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The speakers discuss the importance of knowing the day and month in order to make decisions and avoid decisions that cause harm. They also emphasize the need for control in actions and offer guidance on how to achieve success. The speakers stress the importance of writing action plans and avoiding evil, and provide resources for finding one's success.

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I would like to invent myself a new

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that is life of ours

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is not this period between our birth and our

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life of our standards.

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Allah knows best when.

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And it is pointless to speak about it in terms of years because the day is because of the sun. And the month is because of the moon. That's how we measure the day and the month. And therefore these measurements of days and months and years are only for this work.

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We started the life our life that we live, our life started in the realm of Allah subhanho wa Taala decided to create us and then we remained in the edge of Allah subhanaw taala as long as as much as I wished.

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And run the illuma Bella Bella we gave into the lava lava, where Allah subhanaw taala took an oath from us where he said Alice to beat up the boom, follow Bella shahina unless regarded why not, you're wrong. And all of us everybody, every human being Jin was created, said, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah shadid. And then he said yes, or why not? Yes, you are a rock, we were witness to this.

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And we remained in this island of Ottawa,

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for as long as Allah, Allah wished, and again, there is no

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record of this in terms of number of days and months and years.

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And then when Alice rajala wished he sent us into the wombs of our mothers, where we live in water,

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we lived in amniotic fluids

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in a sealed bag, and we breathe the water.

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And then there are lots of hands that are wished

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we get out into this world.

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And then we will live in this world for as long as well as rantala wished as long as he wishes, and that will be for a period that he knows best.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala when he wishes, then we will go from this world into the Albert luck, which we also known as known as the cover

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and then we will stay there until the Day of Judgment is established.

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And when the Day of Judgment is established, then we will be called forth from our hover and we are there out of that is a Surah Surah Nava this morning

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and then we will be in the day of judgment in the hasher

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for that entire layout which allows rather one of that as it comes in alpha he said that the duration of the day is 50,000 years

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and after that, and we are glad to have that have been glued as among those who he will decree that we will be in the jungle and Sharma

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and that has no end. Carly Xena via lizarraga objectives about agenda as well as about agenda.

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Now, in this whole series, that's all on this whole thing is like there's no difference your whole thing is like and when we say and although is an

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integral means in order to go from one place to another place to interact on a burger,

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we have done in many times, but until now

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and then again we will continue from this world into that our

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In this whole long

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saga of our life, there is one small piece

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in which Allah has given us limited control.

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all the rest of it, we have no control in the animal, our work we had no control over because we had no control. In the wombs of our mothers we had no control in the hour, but we will have no control in the agenda, we will have no control.

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But here

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the agenda is different kind of give us whatever we like, like having a different matter. But in terms of actions, which will have an impact in terms of an FDR in terms of choices, both to choose good or evil.

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Samantha abilio, Anja project and as well as on Java 11, the one who wants to have faith

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on Java, Java

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And he only wants to make Encarta once

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in our lives, I mean, or not on a haka.

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But that choice has a consequence,

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and choosing to deny our husbands. And that small piece in this whole long scene is where we are living,

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where Allah Subhana Allah has given us a choice to do the actions, which will have an impact on our life going forward for

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both ways,

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we can choose to do actions, which will have a bad effect whatever, or we can choose to do actions, which will have a good effect. And this is the only period in which the last one of that has given choice.

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And even in that period, think about is this

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even in that piece of period,

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after we have one till the time of or below the time we mature Allah subhanaw taala does not hold us accountable.

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And then if we lead a good decent life, may Allah protect us from ill health and melas rondalla protect us from the effects of of, you know, severe audit, but after a point of time, again, that does not hold the person bottom, whatever he is, that is and that will continue.

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that of course, when he is in Albany is in a in a state where you cannot perform is not one thing

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we used to do. For example, if you were to break the huddle every day, and now whatever is in you are unable to breathe,

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Allah will order the angels to write the action. And there was a Allah your slavers not breaks, Allah will say he did not pray, because I gave him some illness, oh, because I gave him all day.

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If he had the strength, he would have read. So write it until that evening. So even though he has not read for years, he will still have this. He's written for him, until the until the time that the person died. And that is the reason why. When you make when you do, or do something, even if it is smart, but do it, do it continuously, because that will continue with you.

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Even when you don't do it, I will give you as Murphy the reward for this for the demand.

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So that is the reason I remind myself venues that this one piece of life that we have is the only piece of life where we have the power to impact ourselves and to impact our future, not just for the next five days, 10 days, 15 days in a row five years, 10 years 15 year vision, this is forever and ever and ever

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without ending

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and that is why it is so important to live this life in the way that was taught to us by Mohammed

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Salah because that is the only guarantee of success. There is no way other than the way of Warhammer Salawat eternal, which has a guarantee of success. The only way which has a guarantee of success is the way of Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And that's why I remind myself when you have we should look for individuals things that have to do in a sauna and we do them

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every single thing in the life of a Muslim is so narrow. That is understand we get stuck is that we don't even understand the meaning of evil as it is for

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everything is

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everything is

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your work.

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every single thing is so that is the whole life of homelessness.

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The one who denies the soda is denying Islam as simple as that.

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So, let us make be very clear and that is understand and let us follow the sooner

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so that our life inshallah then we will have success forever and

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make it easy for us. And for us this month the best of our abilities to gain as much of reward as possible for some of us.