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Mirza Yawar Baig


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The speakers emphasize the importance of rewarding one's actions and balancing the danger of the God-orratory agenda. They stress the importance of good deeds and converting individuals into reality, as it is crucial for actions to inspire people to take action. The speakers also emphasize the need to practic and reflect on actions to create a witness against them.

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Under a load of baloney salatu salam on a shelf in a medieval mursaleen while it was heavy, but it was rather less said Mr. Toka, the Boolean fusi comb inhaling Allah, who are hired over as an age of Allah that has said that the deeds that you send the volume, whatever was in before you, you will find it with Allah subhanaw taala and you will find it in a much better and much greater form.

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I rather I want to remind myself and you that visualize Allah,

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Allah, Allah granted that this whole one Torah

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which is almost finishing, you just have a few more days left.

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On da da da da da da da granted us

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the opportunity to listen to this column in taraweeh.

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To listen to his column in in the huddle

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a lot rather are granted us the opportunity to make a pickup in his house.

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The question is,

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that how real foreigners

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are the rewards and how real for us are the returns that they expect one last round the

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reason I'm asking is because the degree to which the reward is real. to that degree, we will do these things more. And we will do these things consistently throughout our lives.

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To give you an example,

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if we have say you buy something new by a new iPad, or you buy a new car

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at least for the initial period when you've just bought it that thing is constantly in your mind.

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Thinking about his iPad in your in your mind, it's using the picture of that and you see what the screen looks like and you say okay, I download this thing, this application on that application and and I have been using this application and feel so nice and I'm doing that. And so also with whichever gadget you buy. So also with a car or something you will constantly imagining yourself sitting in the in the middle all the leather and you're looking at you know the instrument panels and so on.

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There is a reality to that material thing which you are blocked. And remember I'm not talking about what happens to you when you're actually using the TMJ when you're not using it. When you're outside you're not when you're driving the car to be aware of the garbage you're driving it is natural but to be aware of the car The car is constantly floating in your mind when you are doing something else. That is that is how real the God is true.

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So also money in the bank so also all this other worldly stuff that we have. It is a real for us.

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The question I asked myself when I remind you to ask yourself is How How real is the robot with Allah

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our real agenda for you

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seriously ask yourself this question hamdullah we have given you don't doubt demand butter which we have the man we know that agenda we have inshallah we believe with the agenda and we are gonna do what How real is agenda for you.

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Because the degree to which the agenda is real, to that degree, we will actually work for it.

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To that they will work for it. Otherwise, for example, take a visit every every year.

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We have the same issues. The demo is all busier and busier as is happening that's happening.

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And under that somehow Allah, Allah by His grace grabs us by the scruff of our stupid necks and puts them justice into our heroes out so we get the other half but my point is you have 355 days to plan for those 10 days

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and you still can't get it right.

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What kind of thing is this?

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We don't have the Hadith of

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the Allah subhanho wa Taala likes the deed which is done consistently.

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Even if it is through lack of Salah do you pray the praise and you know do it all your life Don't Don't miss it.

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And the hamdulillah when Allah has given us an open the doors of His mercy

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and if we make no effort

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then how do we expect to get the real reward from this

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because that this is the only thing I'll do all burners Xena to the dunya Baba to Salah Allah at all these wells and children and whatever else you have is what is what underlies you get it 100 law if you don't get it also in many times, not getting it is a

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blessing in itself.

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But what will remain Alpha Kappa Sadat what will remain are the good deeds.

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And the reason I'm saying this is the degree to which the rewards of the good deeds,

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the degree to which it is real. to that degree, it will make you work.

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I'll give you an example. Say you're going for a walk in the morning.

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And you come to go on the top here, you see like big houses and big gates and all that.

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So as you are coming up to a gate, you see a board the gate, which says beware of dog.

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So what do you know?

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What is your l now, your l means that there is a dog. And it's a dangerous dog, that the board is not saying please come in with my dog is a newer dog.

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So it means the dog is dangerous, there is a dog. Right? So at this point in time you have you land on this thing, you believe this, that there is a dog, and the dog is dangerous.

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But now as you come close to the gates

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and you are about to go, you're about to go past the gate, you discover that the gate is open, it's not completely closed, it's partially open. And as you come up to the opening, you see the dog is sitting there.

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And you see the dog is not changed. And the DOD sees you, and the dog gets up and starts

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to come at you.

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Now tell me, is there any change in the amount of your knowledge? Is there any change in the

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in the quantity of your

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visitation? When you saw the word beware of dog, you know, that is a dangerous dog. Now, when you're seeing the dog also, you know that the dangerous dog

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but what has changed?

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What has changed is you understand now what is the meaning of a dangerous dog with a V you're set.

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So what do you do you start resenting the government

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or you climb a wall or you do something? I mean, you know, the point I'm making is the moment the man turns into your cane, what is the what is the symbol of that action? action

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is the only criterion to judge whether our email has turned to jacket or not.

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As long as it is Mr. hungar Angela, we have the the wauconda module we are not saying that an event is a bad thing No, it is a step Alhamdulillah but unless this event turns into your game, believe me it is not going to do as much good

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It will not help us in this area Allah Allah very rare, but he has to change because only when it changes to you okay. Then we will get the desire to do the armor

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to gain the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala the email has returned to your feet and the sign of that is the device they have given on the Day of Judgment.

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Then what is the angle in my life which shows that I have EMA on the Day of Judgment. If I say that I have a man in the gentleman was Ronaldo. Then what is the Amal to show that I have this event which has converted us again, if I say that I am planning Angela here and I'm making law or law save me from the via

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but really believe that this is what

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it is that level of judging, if it is at the level of Jackie, then which of my armor will prove or shows that I have the juppy

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it's very important for us 100 Allah has given us EMA It is very important for us to convert this EMA in digitate because only when the man gets converted

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then it will inspire action in our in our lives. And then when we have the action we get the reward. Remember there is reward for Allah subhanaw taala is only for the actions not for knowing something

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you can know anything you want. There is no action I can know all about Salah

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everything maybe I can write a book about Salah

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the varietals gala and the arcane of Salah, musataha and asuna novella and so on and so on. And what Allah will give Did you pray and water level, how Allah will punish you if you do not pray and so on and so forth. I can write all bhupendra but when the motion is galling

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and we will reject, please come forward.

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So this knowledge which it says in the book

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I didn't know everything about the law. But the only thing which will help me is if I actually established ourselves if I, if I actually play, if I don't play, I can be the world's greatest expert on Salah. It's not gonna help me on the Day of Judgment, that book of mine will become a hedge against me not in my favor, may Allah protect us from that, because having having knowledge and not practicing

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is actually to create a witness against ourselves and not acquiring knowledge is not a escape in either in Judea or India. lack of knowledge is not a excuse in law. So, we have to get the knowledge and then we have to apply this knowledge in our life. And the application will come only when the EMR gets converted to Yaki. And that is what I remind myself when you do these days which are left of Ramallah, let us make the best use of it. With rigor with contemplation with reflection, with sitting in silence ourselves, not talking to other people, and thinking and reflecting and saying where is my Eman And that Mr. What is it doing our converting into reality? And how will I start

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with well as Raja let us think about these things and let us reflect on them and make lots of glass and lot of liquor Voila. So Allah subhanaw taala will help us to convert the man and we have been asked Allah subhanaw taala to make this easy for us. And to degree for us that this happens and then to give us the hollow word give us the sweetness of this debate, so that we can see the effect of it in our actions and in our in our rabada in this life itself. And then inshallah Allah subhanaw taala. Show us the truth of this again, when we meet him on the day of judgment was Allah Allah Allah will carry while he was average mind but I had to get out