerely. And with such strength, such emotional spiritual power, it's like, this is the

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And so to take advantage of the end they said, Give us an advice. What was the advice of the Prophet so seldom, he said, I advise you to fear Allah, and to hear and obey your leader,

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even if he may be a slave of Ethiopian origin.

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This is important. You hear and obey even if the person is not in your tribe.

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And a slave could be a Roman, an Arab, or non Arab, not just Ethiopians, by the way, because Ethiopians were powerful people. They were the US horrible feel. The people whose army was so irresistible that attack Mecca, and only Allah subhanaw taala could stop them.

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So it was a love hate relationship with Ethiopians. In one sense, there were Ethiopians who were slaves, like the Romans and the Persians and Arabs. But in another sense, there was also powerful Ethiopians that the Arabs were a little afraid of literally afraid of.

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And so this is a deep

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way of describing a leader. So no matter what is that person's where it comes from, the prophet peace be upon them then says, and this is where our Shah had really comes in. Surely he among you who lives after me, will see great dispute if they laugh and kathira. So adhere to my Sunnah and that of the rightly guided caliphs, who will come after me, stick closely to this sun, buy into it with your Molas. And beware of newly invented matters in religion, for every invented matter, and religion is a cursive bidda and cursive innovation, which leads us astray.

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And so this authentic hadith and tell me the and I will doubt

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it sets the stage for us. And this is where this concept that we are now using the other sonowal Jama Sunni Muslims. This is the major group of the Muslims and I wanted to continue to repeat this. So we understand what the basis of Islam is, what is the basis of being a Muslim? It is not the so many different groups and sex and this leader and that leader, and this one says, he's a prophet and this one says, he's MADI, or mujaddid. Well, no, the basis is those who follow the Quran and they follow the Sunnah.

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They follow the methodology of the Prophet so solemn, and they are the Gema they are so was an atom, they are the major body of the Muslims. And so this body now was entrusted with the message. And at the end of the life of the Prophet Alayhi, salaatu, wa Salaam, he began to communicate to other people, this is part of his message, it is beyond that he must take this message to other people, and he told his companions in the farewell sermon, those who are present, take the message to those who are absent. In other words, everyone on earth needs to hear this message. And so letters were sent out to the kings of the known world.

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After the mount arafat sermon, letters were sent to the Byzantine Romans, to the Persians, to the Ethiopians of axon, to the different Arab nations in southern Arabia Central,

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whoever was known

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letter was sent out. And so the ban was done that is public. That is the spreading of this message and the prophets and celebs that badly one evil IRA, spread this message, even if it is one verse on one side. But what was the reaction? The reaction in Arabia was mixed.

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There were 1000s, who embraced Islam. But there were also 1000s, who were unsure and even fight against Islam.

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And so, it was a struggle right from the beginning. This is human nature, because human beings have the ability to choose between what is right and what is wrong.

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truth can be clear in front of the person, but they're enough Sal Amata bisou, the lower self, the confusion inside of their mind, their pride, their ego, their wealth, can cloud their eyes to the message. And so the Romans, who were Christians who was Greek Orthodox Christians, and their leader, hierarchy aeolus, who actually got them

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message and and spoke with Abu Sufyan and some of the leaders of Qureshi who were there in Constantinople at the time, he actually realized the seriousness of the message. But he refused. He refused to listen to it. And the Byzantine Romans attacked from the north. This is a large army, we're talking about when they decide to attack over 100,000 will come down to attack and we found that the profit so seldom went out to them, to meet them in a place called tabuk. Allah put fear in their hearts, and they never showed up.

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But this was the beginning of incursions that were being made by the Romans and their vessels that are sad, bent over son, the recited Arab tribes, who were living on the border that would be like around Jordan, or northern part of Arabia today. And so,

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incursions are happening into the Muslim lands, and Muslim have to respond to the incursions. The sassanid Persian dynasty, a dynasty stretching hundreds of years Persia stretching 1000s of years, they attacked from the east. And when the letter came to the Persian leader, he took the letter, and he ripped it up.

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When the prophet SAW Selim heard this, he exclaimed, mazurka, Allah homolka. May Allah tear up his throne.

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There was there was nothing in between the Muslims and then, but animosity. But it is not the nature of the Muslim to attack. They gave the ban that was the job of the Prophet so seldom, but the Persian attacked from the east.

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And so it continued, with hostile military actions happening around, but Muslims still spreading Islam. And so the wars that go on against the Romans against the Persians, against the liar prophets, the Arab tribes, that's not to spread Islam. Those wars are to deal with oppression oven, hon Maru for Nyan Wonka, and it opens up the way for the ban.

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And this is a key critical point for our understanding of history because many people confuse the war against oppression. When the Muslims are attacked with the ban, the war is not the beta. Because people cannot embrace a faith change their life in hostility.

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By began the spread of Islam comes later. Until this map gives you a sort of an idea of the beginning. It's a little bit rough edged, but you'll see a dark brown there in the middle of Arabia. And that is the growth under the Prophet so seldom. You'll then see another shade of brown, which is from 632 to 644. And then you'll see a lighter brown 645 to 661. It's spreading now. And then you can see how it goes on. And it goes up within 100 years, Muslims had reached the Atlantic,

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they went far north into the Caucasus Mountains of Russia. They went deep south along the coast of Africa, into the Swahili lands. They went to the east until they reach China, and also the islands of Southeast Asia. And so Islam spread amazingly, it was what you could call a super state, or continental super state. Because it goes from most of the known world. It is dealing with so many empires, so many ethnicities and languages. And it's at a time when they did not have mass communications. He could not travel if you are living in an Andalus in Spain, and you want to send a message to the Muslims who are living in China, or in Southeast Asia, it will take months before

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your message comes. So how do you govern in an area like that? This is the challenge. And we need to understand what happened to the believers in this first three generations. And then further after that. And so the prophets are seldom in speaking about the qualifier, Rashidi. Remember in the Hadith, the prophets of Salaam salaam aleikum, be suniti was Sunder talofa Rashidi

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hold on to my son and the Sunnah, the way of the rightly guided caliphs.

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And so that is what we will call the caliphate or the caliphate.

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The prophet SAW seldom said here authentic hadith, the prophet after me in my oma will last for 30 years. And they will be a mulk a kingdom after that. So this is reported in Muslim I'm meditating very deeply Marja, it's authentic. And so it shows you that, you know that so now the whole of our Rashi Deen, the one that you bite on to the one that you really take serious with the Prophet Sunnah. It's really within that 30 years now there are certain people who will come up in history.

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Like the halifa Omar Abdullah Z's of the remains later, they consider him to be a rightly guided caliphs. You'll find leaders that come up in Islamic history that take you back to that early time.

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But this is the time this is the basis that forms our history.

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And according to one historical conception, Abubakar Siddique, radula, one rule for two years, three months in 10 days, Omar, Al Fatah, read the law one, he ruled for 10 years, six months and eight days worth man rhodiola. One, he ruled for 11 years, 11 months and nine days. Ali rhodiola, one rule for four years, nine months in seven days, and Al Hassan, and we'll find out how he comes into it. But our scholars, you know, put him in the category because the Muslims are selected him has rightly guided Caliph, Ali, when Ali was asked in his deathbed, should we choose your son? He said I don't say yes. But I don't say no. If he had said yes, it would be milk. Because that would be a song,

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right? It's a kingdom. It did not say that. So the Muslims selected al Hassan. And when you add his six or seven months to these totals, you'll see it comes to 30 years almost to the day.

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And this is part of the prophetic prediction. And so challenges facing the Muslims. And again, we need to understand these challenges. In order to conceptualize divisions. How can divisions come about even this early generation? How can people split into a sect? When the revelation is clear? When the Prophet is solid? How can they do that? Partially because of the rapidity of the spread of Islam 100 years, and you're covering the known world, also in the periphery, and amongst the masses. In many cases, there was a lack of knowledge. They did not have Elman nafeesa, the solid beneficial knowledge and what do we mean by knowledge, this genuine knowledge remain the original teachings. So

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maybe you get a secondary tertiary source. And you can't go back to the Quran, you don't speak Arabic, you just listen to this teacher who got from a teacher who got from a teacher, you cannot check it with the original sauce. So sometimes the culture of the people then comes in. So you will see different shades of Islam, you will see the Islam of people who lived in Persia. You see the Islam of people who lived in the Roman lands, the Islam of people who lived in Hindu countries, the Islam of people in the Buddhist lands, the Islam of people who lived in North Africa and West Africa, there is a flavor to it. And that flavor is okay if it's just a cultural flavor, in the

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sense of what you eat, and the texture of your clothing. But when your previous religion

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when your previous leadership comes in now, to make a stake within Islam, that's a problem.

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And so the lack of having original teachings, Arabic sources, and prophetic tarbiyah meaning the prophetic example, the training, that living training, and this is so important because Islam is not just the theory. It's a way of life. And one of the best ways to take Islam is through a teacher who lives Islam. And it is said that Eman Malik Rahim Allah the Great Imam of dar el hijo, that his students would say most of what we learned from him was not book knowledge. It was his attempt. It was it was his etiquettes was his character, because he was literally living the Islam of Medina and he was living to prophetic message. Another challenge that the Muslims faced was that you

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huge influx of wealth, wealth was pouring in. Because imagine now, people living in the Arabian Peninsula, not known for its riches. And after a short period of time, the Roman Empire Falls,

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the Persian Empire false. These are the richest empires on Earth at the time, and the riches are pouring in. And any human being is under a test. The majority of people nine out of 10 is going to fall. When too much money come in It is reported that the companions of the Prophet Sal solid used to say that when we were with Rasulullah, saw solemn life was it was Dada. He was difficulty, but our faith was solid. But after his time, when the wealth was coming in sodre, when it became easy and so much wealth, we were unsure about ourselves. So this is the challenge. And there are certain great cities that fell, cities like Damascus, cities, like Basra and Kufa, in Iraq, the big cities

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of Yemen,

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Constantinople, eventually, major urban centers, Alexandria, Scandinavia, when these major cities fell, you have urban settings. And in an urban setting, in the marketplace, especially, you'll find people of different nationalities doing business. And so for instance, in Iraq, in places like Basra and Kufa, two most famous cities in Iraq at the time, you have people of all types of nationalities coming in. And also, you have people with different understandings, people who are maintaining the ancient religions, who are also there. And so uncontrolled mixing of the people.

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And that is not that people should mix. But the Muslims need to dedicate areas where people are making wudu, where we have the right intentions, where it's clear what our position is, is not the souk, the so called the marketplace, everybody's inside of there, and that's a town too. But there are houses of Allah, there are addresses, there are Islamic institutions. And so but when this uncontrolled mixing comes in the cities, then we find ideas from all different levels of society, mixing with the teachings of Islam. And so what develops, and this is an extremely important point, to keep, in your mind, mark this point in your mind,

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the Romans, who had conquered much of the Mediterranean, and date back, not just the Greek Byzantines, but the Italian Romans. They have a civilization that lasted for hundreds of years. It was international civilization. And so when their major areas fell,

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their main bodies, Constantinople, which is now Istanbul, Rome, their main centers of power, still continued to struggle to get their land back. They still continue to struggle to propagate their religion and their concepts. And so this is how conspiracies develop. Individuals pop up in the Muslim world. And because Islam is open, because we are Dawa, we want people to come in, all types of individuals are coming in. Sometimes they're your enemies. Sometimes they're your friends. And sometimes there's a new term today called frenemies, and that is your friend. He acts like your friend, but he's your enemies. And that munafo pain that that shows up within Muslims, and that type

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of near FARC which is which is in all people. This forms the conspiracy,

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the Persian Empire, Persians have a deep culture that goes back 1000s of years. They had some of the great philosophers of the ancient world, the Zoroastrian beliefs, they influenced the Roman life, they influenced people fire worship. I mean, we're still lighting the fire for the Olympics up until today to start the Olympics.

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And so the fire worship is the sun worship is they go far back. And so when the Muslims were blessed with victory

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Because the sassanid dynasty was corrupt, and it was falling apart,

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they ran away. They went into the Highlands and if you go north you go into Turkistan, and you go high into the mountains of northern India, and they they hid, but they came back, and they fomented conspiracies. And so people coming in trying to push the royal family over the leadership of Islam. People coming in trying to push Zoroastrian ideas, cult type ideas into the world of Islam.

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And the danger is, is that when they learn to speak Arabic, and they get some Islamic Studies under their belt, then they have the ability to make it confusing, and this is Toby's place. This is where the shaytan comes in. And it's the devil's deception. illusion is created. And this is important for us to understand what happens in fitna

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why these divisions actually came about. Also the pagans of Mecca. People accepted Islam Alhamdulillah. But inside we all have a struggle with our jahir Leah

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ignorance. And that pagan thought the Bedouin Arabs, who didn't fully have a chance to meet Russell law, Solomon take in the teachings, that paganism was still there,

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that Jaya Leah was still there.

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And especially the aristocrats of the Persians and the Romans, you see, and this goes on hundreds of yours doesn't end. It becomes a power struggle even between Persian and Arab. And we see it up until today. What is going on, if you look between the lines, also factions of the yahood because very Israel had received the message before the province on Solomon, many of the known messages of the 25 mentioned in the books came to Benny as failure.

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And so they were expecting a final messenger. But the problem was, they thought the messenger would come to Abraham's family on the side of Sarah.

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But they didn't realize the side of hajah. Remember, on that side, hotjar Haggar, may Allah be pleased with them all, his smile, a smile,

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will be pleased with him. And then the prophet SAW Selim coming out of this, they didn't realize this, that the Prophet peace be upon him was underneath their predictions very possible, because he's from the family of Abraham. And so factions of the yahood embraced Islam and factions opposed to Islam and became the enemies of Islam. So they were also part of the conspiratorial challenges that face the Muslims. So it's important to have this in mind as events start to happen. Because people tend to

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to tu tu tu brush over this time.

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And cardi Abubakar Ibn Arabi who is a great end to Lucien leader, and he wrote our seminal callosum. He wrote this text and I'll bring it in, and I'll actually show you this book later on. But this text is dealing with the fitna itself. What happened during this time these confusions, it's hard to find a clear text. In this you have to be able to go through history books and and try to understand things. And tabaka did an excellent job in this. Now, the fitna comes, what was the response of the qualified Russia gene to the challenges in general, Abu Bakar has a deep rhodiola one.

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He was a firm leader.

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And he took a strong stance and he was very much in line with the Prophet so seldom, he was probably the closest one to him. Remember, he was

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what you could consider the first adult male to accept Islam. He gave Dawa to many of the national budget in 10 people promise paradise. He was the one who made the migration with the Prophet so seldom, he is the one who on the Prophet was sick, he said you take the people to Hajj. When the Prophet was sick, he said you pray. So very important person and I will back out saw the responsibility to continue what his beloved Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam had begun and so he was

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very firm against the challenges Omar but a hot tub, rather low on as we'll learn later, who became the next Khalifa,

00:35:10--> 00:35:11

a highly disciplined person,

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organization, strict control over the senior leadership. And his expansion was measured expansion. So Omar was blessed with this balance. And this discipline, as we will see,

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or man radula. One was a relaxed person.

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And he was the kind of person who he couldn't say no to you.

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And there are many great scholars. I remember one great scholar, I was living in Medina check. Abdulaziz bin Baz checked in bass. And they said he was so kind to people that the only time he would say law, meaning no, is when he said La ilaha illa Allah, then he would say that other words, otherwise he couldn't say no, because he was just so kind to everybody who was good man is this type of personality.

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Strong Muslim, organized, but a relaxed type of person. And a person who is easy going type of person. So he has a relaxed control of leadership and avoidance of internal discipline. He doesn't want to discipline a lot of people. He doesn't want to be too harsh on the people. So these are some of the qualifier, Russia, let's, let's look with a little more details into their response. Because this is important to understand. This is our basis right? Before you find out what happened to us understand our basis, and our backers a deep rhodiola one whose rule was the shortest of his major achievements was that he unified the various Arab tribes. It was a very critical time. And there

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were people who are past stated ryda and so many of the Arabs who had not had the Terabithia and the closeness of the prophets of Salaam. They still had the Bedouin nature. They refuse to accept or they said okay, we're going to go back on it. And some of them even said, Okay, well Muslims, but we're not going to pay zakat.

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And Abu Bakr Siddiq read the law one said it if they do not pay one call, just one writing

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that they paid in the time of the Prophet so solemn I will fight them

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and everybody was confused. You got to go out against all these Bedouins Abubakar decoys report he got on his on his, his Well, I'll go by myself.

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And so he was firm. He took a stance and when that fitna came in the beginning, it was Abu Bakr Siddiq, that that kept the boat from going underwater in the storm. And so during that critical time, he was able to maintain the leadership. And then not only that, but he prepared them to go forward to take the message to oppose those who are attacking us. Because remember, the Romans were coming from the north, they stopped in tabuk. But when they went back, and they considered what had happened, they regrouped. And they were on the border in the recited area now present day Jordan and northern Arabia, and they wanted to attack. So Abu Bakar prepared the Muslims for this rock have

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prepared the Muslims for the hostilities that were coming out of the Persians

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hoback already Alon got the Muslims together to deal with Elias, remember the liar profits. And so he is, is a key point. It's not a long time that he's ruled two years plus, but it is central to the future of Islam. It is a stake. It's like that main stake that you put down in your tent, that is Abu Bakar Sadek. radula. And so in 633, he defeated the ryda.

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And he was able to convince he sent out people to different parts of Arabia, he confirmed it, that basically the whole of the Arabian Peninsula basically came into Islam. And that itself is a major achievement. And with that stability that is there, the Muslims, then we're capable of going out further and to deal with DDD crises that they were facing with the Persians and with the Romans

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aboubakar kept the status

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and he ensured the sameness of Islamic teachings and morality. In other words, he wasn't going to reform Islam. He was going to revive it. And so and so he kept to the Sunnah he kept to the book. And he maintained that.

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He also made it clear that he didn't care about the size of the empires that were there. He was ready to struggle, and he would have gone forward if Allah had not taken his life. Ready Lama.

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O Baca then selected our oma to be the Khalifa. And the 10 people promise paradise and assura of the top margerine unsolved and the Muslims they accepted Omar Why would they accept Omar Abdullah hartog radiola one because Omar was a special person, Omar strength. The Persians were coming to great empire. The Romans were coming from the other side. The Ethiopians were still there, right? They elephants are still there and excellent.

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There is fitna going on. We're just a small group. Where in Arabia, we need strength now more than anything, Omar is a pillar of strength, to the point where it is said that when Omar walked down and alley, the shaytaan will either be left any of the shale, Tina there and the gin. They're all around us, right? But if an evil Genie, the shaitaan is coming in the other direction. When he sees oma, he goes the other way.

00:41:36--> 00:41:44

So Oh my head this kind of personality. And the prophet SAW Selim said in words that if there could be a prophet after me, it would have been Omar.

00:41:45--> 00:41:48

So it was a logical progression.

00:41:49--> 00:42:46

It was a logical choice that they made into choosing Omar rhodiola Juan, and his major of achievements, achievements, and there were so many is that the attacks came and major victories came during his time. And by these victories, this is the military. He opened up the way for the dour. The fighting is not dour. Let's make it crystal clear. The fighting brings hostility, it's against the oppression and the dour. the spreading of Islam comes after that. And so he brought in large territories. During his time Damascus was conquered in 635. Jerusalem, 637, Babylon, this iraq 641. to Alexandria 642. is adding lands in Syria, Egypt, Persia, North Africa. And this is an amazing

00:42:46--> 00:43:35

thing now that's coming in. empires are falling during his time. What does he do? He doesn't sit on his laurels. He's an organizer. And this is the beautiful thing about Omar radiola. One, not only is he a spiritual person, not only is he a learned person, but he's a highly disciplined organizer, and administrator. And amongst his public works, he introduced the Islamic calendar. You know, we use hijet up, we say after the hegira. This calendar was developed in the time of Omar rhodiola. One. And that's important because when you have this calendar, you see this is remember the superstate how do we organize Muslims all over the world? How do we organize our Hajj?

00:43:36--> 00:43:50

How do we organize our timings for the Islamic year to Ramadan, the more harder on so many things? These are the new Islamic key. How do we do this? He said we're going to follow the lunar calendar, but it will be after the hedger

00:43:51--> 00:43:52

very important.

00:43:53--> 00:44:24

He also did a public census. So he was starting to deal with population now. Population growth. These are the makings of a state. He also started the construction of public facilities. And so you will now have a calf walk off where your National Trust's, you will now have your information, your education, you will start to have public facilities, you have places for feeding, you have places for education.

00:44:25--> 00:45:00

These are his administrative major achievements. He established departments now this is your government now. Department of the military, Department of Education. We also establish jails, taxation, police, public Treasury, regional rule, armies, he appointed judges is now paying soldiers. There are ranks. This is the making of a state in the time of the

00:45:00--> 00:45:45

Prophet SAW the sunlight, they had solidified themselves. But they were basically dealing with the revelation. They basically knew their morality, they basically had the parameters. But how do you turn that into a state? And then when you expand so far, how do you turn that into a continental superstate? And so Omar sets the pace. Now the beautiful thing that he did, in terms of communications, you know, in America, we used to have what is called a pony express, that was started by Omar rhodiola, one in an organized way, it was in different countries, but he organized. And so that is where you have a message, and you give it to a rider who takes it a certain distance

00:45:45--> 00:46:02

to another outpost, and there's a rider with a fresh horse, he takes the bag goes to the next one, he takes the bag goes to the next one. And so in the shortest possible time, your message can go hundreds, if not 1000s of miles.

00:46:03--> 00:46:05

Read the law, one who has made

00:46:06--> 00:46:07

it his vision.

00:46:08--> 00:46:46

He focused on education, and especially the Quran itself. He focused on people getting the talim learning the Quran itself, and a beautiful way that he dealt with the non Muslims coming remember, Persia fellow, these are non Muslims, by the millions, Roman fellow. These are not Muslims going into Egypt, Syria, these are non Muslims, he did not force people to convert to Islam. Remember the propaganda against Islam, except Islam or I chop your head off, no,

00:46:47--> 00:47:20

no forced conversions. And by this, and allowing the People of the Book, and even the people or the produce of the Zoroastrian types, to worship their God in a sense, and to add to pages, they will pay a poll tax which is less than a cat By the way, and they will pay the tax by being able to do this. Omar then gives a positive impetus for people to embrace Islam.

00:47:21--> 00:48:19

And so it's an amazing move that he made. And one of the key elements of his rule is justice. And justice. oma, his reign was filled with justice. He enforced it everywhere, he would even punish his own son. In his case, we punished his own son, who will punish his officials, anybody who was going off the path, and he proved himself to be a model of administration for those who followed him. And so, because of this, the Islamic empire, which now became remember our continental superstate, it became the second largest empire in the world after China. Remember, there's no Persia now. There's no major road in sections of Rome, axon, Ethiopia is only a certain area. This is a superstate.

00:48:20--> 00:49:05

Chinese have a huge territory and population. This is the second largest empire on Earth. That is the achievement of the Muslims. Now I want you to keep something in mind now. Because we need to understand fitna how it happens with people remember I told you about the lineage of the prophet SAW the seller? It's important to keep this in mind. And the Prophet Sal Solomon was Mohammed bin Abdullah bin Abdul muttalib even Hashem even abdomen aff even Kosice even killer even more Raven car even though he had been valid we've been fair who was Quraysh a bit Malik even another even ki Nana even Jose might have been Modica even less even muda you've been designed and Muhammad ibn at Nam.

00:49:06--> 00:50:00

Okay so and this takes you on the Ismail Allah Islam afterwards into Ibrahim annex. But going back to this Naga look at the lineage, so anybody coming from these names, or the offshoots so in the case of Abu Bakr as Siddiq, he came from benu tame tribe and tame even motora even Lu a bin Khalid Ibn Farah, now look at this. When you look at modra who is 340 see, even Cobb below a bin valid a bin that's Quraysh. So Abu Bakr Siddiq regular the team tribe, they go back all the way to the time of Mora is one of one of his sons. So so it's Quraysh, but there's a lot of branches

00:50:00--> 00:50:12

Have kodesh Okay, put into understand, it's not Hashem, right. It's a branch. In the case of oma, he came from he was banner ad.

00:50:13--> 00:50:19

Right, and this is Quraysh. Also, an ad is a pedicab, even though a bit of algebra.

00:50:20--> 00:50:48

So if you look again at your lineage chart, after Mora is carb and so rd is the son of carb. So it is it will be a branch that comes off of carb and then goes down to make your branches of Kurdish. So technically speaking, the first two Halifax were actually from the Kurdish they were offshoots of Kurdish but they were not bento Hashem

00:50:50--> 00:50:50


00:50:52--> 00:51:01

some of the traditions of the prophets of Salaam clearly state and when the decision is being made, who will be the Khalifa

00:51:03--> 00:51:06

It is reported that after the death of the prophet SAW seldom

00:51:07--> 00:51:25

that the Ansari went to a garden inside of Medina. And they wanted to choose these are the helpers of Medina, the Mahajan he came and they showed them that they did the qualifier is coming from the Quraysh it's coming from the Mirage

00:51:26--> 00:51:51

the answer you either was or are you other supporters. And in some cases, if there is somebody from kodesh it points to the fact that we should take the courage as long as they are capable of doing it. Okay, so the first two are from Quraysh and then comes with Mandy been affair. Now as men even the fan, important to remember, he is omega it

00:51:52--> 00:51:53

is banno omega.

00:51:54--> 00:52:20

Okay, but he is automatically our fat. And he's known as Lou noraim because he married two lights to the daughters of the province of Sallam one passed away he married another he's a special person. And amongst his achievements is that he continued the policies of the previous colleges. So although he was married, he did not see himself as a different political entity.

00:52:21--> 00:53:17

Because he had that light is he man overcame any tribal tendencies that he may have had, because he was made. So he continued with things like the impartial justice for all the mild and humane policies, and Islam continued to expand it expand it to Libya to Cyprus to Afghanistan. You see, Cyprus even made a Navy. So a Muslim Navy was developed under the time of its man ready Lauer goes to Afghanistan, to Armenia, Azerbaijan. And so it is moving, solidity solidifying in different paths. And probably his crowning achievement, is the fact that you remember when, in the time of the Quran, when they are the readers of the Quran, when they were killed in the Battle of yamamah,

00:53:17--> 00:53:38

against mustela al Qaeda. So many hundreds were killed. And so Omar then realized that, you know, we have to do something because we're losing Quranic readers. So they gathered together, the different writings, sometimes the Quran was written on the back of a tree.

00:53:39--> 00:53:41

Sometimes it was written on bone,

00:53:42--> 00:54:30

sometimes a type of papayas came from Egypt, or wherever they could get it. And they collected all of this, and they put it into the house of hafsa, the daughter of Omar Reddy, Allahumma, who was one of the wives of the Prophet SAW son. So they collected in the house of hafsa. And it basically stayed there. And so after almost time with men realize this is serious. Because remember, Islam is spreading to different countries, and especially in Iraq. Iraq was the home of fitna of tribulations trials. They say there has been more coup de tars and overthrows in Iraq than maybe anywhere else in the world.

00:54:31--> 00:54:33

buss raw and Kufa

00:54:34--> 00:54:59

is the source of so many things. Even if you look at source of Bukhara When the angels how roots and marut came down with Saha with magic. As the Quran states it came in Babel. He came to Babylon. Where is it in Iraq. And so cults, people with different ways of thinking and claims and and bizarre and Kufa will also

00:55:00--> 00:55:20

literary centers. And so people who could do poetry and when they learn Arabic, Arabic was there in their marketplaces. And there were some Arabs living in the region as well. And other people speaking Syriac and collodion and Persian and other languages as well because it was controlled by the Persians.

00:55:22--> 00:55:33

Once the message comes, it becomes aerobicized. And people are learning Arabic. At the same time, they may have had a previous religion.

00:55:34--> 00:55:46

And so with that previous religion in back of them, and with now learning Arabic, they start to make their own heartbeats. So he said, the prophet SAW some of them said, you should love your country.

00:55:48--> 00:55:56

You should you should love our just like somebody today says, you know, you should love your country, more than anything else, you die for your flag before you die for God.

00:55:57--> 00:56:15

They would make things up and try to say that the Prophet son seldom said that. And so the Muslims had to start sorting through the sayings that were coming to determine what was authentic from what was weak and what was fabricated. And that's the science of Hades.

00:56:16--> 00:57:13

Also with the court, and the people are now writing things and trying to say it's the Quran. Remember, Messiah Lima, himself had his own book. And so confusion is coming. So therefore we need to unite. And so the different great readers of the Quran, Zaid Ibn dabit rhodiola, one of the great leaders that we have, those who are still alive, are all brought together to make a committee type a shorter of the Korra. And they got the different texts and bones and whatever it was from hafsa. So they have a written form, in a sense, but memorized. And this is the beauty of Islam is the fact that they had memorized it, it was in their hearts. And so 1000s of people memorized it. Just like

00:57:13--> 00:57:51

today, if somebody comes in and reads the Fatiha wrong, everyone knows that it's wrong. And so in those days, there were so many people who knew what the Quran was supposed to be. And so, they gathered it together. And they developed, what you could call it most of all Earth money. And this was the text, they gathered it, they corrected it. They made copies and sent the copies out to the major cities of Islam, this is a major achievement. Of course, man, read the alarma

00:57:53--> 00:57:53


00:57:55--> 00:58:02

but even though with his beautiful personality, fit now starts to come.

00:58:03--> 00:58:23

Remember now the Muslim world now, there is an over abundance of wealth pouring in now, people who used to be poor are suddenly rich fitna comes in this is your test your trials, your tribulations, there was also the weakness of human nature.

00:58:24--> 00:59:11

And that is corruption, facade, tribalism, bloodshed. This is within our nature, as human beings were able to be, we can be the highest the best, we can also be the worst. That's the dual nature of human beings. Well, he has to be loved. And so fitness starts to come in. And this tribalism, remember we're going to see how it starts to play out even amongst the Sahaba. It's in the background, because people do have lineages and there's nothing wrong with having your nessip nessa as part of your genealogy. Because the prophets of Salaam said you should marry a person for for things for their, for their wealth and for their beauty and for their lineage and for their Deen.

00:59:11--> 00:59:36

But if you marry according to the dean, you'll be successful. So NASA lineage is part of why you marry a person. You want to know their family. So you identify yourself with your family. But the problem is, if NASA becomes more than Dean, if that becomes the most important thing in your life, we've got a problem.

00:59:37--> 00:59:40

And that's where the deception of the shaytaan starts to come in.

00:59:42--> 00:59:59

And so with this mix now happening, especially in Iraq, this mix is starting to brew and to boil and to bubble up and along with the conspiracies coming in from the outside. It

01:00:00--> 01:00:25

We are now right at the threshold of a great fitna that even the companions themselves had to go through, they had to weather the storm. Because one of the most dangerous things that comes in is the bitter. And that is innovation in religious concepts, especially in the concept of tawheed and rissalah,

01:00:26--> 01:00:34

tawheed and rissalah is especially during that time that we see the fitna start to come in.

01:00:36--> 01:00:37

And so we want to

01:00:39--> 01:00:58

look at this. This is a lot of information. We're covering a lot of ground. Remember our base, remember what is happening? Remember, who you are dealing with, when you deal with the companions of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam,

01:00:59--> 01:01:53

and with man radula one is a gem. He's a beautiful person. He can't say no. And so when this group says they want something, yes, that group says they want something. Yes. He's trying to keep the discipline. He's trying to hold on to that beautiful base. That Adela the justice. The case that is there from the time of Omar especially set by Abu Bakr, Siddiq radilla one, he wants to maintain this, to keep the oma on the path. But there's so much bubbling up now in the Muslim world. It is starting to come to the surface now. And we need to try to understand it in the best possible way that we can and to see how the companions weathered the storm. And what came out of this and how

01:01:53--> 01:02:19

Allah subhanaw taala blessed the oma with touch deed with revival that were able to revive Islam that we have beautiful people. And remember as we go through these different sections now, Islam is spreading Alhamdulillah people are making salaat their pains are cat. They're fasting in Ramadan, millions 1000s are making pilgrimage

01:02:20--> 01:02:35

1000s according to the good and doing evil being modest in their dress, to Shahada when they die, making towbar repentance in their life. And so on the ground Islam is all going around the world. That's a victory

01:02:36--> 01:03:32

but on the levels of power. This is where fitna comes in. And we need to understand this fitna because it is the same fitna or versions of it. That is striking the Muslim world today. And we will see as we go through the devil's deception over the history, how this fitna came and how different splinters different little groups came up. As a prophet Sal Salim said those who live after me, you will see actually laugh and katerra you will see a lot of differences while they can be suniti was sonetel hollowfibre Rashidi stick on to my Sunnah, and the Sunnah of the rightly guided caliphs, bite onto it with your Malati. Now the word stick closely to it. And avoid going off to avoid people

01:03:33--> 01:03:42

who will lead you astray with innovations trying to change the religion. Remember when Salem and Kodak even in the prophets time he was trying to change it?

01:03:43--> 01:04:20

Adding on subtracting this? No three slots slots a day? No, you don't have to pay as a cat. No, you don't have to fast in Ramadan fast at night. Remember what was saying the most saying this thing was already happening. And now it's out of the profits time into the time of the whole of our regime. Now people have accepted Islam and Damascus in Alexandria in Basra and Kufa big centers, other reformer religions, Buddhist Hindu, Christian Jews Rastafarians all types coming in now wearing the clothes of Islam.

01:04:22--> 01:04:59

This is the eternal struggle that that we are going through. It's a struggle for us up until today. And we can only pray that Allah subhanaw taala would bless us and protect us from fitna protect us from trials, tribulations, liars, confusion makers, with so many who are in the world today. And so this is the next stage. It's the beginning. It's the mudhole the entrance into the great fitna that happened amongst the companions, this major trial that happened

01:05:00--> 01:05:48

And we want to see this boat as is going through the storm. But you need to have a base instead of jumping into the fitna not understanding why some people lose their faith. But if you understand the basis, where it comes from and what the companions did, then you will see they are the greatest generation and is because of their sacrifice, their sincerity, that Allah subhanaw taala has allowed us to be able to accept Islam in the 21st century. That is the blessing of Allah azza wa jal and he gives it to whom he pleases. I leave you with these thoughts, and inshallah, in the coming session, we will go deep into the fitna itself, to see what actually happened on the ground to the companions

01:05:48--> 01:06:04

and those that came after them. May Allah bless them, bless you, your families, and give us the strength to continue. I leave you with this, aka the DA and on 111 Rob Bell alameen wa Salaam wa Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh