Ramadan 2022 – The Manners of The Believers #26 – Generosity

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AI: Summary © The history and characteristics of Islam are discussed, including the importance of honoring believers and giving back to others. The use of the phrase " handy man" to describe believers is emphasized. The importance of being generous to everyone and not just for personal gain is emphasized. The segment also touches on the idea of never saying no to anything and the potential for the process to carry on among Sahaba. The segment emphasizes the benefits of being generous to oneself and others, including making a positive impact on others and avoiding bad behavior.
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smell Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah while they're early, he was so happy woman wala Hammerberg before I begin, first and foremost, we really should be very grateful and thankful to Allah subhana wa Taala for all that He has blessed us with we are standing here on the 27th nights after three Ramadan to Ramadan is we didn't have this. So we should be thankful and grateful to Allah subhana wa taala. And don't forget the lessons of the last two years that we have experienced today's holo or characteristic I saved for the 27th

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It should have been one of the first ones if not the first. Because today's homework really is frankly, if there were to be one queen of all o'clock, if there were to be one defining characteristic that really is the number one of all of the characteristics of the believer when it comes to his massage when it comes to his interactions. It is today's and that is Karam generosity, giving freely giving and not expecting anything in return, giving everything that he loves and his near and dear to people he might not even know. Our chef began salata, Nisha with the verse that we all heard, Allah praises the unsolved with the highest praise in the Quran. Why? Why What did the

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unsalted do? Well, you throw in either and fusi him. They prefer the more hydrocodone over themselves, even though they themselves needed it, but they preferred them or hydrocodone and they gave to them Oh hygiene so freely. Allah says they didn't even feel in their hearts a heritage. Look at the height, the pinnacle of generosity, you know, even when some of us give you know and Hamdulillah we give but in our hearts we feel a little bit of a pinch, I'm giving but may Allah may Allah give me more. Allah describes the unsalted they gave and their hearts were open and free. And they gave and they themselves were in poverty, to characteristics that really demonstrates how much

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Allah loves generosity to give freely from the heart, and to give even that which is beloved to you lend 10 out will be rock hat to OMA to a bone. You will never reach the heights of piety until you give that which you love that which you love you give it unto others. And Allah subhana wa Taala praises the believers in the Quran and one of the earliest sutras revealed when Allah says they give up their own food, even though they need that food, they give it to the fakir to the miskeen to the ACIR. And they say we're giving you for the sake of Allah Don't thank us. We don't want your thanks. This is what we're doing for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala this notion of Karim of generosity,

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it is so defining that Allah azza wa jal himself took it as one of his names. His name is Al Karim, Allah Who mineka foon Karim. Allah is Al Karim. And the Quran has been described in multiple verses as being Kareem. Were in the hula Quran, Kareem we know the Kitab on Kareem. The Quran is carrying because it's nothing but giving and Gibreel is Kareem were in the hula Codorus shooting carry matar and Simba Amin Gibreel is defined as Kadeem and our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu either he was setting him has been called Kadeem in the Quran. We're in no Lakota Sioux didn't get him into Kuwait and Elijah McKean when the Lakota Syrian Kurdish woman who they call the Shah, so both Gibreel and

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our Prophet system have been defined as Kareem and the names of Allah is Al Karim and of the descriptions of the Quran is Kadeem, that is how beloved Karim is now Karim can be divided into two large categories. The first category to be generous feasable Allah and to give sadaqa and Zika and there are hundreds and 1000s of verses that you've all memorized because every fundraise, you attend, we go over these verses right? So we give sadaqa we give zakat that is the Ibadah Koran. There is another column that even if you're not a Muslim, you

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Understand it. And that is the courage to be generous to family, to friends, to neighbors, to guests, the kingdom of being generous to fellow mankind, not necessarily a charity, not necessarily sadaqa and zakah, but just to be generous. And that carom in our religion comes under the same ayat and a hadith that we talk about. A lot of people don't understand this, because the Koran to your family and friends is also a manifestation of your iman. And that's why the prophets have said, Look, you give to the fakir, or look more you give to a distant relative, or look mommy's a morsel of food and a look what you give to your wife, the one that is most beloved to Allah, the one you

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give to your wife, Karim begins with family cut on begins with close neighbors cut on begins with society, then you move on to other people. So in our religion, there should be no distinction we give to the forbidden miskeen. And we also give to family and friends. It's the same concept of giving and when we give Allah shall reward it's not a distinction when we give Allah will reward us no matter what we do. So the concept of Karim is a defining characteristic in our entire tradition. And in fact, how many examples can I give you? I was looking up today, what even should I begin of the column of the Prophet sallallahu. He said, It's too many to mention his entire life is the life

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of Karim. His lifestyle is known to be that of being gracious as an activity. Malik said, the prophets of Solomon never said no to anybody who asked him he never said no to anybody who asked him something for the sake of Allah, something that was halal. And the Prophet saw some would give and give and give. So many people embraced Islam because of the Koran. One of the chieftains of northern Arabia came and when he went back to his tribe, he said, Oh, my people, I have come from a person, he is not a king. He is not a person hungry for power he gives and gives and gives, and he's not worried about poverty. This is a person that is a prophet of God, his gut, um, was so overwhelming

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that the people embraced Islam because they realize no human being normal can be so generous to give so much. And our profits are some of the very frugal lifestyle, not because he didn't have access to wealth, but because he would give and give, we're all aware when he was about to pass away he called his wife I said, How much money do we have? She counted seven gold, silver, sorry, silver coins. By the way, silver coin is nothing silver is like $5.07 silver coins 30 $40 in the house. That's all that he had. He only had just less than $50 in equivalent in our time. And he looked at them and he said to Artesia, what will I answer Allah if I meet Allah with this money, give this to the full

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crop, a beggar came to the house of Isha with two daughters. She didn't have a single thing to gave. She looked in the pantry, she found one date and she gave it to this mother who split it between who two daughters and the prophets have made to offer them this was the lifestyle that they lived. And we're well aware of this and the Hadith in Sahih, Muslim, a lady of the unsought ALLAH blessed her with wealth, she saw the profits of some clothing and it wasn't to the style she liked. So she told her tailor that make the best garment you can make the most exquisite she then came out of suit Allah custom made thow for you. And she gifted it to the prophecies from the prophecy some liked it,

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he went inside he wore it and everybody was saying Subhana Allah Masha Allah one Sahabi said, Ya rasool Allah, this is so beautiful, gift it to me.

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The Sahaba were silent.

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Immediately he stood up, said Nam, he went back to his house, he wore the same old film that he had. And he handed the new one to this in the interim, when he went inside the elder Sahaba jumped on this youngster and said, Have you no shame. Now listen to the time Muslim. You know, the Prophet says, I've never says no, look at how much it was ingrained in their minds. You know, he never says no. And he defended. He said, that I am not asking to wear in this life. I'm asking so that I can use this as my coffin might shroud so that I'll get sha Allah the Day of Judgment yesterday, he had his excuse that I don't want to wear this in this dunya I want to use this as my shroud. And in

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fact, he kept it he never wore it. And then when he passed away, he put in his will that thought that the process and gifted me put me in that though, so he actually used it as his coffin. But the point being that it was known that the process of never said no to anything that was his massage and his whole and it carried on amongst the Sahaba as well. His wife I should have the Allahu Allah beautiful story, that after the death of the process of them that one day she was fasting and a beggar came, a poor lady came ask for food. She had said to her servant, give what we have. The servant said, Oh, is your own mother. We only have one loaf of bread. She said give it to her. She

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reminded us

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Church, Oh Mother, you are fasting today. We don't have anything else I said give it to her. So third time, then she was forced to give it they had nothing left in the house. So our issue and the servant sits down, they don't have anything to break their fast and then Subhanallah right before Maghrib knock on the door, one of the unsought had sacrificed an animal and gifted an entire banquet with meat and with what not to issue the hola Hawaiian without knowing anything. This is Allah giving back when it was gifted, I should turn to the servant and said, Hmm, now you can eat this is better than the loaf we gave them. Meaning I know Allah will take care of me we give and Allah will

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give back. This was the Eman of our Isha she had nothing to break her fast. She said give and she knew she had Tawakkol Allah will give back and Allah indeed did give back. So the reality of Karim of being generous in fact the prophets have some links it to Eman, multiple ahaadeeth Montana you may know biller who will Yeoman aka for Luca them Jarrah mankind a Yeoman hula hula Yeoman aquifer you can buy for multiple ahaadeeth Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day be generous to your guests. Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day be generous to your neighbors. So generosity and giving freely and giving of all things and again time is always limited. When I say giving I don't

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just mean money, we can give our time which is sometimes more precious than money, we can give our shofar when a yes fascia about an Asana if somebody wants to do something and you can help by context a good person good cause you can help by context that is Karim generosity we can give by to our we can give by a smile, Karim is more than just money. So overall the concept of helping others and being generous to others it is perhaps the defining characteristic and Subhan Allah what are the benefits of garam when we are generous, Allah loves us. When we are generous. The people love us when we are generous, they it makes up for our own mistakes because the generous person his mistakes

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are overlooked. The generous person he has the most solid reputation and all of society. In fact think about it brothers and sisters, what you can purchase with your generosity in terms of Allah's blessings upon you, you could not purchase if you gave that money for that particular cause. Do you understand I'm saying here, what you gain when you give to others what you gain back? You could not give it if you tried to purchase it, you couldn't get it. So Allah gives you more when you give unto others. In fact, one simple point to conclude this whole lecture about Karim Karim is so significant that the word Karim translates as nobility, generosity and nobility are synonymous in the Arabic

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language, the concept of being noble the concept of being blessed hid it comes when you are generous. The prophets have some said in the Lucha KT moon you hipbelt Karim. Allah is Karim he loves generosity. Now listen to this while you hit boom Akari o'clock this whole series it's about macadam and o'clock. Did you not understand Makarem and Karim? Did you not see why good o'clock are called the macadam and a flap. Why are all good o'clock linked to Karen because Karen is the queen of all o'clock when you are generous and you give freely and you give up your time and you give gifts unto others to how do to have boo give gifts you will be beloved, when your heart and spirit

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is open to everybody. Then you will be beloved by Allah you will be beloved to the angels you will be beloved by mankind. The love you gained back you could not have purchased it if you spent 100 times more the money that you spent in Koran So brothers and sisters, be generous. Be generous for the sake of Allah and be generous to your fellow mankind. And when you're generous to fellow mankind, that is for the sake of Allah as well and our religion we don't distinguish between Ibadat and other deeds, anything we give, we understand I am giving Allah will give me back more. That's our spirit. So dear brothers and sisters be Kadeem and Allah is Al Karim and he loves Quran We ask

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Allah azza wa jal to make us of the Quran will acromion under his category insha Allah to Allah will continue tomorrow Zack Allah has said I'm gonna hurt away but it

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